Whispering hearts (Intro)


Hello everyone…… Divyanshri here….
“WISHPERING HEARTS” is a story full of cuteness and romance with a lil bit of family drama……
Hope u will like this story like u like Heartless sanskar helpless swara.

This is seeba di’s story. Just words are mine.


Deen Dayal Gadodiya:Head of the family. kind hearted helpful. Loves his children n grandchildren alot.

Parvati Gadodiya:Loving and caring mother. Selfless Love her son alot.
Close to her grandchild Laksh but swara is apple of her eye.

Harsh Gadodiya:Late son of Gadodiya Family. Husband of Janki and Sarmishtha. Love his first wife but .she never love him back. Loyal kind hearted. man.Father of Swalak.

Janki Gadodiya:Cunning money minded woman. Think about herself first. Love her son Laksh but money is more important for her. Never loved Harsh. Sister of Dp. First wife of Harsh.
Hate sumi and swara.

Sarmistha Gadodiya:Second wife of Harsh. Soul mate of Harsh. Polite kind. Swara’s mother but love laksh as her own child. Teacher by profession.

Durga Prasad Maheswari:Head of Maheswari Family. Love his sister the most can do anything for her. Father of sanskar.

Annapurna Maheswari:Dp’s wife.Respect his every order. Eldest daughter of Gadodiya Family. Mother of Sanskar.

Ram Kapoor:Good Honest man. Love his family alot. Respect DP as his elder brother.

Sujata Kapoor:Rp’s wife. Lil Selfish but good at heart.
Laksh Gadodiya:Opposite to his mother. Like his father. Kind hearted. Love sumi and swara alot. Reserved Best friend of sanskar. Successful businessman

Sanskar Maheswari:Only child of Maheswari family.Not at all proud. Love his bubbly (??)…..n miss her a lot. Profession:Police(ACP)

Ruhan Kapoor:Son of sujju n RP.Engineer student.4th year.

Uttara kapoor:Daughter of sujju n Rp. Medical student 3rd year.

Ragini singhania:Bold self confident n strong girl . Fun loving when it comes for Masti time. Lawyer by profession
She is sumi’s bro daughter. After her parents death she live with sumi n swara. Love them like anything. Soul sis of swara.

Swara gadodiya:Bold confident girl. Jovial with her closed once. Share everything with her Ragu di. 1st year Medical student

Guys swaragini n sumi live in Mumbai.
While Gadodiya Family n Maheswari live in Kolkata.
Due to some past sumi don’t live with her In laws.
Dada dadi love sumi like there daughter. and swara is apple of there eyes.

Laksh love swara alot. N dnt care about what her mother says about them. Miss his sumi MA.

Sanskar is transferred to Mumbai.

Ragini is a successful Lawyer.

Laksh sanskar Ragini and Ruhan is 5 years elder to swara
Uttara is 2 years elder to swara.

Please do comment. guys…… Both negative n positive feedback are welcome….

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  1. Interesting

  2. Awesome intro divyanshri dear….loved rags charector description… Watng for d episodes…. 🙂 …n all d bst dear 🙂

  3. Cool, plz continue

  4. Rafeee

    nice intro

  5. Varsha

    Was something different, hope story stays the same

  6. Nice..reveal pair…i think ot would ve swasan

  7. Megha123

    Awsm intro I think that bubbly is swara (may be some childhood flashback ).

  8. Jwala

    divya.. loved the intro.. swasan hei na?

  9. INTRESTING!!! continue dear!! waiting for your first part!!

  10. Divyanshri

    dnt worry….. I can never think swara with Someone else then sanskar…… so chill guys thanks for ur comments

  11. Interesting…
    Is this about swasan?

  12. Abirsha

    Interesting…… Awesome continue soon…. Hope his bubbly is swara….

  13. AnuAnn

    Interesting dear

  14. Nice intro…thank u for swasan

  15. nice…. start it divya…

  16. Yashasvi

    HEY DEAR OWSM…………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NICE INTRO. WILL BE WAITING FR UR EPI DEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Deeksha


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