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Hi gues this is poonam
I think know a days many writers r criticising ragini’s character I want to tell them all that its just character don’t blame teju. I am big fan of teju and varun I like hally and namish but teju and varun’d acting skills r best. Many of them r die heart fan of swasan but if it was ragsan then which one would better I am sure people would have loved ragsan more both r just fabulous actors. Plsz gues don’t blame ragini we could have blamed swara because she was the one responsible for all the circumstances that happened but till date no fan of ragini(teju) criticised swara’s character then it means swara’s fan have no right to criticise ragini. I know many like helly shah but from when ragini’s character has turned positive their was many writings made on ragini’s character. In terms of acting teju is far better than helly. Her acting, her expressions r just mind blowing. I am too a ff writer I love ragsan so my ff is also based on that. This is my question to all ff writers and fan of swaragini imagine if it was ragsan not swasan which one would have been liked more. Teju’s and varun chemistry is good they r good frnds so their screen chemistry may would have been mind blowing. I think helly’s fans r scared if ragini turn positive then people would like her more. I really don’t wanna hurt anyone but it can be truth. Swara (helly shah’s) expression r same during all circumstances have u ever seen any type of change in her body language, her expressions, or her way to express he way to tell dialogue all would be same, but teju from beginning first positive then neagative her anger, her guilt on what she did everything is so good. We know, people say love is mad when a person is in love he can cross any limits for him they can do anything and people who rpure hearted they can’t make any difference btw what is right what is wrong they cross all their limits they can do anything they go behind what they can do. So from that point of view do u think that what ragini did was wrong. She was used , first laksh played by her emotions then swara started feeling for laksh and then sanskar misguided her then who’s fault it was these three r responsible ragini’s behaviour and what she became. Plsz gues vote which pair would have been best ragsan or swasn…………………..
Plsz plsz comment share ur views

Credit to: poonam

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  1. I am both a Helly and Tejaswi fan…coming to the fact that i am a fan of both Swara and Ragini…i don’t want to hurt you Poonam but honestly it is justified for fans…fans means swaragini fans not Helly or Tejaswi fans to be angry when Tejaswi was enacting a negative role…everyone was angry when the Kavita and Taniya/Kavya drama was going on…Swaragini fans get angry on Ragini’s negative role which is possible because she acts nicely…it is just a few people who are maybe you can say immature who relate Ragini to Tejaswi…coming to the fact that you stated that Tejaswi fans don’t criticise Helly fans but Helly fans criticise Tejaswi fans like Radika said Helly’s instagram page is filled with hate comments posted by Tejaswi fans…i am not taking anyone’s side but everyone has to keep in mind that without any one actress…the show would be a flop…about the comment saying that Helly fans are scared that if Tejaswi gets a positive role then they would sideline Helly….this is not true if you check when the news came out that Tejaswi would be serving a 2 months notice period and then leaving the show due to her character becoming negative without informing her there were so many Swara/Helly fans who pleaded Tejaswi not to leave…so there is no question of being scared…sorry if i have hurt you but this is my opinion…and about the pairs…it would be swasan as ii like raglak chemistry and swasan chemistry…

    1. I agree Payal…by the way you have a nice way of expressing your view points…

      1. Even I agree Payal…the comment about being insecure was rubbish…

      2. Sanya Janak Masand

        Woh to hai…

      3. Yes but Instagram of tejaswi is also filled with comments from helly fans…

  2. Firstly i would like to say that m a true fan of Swasan..i can’t imagine ragsan coz i like Raglak pair more than ragsan n yr poonam if u wanna write about ragsan so go ahead but y did u provoked swasan fan’s sentiments..it usually happens that fans always support their pair n oppose others so it’s normal.in real i like all stars namish varun helly teju but if it’s about pair so definitely Swasan they got best pair award by voting so n come to the ragini character so i agree that everything is fair in war n love but u can’t judge the murder of own sister na n if she was innocent n under pressure in her dadi so but dadi never taught her all these n she betrayed her sis is justified so y not it’s justified for Luksh..he was also under pressure..he lost his love swara n everyone hates him coz he used ragini..he didn’t,ragini got betrayed to feel the pain of betrayal by loved ones.n my vote goes to Swasan n please don’t post one sided analysis coz it’s not necessary na,u can see many harsh comments coz no-one will bear the insult of their fav ones.ur analysis is about helly n teju not swasan n ragsan u can clearly see that n insecurity issue is nonsense.v should criticise characters not real actors.

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