Where is Heart There is Life (Episode 5)

the episode starts with arjun and anu does a sucessful operation. arjun says today this operation became successful because of u,anu. so i will take u out for lunch today. come at lunch time to my cabin and then we will go together.anu says okay. its lunch time and anu going to looker room. she bumps with kirti. kirti asks her where r u going in so hurry? anu says to dr arjuns cabin. he will take me out for lunch today. kirti says oh with dr arjun! anu says hes giving me treat as we have done a successful operation. kirti says congrates.

sam and neil r in child ward and arguing about prescribing medicine. sam says to neil what do u know about medicine? u r a fack doctor. neil says what about u? u look like a witch more than a doctor. sam gets angry. she says am i a witch? neil says yes. sam takes a teedy bear from a child patient and hits neil with it. neil also hits sam with a doll. sam pretends as she has injured. neil runs to her and asks if she is all right. sam laughes. all the children also laughes. neil starts smiling seeing them laughing.

anu comes to arjuns cabin. arjun says so u have come. arjun stands up from the chair and says lets go. anu and arjun are outside the hospital. they sit into a car and goes. they r in traffic jam. mala and dilip r also into a auto and in the traffic jam. mala sees anu sitting in a car. mala says to dilip look theres our radhika. dilip looks at the anus cars side but their car goes by then. dilip says to mala now a days u r thinking about radhika too much. mala says perheps u r saying true.

anu and arjun reaches at the resturant. they order the same food and chats a lot. when anu stands up from the chair she slips and arjun holds her. they have their first eyelock. ishq hua plays…..

anu and arjun returns to the hospital. arjun says its time to work now. so bye. arjun goes. anu smiles seeing him going.

dr gupta announces everyone to come to the hall. everyone comes. dr gupta introduces dr jasmin arora to all and says dr jasmin has got best administrator of hospital award among doctors of different hospitals. so today there will be party at my place. all claps and becomes happy. dr jasmin says hope everyone will come in the party. and ur dress code is western.

precap: everyone is preparing for the party. kirti is confused about what to wear and tries at least 10 dresses. sam is chosing her dress. anu is sitting with all her dresses and shoes. at last everyones picture is shown at the same time sitting down and are full confused about their dresses.

credit to: Natasha

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  1. Hi Natasha! This is the first epi I read and it sounds a lot like Dil Mil Gaye!!!! It was my fav show!!!!!!! Did it inspire u to write this version?

  2. Wow natty…..awesome epi buddy

  3. Hey nats….nice my dear….keep it going….

  4. Natasha love the story so much…doctor wala love..hehe…excited for party epi…
    @ deepa whr r u dear…plz update ur story… missing you n ur story..

  5. Hey natasha,Lovely story. Love this track. Keep going.

    Love you dear.

  6. Guys i have decided to pull off this story as only 5 or 6 people r reading it and interested in it.

  7. hiii Natasha,first of all congo for your story had been published dear
    awesome epi…
    actually I read your story from first episode to till now… it is awesome like dil mil gaye..
    nice memory lost twist, radhu becomes in new character dr. ananya, nesam is also cazy yaarr fighting like children… haha Neil call sam witch too much funny nokh jhonk… still waiting for ardhika’s love 😉 😉
    fabulous precap all are confusing about what to wear like western dress…it had reminded me bollywood night party in our manmarziyan
    keep going on dear … eagerly waiting for party’s epi.. 🙂 🙂
    love you all

  8. don’t say like that,Natasha.we all read ur story.but now a days I m being busy,so not able comment or connect with u guys.
    and do u know,when I feel sleepy,I read u guy’s story to avoid sleep.as whenever I read it story,my sleepy mind leaves me.

  9. and u posted this part before.so many r nt commenting.start the new part soon dr!!!!

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