Who am I? (part 10)

Me:Armaan…. Slave I can’t get you..
Armaan: slave haha… Let me clear you… Slavery is illegal in India.. So marry me.. Its the easy way to make you slave.
Me: marry… Armaan. You don’t love me.. How can I marry you without love.. (though of course I luv him, he don’t luv me)
Armaan:Love.. You’re speaking about love.
Me: what? Why can’t I? ( I luv u dammit)
Armaan: just few hrs before I came to know tat u loved someone and thn after breakup u celebrated it.
Me: you know I don’t remember anything.
Armaan: yeah u don’t.. But tats ur character..
Me: enough Armaan.. U talked too much.
Armaan: yeah u too.. Get ready for the marriage.
Me:Armaan…. I ca.. Can’t
Armaan: what you can’t… Its my order. Tats it..

Armaan moved away… I can’t stand. I felt like the earth is shaking. But tats my legs which r shaking. I sat on the floor.

My whole life changed a day. I came to know about my past and my future. If Armaan without the anger asked to marry him… I would have without hesitation. But now I can’t. And how mean he can think about me.. It’s really hurting.

Is this the same Armaan I saw when he holded me in the forest. Our beautiful moments came like a flash.. It made me to cry..

Me: I’m not like that bridge… I’m not… I’m… N.. Not ( my tears broke)

Love is based on trust. Just a word from that shasha changed me. He don’t trust me. So he won’t luv me.. Actually I don’t luv him. He thought me this much bad. But I can’t hate him too..

I slept there itself without knowing in the floor itself.

…. Morning….

The sun’s ray fell in me and made me to get up. My whole body was aching a lot, as I slept on floor. Armaan was in the sofa with newspaper.
The time on the wall clock showed 6

Let me brush. When I headed to my room I heard his icy voice.

Armaan: I want coffee
Me:….. ( I’m puzzled)
Armaan: I said to make coffee.. Not to stand like an idol
Me: dadaji will come now..
Armaan: he won’t come hereafter. My slave will do everything..
Me: stop it Armaan… I have a name… Call me Arohi
Armaan: Arohi…. Haha….. Saaira is what you are..
Me: stop it.. Call me Arohi or don’t.. I don’t know to cook

No I can’t stay like a real slave to him. Of course I can’t. I won’t cook.I’ll make dadaji come. I’m gonna make him realise his mistake…. By misunderstanding me….Suddenly I realised Armaan was laughing loud

Armaan : again… Don’t say you can’t.. You shld.. You have no choice. You have to cook. If you won’t I’ll eat in hotel what will you do.
Me: fine..

I rushed inside the room. I brushed. IDEA…the only one who can teach me to make coffee is the god of many youngsters.. Mr. GOOGLE… I took my phone and searched and went to kitchen and tried it..

Not bad Arohi. I tapped myself. It tasted gud. I just placed it in the table and turned to my room… He must have called someone

Armaan: didi… I want to marry Arohi… S seriously… 2mrw… Simple one… Do whatever bye..

What the hell…. Really really.. I pinched myself.. It’s not a nightmare 4 sure..

Armaan: Do breakfast too thn lets head to my didn’t home..

How’s the part guys… Armaan is like dis just because of the misunderstanding.. He is not ready to believe now but will soon

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  1. Actly i lked the way he ordrd to hr.we can see that he lves hr,so he wnt to mry hr.i loughd whle reading.. It. nce.

    1. Tq faima.. He loves her… Will understand tat soon

  2. awesome awesome awesome dr

    1. Tq ruby

  3. Nice dhaara

    1. Tq lakshmi

  4. Nic episode. Armaan also luv arohi… Let them marry but not with misunderstandings…

    1. He’ll understand soon yaar

    1. Tq nishu

  5. Oh god what is actual past of saira

    1. I’ll reveal but w8 a little bit yaar

  6. Nice chapter. Armaan is not doing justice to Arohi /Saaira . He shouldn’t judge her on the basis of her past , the past which she has no memory of. Well , I hope Arohi will make him realise his mistake soon. It’s an interesting story. Will be waiting for the next update. Keep writing. Take care 🙂 🙂

    1. Tq advaita… Arohi make him realise soon

  7. awesome episode but armaan ws too harsh towards her plzzz update one more chapter

    1. Tq aditi… Armaan will change.. He s gud by heart

  8. Wow very nice …. Ya I knw armaan WIL change for sure …. But stil frm sterdays epi I thought he is kidding her. …… Let it B ….. Anyways awsoem episode and story ….. PLZ continue …..thank u love ur work

    1. Tq so much… For the compliments

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