You are my white angel! OS KKB

Angels do not just appear but they are around us in our loved ones! Just like her where I found my white angel within her!

My white angel….why is it white angel? its all because white is the color of purity. My angel is pure as the white color that fills peacefulness in my heart….

He is my angel too that fills colors in my life! So many colors that makes me feel that my life is like a rainbow now!

Not only that he is also my angel who makes me love myself and makes me live my life with his love!

Abhi: My angel is really special as she lives with me in every moment of my love!

Pragya: My angel is very special to me as he live my love as if it is his love in all ways…

Abhi looked at Pragya, You are my white angel Pragya! Pragya looked at him back and said You are my only white angel Abhi!?

How is this random OS? Haha its so random and I think now I need to stop this as its full of randomness???

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    1. Maya

      Thank u Cutie???

  1. Aww…IB …kuch kahu..ya nhi.
    Ye OS Pagli aur IB ki Luv story ka end hai ???????????????

    1. Maya

      Lolz u are still not leaving the Pagli aur IB thing????! I really don’t know what to say???????????

      1. What to do yr??My Craziness is not in my control

  2. B.k.maha


    1. Maya

      Thank u Maha!?

  3. Superb… Another name for randomness s Maya yaar not only random… Maya s full of craziness yeah it’s true…

    1. Maya

      ????Randomness and craziness??? Btw thank u Durga!???

  4. It was short but sweet os??????

  5. Hahaha cutieee maya sissy ????ur randomness made me more crazy?? just loved it ❤??waiting 4 ur nxt randomness??

    1. Maya

      Hehe for now randomness is in pause mode!??? Its my pleasure that u love my randomness?????

  6. Reshma_Pradeep

    I’m in LOVE with your RANDOMNESS IB!!!!!!!

    1. Maya

      Aww so sweet of u Reshma???

    1. Maya

      Tks Mukund raj

  7. Saranya24

    Superb cute my darlu akka????

    1. Maya

      Tks Saranya???

  8. Awesome…..!!

    1. Maya

      Tks Nikki!?

  9. Princesskrisha

    Superb di don’t say random os its soon good bye angel di

    1. Maya

      Ok sis i will tell this OS as something else??? Thank u for finding it superb??

  10. Its so cute man! I hope they are only angel not Mankind angel ?????? btw tit was superb

    1. Maya

      Lolz???? I never thought in ur angle???

  11. Prathi

    Angel!! What is this yaar?? In love with your randomness… keep giving us random thoughts

    1. Maya

      Haha for now random thoughts are in pause mode??? Thank u for loving it so far??

  12. Monesha

    Rocking……. di nice i really loved it to the core. Sorry for my late and short comment. I am having many works. Love you a lotttttt loads of huggggggs and kisses to u ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    1. Maya

      How many times do i say don’t say sorry for late comments??? Its ok u are always like that! Love u too sis and take care????????

  13. VarshaVenkat

    Hhaha….I was actually saying thess lyns in a dramatic way…I couldnt control my self….no control…..anyways it was a rare random OS….it was a good one too….keep updating more Random OS continue ur ffs…..sorry for late cmnt

    1. Maya

      No need to be sorry Varsha! And haha ok glad that u feel that this good one to read??

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