The Whispering Forest (By~ Bima) Part 2


Hi! Friends I again back with second part. So here is my second part. If anyone wants to read the first part. Here is the link- 1.

All the seven friends are enjoying in the bus. Playing ‘antakshari’. After some time they are noticing that dev is constantly looking at the phone in a sad mood.
Arvind : “what happened dev?”
Dev : “Nothing.”
Arvind : “Are yaar tell na, what happened to you?”
Samaira: “I think he is missing some one.”
Raj : “To whom he will miss obviously to his doggy girl friend.”
Dev : “Shut up raj, don’t tell like this.”
Vini : “Then why are you in a sad mood?”
Dev : “Nothing Vini.”

Vini, Akshay, Sona, Arvind, raj, Samaira gathers in front of dev to see what dev is seeing constantly in his phone.
Raj: “Are dev you can tell us directly that you are seeing spooky’s photo.”
Dev: “Yes, raj.”
Vini: “No need worry, we are going just for 1-4 days then you can again see your spooky.”
Dev: “Hmmm……”
Raj: “Okay guys now stop this emotional drama and let’s do party.”
All the seven friends are enjoying their party. In the afternoon they sleep in their own seats. In the evening Vini ask the conductor.
Vini: “Accha conductor uncle where we are now?”
Conductor: “I think we are nearer to the Karnataka.”
Vini: “okay.”

Conductor uncle: “I think it will take Friday to reach Karnataka bus stand.”
Vini: “Oh….then it’s okay.”
Raj: “Accha guys is there any Dhaba nearby area?”
Conductor: “Yes there is one Dhaba in the nearby area.”
Raj: “Then quickly take us to that Dhaba as we are very hungry.”
Conductor uncle: “ok no need to worry.”
After some time the bus reach in a Punjabi Dhaba. It is a beautiful place decorated with many things. They all sit on a couch watching the beautiful moon light. After some time a customer comes towards them and ask.
Customer: “what you people will eat?”
Samaira: “chapatti with tan door.”
Customer: “okay.”
Arvind: “how much money we will pay?”
Customer: “you have to pay RS 70.”
Arvind: “okay.”

After sometime the customer places hot chapatti & tan door.”
Akshay: “Yummy, this tan door is very tasty.”
Vini : “Hmmm………”
The seven friends finish their dinner and pay the money to the customer. Everyone then gets up into the bus and sits in their respective seats. The bus driver & conductor uncle comes after some time and the bus leave from dhaba.
Dev : “Guys its already late. We have to sleep now.”
Samaira: “Hmm…. good night guys.”
Everyone says good night and sleep. In the mid night Vini suddenly wakes up.
Akshay: “What happened Vini? Why you wake up suddenly?”
Vini : “I don’t know Akshay.”
Akshay: “Okay now sleep.”
They again sleep but Vini is not feeling to sleep as that strange dream is haunting her repeatedly in her mind. In the morning every one wakes up and greets ‘good morning’. Then they freshen up and take their breakfast in the nearby area.
Raj : “So, today 31st march. Tomorrow it’s a special day to us.”
Dev : “Hmmm…I know tomorrow its my birthday.”
Raj : “Another special thing is also there.”
Dev : “What is that another special thing?”
Vini : “Tomorrow you will get to know.”

It’s almost noon time. The bus suddenly stops in a small shop.
Sona : “Driver uncle, why you stop the bus suddenly?”
Driver uncle: “Will you not take lunch?”
Akshay: “Obviously.”
Everyone gets up & takes their lunch in a small shop. After they finish their lunch, they all again get into the bus.
Dev : “What a horrible journey without bathing! Can any people stay one day without?
taking bath.”
Akshay: “Hmm…….”
Sona : “But in this area, where we will get pond or lake?”
Conductor uncle: “Here we will not get any water. We will get at Karnataka bus stand.”
Vini : “Leave it dev. If we don’t take bath one day there will be no problem.”
Dev : “You people don’t have any problem but I have.”
Now it’s almost evening. Everyone takes some snacks and continue their chatting. In the night they again eat some food in a Dhaba and sleep in their respective seats as tomorrow they are
Landing at Karnataka bus stand. In the mid night suddenly Akshay starts to snore. Vini takes some cotton and put it in her ears. After some time Akshay stops snoring. Vini takes a deep breathe and take out cottons from her ears. After sometime Akshay again starts snoring deeply. Vini, Arvind, raj, Samaira , Sona, dev wakes up.
Raj : “Are Akshay ke bacche please stop snoring.”
Sam : “ This Akshay will never let us sleep peacefully.”
Vini : “ Idea!”
Arvind : “ What idea vini?”
Vini : “ We will put a clip on akshay’s nose”

She then put a clip on akshay’s nose. Suddenly Akshay wakes up with suffocation and removes,
the clip from his nose.
Akshay: “ You people have gone mad?”
Vini: “ No but for your snoring we did it.”
Akshay: “ Have you people gone mad. Don’t tell me lie. I am not snoring.”
Vini: “ It is natural that no one understand whether he\she is snoring or not. You get my point

Akshay: “ Hmm…… but you disturb my sleeping.”
Vini: “ Just as you disturb our sleeping, we also did the same.”
Raj: “Okay now its over. Everyone please go to your seats and sleep. Tomorrow we have to
Wake up early in the morning.”
Everyone greets goodnight again to each other and goes to sleep. In the next morning everyone get ready waiting when they will reach.
Raj : “Hurray! Hurray!”
Vini: “Raj why are jumping like a child?”
Raj : “Are Vini, you really forget that today it is a special day?”
Vini: “I know it very well. So know need to remind me.”
Arvind: “ Driver uncle where we are now?”
Driver uncle: “we are now in Karnataka but to reach bus stand it will take a minute.”
After some time the bus finally reaches to Karnataka bus stand. Everyone gets down from bus.
Dev: “What a beautiful place with green trees.”
Sona: “Hmm… but how we will reach to that secret place. I mean the place which we all
decided for Dev’s surprise.”

Arvind: “ Hmm…”
suddenly a van comes they all raise their hand to stop that van but the van without paying any attention goes straight. Then a truck but the truck also goes straight without paying any attention to them.

Raj: “ Ufff…. not a single driver is paying attention to us.”
Sona: “Hmm…now what we will do? How we will reach?”
After sometime a jeep comes and stops towards them.
Sona: “ Ufff….atleast we get a jeep.”
Driver uncle (jeep): “Are you people going somewhere?”
Dev: “ Yes.”
Driver uncle: “ Where?”
Samaira: “ Uncle i will tell you the direction but please now take us to reach our place quickly as
Soon as possible.”
Driver uncle: “Okay. Get up”
They all get up in the jeep and show the direction of Kalahari forest. The jeep reaches up to the forest guard and leaves from that place. Before they enter into the forest. Raj tightly press dev’s eyes.
Dev: “Aree raj please removing your hand from my eyes.”
Raj: “Will you keep quite? Whatever we are telling just listens and go in that way.”
Dev: “okay.”
Everyone enter into the forest guard and comes in front of a river.
Sona: “Guys now how we will cross this river as there is no bridge.”

Arvind: “Hmm…”
After some time a man comes in front of them looking peculiarly towards them.
Sona: “Uncle, can you help us?”
Man: “Why?”
Sona: “As we are standing long time to cross this river. So I am asking if you can help us.”
Man: “No I can’t help you. This jungle is very dangerous. If you want to stay alive return to your
own place.”
Samaira: “Why uncle?”
Man: “I don’t know but I am telling this for your sake. If you people don’t listen then I have
nothing to tell you.”
The man without helping them leaves from that place.
Samaira: “What a horrible man.”
Vini: “Hmm….”
Sona: “Arvind, Raj, Akshay do one thing you people go and see if there is something to cross
this river we are staying here with dev.”
Arvind: “okay.”

Raj, Arvind, Akshay leaves from there to search if they get something to cross the river. Rest freinds are standing there getting bored.
Vini: “Uff… what these 3 guys are doing?”
Samaira: “I have become bored to stay here.”
Sona: “I also.”
Samaira: “uff… now they are coming.”
Vini: “You people got anything?”
Arvind: “I saw a boat but there is no man.”
Sona: “Uff… at least you people got a boat. Now guys lets go without wasting time.”
All seven friends leave from that place to find the boat. Finally they find the boat and somehow they cross the river.
Sona: “Uff… thank you raj, Arvind, Akshay if you don’t find this boat then lots of problems may
Dev: “Are guys now please removing your hands.”
Vini: “Okay… wait but after removing you have to give compliment for the surprise.”
Dev: “Obviously.”
Vini: “So guys now I am going to remove my hand from Dev’s eye. So when I will remove every
One will count three…two…one…like this. Okay.”

Vini then slowly removes her hand and everyone counts three…two…one. Dev also slowly opens his eyes. He becomes surprise the moment he opens his eyes.
Dev: “Wow! Forest! uff…after so many days. Thank you guys for this nice surprise.”
Arvind: “aAree don’t tell thank u to us. Say this to vini because she only decides this plan.”
Dev: “It is true vini what Arvind says just now?”
Vini: “yes dev.”
Dev: “Thank u soo much vini.”
Sona: “So guys lets celebrate dev’s birthday.”
Everyone put their bags down and starts to enjoy their party. In the evening everybody wakes up.
Raj: “Are guys what is the time?”
Sona: “Four ‘o’ clock.”
Raj: “What! Four ‘o’ clock. From we are sleeping in this way.”
Sona: “What is the problem raj? See no everybody is tired.”
Samaira: “Hmm….”
Everyone gets fresh up and sits in front of fire. Suddenly dev gets up.
Vini: “Dev where are u going?”

Dev: “I m going to fill up the water. No need to worry I will come quickly.”
Vini: “Okay.”
Dev then goes to fill up water. Suddenly he notices a tree with lots of skulls and dolls hanging on the tree.
Dev: “What are these so much scary?”
He leaves from that place and tells these things to his friends.
Akshay: “What are you saying , skulls and dolls hanging on the tree?”
Vini: “Really then show us.”
He takes them to that tree where he saw skulls and dolls.

Vini: “So much scary.”
Sona: “See the faces of the dolls.”
Samaira: “hmm….”
Akshay: “ok now guys we have to return as it’s almost night.”
Everybody returns to their places and takes their dinner and goes to sleep. Some sleep outside while some sleep inside the tent.
So guys how is the second part? Should I start the third part? Please leave your comments.

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