Where is Heart There is Life (Episode 8)


the episode starts with mala and dilip comes to anus house.the watchman stops them. dilip says i want to meet mr sharma. they enters to the house.mala says to dilip mr sharma is very rich. dilip says yes.madhvi comes and says whom do u want to meet? dilip says we want to meet mr sharma. madhvi says hes not at home. im his wife. u can tell me what do u want to say? mala says today we had gone to hospital and there we met a doctor who look alike our daughter radhika who died due to an accident.but that girl was saying shes ananya and ur her parents. is she ur biological child? madhvi says yes. i think ur stressed.after all losing child is painful for parents. dilip says but face is similar to radhika. madhvi says u know in the whole world u will find 7 people with similar face. i think ur radhika is same to anu. mala cries. dilip says we shall go now. madhvi says pls sit. i will arrange some refreshments for u. dilip says thanks. but we have to go now. they goes. madhvi says to herself r they anus real parents?

all internees r in the canteen. they r discussing about better treatment of patients. sam says u know there is a doctor who always fight with other doctors. sam looks at neil. neil says why u r talking like this about me? sam says did i take ur name? they fights. nikita says guys look at anu. inspite of fightings between sam and neil anu is so quiet. all looks at anu. anu is thinking about arjun and smiles. sam slowly goes near to anu and loudly calls anu. anu suddenly fears and says what? all laugh together.

its night. neil calls sam. neil says can we have dinner together today? sam says okay. lets go to highrise resturant. neil says okay. i will wait for u.

anu is sitting on her bad. madhvi comes and says why r u smiling like this? anu says nothing. madhvi says when people falls in love then people smile like this. anu says really? but im not in love.madhvi says tell about whom u were thinking?anu says dr arjun. madhvi sings pyar to hona hi tha. anu smiles. anu says i forgot to tell u something. madhvi says what? anu tells her about mala and dilip. madhvi says perheps they r in shock losing their child.anu says i think so. madhvi says to herself i shouldnt tell anu about their visiting at our home. madhvi says keep thinking about dr arjun and smiles. anu says ur impossible. madhvi goes.

neil is waiting for sam. sam comes and says idiot u have done so good arrangement. neil says anything for my sarminder singh. sam laughes. neil says i have to say something. sam says one second. do u have called me here u give a long speech? neil says dont break my flow of talking. sam says okay. tell me. neil says i wanted to tell it to u much earlier. but situations didnt let me to do so. i always thought u as my best friend.but u r not only my best friend. but ur my life. neil holds sams hand and says i love u. sam laughes.she says why r u showing me ur acting in so serious way? neil says i always joke with u but this time im serious. sam gets stunned.she says i dont want to break ur heart but i dont love u and i have no courage to love u. after sameer dumped me i forgot to laugh. but u made me smile again. neil, now i have no faith for love in my heart. sam says forgive if possible. sam goes.neil cries. jab suna suna lage plays…………

anu is trying to sleep but not able to. anu gets up from the bed. she says what should i do? which type of disease it is?

precap: sam sees neil in the hospital. she goes to other way seeing him. neil cries. dr arjun says to anu we have go for a medical camp for street childs. anu says yes,sir.

credit to:Natasha

i will go tommorow for a trip and will return in a few days. if i dont find network then will not update my story.will u pls wait for me till i return? but if i find network there then will update my story. and one other thing eid mubarak to everyone in advance:-):-):-):-):-):-)
dont forget me in these days and keep giving ur feedbacks.

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  1. Awesome epi dr….loved it buddy….sam pls understand neils love…loved madhavi and anus convo…..keep rocking buddy

    1. Thanks

  2. Nats…u r amazing.. i like ur way of writing…happy journey and eid mubarak tooo..miss u and waiting for next epi

    1. Thanks

  3. wow Natasha! !!!!
    it’s emotional for me, ahhh my charming boy neil cries …. sad for Neil, sam always break people’s heart ..hope samundar singh ko uska idiot jaldi miley 😉

    waiting for anu-arjuns medical camp. 🙂
    awesome dear 🙂 keep continue
    and happy journey, enjoying your trip 🙂

    1. Thanks

  4. Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow, Natasha,

    Really loved this episode. , Neil confess to sam about his feelings for her.

    Anu realize first time about her real identity as Radhika.

    And her mum teasing her with Arjun name. Looooooooooooooooooooooooved this episode.

    Keep giving these lovely scenes to us darling.

    Just loved the way you write.

    And yes of course.

    Have a safe and happy journey dear.

    Have a lots of enjoy in your trip. And whenever you updates. Next Please give us a treat of 2 or 3 episodes. All together.

    so that we can get a bumber episodes of all those days in which you are missing my dear.

    Looooooooooooooooooooooove you so much natasha.


    Song of the day.

    Ishq bulawa from Hasee to phasee


    1. Loved the song

  5. *@hai natasa api…again a vry nice epi tum abhi tak tour mein gaya nahi…again wish a happy n safe journey n come back soon…nw am in village with my family 2 celebrate eid….

    1. Eid mubarak

  6. Natasha, good epi. Waiting for medical camp!!!! Will miss ur stories. Hope u get network when u travel!! Hv a good trip!! Come back soon!!

    1. Yes i have get network

  7. Good job Natasha….waiting for next update

  8. @Samiha how r u?
    @Tasnim whats ur plan for eid api?

  9. Yeh kidhr ata h???? Which channel

  10. Hey Eid Mubarak dear and to all friends a big warm hug and Nats great going on the story. Keep going 😀

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