Whispering Hearts chapter 6

Hello everyone…… Sorry sorry sorry for soooo late…….N HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY….. I know I am late but it doesn’t matter as long as we have friends…. everyday is a friendship day. ???

Recape:San get to know that his one woman army is his bubbly.

“Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain.
It’s not something you learn in school.
But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything.”

San:? now my bubbly is angry on me…o god.wat i did…i became the gabbar of my love story?
Adi:? cool down…bhai…y can’t u tell her..who u r??
San:?wat if she too hate us like mami then…. No Adi I can’t bear her hatred.
Adi:?so wat r u going to do now?
San: first of all i should be her friend?
Adi:Great..its nice idea…but bhai be careful bhabii is very very dangerous?
San:? ya but i will handle her
Adi : ?i saw tat in mall
San give sleepish smile to him.??
In restaurant
Rag: ?wat i did ….GOD i misunderstood him he always helped me but no stupid Ragini will always look for fault in others now bear the consequences of this stupid head. ?
wat should i do now shall i ask sorry to him.?yes i should.?
While thinking this she notice laksh entering into ?
She got an idea.
Laksh placed on order and wait for tat.
Rag notice this and without noticing anyone she paste sorry note in waiters back while he arrange d food items.??
Waiter placed d order and turn back….laksh is amused to see d sorry note…with sad smiley?..
He search here and there and see rags closing her mouth with her palms which written as sorry.
Laksh is surprised to see her ?but ignored to stay away from ?
Rag gets sad?…bcz he simply ignored her..?
Laksh after having his meal went out ?..rags who is waiting in corner come to him n block his way
Rag: ?pls forgive me …Mr helper I was scared n also shock so I said those words.. I
Laksh without saying anything move from there.?
Rag is now irritated ?and pinned him to wall.?
Laksh give wat d hell look.?
Rag:?tell me tat u forgave me and I will leave u.
Laksh: ?hey u…
At that time his mobile ring and rag take it out from his pocket and see mom in caller Id.
Laksh:? wat r u doing give my mobile
Rag: ?Tell me that u forgive me. If not I will attend d call and complain to ur mom.
Lak: ?ahhhhhh..ok I forgive u…
(With annoyed face).??

Rag: ?no….u r say with smiling face.

Laksh: (showing his all teeth)?..I forgive uuuuu…now pls give me my mobile.
Rag: ah its ok. and thank you. but pls close ur mouth.
By saying this she gave his mobile and ran from there.?
Laksh:?Mad girl …..pagal
But cute pagal and smile ?
Next day
In Mumbai
San was sleeping when Adi call him.
San:?God why the hell r u shouting in this time u idiot…. Brainless creature
Adi: ?leave all this Bhai…. Come to xyz park…Bhabi is here.
San: wattt..?.wait i am coming ..?
San reach d park and call Adi… he take him to d place where swara was studying.
After showing swara to san adi hide behind tree.
Sans goes to her and try to speak with her normally.
San: ?hi…

Swara: (gives death glare rem his taunts)?
San:?actually I am so sorry for yesterday incident.
Swara:?could u pls leave me alone i don’t want ur sorry stay away from me.
Sans with (sad face turns to adi who is hiding behind tree….he signs him to continue)?

San: ?hey don’t worry u can wear high heels.
Swara: ?watttttt
Adi bang his head on tree..??
San: ?yesterday I called u drawf plant na…I am sorry for that but u r too cute.?
Swara:?before I kill u leave from here.
San: ?wat I did?
At the time her papers are flew in air and some paper is stick to tree branch.
She collect the papers and jump to pick d papers on tree but she fails.
Without thinking sanskar pick her by holding her waist.
Swara: ?heyyyyy wat r u doing?
San:? helping u…pick d paper..before it fly somewhere.
Swara pick d papers and ask him to put her down.But sans is not in this world .He is dancing for romantic song with his bubbly IN his dream world
Swara:helllloo Mister?
Sans come to sense and see swara still in his arm and place at down.?
While placing her down…his hand accidently attaches her bare waist(she wore short shirt and long skirt)
Swasan is shocked ?
Sans is in asankari mood squeeze her waist while placing down.?


Sans: (with puppy face) ?wat i did now I just helped u.
Swara: ?y did u squeeze my waist.

Sans: ?wat…o god…it happened by mistake…is it paining for u…
By saying this sans about to touch her waist

Swara:?nooooooo I am ok.
Stay away from me and go from there.
But sans smiling naughtily? and watching her from back.till she disappear from his eyesight.
Adi shake him hard by his shoulders.

Adi:? ACP sanskar by heaing this all the criminals are shivering to d death is behaving like a teenage lover ??
By saying this he ran from there sans start to chase him.
In pune
Shopping mall
Laksh is decide to purchase saree for sumi.bcz he knows how much she loves saree..but he is confused to select.
But with the help of girls near by him….he selected sarees and wish soon everything should be fine.
Rags who see this from far get confused by his eagerness in selecting saree…but brush her thoughts and went from there..
In Mumbai
Sans shift things to new house(back to sumi house)
Adi helped him in shifting.
Sans went to sumi house with sweet box.
Sumi: yes ..who r u?
Sans: aunty…I am ur new neighbor ?
Sumi: ☺ Oh…. Plz come beta…..
San:?Thank u aunty.
Sumi:Whats ur name?
San:Sanskar ..m.. Malhotra
Sumi: come inside beta
Sans: ?aunty here the sweets.
Sumi: thank you who are all staying with u beta.
Sans: me and my brother..
Sumi: ur family?
Sans: they are in Kolkata.
Listening Kolkata sumi becomes sad?
Sans notice this and change the topic
sans: I got transfer here so i live with my brother..
Sumi: what r u doing beta?
San: ACP of this division.
Sumi:? u r the new ACP the one who helped in removing the bar thank you so much.
San:No need to thanks aunty it is my duty .
Sumi : ?wait beta i will come and give him a coffe which she prepared already for her.but while giving it mistaken fall on sans shirt.?
Sumi:?I am so sorry sorry
Sans:its ok aunty..aunty if u don’t mind may i use washroom
Sumi: sure beta..upstairs corner room once again sorry.
Sans: aunty pls its ok
Sumi went to prepare another coffee sans reach upstairs but confuse because she said corner..but left or right…
He moved towards left side room enter and lock door.
Sans lock d door and turn….freeze at the place??
Sans: (in low voice) bubblyyyyy
Swara is coming out of bathroom with only towel around her body.??
Swara sees him and about to shout ?san ran and close her mouth by his hand and both fall on bed.

Precab: swara revenge on sanskar??

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