Whispering hearts (Chapter 1)


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(“Don’t cry over the past,Its GONE”
“Don’t stress about the future, it’s Haven’t ARRIVED”
“Live in present n make it BEAUTIFUL”)

A big Mansion is shown where a lady of late 50’s is praying with tears in her eyes.
Lady:?Hai Ghanu shamji… Please bring my daughter n my granddaughter back to us. Dnt know where they r? I miss my shona n sumi so much please god bring them to us. ?
(The lady is shown n she is Dadi Parvati Gadodiya)
A old man in his late 60s come to her n place his hand in her shoulder.
Man:Parvati….Dnt cry everytime will be fine. we will get back our shona n sumi back. Have faith in god.
(He is Deen dayal Gadodiya)
Par:Yes we will find them soon. N our family will be complete that day.

A man with black track suit jogging talking in his Bluetooth. He has a perfect build up body.
Man:Yes ACP sanskar Maheswari speaking…
San:Okay u dnt worry I will be in 10min.
By saying this he speed up.
He went to a bar n order a drink.
San:Waiter bring vodka shots.
The waiter bring 5 shots.
San look towards him n gave him a tight slap.
Wai:?why u slapped me?
He again slap him twice.
Wai:??Arree why r u slapping me.
San:What I asked u to bring?
San again slap him:I asked u to bring wine. Go n bring wine for me.
Waiter nodded n brought wine for him n he run from there.
San fill his glass n was about to drink when he again call the waiter.
San:Hai u come here?
Waiter was hell scared.?He was hiding his both cheeks with his hands.
San saw n gave him a tight punch in his stomach. The waiter fall down. By looking at the waiter his partners(goons) come towards him
Goon:Why r u betting him?
Goon:Becz ??
San hold him n gave three punch on his stomach he fall down. Soon others too attack San.
San being a trained officer over power them. after betting them black n blue. He drag them out to a school field in front of the bar.
He took 5 bags from the students n asked the goons to wear them.
As the goons dnt have any energy to get betten up again so they wore them.
San:Complete 50 round of the whole playground.
All the goons were shock as the playground was very big.
They were not moving so sanskar take out his gun n point towards them.
All started to run in fear.
After completing the round they were full exhausted n there whole body was paining like hell.?
San:?So Now will u agree to close this bar?
Goons nodded in fear n tiredness. ?
San:?OK…. Good so write a apology letter in English.
Goon:We don’t know how to write…
Before he could complete sanskar gave him a tight slap.
San:N u r telling principal to close the school so that u can run the bar.
Goons bow down.
San call a student and ask him to teach them how to write letter.
They boy did so.
Principal thank sanskar.
Pri:Thank u so much Mr. Sanskar.
San:No need to thank me it was my duty.
Pri:it was our Maths teacher advise to complain the police as the goons were disturbing us a lot.
San:Oh…Can I meet him.
pri:Ya u can but it’s her not him she is a lady. Sarmishtha….. Sarmishtha SINGHANIA.
Pri:Yes any problem.
San:Can I see her bio data?
Principal nodded n gave him her bio data.
Sanskar had tears of happiness in his eyes. He thank Principal n went from there.
San:(call someone):Hello We find her….
San: Calm down Laksh…. Yes ….She is in Mumbai.
Lak:I am soo happy .I am coming…
San:Come soon. okay bye…..
After he cut the call he smile n say
San:?We will meet soon my bubbly….

laksh was Riding to Mumbai. He was dame happy.
While he was going he saw a old lady asking a lift. He stop the car
lady:Please can u give me lift to Mumbai.
Lak was amazed by her voice as her look is old but her voice is much young.But then he agreed n she sat with him.
Both were going when suddenly from nowhere a car come in front of them. Laksh somehow apply a brake n come out of the car with much anger.
Lak:??what the hell…. can’t u see such a big car in front of u?
The people come out n they look like goons.
Goon:?Move back …we dnt have any Prblm with u… we want that lady.
Lak look towards the lady in the car who was sweating.
Lak:Stay away…. Dnt u dare touch that lady.
Goon:who will save her u??
By saying this all ? ???
After that goons attack laksh n laksh too fight with them with all his strength but the goons overpower them.
One of the goon was about to stab him with Knife when he get a kick from someone.
All were amazed to see the person. It was the same lady who was in laksh car.
Laksh jaw drop off.
The lady took off her white Saree n came out in jeans n T-shirt. She take off her wig n started to fight.
Goons try to attack her but she bet that up n frees laksh. Soon both beat the goons n rush from there.
Laksh was confuse+a bit angry.
Lak:Who r u? N why the hell the goons are behind u.
To be continued
Precape:U will get to know….

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