Whispering Hearts chapter 5

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Recape:Sandi ka Bura gal by swara n laksh ghost drama ???
“One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood.”
In sanskar’s flat
Sans and adi took bath and come to hall…. Lak comes with coffee mug and handover it to them…
Lak:?? now only u people are looking like human…
Sans give death glare??? to him and adi make faces..???
Lak:?ok ok ..tell me wat happen?
By ur conditions,it seems like group of people attacked u..wid kitchen items??Did u both went for some mission in some1 kitchen.

Adi:?Not Army Bhai a single girl army
Lak split the coffee?:what
Sans is irritated now…???
Lak:?wat r u saying???who hve guts to do this to police officers??
Adi:??she will do…she can do anything bhai. She is a Atom bomb who blast only on us?
Lak:?may be she don’t know u r police officers?
Sans rem how swara beat him after knowing him acp too…
Adi explains what all happened with weird expressions ?
After hearing this Lak laugh holding his stomach.
Lak:????why u people are always targeted by girls.
Sans:?not girls,only girl.
Lak:? you mean tat ant bites girl

Sanadi: ?yes..
Lak:??? I really became her fan..how bold she is..I wish I can meet ?
And I will say all this to my shona???
Sanadi gives I will kill u look.???
Lake get phone call n went to receive it after sometime he come back to them.
Lak: sans I have imp meeting in pune.I should go now only it’s important so I will directly come to new house
San:Ok u go I will take care here.
After packing his things lak went to pune
Adi:?bhai..y new house?

Sans explains abt sumi,swara.And his love for her,their plan to convince them.
Adi: ?But bhai I thought u like bhabi I mean ur drawf plant..
Sans: I don’t know y but I am attracting towards her wch I never felt for other girls than bubbly.
I should stop this.I have to maintain distance from her??

Adi: ?ok bhai I understand. Even I will keep distance from her she is very dangerous ??
AFTER a while Adi went to his house.
San was confuse by the thoughts of swara n his bubbly.
San:I love my bubbly from childhood.I never look that way to any girl but this girl is different.
He brush out the thoughts and slept

Next day morning
Raisingha Building

Lak enter the lift n was about to press the button when a girl shout n enter in lift which shocks lak cz of her shout.
Only lak and girl is in lift
Lak saw the the girl n was surprise.
Lak:?Hey u
Girl look towards him n was suprise
Girl:Mr.Helper Hi
(Yes the girl was Ragini)
Rag:How r u??

Suddenly the lift get stop due to some short circuit.
Raglak are shocked
Rag get scared n started to shiver.Lak notice it n trying to console her but all went in vain.
She was having difficulty in breath n laksh panic to see her like this. He thought for a while n suddenly kiss her ? h hardly on her lips to divert her mind.
Rag was shock by his sudden action. Just then the lift opened n she pushed him n run from there.
Lak was also embarrass for his act n he follow her to explain his situation.
Lak:Hey u wait listen to me.
But rag dnt listen n was running. But lak hold her n pin her to the wall.
They r in an isolated corner.
Rag was trying her best to run away from his hold but he was much more stronger then her.
Lak:?listen to me I kissed u only to save u u were scared n was not responding n to divert ur mind I have to take this step this is the truth .I am sorry for my this act
by saying this he left without waiting for her reply.
Rag became shocked n remember how she shivered due to fear n he kissed her to divert her mind n conclude that actually he.saved her
Rag search for him to say sorry for her rude behavior n thank u for saving her life
but to her bad luck he was nowhere to be found.

In Mumbai
San was going to Adi’s house when he saw swara riding Scooty. He remember his attraction towards her n his live for his bubbly.He wanted to end this now.
He went to her way n block her. She was shock by his act.San come to her n took her Scooty keys.
Swara:?hey u wat r u doing ?
Sans:? wat r u thinking urself ha
Jhasi ki Rani.U can do whatever want??

How dare u to insult police officers
Swara:?I gave reply for wat u did?
San (Shout) ?shut up u drawf plant i am warning u don’t u dare to mess with me again.I am really bad man .Got it
Swara:its u messed Wid me.
San:It was by mistake u dumbhead grow u kiddo…..
San:?Chup… If u dare to open ur mouth I will plaster ur lips. First drink complane n grow up after that mess Wid me.
By saying this he gave her keys back n left from there.
Swara:?how dare he shout at me.stupid.how can he call me drawf plant.?u u u girafee and kick her scooty.?

Adi’s House
Adi is applying lemon on his hands,leg to get rid the egg smell ??
San enter n give him a wired look ??
Sans:?wat r u doing
Adi:?trying to get rid of egg smell.If Anu come to met me she will run away by smelling it.
Sans: ?don’t worry.From now onwards that drawf plant will never come in our way.I have warned her.
Adi:?? wattttt bhai r u serious?
Sans:?yes this is d only way I can stay away from her.
Adi nodded n continue his work.
San sat beside him n was looking some files when he notice one envelope where his name was written.

Sans:?what is this Adi?
Adi:?oh no…it is for u bhai,our informer give this…i am sorry I ?
San:Its okay
Sans open the envelop and shocked was shock as well as happy.
It contains sumi swara and rag photos with details.
Adi:??bhaiiiiii why her photo is here?
San read the detail n jump in happiness.
San:???Adiiiiiii she is my bubbly
Adi:????Bhai check nicely
San:Yes Adi she is my bubbly my swara. Oh god*He sat calmly*?*with happy tears*After so many years I saw her u know. From childhood only she is naughty always fight Wid me she is very stubborn.My bubbly………
Suddenly he remember something
Sans: ☚o shit wat I did ?I call my bubbly as drawf plant?he remember their first meet accidental kiss her lies .he smiling foolishly ?
But then remember how he warned her ?

Adi:? bhaiiiii….wat is this all?
Sans:??Today only I warned her not to come in front of me n also taunt her being short she will be angry Wid me na??

Precape:Sanskar will try to impress swara
Raglak proper meeting.

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