whitrose(SwaSan & Raglak)- swaragini (Intro)

HI all am a silent reader of swaragini. I love the way others write. I love the pairs of Swasan and Raglak.
In my story the importance will be more to Swasan sorry Raglak fans. More over in my story there will be no Dada, Dadi and Dida. And am really sorry as I will degrade the character of sharmishta Gadodia. and there will be no sujatha Ramprasad and uttara characters too.
The Characters are :
Durgaprasad Maheswari: A villager not but well settled not interested in studies father of Sanskar and Ragini.
Annapurna Maheswari: House wife ,Mother of Sanskar and Ragini
Sanskar Maheswari: A very obedient Guy. Very much interested in studies. Doesn’t want to settle in village. Loves his sister a lot.
Ragini Maheswari: A Pampered and very arrogant , loves her brother , loves or hates any person to extreme core and loves her best friend Mythili Khana(swara) and loves her childhood friend laksh.
Sharmishta Gadodia: Mother of Swara Gadodia. loves her daughter a lot .but after her husbands death she was used by other person to look after her and swara needs.
Shekar Gadodia: Father of swara and a very loving and caring husband of Sharmishta.
Mythili Khana (swara Gadodia): a very obedient, shy girl who wants to help her mausi and her children and wants to get good career. Very much attached to Tulsi and at present staying with her in Pune.
Janaki Khana: Mausi of Mythili (swara) and also have three other daughters Tulsi, meera and shanaya.
Manish Raichand: Husband of Kavitha and Brother Of laksh. Loves his wife and Brother a lot and best friend and business Partner of Sanskar.
Kavitha Raichand: A cunning lady , very much interested in name and fame and very much interested in Sanskar after her husband’s death . Wanted laksh to marry Ragini so that she can get rights on Sanskar’s property. Pampered Ragini Very much.
Laksh Raichand: A loving brother of Manish. Loves His brother and Sister in law very much. gives very much importance to his sister in law as mother ( as he lost his parents when he was one year) and brought up by Manish and Kavitha. Likes Ragini but doesn’t want to marry her.
Ansh Singhania: best friend and business partner of Sanskar knows everything about him.
Other characters will be introduced as the story goes on. Any spelling mistakes please forgive me. Ill try to update the story on daily basis.

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