Whispering Hearts chapter 2

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“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.”
Can u name one of those?

lak:??Who r u?N why they r behind u?
The girl was talking with someone on phone after cutting it she turn n gave a cute smile to Laksh.
(She is our Ragini)
Rag:?Actually I went to there house to get some documents n in this….
Before she could complete it her PA come.
PA:?Boss….we are getting late *In teasing tone*
Rag ☺ n come out of the car.
Rag:?Oh…. Thanks for ur help Mr. Helper….. Bye….
By saying this both(rag n PA) Vanish within few seconds leaving laksh confuse. ??
Lak:?What was that…. who the hell was she… n documents n all…. yes now I got it she is a thief.
Dam*By saying this he punch the steering*i shouldn’t have helped such girl. ?
After a while he too continue his journey.
He was sitting in his cabin n was smiling like idiot thinking about his Bubbly.
His Assistant was shock to see him like this as Sanskar is very strict officer.
NO reply
Sanskar jerk n came in sense.
San:?What… what happen….
Ass:That is what I want to ask what happen to u?
San:?Me. Nothing.
Ass:Than why r u smiling without any reason.
San:???M.. me… no… no.. ?shut up n get back to work….
Assistant(Raj)get scared n continue his work.
Sanskar again land in his dreamland
San:Where r u my bubbly… R u still that much Naughty n Bubbly

Here on some road a girl is shown standing calmly waiting for someone/something.

San:R u still get scared to fight with someone.

Same road a kid of 7 years was running with his cricket bat when he was about to hit by a car n he fall down
The girl saw that n rush to him as she was very close to him.
Girl look at the boy who was crying n some people were consoling him.
She saw the car driver who didn’t bother to stop n look if he child is fine.
Girl:*shout*Hai….you Stop the car….
The car driver saw his ? to her.
she get furious n took the bat from the boy n throw it towards the car.
N the carshades broke into pieces.
The man come out n rush to her.
Man:?U….. what’s wrong with u…. R u mad?
(The girl is shown she is our swara)
Swa:?U idiot…. dnt u have eyes….. what if something happened to this child….. Do u think its ur fathers property?
Man:Yes I think so what u will do.
Swa:??I have done what I should …
Man:?U…. By saying this he raise his hand to slap her.
Swara hold his hand n Twist it.
Man:???Ahhhh….. Leave me…
Swa:???Dnt u dare to raise ur hand…. dnt think me as a abla nari(Helpless women)
By saying this she hold him more tightly once again n then leave him.
Swa:?Go n bring the first aid box from ur car n dress this child.
The man nodded n did so.
All the people ? ? ? for her.
She went from there.
Here sanskar was happy that he will meet his bubbly very soon.
Laksh reach Mumbai n directly went to sanskar.
As soon as he saw sanskar he run to him hug him n ?? ? to on his cheek .
Sanskar ???:Eeeeeee….. Lucky what r u doing. ????
By saying this he started to rub his cheek.
Laksh came in sense n was embarrass what he did ???
Lak:???Sorry san.. wo… in excitement…
San:*still rubbing his cheek*Control ur excitement….
Lak:San ….when we r going to meet sumi MA my shona…
San:Now let’s go first fresh up. then we will go.
Lak nodded n both went to sanskar house.
Laksh was ready n was waiting for Sanskar but as it took so long.He wnt to see him.
As soon as he enter his room he was surprised to see the scene.
Sanskar was practising to talk with his bubbly.
San:*Fitted his shirt**forward his hand*Hi…bubbly… u remember me… I am sanskar.
San:’to himself’? No no… it is old fashioned.
San:*look towards mirror*Hi shona… I m sanskar remember…
He not his hand in no…. ???
Laksh cannot control himself n laugh ??????
Sanskar came in sense after listening his laughter.
San:??Laksh want r u doing here…. wo… I was…. g… getting… getting ready….
Lak:??I saw for what u r getting ready….
San ??
Lak:?U still love her?
San:?I never stop loving her lucky….
Laksh hug him:I am so happy San…. we both r going to meet them after so long… I will take sumi MA n shona back home ….Dada dadi will be so happy na…
San smile n nodded.
San:Now let’s go.
Both went in to met sumi n shona.

In A small house swara is shown teaching poor kids.
swa:Kids…..Did u understand what I taught u today…. If u have any problem come to me….
Kids:Di we understand…
Swa: ☺ Okay then…. Do this question.
Swara was studying her own books when her best friend come near her.
Mansi:Swara …..have u finished ur exam preparation?
Swa:No yaar still some parts are left. what about u?
Man:Same yaar….. I dnt know If I would be able to complete it also or not….
Swa:dnt worry we will complete it..
Mansi nodded .
After sometime the class get over and Manra (Mansi+swara) were going home.
It was already night n the road was also empty.
They were going when suddenly they hear some drunkers comings towards them.
man2:Lets take there intro.
MAN3:They r so hot yaaar…

Manra were scared.
Man:Yaar now wht shall we do….
Swara was searching someting to protect them. when suddenly she notice a spray.
Swa:Mansi…..Took out ur scarf n cover ur nose.
Man:But why…
Swa:Do as I say….
Both Did the same.
Just then the drunkers come to them.
Man1:Baby….whats ur name….
Man2:Leave that where u r going need any help… come let’s go together…. By saying this he hold Mansi hand.
Swara signal something to Mansi she nodded n close her eyes.
Swara look towards them. N she too close her eyes.
As soon as she did so. She spray something on the them.
At first it doesn’t make any duffers the drunkers started to laugh on them.
But soon there???? laughter increase ????n they fall on the ground n laugh holding there stomach. ????
After a while it was unbearable for them but still they were laughing. ?????
Mansi was shock.
Man:?Swara what was that?
Swa:?It was laughing gas….today in college they taught us about laughing gas n I took a spray for some reason. N see it works.

[Guys let me tell u something ……..Swara is teaching Small children n also class 10 students who dnt have money to take Tuition. The tuition centre is a small house or can say a room where she teach. Sometimes sumi also come n teach them. N In next corner there is a mini lab of swara where she do her expriments n projects. She is in her 2nd year Medical student topper. ]
Manra house was in same colony.
Swara reach home n she was tired.
She come and sat in the sofa with a thud.
She was resting her head when she feel to soft hand in her head.
Swara ☺ :Ma…… What is in dinner today?
Sumi:Matar panner…..
Swara:Okay I will freshup n we will have it together.
She stand up n was about to go when she turn
Swa:Ma di?
Sumi:Still busy….
Swara nodded and went to her room.
Precape:Swara raise her hand to slap sanskar…. ????? what happen?????

Hey friends….. Hope u will like the story. …..
N regarding HS & HS Will post tomorrow….. by evening….. wait for sometime as my tuitions are started n today mam Gave us 5assignments to do which we have to submit by Monday so dnt have much time… please pardon me. ????

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