Who am I? (part 1)

“Ahh”, I shouted aloud as I got up. Where am I? I turned around and I’m Damn scared. It’s like a forest. I’m wet as I was lying near Lake. I am shivering a lot. I realised tat something is oozing out from my forehead. As I touched it and saw my hand it’s blood. My whole forehead is full of blood. What’s happening to me? Actually who am I? I want to shout a lot….

First I have to go out of here… I struggled a lot and got up.. I trembled and walked.. I saw someone was there… I wanted to shout but I can’t.. I can’t run too.

I can’t bear anymore. I want to sleep. I am about to fell down. But suddenly tat man holded me. “from where did he came??” I said to myself.

He is actually Damn hot. I scolded myself, what r u thinking in this situation. He has green eyes. Is he wearing army dress? Is he a soldier or something. Many questions surrounded. But before I can ask. I black out before asking him in his hands.

I woke up. It’s very hard to open my eyes. Many medical equipments are surrounded. A beep sound echoed the whole room. He is near me. I can only recognize him in this whole world. I smiled at him. But he turned away. Is he showing attitude? I was about to call him. But doctor entered the room.

Doctor: good mrg
Me: good mrg doctor.
Doctor: how this happened to you?
Me: I don’t remember anything doctor.
Doctor:what? We have to do some tests now. I think your suffering from post traumatic amnesia.
Me: amnesia? So I won’t remember anything again? I don’t know my name too. How will I know who am I ( I panicked a lot)
Doctor: relax ma… Nothing to worry. You’ll remember everything soon. Now take rest.

He was about to go out with that unknown man like me. I want to ask him about my doubt

Me: d.. Doctor
Doctor: yes. (he turned and came near me.)
Me: do you know how I got hurt?
Doctor:it’s like someone hit you with a rod.
Me:what(I shouted loud)
Doctor:relax now. You’ll remember everything soon. Now because of sedative you’ll doze off. We will speak later ok?
Me: ok. ( I said half heartedly)

I saw him now. No reaction. Is he man r stone?

They moved. But I can’t understand. It’s like my head is gonna burst. Why someone must hurt me? A lot of questions came. But without knowing I dozed off…

Hey guys…… Dis is dhaarani…. I’m from chennai. Doing my engineering 1st yr. This story will move slowly. I’ll continue if u like dis part…

Give me some suggestions how the next part will be…

Credit to: Dhaara


  1. ajju

    Nice my dr. I’m waiting for next update dr. I’m also frm TN dr. Keep written my dr πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. Roma

    Hi dhaara dear, very nice episode, good narration, very nice storyline…keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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