Which show won your interest by its start?


Three new shows have begun this week with different concepts. We would like to know the show which won your interest by its start? Let us know in this poll. You may leave comment as well.

Adhuri Kahaani Hamari deals with the old idea of rebirth for the sake of love. . Maya is jealous of Prince Madhav’s attention towards Manasvini/Manu and in order to take Manu’s place in Madhav’s life, Maya kills her. After many tears, Manu returns in her rebirth. She is a film making student Radhika. Radhika lands up in Narayanpuri, where the ancient Garuda Temple is located. She gets to know about her past life as Manasvini/Manu. Many secrets get revealed to her about Madhav and her love story, and Maya killing her.

Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re follows a story of human heart transformation from evil to good. Nandini and Rambhateri struggle to restore the model town society its past days of splendor, and revive values in everyone. All the residents follow a wrong way in their lives and are compared to Raavan. Raju is a rowdy and he beats up school principal. Raju confronts a lady traffic police officer, Nandu who pulls him up for his misdeed. Raju celebrates a Raavan Dahan event in Model Town and felicitates a builder, Raval at the celebration. They all fail to burn the Raavan. Raval calls it a very bad sign which makes the model town residents to worry.

Siya Ke Ram is the classic epic of Ramayana retold through the eyes of the righteous and brave Sita. The story will have a phase depicting her immense love for Ram. Raja Janak is childless and his kingdom, Mithila has had a drought for 12 years. Ram and his brothers are under the tutelage of Guru Vashisht. Raja Dasharath is restless to see his sons and is pacified by Sumitra. Janak builds a gold plough and unearths a baby girl. The baby’s first cry leads to rainfall. Janak gets a daughter and Sita was born.

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  1. iskq ka rang safed

    1. Ithula ishq ka rang safed option eh ila pa??

  2. Adhuri Kahaani Hamari it seems interesting…lets see how it goes..

  3. Adhuri kahani humari and siya ke ram both are interesting..

    1. I agree with you.. both the shows are very interesting..

  4. ishq ka rang safed

  5. Siya ke raam is amazing.And first time ramayan was introduced based on view of SITA.really gud graphics story well reprsentation and actors r also interesting.

  6. No doubt its Siya Ke Ram… Just lov the show yaar.. What graphics. N after yesterday’s epi #respect and #love
    Omggg.. I love sita’s story n geting curious to know more abt her… She’s is just an ideal lady..
    Idk abt Hamari adhuri kahani.. Actually m already watching Nagin colors and it wud be just too much of snakes. So I opted out .. Keep lovin siya ke ram n
    Love crosses twice my ff ?

  7. Siya ke ram………………

  8. Siya ke Ram. Of course

  9. of course… Siya Ke Ram…

  10. siya ke ram and adhuri kahani hamari both superb

  11. Ofcurs adhuri kahani hamari..mahima and laksh ur chemistry is excellent..n hope soo ur chemistry will be liked by other people

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