Whispering hearts chapter 8

Hello everyone…… 😧 I know u all wanna kill me right now but I am sorry friends… As I said in hshs last epi my problem for not being regular….
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Rag went inside normally as her teacher mom is awake.
As usual swara woke up as her daily routine She was about to get down when she notice a gift near her bed.
As soon as she open it. Her face light up like Christmas tree.
She jump out of her bed n run out of her room.
She went to rag’s room like a bullet train n jump on her.
Sw:😘😘😘Thank Uuuu diiiiiiiiiiiiiduuuu
Rag’s wake up Wid a jerk but as soon as she saw swara she understood the situation n smile.
Rag:U like it shona

Sw:😮Like Didu….. I love it…. 😕but how…
Rag:*intrupt*I know u better…. Baby
By saying this both hug each other n shout
this all were seen by sumi who has happy tears in her eyes.
Sumi:if u both r done then hug me too…. 😉
Both run to her n hug her.
Su:So this year what u bought for her Ragu?
Sw:😍Maa galaxy J7 edge…..last week it was release….
By saying this she kiss both n went from there for jogging.
Su:Ragu why…

Rag:Ma…chill she is a kid…. N u know na she will never ask anything even if she want to…. I saw her watching it online so bought it.
Sumi smile n kiss her forehead n asked her to rest as she came late yesterday.
laksh came n sat on grass after completing his round.He saw one girl was tying rakshi on her brother’s hand.
He went near them n took a rakhi from the store.(which was in opposite side of the park) n came back to his place.
Lak:😢Happy raksha Bandhan my shona…. I wish u would be wid me today…..n tied me rakhi as u did when we were small…. I miss u shona….
By saying this he sat on the grass again.
This all were notice by swara as she came for jogging there.
She went near her n sat beside him.
Sw:😐Excuse me…. Can u please stand up?
Lak:😕What why?

Sw:😠(fake anger) I said na stand up.
Lak stand up.
La:Yes ..now tell me what happen? 😮
Swara took the rakhi from his hand n smile 😊
Laksh:Hai…this is
Before he can complete she took his hand n tied the rakhi.
Sw:Happy raksha Bandhan bhai.. ..
By saying this he took his blessings.
In all this laksh was standing shock.
Sw:aree…bless me…
Laksh put his hand on her head n she stood up again.
Sw:😊Actually na… I saw u crying thinking about if ur sis….*she observe his face*Hey dnt think I wanna take her place…. She is ur sis but from today I am also ur sis okay… So dnt be sad n enjoy the day 😊

Laksh just admire her cuteness .she was about to go when he hold her hand.
Lak:Hey wait 😡
Swara become tense seeing his anger n close her eyes.
Laksh smile n pull her cheek.
Lak:Oooo u look so cute….. My newly sis….. U tied me rakhi so now it’s my turn na to gift u… So where r you going widout taking it.
Swara open her eyes n was relieved.😊
Laksh look here n there n found a shop
Lak:Wait here I will be back.
Soon he come wid two big dairy milk chocolate 😋
Lak:Here take this…. I dnt hve anything presently so sorry…. For this Chotu Sa gift… Okay my cutie….
Sw:bhaiiii it’s enough…..u know I love chocolates u know 😍thank you
By saying this she hug him.
After that both went to there way.
Both feel a special happiness after there meeting.

Sandi was sitting in hall n thinking about the night incident.
Adi was wrapped in a blanket n was drinking coffee 😂. He was till In the shock which swara gave them last night.

Laksh came home in a very good mood. Singing n whistling around. Both Sandi were surprise.
San:😮Bhai… Whats the matter?
Adi:😉Kahi Bhabhi toh nahi pata li? (Did u propse our Bhabhi)
Lak shut up u dirty minded fellows. Today is raksha Bandhan n I got a new sis 😢after so many years someone tied me rakhi.
San went near him n hug him. Then he remember about swara.
San:Lucky 😊 I have a news for u?
San:U remember we speak about a girl who is one man army?
Lak:😂Ya the one who torture ACP sanskar Maheswari
San:😠Ha ha very funny…. So u will not believe laksh ….she is our shona
Laksh 😱😱😱 :Whatttttttttttt

Lak:😭Sanskar plz let’s go to sumi ma’s house… I wanna meet my shona… N today is raksha Bandhan too plz bhai… I want to see her.
San:Ya we will go….. Ya take this*pass an envelope*it contains there family photos.
Laksh took out he pics n first saw sumi’s pic.
He just touch her face n smile
Lak:😊Sumi ma
Then comes his shona’s/cuites pic
As soon as he saw her pic he was shock.
Lak:😮Sanskar she….
San:Aree she is only ur shona…. The one man army
Lak:😱Bhai she is cutie
Lak:Aree yaar… The one who tied rakhi today…. Morning 😭 that means My shona tied rakhi to me…. Bhaiiiiiii
By saying this he hug him n jump Wid happiness…. In all this he forget to see one more pic 😉

Precap: Swasanraglak sumi meeting….. 😊😊😊😊


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