Where is Heart There is Life (Episode 6)


the episode starts with all internees r in the looker room. kirti says todays the first party of hospital. i have to look special. rahul says of course. apply some colours like black on ur face and then u will surely look special. kirti gets angry. sam says guys as its the first party pls dont be late. neil says look who is advising for not being late. sam is always late. sam says dont worry. i will not late today. anu says i dont like parties. so i wont come. tam says u have to come. otherwise dr jasmin will be angry. all supports tam.

anu is at her home and sitting with all her dresses and shoes. sam is confused what to wear. kirti is trying all her dresses. she at least changes ten dresses. anu says to herself i wont be comfortable in western dress so i will wear salwar. madhvi comes and gives anu a very expensive salwar. she says ur dad has bought it for u. anu becomes happy and hugs her. sam is not liking any of her dress. piyali comes and gives her a black dress.sam wears it.shes looking very beautiful.

all r waiting outside dr guptas house. parth says where the girls have died? rahul says girls r like this. they never come in time. sam,kirti and tam comes. neil asks have all of u come? sam says where anu is? anu comes and says i am here. anu is looking very beautiful. kirti gets suprised seeing anu says why u have wear salwar. dont u know dress code is western? anu says i know but i am not comfortable in western. neil says we r getting late. shall we go? they goes inside the house.

the house is decorated beautifully. dr gupta and jasmin welcomes them. dr arjun is also present in the party. hes looking dashing in black suit. he mesmerises seeing anu. jasmin asks anu today the dress code is western. but u r looking the most beautiful girl in the party. anu smiles.

sam and neil drinks soft drink and laughing. others r eating the refreshments. dr jasmin says we will now play a game. so r u ready? everyone says yes. she shows a pot containing many chits. she says in this chit there r written all of ur name. she also says u will pick up a chit and whoms name will be written in the chit will be ur dance partner.

jasmin goes near to sam. sam picks upa chit and sam says my dance partner is my idiot,neil.after sam jasmin goes near anu. anu picks up a chit fearly and gets shocked seeing the chit. dr jasmin asks anu so whos ur dance partner. anu fearly says dr arjun. dr arjun also gets shocked. all claps for them.

precap: anu and arjun r dancing.

credit to: Natasha

i have decided to pull off this story as i think only few r interested in this story. and if people r not liking my story, then my efforts r of no use.

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  1. don’t think like tat u r story s super…

    1. @riya yes i know. So thats why i am going to pull me off. Thanks for telling me the truth.

  2. no natasha. please continue ur story…it’s superb.please…….

  3. Hyy…plz dnt do dat…
    We enjoy ua story dear…

  4. No yaar your story is amazing Don’t leave it????

  5. Naaty….ur story s jus amazing yaar with different background…..pls dont stop it my dr…..

  6. Hey its superb pls continue we are waiting for ur story

  7. Pls update next part yaar .

  8. what r u saying,Natasha!!!!u know,we,the friends of u,how much liked it!!!u can’t pull it off in such a way by anyone’s saying.
    where r u,my manmarzian friends,come here.
    I guess Natasha, u r thinking that we r flattering or over talking!!if it is,then I have nothing to say!!!!!
    comments doesn’t indicate the quality of a storyline.

    1. Hey ireena dont take me wrong. I am not thinking that u all r flattering or over talking.

  9. Natasha ur story is superb.i enjoy it bcoz its unique n gud 2 read.moreovr tere r nt mch embarrassing scenes.so I love it.please continue ur story?

  10. Hey Nats dear, I know how much effort, interest and love goes into writing. i think everything dat is heart is in ur story. Never back down, darling. I always read ur story, but for a while I couldn’t come here, so I could’t read epis or see comments. I’m sorry i didn’t comment, but never quit, dear. The concept of ur story is great 😀

    Chalo, bohot senti senti hogaya yaar haha keep writing Nats 😀 der r still so many silent readers we don’t about, know eventually wohbhi tumhari story ko can’t resist but comnt on it.

    1. Dont be senti senti. If u will senti hen i will also senti

  11. Hey Nats…yaar my dear…wat r u saying buddy…..pls pls don’t stop….I ve already said there is sum magic in urs that pulls me……its superrrrrrr….please don’t ever think like that….keep rocking bud….

  12. Hi Natasha, your story has a different background and all love it! Please don’t stop posting!!! The mystery is yet to unfold of anu vs radhika and we are waiting for that!! Waiting for the next epi…

  13. Guys i am happy as any of u havent see me. Because if u have seen me then ur first ques will be how can u be so thin? yes guys i am very thin and really feel sad when people ask me about me about my thinness. I am also very short only 5 feet. And one other thing i look ugly. I feel really bad about these things. But what can i do these things r not in my hands. For the first time i am telling someone about these things as i consider u all as my friend. And i found u all to share my feelings

    1. @Natasha hey I lyk ur confidence!!! You know I believe in myself! And my motto is “Many have beauty as their attitude but my attitude is my beauty.” keep writng!!!

  14. Pagal ho gayi ho kya itni achi story pull off kar rahi hai…don’t do that dr..we all lyk ur story…ur story is different..keep updating buddy…personally i like ur story background

  15. May I knw How you post ur story in Fanfiction column?? Please reply me thanks in advance!

    1. Go the contect us section of telly updates. U will see a form there. Write ur name,email,storys name in subject section and write ur story in comment section.

  16. Hey, Natasha,

    Really loved to talk to you. Would you be my friend.

    Friends cannot make according to the physical appearnace rather it matter mostly our thoughts. and trust.

    I really loved your story. As I already informed you I am a silent reader. And after reading your story I start to write.

    I read your story from the beginning. You Have so much lovers friends and followers of your story.

    No need to pull off your story.

    Your story has so much drama , suspense and lovely thing. Just

    Why you want to close your story.

    Don’t be sad.

    We always ready to praise your story .

    Darling.YOur story makes me remember Dil Mil gaye. And with icing on the cake with so much drama suspense of radhika identity. And ardhika romance .

    Filled with romantic songs and you got a supppppppppppppppppppper dooooooooooooper hit story.

    So many comments .

    Girl , I think This much pampering is enough for today. Whay say.

    Tomorrow , I will pamper you more.

    Love you dear.

    Just listen to this tune . Tune of the day.


  17. Just smilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllle always.

    Keep smiling and Keep your closed ones happy .

    When you see happiness all around > It makes you happy always

    Love you dear.

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