Which Star Plus’ serial would you like to bid bye?

Tu Mera Hero showed the story how a sensible and educated girl Panchi falls in love with a lazy lad Titu. It’s the story of a filmi mindset dreamy girl Panchi, who meets her dream guy Titu amidst much chaos, and since then feels he is the one who deserves her. After having witnessed all his goodness and simplicity, being around him by gradual circumstances… Panchi feels he is her hero. Titu takes the toughest situations casually and it makes him unique, and his witty intelligence wins Panchi’s heart. The show then progressed with Titu and Panchi’s post marriage phase of life with light hurdles in their lives. Tu Mera Hero currently has Ishita Ganguly to bring a twist. The show is likely to go off air soon.


Another show which could bid bye to the fans is Tere Sheher Mein. It is the story showing Amaya’s change of lifestyle from Paris to Banaras. With Amaya’s father Rishi Mathur’s death, she comes to know the bank has sealed everything. The show presents how Amaya sacrifices her love, happiness and luxuries for the sake of family and their respect. After knowing Rachita’s birth truth of not being Rishi’s daughter. She married Rama to save Gajanand and Mathur family respect. Currently, Amaya is in love with Rama. Rama wants to divorce her to make her unite with Mantu. Kinshuk Mahajan joined the cast to add up suspense and action. The show turned melodramatic with Amaya-Rama’s love story falling in trouble. Let us know in this show… Which Star Plus’ serial would you like to bid bye? You may leave comment as well.

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  1. Tere seher me band ho jana chahiye…

  2. both serial….

  3. I think the 8pm slot serial is going off air.Bcoz siya ki ram starts on 8pm slot.waiting for ashish’s comeback in siya ki ram

  4. Tu Mera Hero band ho jana chahiye… Tere Sheher me nahi..

  5. I don’t like both the serials but I want main tera hero to go off air

  6. Anyone else notice above, in the description of Tere Sheher Mein, there is no proper mention of Mantu and the impact he had on the show. Or what about how badly it has fallen since his departure. They make Mantu out like he is a nobody in the show. END TERE SHEHER MEIN ASAP. TAKE THIS BULLSHIT OFF OUR TELEVISIONS.

  7. There shanker main

  8. Both…….

  9. End this tere sheher main.this show is headache

  10. i would like if tu mera hero goes offline ………………..coz mantu is coming back in tere sheher mein

    1. Anjali Mishra

      Dude! The show is going off air on 14th Nov.
      How on this holy planet can you expect Dhruv to make a comeback on this garbage?

  11. tere shehar main and tu mera hero is becoming very boring .please stop this serial.But more i hate tere shehar main after dhruv aka mantu quits the show.its too boring………………

  12. I want Tere Sheher Mein serial to go off air ASAP. This serial has no sense in it anymore. It was a beautiful story when it started. It could have been more beautiful, if at all the strory writers were a bit more sensible enough. Too many unwanted twists made it sour. There is no flavour left in the story. Please stop this serial ASAP.

    1. plz…end both serials…

  13. Tere Sheher Mein should go because it has only 0.7 TRP
    And Mantu is not coming back.
    End Tere Sheher Mein.

    Tu Mera Hero is unique on star plus amazing chemistry between Titu and Panchi. Family show. With 1.3 TRP
    Keep Tu Mera Hero

  14. both r the bulllshitss…….plz end

    both serials…..plz hiba and dhruv come back with some other youth shows……

  15. I like tere sheher main also to mera hero but both are going boring send Rama and Amaya to a honeymoon make them have kids make them proper together make them romantic u may wonder what is she talking about but it’s true many people like such shows not shows which are boring to mera hero is boring why have 2 Titus when one was enough you could have done titu is someone else’s child’s father I think I could write a whole script but I rather not because I go to school and I want a job which I love this is for people who think girls are less than boys no they are not they can achieve more I had a friend who her dad set her on fire

  16. Tsm ko band na karke mantu ko wapas ke aaye aur ek fresh storyline se shuruwat kare toh acha h varna use band ho Jana chaiye

  17. both serials too……..boring
    along with that I wish even SEL goes off air n BATHAMESE DIL return

  18. prin cess hajoo

    tere sheher mein i dont want kai tsm band ho bt aik tareeqay sai theak bhi hai bcz main ramaa aur amaya ki jodi nahi dekh sakti bcz its iritate meeee mujh bas manya ko aik sath dekhna hai
    on the other hand tu mera hero bhi band nahi hona chaheyai bcz its a family dramaa and a good drama

  19. prin cess hajoo

    tere sheher mein i dont want kai tsm band ho bt aik tareeqay sai theak bhi hai bcz main ramaa aur amaya ki jodi nahi dekh sakti bcz its iritate meeee mujh bas manya ko aik sayh delhna chahti hun

  20. Tere she her mein
    It’s ridiculous now it has no story!!! And I love tu mera hero but it’s getting A little bit boring show more funny rekha and vaishali scenes and plots.

  21. Please don’t stop tsm bcox i think mantu / druv will return soon please i beg u guys bid for tu mera hero if u like but don’t bid for tsm

  22. Both but more weightage to tsm

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