Whispering Hearts chapter 3

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?.Heartless sanskar helpless swara will post tomorrow Pakka promise.

“Character is like a tree and
Reputation like a shadow.
The shadow is what we think of it;
The tree is the real thing.”

After having there lunch swara went to study while sumi goes out for a walk.

While roaming around she meet Mrs. Dixit her neighbor who live opposite to her house….. She show the things are pack.
Su: ☺ sanjana all ready to shift.
sanj:Ya sumi nearly…
Su:good….when u r going?
Sanj:Tomorrow evening we will leave for kolkata.
Sumi ☺.
Sanj:Sumi can I ask u something?
su:u dnt have to ask.
sanj:why dnt u shift to kolkata even. As there is a house near our house.
Su:?I will never go to that place Sanjana.
Sanj:But why u dnt claim it right? u r legally married wife of Mr. Gadodiya then?
Su:?I dont want anything from them I am very happy with my daughters. I hate them. I hate the maheswari’s specially. N after these many years what is the use to go there n fight. when I dnt want anything.
Sanj:?I will miss u sumi.
Su:?I will miss u too.
By saying this both hug each other.
This all were seen by two peoples.
Sanlak saw n hear everything n were very much sad to know that there sumi MA hates them.
Both have tears in there eyes.
N left from there without meeting her.

Swara was studying when Ragini come home.
She come in n fall on the bad as she was very tired n sleepy.
Swara ☺ at her sweet di’s antics n went near her.
Sw:Di …go n freshup…i will bring dinner for u.
Rag:Oh …my cutie pie ….please go n bring I am dying out of hunger.?
Sw:ya u freshup fast….
By saying this she went to kitchen.
That time sumi come back n saw her daughter heating food for her Di.
It was a daily routine for them.
Sumi:She came?
sw:Ya MA…. she is very tired today I guess work load.
Su:Take care if need anything call me.
swara nodded n sumi went.

Swara come n saw Ragini aiding herself. She rush tk her.
Sw:?Di wht happen?
rag:Nothng cutie….its small wound..
Sw:Shut up. Give it to me.
By saying this she took the cotton n dress her wounds in hands n legs(while fighting with goons he got hurt)
She was crying as Ragu was mourning while she was dressing.
Sw:Anywhere else.
Sw:where ..
Rag:here*pointing her heart*
Rag: ☺ Offo…. when my cute lil doll will cry wont it hurts me.
Sw:What Di…. OK now come have ur dinner.
Rag took the plate n was about to eat when she got a slap in her hand (not the injured one)
sw:??Did u saw ur hand. I am here na…. give me I will feed u.
Rag:Areee cutie nO need it’s small Injury dnt
Sw:*cut* I saw… now. give it… By saying this she took the plate n started to feed her.
Sw:Di how u get this injuries?
Rags tell her everything what happen between laksh n the goons.
After finishing.
Swa:Ok Di u sleep now.
Rag:okay mam.
Sw:n open this this hair Di…. u will get pain in head.
Rag open the hair pin n found a band in her hair.
Swara also saw it.
Sw:Di wht is this?
Rag:i think this is of the man who saved me.
Swara see the band nicely n found it similar.But didn’t say anything.
After that rag’s sleep n swara study for some hours.

Both Sanlak were very sad after knowing that sumi hates them.
Lak:?My sumi MA. hates me sanky?
San was not talking anything.Tears were flowing from his eyes. ?
San:no we cannot loose hope lucky. After so many years we found them.Now how can we loose. hope .Its obvious that they will hate us Becz of us only they have to suffer a lot.
Lak:Ya sanky we have to get thsre love back.
San:yes n we will do. it
Lak:But how…. we have to be near them spend time with them then only we can do this.?
San thinks for a while n got an idea.
San:We will buy the house near them.
lak:Great idea…. now I get that u also have brain.
san:*not in sense*ya u know…. ? what….lucky ke bachhee….
Bus saying this he run behind him to beat him
San:Wait I will show u who dnt have brain. Stupid.
Lak:Aree yaar.. when I said u dnt have… I just said today I GEt to know.
After running for sometime both get tired n went to sleep.

As usual all did there daily work n went to there destination.
Swara to college
Rag’s to court
Laksh to office
San to police station.

Swara come to her friends sister’s wedding.
sanskar was also present there as it was DCP’s Daughter marriage n they were here for protection. As DCP was getting threatening calls.
Sanskar n one of his collegue cum good friend was there with him.
His friend Aditya (Adi) .
San:?Adi…yaar stop it…. We r on duty atleast Now stop talking with ur gf.
NO respond
Adi:?please yaar two min.
San:?From last 1 hour u r saying the same thing stupid…..
NO respond.
After half an hour he was fadup of it.
He Pinch him hard on his waist so that he give a reply.
But to his shock he got some other respond.
Ahhhhhh……. a girl scream as he pinched her. The girl look at him ???? while rubbing her waist.
The girl was swara ???
Sw:???Stupid dnt u have shame….. I know boys like u….
By saying this she raise her hand to slap him but Adi stop her.
(They r in suit so not in uniform)
Sanskar was unknowningly smiling like idiot.
Adi:Mam sorry actually he wants to pinch me as I was in that place but I came this side he didn’t notice so.
(to sanskar) Aree… yaaar say something…. ?
San:Ya…ya… actually I am sorry It happened by mistake…..
Again he stare at her n smile…. ????
Swara become irritated by seeing his smile. n went from there in anger ???
Sanskar was still lost in her.. An unknown happiness has occupied in his heart but he dnt know why so.
Adi saw him smiling.
Adi:?Pehli najar main kaisa jadoo kaar Diya….. Tera ban betha Hai mere jiya…. Right sanskar….
San:??shut up…
Adi:Blushing n all…..sanskar babu… Bhabi ji ka itna asar….
San:Nohting like that….

After a while swara leave from the venue as it was late…. Here Sandi(San+Adi)Also went to there bikes As there duty was over.
swara saw them n follow them.
They were about to go when DCP call them again n they went again.

Swara come to there bikes n smile evilly ??

Shw went inside the venue n brought something.
She. pour some liquid In the bike seats n left a ? for them.
After a while Sandi came n went in there respective bikes.

While on the road they find something unusual.
San:Adi ..r u feeling itching..
Adi:Yes yaar…
(Guess what guys… do u think its itching powder.. No no… u r wrong then.. as itching powder Is old now… it was sugar syrup??? n the itching is Actually not itching but love bites which they are getting by the ants.)
Sandi stop the bikes n what they saw was just horrible. ???
There were ants in there dress n inside too.
San:Ahhh…Adi what is this yaar…
Adi:I dnt know
Just then they notice a ?.

Adi:What yaar… sanskar my gf would have beat me… but ur One is more then her… Ahhhh….
San:Lets go home first otherwise we will die here itself.
By saying this both rush to there home.

As soon as sanskar reach home he run to the bathroom like an Olympic racer.
Laksh was shock to see him running
Lak?:Sanksar what happen r u alright..
San from bathroom:Ya aahhhh…. I am fine…. I will talk to u… ahhh…. later.
Laksh went for. there.
After sometime sanskar come out.He was only in towel.
N his whole body turn red due to the bites oops love bits ??

Lak:?Sanskar what is all this yaar… what happen.
San:*resting his head in sofa*dnt ask yaar actually he said how he meet swara.. n the incident n how she add sugar syrup n all the ants… took away his dignity.
After hearing all this laksh laugh like mads. ??

Precape:Laksh is mesmerised to see ragini

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