The Whispering Forest (By~ Bima) Character Introduction and Prologue

HI FRIENDS! I am Bima, sister of Bisha. I hope you know my di, Bisha, who writes ‘The Yellow Rose’ and ‘Faith’ here. So I love horror and hence my first ever fan fiction is in this genre only. This is a three shot, slightly adapted from a Hindi movie ‘6-5=2’.

This is a short prologue and an introduction of the characters here. Very soon I will post the first part. My di has helped me with the editing and the cover. But story is mine and I hope you will like my venture.

She stood amidst the darkness of the dark forest, misting into the pitch black darkness. A white long gown draped her misty body and her dark hair covered her face. She pointed her bony index finger and whispered, “Here in the forest, Dark and Deep, I offer you Eternal Sleep”, and laughed silently. It seemed as if the whole forest whispered. She is Darkness herself.


Character Introduction and actors playing them:-

• Surbhi Jyoti as Vinita Panwar -> A 24 year old girl, who has just completed her post graduate in English. She loves reading story books especially thrillers and horrors. She loves mountaineering, trekking, and watching television. She loves her doting mother who doesn’t want her to go on treks. Her father is in Chennai. She is the childhood buddy of Dev Malhotra. Akshay Verma is her fiancée. Her friends and close ones call her Vini.

Crystal D’Souza as Samaira Gupta -> A 24 year old medical intern. She lives with her mother in her maternal uncles’ home. She is a social bee and can freely mix with anyone, thus is always spirited and spreads happiness everywhere she goes. She loves to go on a shopping spree. Books are her great buddies— be it study books or stories. She loves trekking. She is waiting for her prince charming with whom she could fall in love and marry. Her friends call her Sam.

• Surveen Chawla as Sonakshi Singhania -> a 24 year oldie who is a fashion designer. She has just broken up with her boyfriend and hence melancholy surrounds her always. Otherwise she too is a social butterfly. She is a dancer too. Trekking is her immediate passion. Her friends call her Sona.

• Mishkat Verma as Raj Sabahwal -> A 24 year old guy, who is a professional choreographer. Western dance is his soul. Next to it is his passion of trekking. Akshay, Dev are his soul mates. He is a big foodie.

• Saurabh Gurjar as Arvind Gillani -> A 24 year high spirited Punjabi. His family comprises his bro, sis-in-law and a nephew Ashmit and his strict mom. He loves his family. The biggest foodie and a fatso in the group. He loves travelling and loves playing pranks on others.

• Jay Bhanusali as Akshay Verma -> Another 24 year old funky guy. He is the fiancée of Vinita and loves her like anything. He has done his MBA and aims to start his own business venture. His father is a big business diamond but he wants to start something independently and after his passions. Trekking is obviously his biggest passion.

• Mudit Nayar as Dev Malhotra -> A 24 year old sweet man. Vinita is his childhood friend and crush. But he is happy for Vinita and Akshay. He has also completed his MA in English along with his hand in glove buddy Vini. He loves the horror genre in everything, be it stories or movies or even dresses. He plays ghostly pranks on everyone he is acquainted with. A very funny and full of life man. He has a son on four legs. LOL 😀 . I mean he has a pet puppy called Spooky.


So guys, how is the prologue? Good? Bad? Should I start it? I hope you have enjoyed and please leave your precious comments and help me improve.

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  1. Good pls continue excited to read the episode.

  2. its awesome… I guess me and bisha were batch mates. 🙂

  3. Nice,dear bima..I’m curious to know nxt..And here who didn’t know about ur talented sis bisha.i think u have that talent d way what do u do?

    1. I am studing in class 10

  4. Wow thats a gokd start. Waiting for nxt dear

    1. Vry soon i will post my story

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