Which is your favorite Star Plus’ long running show?

Diya Aur Baati Hum started airing on 29 August 2011, produced by Shashi Sumeet Productions. Diya Aur Baati Hum is the story of two lovers who are incomplete without each other. Sooraj, a loving husband and a self-made man from a traditional family helps his ambitious wife Sandhya achieve her dreams of becoming an IPS officer. The journey of Sooraj and Sandhya’s true love made the show very special in the viewer’s heart. The show has got action by Sandhya’s police missions and is leading in TRP race by its interesting track these days. It stars Anas Rashid and Deepika Singh in lead roles.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein aired on 3 December 2013, produced by Ekta Kapoor of Balaji Telefilms. Ye Hai Mohabbatein is a mature take on delicate relationships. A failed first marriage later, angry young Punjabi guy Raman Bhalla and sensitive Tamilian girl Ishita Iyer are brought together by destiny and Raman’s daughter, Ruhi. The couple has seen many ups and downs in their life and united after much conspiracies of vamps and villains. It stars Karan Patel, Divyanka Tripathi , Ruhanika Dhawan, and Anita Hassanandani in lead roles.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai premiered on 12 January 2009, produced by Rajan Shahi’s Director’s Kut Productions. After her arranged marriage to Naitik Singhania, Akshara gradually falls in love with her husband, and finds her own identity as a woman, wife and mother. Akshara succeeds in balancing the family and surpasses all her duties superbly. She becomes an ideal role model for all her family members and an inspiration for the society. Naitik and Akshara’s love story is liked by innumerable fans. The show is ahead by high TRPS. It stars Hina Khan and Karan Mehra in lead roles.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya aired on 3 May 2010, produced by Rashmi Sharma Telefilms. Saath Nibhana Saathiya is emotionally-charged drama as a dominant mother-in-law Kokila, plays mentor to groom Gopi into a confident woman. While Gopi faces all odds to get accepted by her husband Ahem, she faces a steep by her sister’s hatred. The show had a leap and got new generation to make track more interesting. It stars Devoleena Bhattacharjee, Rupal Patel, and Mohammad Nazim in lead roles.

Which is your favorite Star Plus’ long running show? Let us know in this poll. You may comment about your choice.


  1. Asef

    Obviously Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. (Y)
    Superb daily soap. This serial provide a good message to the society. No vulgarity in this serial unlike Yeh Hai Mobabbatein. #YRKKH is very clean serial. I just <3 #akshara. She is a very talented actress. Hats off to u. 🙂

  2. Araf

    East or West “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai” is the best. This is my all time favourite serial. I like ‘Naksh’ the most. All the best wishes to u guys….

  3. Shakib

    1) Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai.
    2) Diya Aur Baati Hum.
    3) Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.
    4) Saath Nibhaana Saathiya.

  4. Romi

    DABH is doing very well!! Its the only show that a family can watch It with the kids and with its elderly members means there is no vulgarity in it!! The story is very natural and provides a good example of help and support a working woman can get from her family and especially from her in laws .

  5. ROXANA..


  6. only DABH…. Bcoz this show give all imporantance to all charactors….as well as they show nice bonading between husband and wife… alwyes show that in husband and wife they support each other… how can we full fill each other dream with nt male ego……. they alwyes stand for each other in any stiuation ….they also show that nt is the age of full fill our dream… in any age we complet our dream for that nt age matter….

    abt SNS in this show they show anything that nt realted with show….. this is just like comedy show….they only show sister fight with each other…. first they show this with rash and gopi they show rashi in good character.. then when we love rashi that time they kill rashi…. then they show fight between gopi and radha…in that radha wants to kill her own child so thats why gopi kill radha….. and now they show fight between vidhya and meera….just irrted this show….and when they kill rashi that time i stop to watching this serial..

    abt YRKKLH in staring YRKKLH is was nice…..bt in after one year they show more romance which nt needed in show… they show anything… after that they show every episode only romance scenes which we cant see with our family….bcoz of there more romance i stop to watch this show.. bcoz this show we cant see with our family….

    abt YHM in staring thi show do rock….. abt then this show get in low bcoz in they show they sepert all fav jodi… first they sepert my fav mihir and mihika jodi, then they sepert ashok and shagun…in this show negative character is more then positive character….and also one thing that they give suspence bt they nt reveal past suspense…. for exmple that bala incident with that girl.. now also they nt reveal that….and main part is that raman only bleam ishita whatever happened…and then as usaul he say sorry to ishita…..and this show imporantaly base on ruhi and ishita love…. bt now a days we cant see single scenes between ruhi and adi…and now they show some surooget mother track….. and in this show they show private scenes for explem in staring they show candom……this kind of scnes we cant see with family….when they sepert my fav jodi mihir and mihika that time i stop to watch this show……..

    In DABH they cant show like this… DABH we alwyes see with our family members… in every episode they give some lesson to us….so for all this show DABH is best show …….. i never boar when i see DABH i see this show in 10 times in a day..bt i never baor.i alwyes like this show….
    And give thanks to star plus and sakshi sumit sir bcoz they give this beutiful show DABH…. and alwyes entairntant us like this…..
    Best show in star plus only DABH…
    sorry if anyone hurt with my cmt..bt this is my personal opinion.. bcoz in past i see this all serial.. bt now only i see DABH…..

  7. yashvora

    good a very nice question

    well d recent mess – up & abrupt closing of many daily soaps , surely provoke a question of change or competitive pressure

    b4 proceedings my regards to 2 entries which according to me deserves to b in d list , provided they were not messed up so much to deal with sudden stoppage
    d serials r veera & ipkknd-ebp

    yrkkh – very lovely 1 , N-A r best as couple , life – partner , soul-mate & not only dat they r best as son & daughter & best as parents
    d very mention or glimpse of couple , makes me smile ; their every scene is lovable
    everything about them , makes them special – d 1 of d best ever pair of couple
    d track is clear of ne divorce , multiple marriages & even jealousy is portrayed very lovingly
    d couple matures with time & respect d love between them
    for rest of d cast – d couple stays as single identity not as separate cases
    d couple r able to discuss d fear , insecurities , jealousy with ease in- between them
    just because of great ease & love – some good twist r introduced which can’t b even think about in ne other soap

    yhm – what a lovely pair – small little nok – joks r d life of it
    d best is d portrayal of I as a mother that too in d eyes of R & also how she manages to make R again believe in love
    their immaturity as a couple & constant interference by others in – between d couple r their biggest hurdles
    their story took a mature , progressive & lovely turn when I changed to love instead of hate to allay R’s hate due to jealousy
    but d day they separated MM probably because of insecurities towards ishra , [I] left d show as was convinced that d backstage team will stink to ne low to prolong & trp-s
    also d given back drop of d soap & immaturity as a couple , d soap will go merry – go – round instead of further progressing

    dabh & sathiya – a brilliant but disgusting & stinking misnomer in their titles which depicts a strong & ever lasting & smoothening love story.
    d soaps r only of saas – bahu type – nothing of love but sheer hatred & unending events of unwanted & more of a useless sacrifices
    there is constant interference in d lives of lead pairs & d love & romance r best as disappeared
    their interpretation of ethics & common sense r as annoying as d twists & turns
    d husbands r more of showpiece just to blame or torture as a punching bag
    d story progresses making d concept of love 2 show its fake-ness
    d lead pair is never ever a single identity but a long drifted separate identities
    by my views d sooraj & ahem should well b strayed away with memory loss & without them d tracks will go on beautifully [ in their terms ]
    if they r replaced by a demanding yet understanding character like S of jr [zee] , d story could have a different effect


    yrkkh – lovely , beautiful & romantic
    yhm – love , sweet yet immaturity especially in backdrop of hatred
    dabh – starts with hatred , S – a unwanted gem , hate , hate , disrupting ethics with d most cunning background [bg]
    sathiya – decent yet beautiful start , then gopi enters d ring fight & yet to b knocked down
    veera – truly love even in their hatred , immature yet tolerable but d devil writers messed it 2 hang up
    ipkknd-ebp – well simply anger & hatred but shielded by very lovely & sentimental scenes ; just hate , hate , hate ,hate , love ; even their bg song links pyar with dard

    sorry if my comments r hurtful 2 some

  8. yrkkh and dabh watching in tamil star vijay its good yhm watching in hindi in star plus
    there is so much undetailed ending like bala and raina singh relation in this story
    now also they showed first shagun came back to delhi for investigating some criminal activities going on Dr.Mukharji’s hospital against surrgocy also manoj saw her in hospital
    when she searched a file but now they never shown what happened in that matter now
    so writters please clearly make the story well and no need surrogate track for ishita
    she should have her own preganancy so that ishra can enjoy some unforgetable movements their whole life other wise adi and ruhi enough for their life

  9. shuvi

    no yaar … no one… all r boring now… initially all were just awesome… but now… just dragging dragging dragging and dragging…. nothing is left now to show… so… see all the leads have become mom and dad… in yrkkh.. akshara ko khudki umra ke bete ki mummy bana diya…. in dbh also… sandhya ko 10saal ke bache ki maa bana diya… and in sns also gopi toh ab apne damaad Ji ka swagat karengi… in teeno ko dekhkar kisi bhi angle se aisa lagta hai ki be San 40saal ki hongi… no na …. I meann not at all… so that’s y they should end now these shows…. in Pakistani channel ‘ZINDAGI’ they do not drag … they just finish it in 1or 2months…but yaa I agree that many of us don’t care about pak…. and in yeah hai mohobattien mai toh pahle se hi they… out of these 4 yhm is somewhat ok…

  10. sorry to tell but Diya aur baati hum sucks now.. i guess it should end now .. aur wasebhi everyday sooraj suffers because of sandhya so, i believe it should end with sandhya retiring and sooraj opening his hotel..

  11. Rosely Dada

    YHM is my favourite show..because of that intelligent girl Ruhi Ishita character that preaches love humility tolerance patience persiverance endurance etc.Her character has healed many failling marraiges .Rahman & Ishita settle their differencies in a unique ways but pray that surrogate mother! Will not finish the show .Will onlly show that Character like Ishita are hopeless.from Nigeria in Africa

  12. Rose

    none of them.I used to watch manmarziyan but now it’s ending because of this old family melodrama and unrealistic serials,I will never going to watch starplus… NEVER EVER…Believe me,I won’t see any single serial from this channel.I’m letting go of this channel for those people who like quarrelling,melodrama,bad behaving and other bullshit things.This channel is not for good people like me.So, it’s all yours…enjoy this melodramas and be happy 🙂
    Goodbye for good starplus & Indian channels 🙂

  13. shai

    YHM is the best n loving…nw it rocks bcz of romi and sarika’s wddng n ishita pregnancy test….always vote for YHM

  14. anu

    Yhm is the best & unique show.nt only among star plus shows but among all the tv shows yhm is the best.karan & divyanka r the finest actors.we love to see their chemistry.though sometimes they leave the tracks incomplete,but they create a gud mixture of romance,suspense,family drama etc.

  15. Romona. Loll

    I would love if u can put English subtitles on show like kumkumbhagya Bhagya n ek tha raja ek tha rani we will try with the others as it’s not the same watching it without The subtitles On my iPad thank u thank u

  16. darshika

    YHM is the best….. And no one can beat ishra’s chemistry…… And I have never seen such a matching couple…… But don’t drag the show. Because we can’t watch a one tv serial for our whole life. Yes,this is the tipe of indian tv serials….. But don’t do it for yhm….. I only love yhm……
    From sri lanka.

  17. Sathiyaa and YHM!
    Sathiyaa shoes a relationship which we hardly get to see in India! A strong and loving Saas-Bahu Relationship!

    Though YHM is a little boring now, the fact that they are concentrating of different couples now like Romi-Sarika and Abhishek-Mihika makes it better than crap stuff like YRKKH because all they show there is Family Drama without any proper plot!

    No offence to anybody’s likings, but I am just expressing my views…

  18. eliza

    yeh rishta kya khelatahi is the best serial….. hina and karan love u… they inspire us how to be in an real relationship…… i really love the way they tackle all the situation andteach their kids…………………….

  19. When sathiya serial end
    I will distribute silk chocolates
    Really totally worst show
    Dabh is gd inspiration to girls
    Very nice show
    Yrkkl don’t know about that one
    Yhm show is gd one
    Sentimental show

  20. sujata

    Yeh Rishta Kya Khelata Hai is a nice family show…actually iska koi main story ya fact nahi just ek sanskari family drama hai family values dikhate hai …bhai behen ka …parents or children ka or Husband nd wife ka..

    Diya or Baati hum bohout hi meaningfull family show hai …ek larki ki inspiration h sandhaya ka character or Suraj ek sacha or aacha pati brata pati hai..but me yeh show phele se hi nahi dekhti thi …sry ?

    Saathiya toh Aurotoan ka serial h phele bachpan me dekhti thi apne maa k sath…tav woh ek famous show tha but avi toh uska plot fully change ho chuka hai ….

    Me Yeh Hai Mohabbatein ki Fan hu yeh serial ka story bohout aacha hai … actors ka acting superb hai ..its amazing…Ishita or Raman wow looks great like real couple..but avi yeh serial toh faltu banta jaa raha hai..so try ur best & come again in 1st position ..

    YHM rocksss…

    My Fav. serial is Yeh Hai Mohabbatein and Kumkum Bhagya..

  21. Yhm was best whn it started dil ka rishta btwn ruhi n ishita afcrs madrasan n ravan kumar luv story it was luvly but now ts yak many dings r confusing nd now d recent twist is disgusting (ishita ki pregnancy) it’s luvly 2 watch ruhi n ishita’s anokhi dil ka rishta but if anoder one enter btwn dem it will b a damn

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