Whispering Hearts chapter 4


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“Courage is the first of human qualities because it is the quality which guarantees all others.”

Laksh was laughing like mads.
San:Shut up lucky here I am dying with pain u r laughing like a donkey.
Lak:?Sanky I must say that girl is genius.What a great idea man. Sugar syrup who can think that????
San throw a pillow to him:Go to hell.
Laksh went to Mandir to pray so that he get back his sumi MA n swara back while sanskar went to his office.
As it was Tuesday Ragini to come to that Mandir as she visit there on every Tuesday.
It was a big Mandir but the main place was inside a den which was very dark only Diya light gives light in that place.
Laksh was trying to light the Diya but it’s not happening.
Just then he saw a light in that place and saw a beautiful angel holding the Diya.
She was Ragini in a beautiful light orange Saree open her no makeup. She was indeed looking like an angel.
She place the Diya in front of god’s ideal n murmur something (small prayer) .
In all this laksh was just staring her.
After finishing the prayer Ragini saw him.
She recognized him but observe n conform that it was him.
Rag:?Hi Mr. Helper
Lak come back to his sense as soon as he hear the sentence.
Lak think:Oh god is she the same girl but how….
He was about to say something but just then he get a call from his mother(guys Janki’s role will be played by Sonia singh as dauljit kaur is very sweet for me).
He goes out to attend the call after he return back he found Ragini missing.
He also went from there.
Swara come in the Mall with her friend for some shopping.
While sanskar was also present there as they to catch some goons.
Swara was with her friend.
Swa:Manshi yaar I will buy vegetables from here only today u be here.
Man:No yaar I have to go actually I am going to my uncles house so
Swa:okay then bye.
After biding bye to her she went to second floor for buying veggies.
Coincidentally sanskar was also in the same floor n unluckily goons r also in the same floor.
Suddenly goons fire in air n everyone started to run.
Goons man n police officer are fighting with each other when suddenly swara appears from somewhere near sanskar.
Sanskar move aside n saw her.
San:*think*wht the hell this girl is doing here?
He saw a goon Approch towards her but before that he hold her hand n took her in a side corner n hold her mouth sk that she don’t scream.
San:?what r u doing here?
Swa:iiim rr

Swara signal him to free her mouth.
San:I.will remove it but u dnt shout okay?
Swara nodded.
San frees her mouth n she took a deep breath.
Swa:?what r u doing here?r u following me. Listen u….
She was intrupt by a goon who saw them both.
San took his gun n was about to shoot when he get to know that the bullets were over.
He become tense the goon was about to stab them with knife when suddenly be took swara in his arms n rotate her in front of the goon in such a way that the goon get 4 To 5 kicks at a time.
Swara was just shock by his action.
san:Shut up…. My bullets are over n I can’t call my men’s foe help also n all thanks to u.
So now keep quite n help me.
Swa:No u putttttt
Other goons too come n san make swara as his weapon n started to fight.
Swara dnt have any other option cooperate with him.
Sanskar was rotating her in every angle n in this process unknowingly swara place her lips on his n kissed accidently. Both swasan are shock. ???But they compose themselves n continue to fight.
after a while they over power the goons. N they were arrested.
San put swara down.

As soon as he put her down she was feeling like the world was rotating in 360° .???
She was about to fall when San saw her n hold her.
San:? r u okay.
He make her drink water.
After a while swara become normal but as soon as she saw sanskar she blast at him ??????
Swa:?????U IDIOT
she search here n there n found egg shop she went there n started to throw eggs on sanskar.
Swa:U fool r u planning to kill me…. Nonsense….. Useless
She. Was throwing eggs tomatoes ro Sanskar but it didn’t get hitted on him as he escape each time.
After a while she ws tired n sat there n hold her head. ???
San:???? seee u can’t even hit me once….. Tch Tch…..
Coz she has hit me every time. ????
A voice come from behind guess who is that……
?????Adi who was suck in eggs n tomatoes.
Adi:????My gf will broke up with me if she saw me in this avatar.
Sanskar Bhabi is really very dangerous.
Please take me home bro before I die in this smell as u know I am pure vegetarian. ????God please forgive me for this sin….
(Guys Aditya’s role is played by sakti Arora)
Swa:???U both donkies why u r always behind me. Do u know the new ACP is very dangerous n even he is our family friend so be in ur limit otherwise….
Both Sandi were ??? that how can she say so clean lie.
He Was intrupted by the police officers.
man:*salute*Sir all the goons are arrested .
San good u may leave now.
Swara opened her mouth in shock.
San turn to her n speak ?:So what u were saying the new ACP is ur family friend but as much as I remember I dnt know u.
Swara was bowing down her head in embarrassment.

Sandi were ? ????? .
San:She her face… She is looking like a cute drawf plant. ???she can’t even hit me once.
after hearing this swara’s anger cross it’s red line.
She search for something n saw flours.
So went n bought a tin full of flour.
Sandi were so engage in laughing that they don’t notice her action.
They were back to there sense when she poured all the flours in there heads.
N started to hit them with the tin box.
Swa:??? how dare u call me that u giraffe n monkey.
San:ah…hai stop I am the AC….
Swa:I dnt care whoever u r I m warning u stay away from me dnt show ur faces again.
By saying this she went from there.
Adi:Sanky Bhai please let’s go from here n I beg u stay away from her otherwise we have to. Land on hospital someday.
Sandi went to San place. By luck this time they brought car so there image is save ?
Laksh was watching conjuring 2.N he was hell scared by seeing the movie.
Sandi come there n ring the bell but no respond. So San open the door with spare keys.
As they entered San call laksh.
Lak saw them n scream:?????Ahhhh booottthhhh…. Maaaaa…… Ahh
By shouting he started to throw things out them.
Lak:??Su… Suuuuu… Go from here…. (?He was speaking as if he was trying to send a dog away)
San:?Laksh STOp.
Laksh STOp due to fear.
San went near him n laksh close his eyes n started to murmur hanuman chalisha
Lak:Jai hanuman gyaan gun Sagar… Jai jai… ?oh god I forgot the mantra Now I am gone. (To San) Bhoot ji please dnt kill me so soon…. Please I am not get married now I have not yet kissed any girl till now please Bhoot ji spare me please.
San:Lak STOp it…. I’m sanskar.
Laksh observe him keenly n ask
Lak:? r u really Sanskar.
Sanskar was already frustrated n now he is irritating him.
He went from there in anger.
Now Adi is looking a him n laksh too saw him. He was smelling very bad (u can imagine eggs n tomatoes with flour what a combination it will be ???)
Adi:?Can I use ur washroom please.
Lak nodded n Adi went.
Lak:??Ghost also use washroom??

Precape:Laksh kiss Ragini. ??

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