whitrose(SwaSan & Raglak)- swaragini (Episode -2)


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Recap : Ragini calling Sanskar

No need Bhaiyu, I was trying for Laksh but he is not picking the call and these doctors are not allowing me to admit my friend in hospital.
My best friend has met with an accident Bhaiyu saying this raginis was crying miserably. Sanskar who could not see tears in raginis eyes asked her which hospital is it . She said its city hospital.
Sanskar called up the Md of city hospital and said the whole thing. The Md has immediately ordered his staff to admit the girl in the hospital.

Mean while Sanskar Dialed a Number
The person” hello Sanskar what a surprise why have u called me at this time”. Sanskar “Kavitha ya it is serious matter actually Ragini was trying Laksh but he is not picking her calls and she needs him immediately as her friend is in hospital.
Kavitha: what I’ll just check whether Laksh is at home or no.

Kavitha Goes to a room and knocks calling out a Laksh “Laksh are u there, she gets a reply from inside “yes Bhabi am here”
Laksh pls come I want to talk to u. Yes, Bhabi. Why are you not picking calls of Ragini.
Actually Bhabi am studying. Actually Laksh u knows how important Ragini is to us. Why are u ignoring her. I want you both to get married. But you are same as Ur brother not at all interested in money or fame.

Laksh who is angry by now said “Bhabi I don’t want to marry Ragini. And neither am interested in money and fame. So pls leave me”
Kavitha: who is shocked by listening those words started crying rigorously. Laksh I just want to see that u are well settled in life but u, she couldn’t talk more and started crying a lot.laksh who takes his Bhabi as his mother can’t see her tears but at present he is not at all interested in emotional black mailing of kavitha so he is about to move from that place . he no more can’t see any more tears in her eyes started consoling saying that ok Bhabi am going to marry kavitha but pls don’t cry.
Kavitha who felt happy hearing those words asked Laksh to go to Ragini . Laksh unwantedly left from that place to city hospital.

Precap: Swara introduction.
Hows this episode guys. Sorry for Only kavitha and Laksh story .ill try to introduce more romance ok

Credit to: swathi

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