Which recent show won your interest?

Star Plus’ Tamanna shows a journey of Dhara, who aspires to become a cricketer. She is asked to choose between her career and marriage. Many girls leave the dreams when marriage comes their way. Dhara’s story is also such, when marriage becomes a hurdle for her career. Dhara has passion for cricket and her struggles get tough for her to attain her dreams. The show stars Anuja Sathe, Vishal Gandhi, Harsh Chhaya, Ketki Dave, Rajlakshmi Solanki, Kiran Karmarkar. The show is woman oriented, and brings a background of cricket, which might interest many viewers.

Zee TV’s Meri Saasu Maa brings a story of Pari’s pursuit to find her mother in her mother in law. The story has innocence and depicted well by Pari. Hiba Nawab and Pearl V Puri are playing the lead in the show. The female protagonist Pari does not get mother’s love in her life. Her mother in law Maa Saab believes that daughters-in-law have to be kept within strict boundaries. Pari faces big troubles by Maa Saab in the journey of transforming Maa Saab into her Maa.

Krishnadasi on Colors is based on a tamil show by same name. it brings the challenges faced by Aradhya, when she gets to know that she is part of Devdasi lineage. She falls in love with Aryan, who often saves her from problems. Aradhya and Aryan did not know the hatred between their families, which would not let them unite. Indira Krishnan, Chhavi Mittal, Uday Tikekar, Tasha Kapoor, Shweta Mahadik and Chaitanya Adib will be part of the show. Sana Amin Sheikh and Shravan Reddy play the leads Aradhya and Aryan.


  1. Karishnadasi is really new concept bcoz many don’t know about this subject .if kd was not a option then it would be tammna for sure

  2. Suni

    Krishnadasi is too good. The leads of the show acting is superb. Story also fast paced and not dragging. I think the other shows – SasuMa is always there in every serial, so nothing new may except the way of presenting. But every serial has saaas-bahu dramas which am not interested in looking into. And the other Tammanna – I don’t know looks like Everest or Udaan now…same concept.nothing new to offer. So Krishnadasi wins my vote. The ladies playing Kumudini and Tulsi are gr888888..even Aaba Sahib in the negative role…superb!!!

  3. Fatarajo

    Honestly speaking in terms of concept I like Krishnadasi and Tamanna they earn a thumbs up and full marks for concept, but for Meri Saasu Maa concept is not that good and nothing new and it’s typical, but Somehow i m most attached to this show, the potraying part is just fabulous which is why despite having a not so new concept I m enjoying this show a lot only because of the portrayals. I m already a fan of Pearl and Hiba beforehand, I love Pari- sattu chemistry and Maa Saab the actor who is acting as Maa Saab just nailed the character. Me and my lil sis watch Meri saasu Maa and we are a fan of Maa Saab only for her acting especially in the promos her acting superb
    And as Krishnadasi and Tamannah the actors are doing a splendid job. They have acted perfectly the characters. But other characters are also equally good like kumudini and tulsi in Krishnadasi the a tots who acted those charcters are perfect for the roles And I liked dhaara’s grandma’s acting a lot also in Tamannah. I love the chemistry between Aradhya and Aryan in Krishnadasi , and as for Dhara and Mihir it’s yet to be seen, but the actress playing the role of Dhara just fits the bill completely.
    It would be a tough one to chose among these shows, in terms of concept especially between Krishnadasi and Tammanah.But both these shows time slots are late

  4. Cc

    Kd as it is a social issue faced by women, how does aaradhya in this trend face it or change the custom.secondly I fell for shravn eyes.

  5. abi

    Hi everyone… I m from TN…. I like krishnadasi serial….. As shravan plays the lead role and i like the concept too because it differs from other stories

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