Where is Heart There is Life (Episode 7)

the episode starts with all r clapping for arjun, anu,sam and neil. both couples dances. adha ishq plays……after their dance all clap for them. neiil says why u always stuck u with me sam? we had to dance together.sam says no problem. first dance should be always with idiot. arjun says to anu why u always different from others? today everyone is in western and u r in salwar. anu says sir…he says being different from others isnt either bad. anu smiles.

after dinner dr gupta says its time to finish the party. dont be late tommorow at hospital. all says okay. all r saying good morning to each other.

its morning all r in the looker room of hospital. kirti says i enjoyed the party last night. sam says yes specially the dinner. neil calls a hungry angry woman. sam and neil fights. anu stops them and says its time to work. all goes.

sattu comes to anu and says dr arjun has called u. anu comes to arjun. he says i have to go to somewhere so attend my patients anu says okay.

mala and dilip r in the hotel. mala slips in the bathroom and gets injured. dilip says lets go to the hospital.

sattu comes to anu and says a patient has come. anu says send them. mala and dilip comes. they gets shocked seeing anu. mala says where were u radhika? we thought u died. she hugs her. anu says what r u saying? i am not radhika. i am ananya. dilip says why r u lying? mala says why r u saying ur ananya? anu gets angry and says get ur treatment from other doctor. she goes.

mala and dilip comes to sam and asks about anu. sam says shes not radhika. shes dr ananya sharma, daughter of mohit sharma whos one of the famous bussinessmans. sam says u have mistaken.

anu is in the looker room and tells everyone about mala and dilip. rahul says perhaps they r in shock after lossing their child. now finding her child in everyone. sam says yes i also think the same. i even have talked to them. neil asks anu to not worry and calm down.

mala and dilip r outside the hospital. mala says i dont believe them. dilip says but this is the truth that shes not radhika. mala says lets go to ananyas house and find it out. dilip says but…mala says pls. dilip says as u wish.

precap: mala and dilip comes to the sharma house. madhvi comes and asks whom do u want to meet?

credit to: Natasha

guys maybe i will go to visit somedays in a few days just for some days. i dont know whether i will find network there or not. if i dont find network then i will not update my story those days. but if i find network then i will update my story. pls prey for me.


  1. kfar

    Hey Nats awesome epi her parents finding out Anu as der daughter Rads..good going πŸ˜€

    and Nats wil mis u den come back soon yaar πŸ˜€

  2. tasnim

    [email protected]…nice epi with 1 of my favr8 sng adha ishq n yesterday what evr u told dis is n’t fair u cn’t play with our emotion got it we want 2 see a hapy ending of ur stry…wish u a vry hapy journy n waiting 4 ur safe return

  3. Samiha

    Wow Natasha! Great epi… I had read this far, please continue… And of course will pray for you. Akher tumhari story ke liye mar to mai hi raha hoon…..

  4. nisha

    Hey natasha , awsome track Loved your story.

    Finally radhika parents finds anu. Now the interesting point of the story begin.

    No need to pull off a great potential story girl.

    Bring it on. Its a superb story. With a great characters. And with your talented and beautiful words and thoughts.

    Tune of the day . How many of you remember “PYAR KI YE EK KAHAANI” on star one .

    Saw a glimpse today. Loved the tune.

    Check out guys


  5. nisha

    Hey natasha , and my dear friends. I just saw one comment here doesn’t want to take the name as we don’t want to heart anyone’s comments.

    But The serious thing is if you don’t like any fiction stories here. Than rather to say pull of your story. Or to advice someone to pull off his/her story.
    Please keep silence. Don’t comment and just stop reading fiction stories.

    One Put a lot of effort to write a story here. And wait for the comment . Each and every comment imp. for the writer. As it helps them to write more think more..

    If you Can’t increase his/her confidence with your comment then please its a humble request to the person who comment negative here. Please do not need to comment here.

    Please respect the person who write with a lot of effort.

    And yaa My dearest natasha.

    Its up to you that you give importance to the one single person who told you to pull of your story.

    Or give the importance to allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll your dearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrres who again and again tellllllllllllllllllling you to keep writing. Including me.

    And keep motivating you to think, express and write with your heart.

    Darling. It up to your heart.

    We really loved the suspense drama. Lovable story. of yours.

    You are an immense// fantastic writer.

    write your story.And we are always here to comment and increase your confidence. Love you dear.

    keep writing.

  6. nisha

    And hey sona , Love you dear. At least someone here to comment.

    YOu know everybody forget to comment on each other comment .

    When I write just thinking that nowadays nobody interesting to read each other comment.

    Thanks aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lot dear. To at least acknowledge that we all are sharing comments.

    Love you so much dear. Sona , thena, farha, fara, ananya, natasha, deepa. and love you all.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.