Which new show would you prefer to watch?


With three new shows starting coming Monday, 10th August 2015, which one would interest you the most. We bring this poll to know your opinion and interest from the listed shows starting on three big channels.

tashanZee TV’s Tashan E Ishq has a fresh concept. Twinkle Taneja is a Punjabi girl who is very bubbly and full of Tashanm just like her love Yuvraj. They are an easy going couple and face the enmity between their mothers. Their love story is set in Punjab with a modern set. Twinkle’s mother, Leela Taneja and Yuvraj’s mother, Anita Luthra, have scores to settle both personally and professionally. They both face some complications in their love by their mothers being at loggerheads.

ishqColors TV’s Ishq Ka Rang Safed is the tale of the impossible love of two distinct individuals, Biplab for Dhaani. The carefree grandson of Mahant Dashrath Pandey, Biplab is slated to go abroad for his law studies & intends to never return to the religiosity, traditionalism & ritualism of Benares and his family. Life takes an abrupt turn as Biplab encounters Dhaani, who is a widow. She is a young widow leading a life of quiet dignity abiding by her Dharma.

mohiMohii is the new show on Star Plus, starting on 10th August 2015. It is the story of a girl who wants to become a doctor. She stays in such a small village where there is no electricity. Her mother is her big support. Mohii dreams big and asks everyone in her village to call her Dr. Mohii. It is the story of a dream fulfillment and inspiring story.

Which new show interests you the most? Let us know in this poll.

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  1. i like tashan e ishq
    Its promos are very gud and best
    I m waiting 4 this

  2. tashan e ishq..bcom promo was superb…

  3. Can any one tell me that ishq ka rung safed and mohii is replacing which serials???

    1. Mohi> VEERA, IKS> Sastri sisters

  4. tashan e ishq promos r superb..i’ m dying to watch ..while on the other hand ishq ka rang…..i think its concept is same as the film was…..bt may be the plotting nd episodes will be nice

  5. yr ishq ka rang is going to replace colors’s serial shastri sisters..while tashan e ishq is replaced by zee’s popular daily soap jodha .akbar……

  6. nd mohini is replaced by veera at the time slot of 5 pm

  7. Star plus,in nauc,nisha wantd 2 bcm a shooter,in manmarz ,radhika wantd 2 bcm a wrtr nd nw mohii wants 2 bcm a dctr.let s wait nd c hw ur New protagonist wil Fulfil her dream.Gud luk

  8. tashan-e-ishq is really nice…..its promos r superb…w8ing 4it…

  9. which drama tashan e ishq is replacing by

  10. Tashan e ishq will go better but i also love the mohi show because it has a literal meaning and if i say anything abt. IKRS it would be a nice show.

  11. tashan e ishq seems like a nice concept,…
    ishq ka rang safed seems like the movie “WATER”
    and i m not at all interested in mohhi…

    well… but how long have any indian seriel followed the concept they began with…after a while they are all just saas and bahu drama,,,

  12. i could watch IKRS and TEI depends on what time they telecast.

  13. tashan e ishq seems to be nice serial
    i m jst waiting for the serial

  14. i would like to watch mohi

  15. I like to watch mohini good story

  16. Rashan e ishq..really interesting

  17. Sorry!!..tashan e ishq

  18. Tashan e ishq..really interesting

  19. TasHan E IShq very interesting show..

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