white Rose : Still pure??? (episode 1)


The morning was elegant and beautiful with the blessing of bright sun rays.. but for one women all mornings are dark.. her life shattered in one of those colorful morning.. her life became colorless.. she thrown to a dark world.. it was modified with artificial glittering.. but inside it only blood coated wounds are visible.. that dark world is known as hell to normal people.. but commonly people have the opinion that only death will lead to hell or heaven.. but the truth is that in our day to day life we come across many people who live in hell.. Swara Bose our heroine is the perfect example.. those who view her from outside came to conclusions that she is leading a perfect life. a perfect Single life.. was it such perfect?

Swara Bose a 25 year gorgeous diva.. beauty with brains.. partner of SR groups.. SR groups is a no: 1 IT company in india.. swara bose and Randhir shekhawat are partners of that firm.. people will watch her with jelousy.. such a successful women she is.. but truth always lies behind the golden plate.. and it will not be a pleasant sight for our eyes.. sometimes truth is the ugliest thing that we came across..

The women who stand in front of that large mirror was a perfect diva.. the blue and golden worked s*xy saree makes her hot and s*xy for every eyes.. her lips was coloured with thick red color lipstick.. it was shining.. men would have die for touching that soft red lips.. her eyes was sparkling.. black coloured mascara with rich eye liner combo make her eyes smoking hot.. smoky eye make up.. her golden coloured cheeks are glowing .. the light rose blush she applied on it was making her cheeks like a rose petal. she add some more foundation to her face.. she smiled bitterly by observing the artificial mask she was wearing .. always she think herself as an actress and she done for today’s acting.. she is acting in life.. swara bose the heroine.. swara bose the vamp ..swara bose the joker.. swara bose the supporting actress.. all roles begin with swara bose and end with swara bose.. she wore a blue stoned earrings in her ears.. now she looks as a princess.. princess of darkness..

she heard a knock on the door..

” come in” she said in a casual voice..

A tall and handsome man with an age of 27 years enter in to the room..

” shona” he called her lovingly..

swara just couldn’t believe her ears.. that voice.. the same magnificent voice.. after 6 years.. she is hearing this voice..

she turned back.. one of the bitter truth of her life.. after 1 minute she came out from the shock.. she glared him in a disgusting way.. the person who show heaven to hell .. the person who uses her for his inner lust.. the person who betrayed her cruelly.. it is him…

Sanskar Maheswari..

she hates him to the moon.. what hate? no he is not worth of her hate.. a creep.. a worm.. for her he is nothing more than this..

” how dare you Mr.. this is the room of swara bose.. not a forest or zoo that animals can stay..”

” so you consider me as an animal.. it is such a compliment miss: boss”

” you are more worst than any wild animal in this world.. get lost from my room”

her voice was shivering with anger..

” give me a second chance shona”

his voice changed to pleading. . guilt echoed in his words..

” second chance? for what ”

” i love to make you as my life partner, my queen and my everything”

” you want to make me as your wife by knowing the truth that I’m spending nights with Randhir? ”

sanskar felt a pain in his heart but he was not in a mood of back off..

” yes shona.. i know it.. but I’m also not pure.. i too did it with many girls.. so i can forgive you..”

swara laughed loudly..

” oh god you are such a funny actor sanskar.. forgive me? seriously? it is you who need forgiveness.. and not me.. i will not forgive you for what you did to me.. and I’m rejecting your proposal.. so please don’t disturb me more”

sanskar feels insulted.. his expression changes..

” so miss. bose you are happy for being a personal pr*stitute to that idiot.. you are enjoying it.. and if you marry me you can’t enjoy with him.. you are such a b*t*h”..

” yes mr.. I’m the one.. you made me like this.. and I’m a personal pr*stitute.. ok.. then who are you? you used to sleep with many girls.. so you are a male pr*stitute isn’t you?”

” swaraaaa” he tried to slap her.. but her hands were strong enough to protect herself.. she caught his hand and throw away from her..

” mr. sanskar maheswari..I’m not that 19 year old girl whom you know.. and if a women became pr*stitute by sleeping with more than one men then the same theory is applied to men also.. those who sleep with more than one girl is a male pr*stitute.. these rules are applied to man also”

swara’s eyes were burning.. and sanskar back off as he couldn’t tolerate her burning eyes..

Credit to: Jwala

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