The Whispering Forest (By~ Bima) Part 1


Hi friends! as I promised that very soon I will post my story. So here is my story. Today I have posted my first part. Very soon I will post the second part. In the last part I had given a character sketch of all the seven friends. The link to that part is given here: –

Vinita, Akshay, Sonakshi & Dev are very good friends. The four friends always stay together. Especially Akshay & Vinita are hand in glove friends. So much love in between them that they could not leave each other for even a minute. One day Vini (Vinita) calls Sonakshi.
Vini: “Hi, Sona how are you?”
Sona: “I am fine.”
Vini: “I know how much fine you are.”
Sona: “I told na I am fine.”
Vini: “Sona I have to tell you something.”
Sona: “What my dear?”

Vini: “I have decided a nice plan for Dev’s birthday.”
Sona: “what have you decided for Dev’s birthday my dear?”
Vini: “I have decided that we all will in forest for Dev’s birth day.”
Sona: “Ohhh!! But Vini I will not go.”
Vini: “Accha Sona tu kitna din ye break up k chakkar me rahegi.” (For how long will you remain sad for your break
Sona: “Vini…I don’t want to mean that.”
Sona: “I am not feeling well. So, I will not go.”
Vini: “Arey yaar please come with us. You will feel good. And do you not love trekking?”
Sona: “Yes definitely, but I am not feeling well.”
Vini: “Please come with us.”
Sona: “Okay. You are requesting so much then I will go.”
Vini: “Thank you Sona and come in evening with Dev at my home. Bye.”
Sona: “When will I come?”
Vini: “At 5 ‘o’ clock.”
Sona: “Ok I will come in the evening.”
Sona: “I am conveying this information to dev.”
Vini: “Are you mad? Don’t tell this to him even by mistake. We are planning it for Dev’s surprise.”

Sona: “Okay. Bye.”
Vini: “Bye.”
Vini then cancels the call. After some time she calls Akshay.
Akshay: “Hi Vini my sweet heart! Why are you calling?”
Vini : “Akshay will you come in evening?”
Akshay: “Why Vini?”
Vini : “Please Dev & Sona are coming. So it’s important for your presence.”
Akshay: “Okay I will come and when?”
Vini : “At 5 o’ clock.”
Akshay: “Bye.”
Vini : “Bye.”
Vini then goes to eat lunch. She finishes it and goes to sleep. At 5 o’ clock she gets ready. Her mom surprisingly looks at her and asks her.
Vini’s mom: “What happened? Vini, why did you wake up so early today?”
Vini : “Mamma! My friends are coming today.”
Vini : “Oh for that you woke up so fast!”
“Ding dong” the door bell rings. Vinita gets up and opens the door.
Vini : “Oh you people!”
Sona: “Yes.”

Vini : “Come in.”
Vini then calls her mom.
Vini’s mom: “Why are you calling me? Arey Sonakshi, Akshay! When did you people come?”
Akshay: “Just now.”
And he smiled at Vini’s mom.
Vini’s mom: “Oh! You sit here, talk with Vini. I am going to make tea for you & Sonakshi.”
Sonakshi: “Aunty! No need to make tea.”
Vini’s mom: “Why? Accha okay. As you wish.”
Vini’s mom: “Accha Vini listen I am going for some important works. If your friend needs anything then you will
call me. I will be here.”
Vini: “Okay mom.”
Vini’s mom then leaves for her work. The three friends again start talking.”
Akshay : “ Accha Vini you told me something important. So what is that important thing which needs my presence
in your house?”

Vini : “Actually I and Sonakshi made a plan for a forest trip for Dev’s birthday. We will go for trekking.”
Akshay: “Oh for that reason you called me here. Does your mom know this plan?”
Vini : “Yes my mom knows this.”
Sona : “Accha in which forest will we go for trekking?”
Akshay : “ Gir forest.”
Vini : “No guesses Akshay, Sona.”
Akshay : “Then which forest?”
Vini : “ Kalhari forest.”
Vini’s mom: “what Kalhari forest!”
Vini : “yes”
Sona : “anything happened aunty?”

Vini’s mom: “nothing, you people talk.”
Akshay : “what a strange reaction of your mom.”
Sona : “yes, you people notice how she became shocked hearing the name.”
Vini : “hmmm………..leave it.”
Akshay : “accha Vini when we will go.”
Vini : “we will go on 30th march. As 1st is our Dev’s birthday.”
Sona : “okay, now we are late. We have to get up.”
Akshay : “Vini….we all four will go?”
Vini : “yes…any problem.”
Akshay : “ no but if we take more then it will be better.”
Vini : “ okay but to whom we will take.”
Sona : “Arvind, raj, Samaira.”
Vini : “ okay no problem but who will contact them.”
Akshay : “ I will talk to them in whets app.”
Vini : “ okay ….now bye Sona, bye Akshay come early morning at 6:30 pm at bus stoppage.”
Akshay : “sure sure we will come.”
The two friends exist in their different path. In the Vini sit beside her looking her peculiar face.
Vini : “what happened why you are looking so much scare.”
Vini mom: “ I want to tell you something.”
Vini : “ say.”

Vini’s mom: “ you cancel this plan please.”
Vini : “why mom? Is there is any problem?”
Vini mom: “Vini, forests are dangerous place with tigers, lions, and snakes. If you fall in trap in any one of these then
It will become difficult for you to get rid of these animals.”
Vini : “oh ho for that reason. So funny, nothing will happen to me mom. For 10 years I am doing trekking. So, I
Have that experience which forest have animal or not. So, no need to worry your Vini will always remain
Vini mom: “ But another reason is also there.”
Vini : “ what is that another reason.”
Vini mom: “ I have listened from a many people that Kalahari forest is a dangerous place. Those who went there never
Vini : “ huh…all are fake stories.”
Vini’s mom: “it is a real and those people to whom I met told that they went in that forest due to some strange
Incident they all returned. So, I am requesting please don’t go, you better celebrate her Dev’s birth
Vini : “mom, it’s just for 2-3 days. Every year we all went didn’t went on some one’s birth day for trekking and
I have decided only for this year and for dev. So, please allow me.”
Vini’ mom: “okay, but be very careful, always stay with your friends also you will call me whenever require.”

Vini : “ okay mom, you no need worry to your Vini will always remain safe.”
Vini’ mom: “ oh ho it’s already. Now I have to cook.”
Vini : “ okay, mom you go.”
Vini then goes to her own room and starts to talk with her friends in whets app. After some time dev also becomes online.
Vini : “ hi dev.”
Dev : “ hi .”
Vini : “ I want to tell you something.”
Dev : “ about that forest trekking plan?”
Vini : “ yes, how do you know this?”
Dev : “ Sona told me in whets app but she didn’t tell me the name of the forest.”
Vini : “ are it’s for your birth day surprise.”
Dev : “ that’s why Sona is telling surprise! Surprise!”
Vini : “ hmm….”
Dev : “ ok…bye Vini I will meet you at 30th march.”
Vini : “ hmmm……..bye.”

Vini then get offline and goes to eat her dinner. After she finishes her dinner she goes to sleep in her bed with her mom. In the midnight she opens her eyes seeing the beautiful moonlight which is falling inside the forest. Suddenly some one calls her name “Vini”, “Vini”. She gets up and tries to follow that voice suddenly she becomes shocked to see a spooky figure. She treis to call her friend but no one helps her. The spooky figure extends her hand and I about to kill her. She then shouts “help!”, “ Help!”. Vini then wakes up & recalls it as a dream. She drink water and again sleep. In morning she wakes up and packs her bag as tomorrow she have to leave for bus. She quickly takes her & dinner in the night & sleep quickly. In the mid night again she recalls that dream. Suddenly she

Wakes up.
Vini : “ what is happening with me? Why that dream is coming repeatedly in my mind?”
She again drinks water and sleep. In the next morning she wakes up & get ready.
Vini’s mom: “so today 30th march.”
Vini : “hmm….”
Vini’s mom: “ so all things are already packed.”
Vini : “yes mom. Ok mom I have to leave as my friends are waiting at the stoppage.”
Vini’s mom: “ bye Vini. Go safely and come safely.”
Vini: “ okay but you also take care. Bye”
Vini leaves from her house and reach at bus stoppage. She became shocked thay all her friends are already at the stoppage.
Vini : “ sorry guys.”
Akshay : “ why sorry you should take more time.”
Vini : “ accha baba sorry .”
Sona : “ okay… Vini one small surprise for you.”

Vini : “ what?”
Sona : “ first you close your eye.”
Vini : “ okay closing.”
Vini closes her. Sona , dev , Akshay 3 2 1. Vini then opens her eye and became shocked to see Samaira, raj , Arvind.
Vini : “ are Samaira! Raj! Arvind! You people.”
Sam : “ yes , Akshay told me about your plan.”
Vini : “ hmmm……..”
After some time bus come. They all get up and take their respective seats.

So guys how is the first part ? Good or bad? Should I start the second part. Please leave your comment.

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    Btw, the part is okay and interesting too. But do have a look at the editing part before you post the part. The liitle errors in grammars need a look over. I loved Vini and her friends’ bond. Waiting eagerly for the next part. Update asap. Till then. Bye love! ♥♥

    1. Maityswasanfan

      thank u di but I will do good in editing in the second part muah

  2. guys please comment my fast part of my story, please!

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    Hey! New here? Friends?

    Well wonderful start. Keep writing dear! 🙂

  8. UnknownHorror

    Do put stress on the editing. Otherwise its awesome job.

  9. Do put stress on the editing. Otherwise its awesome job.

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