Which pairing looks the best in Manmarziyan?


The couples in the show have become talk of the town. The pairing seems to change by the tracks and viewer’s interest. The show is doing well concept wise. As per the current track, Sam seeks Neil and Radhika’s help to express her feelings to Arjun. Radhika bumps into Chirag, who has been sent by Bonnie and Arjun. Bonnie records a video of them together. Neil is heartbroken seeing Sam’s inclination towards Arjun. Arjun stops Radhika from seeing Bonnie and Chirag together. Radhika tells Sam that she saw Arjun buying a gift for her. Arjun informs Sam about the presentation. Bonnie replaces Radhika’s purse. Sam enquires with Neil about his strange behaviour. Neil professes his love to Sam.

Everyone is shocked seeing their competitor presenting their ideas. Radhika is shocked seeing the money is in her purse. Later, Sam tries to prove Radhika’s innocence. Samrat tells Sam that they will have to wind up their company. Radhika tries to prove her innocence to Arjun. Sam requests Neil for his support to fulfill Piyali and Samrat’s dream. Sam tells Radhika that she needs her support for the presentation of Maybelline. Piyali informs the employees that they have bagged the Maybelline project. Bonnie is scared about the investigation of the money found in Radhika’s bag. Sam tells Neil that she is in love with Arjun and that she wants to profess her love to him. Radhika dances with Samrat at the success party. Sam professes her love to Arjun. Sam dances with Neil at the party. Which pairing looks the best in Manmarziyan? Let us know in this poll.

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  1. Arjun & Radhika…ArDhika all the way!!

  2. I’ll go fa Arjun nd Radhika…. Dey r gud nt luvly….

  3. Sam n neil &arjun n radhika will make the good chemistry

  4. Ardhika love u

  5. Arjun and Radhika. They both will make a good loving pair.

  6. Arjun and radika….. cos she can teach him to move forward with life rather than live in the past with pain…..

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