Where is Heart There is Life (Episode 4)


the episode starts with niki saying we have to replace the letter and keep this report.neil says r u fool? dont u know we cant we go to dr arjuns room without his permission? niki says i know and thats why i have brought this. she gives monkey cap to everyone. kirti says r we thief that we will wear it? parth says we have no option. they all wear caps. niki says we have to be very careful. they go to the hospital. tam says look heres watchman . if he sees us at this hour then we will be in problem. neil says no problem. neil goes and comes with a lady. he bribes the lady to make drink tea to wacthman. he adds sleeping pill in the tea. neil says shes girlfriend of watchman. now see what happens. the watchman starts sleeping drinking the tea. anjali says dr gupta is on night shift today if he sees us then? neil says i know weakness of dr gupta. he sends sms to dr gupta as his wife and writes that his wife has come to know about his affair. dr gupta becomes afraid. he says what she is saying? he lefts hospital quickly. niki says neil u made dr gupta afraid. neil says dr gupta always fear of his wife.they enter in the hospital. anu says to niki to go fast. niki goes to dr arjuns cabin. anjali asks niki to do fast. niki exchanges the letter. parth sees someone coming near them to hits the man with a stick from behind. they run out from the hospital.anu says mission is complete. all laughes. they gives a group hug.

sam and neil going to their home together. sam says i find my new life after coming to this hospital. i was shattered when sammer dumped me.neil says friendship can full ur life. i have found my love through this relation. u may also find ur love through friendship. sam looks at neil. samjhawan plays….

anu is at her home. shes thinking about arjun. she says hes not too bad as he looks. thats why he saved me from falling. she smiles.

its morning. all internees r late today. dr arjun scoldsthem and says them to follow rules. he asks them why r u all sleepy? did u all go for a mission at night? they all look at each other.

dr arjun calls anu at his cabin. anu comes to dr arjuns cabin. arjun says tommorow u will have to attend a medting with me. anu becomes happy. when she is about to tell something she stumbles and arjun holds her. arjun smiles and says this is the second time i saved u from falling. anu says sorry, sir. arjun says dont be late for tommorow. anu says okay. arjun leaves. anu smiles.

mala and dilip comes to mumbai. mala says radhika always wanted to come to this city and become top model.

precap: mala sees anu and calls her as radhika. anu doesnt notice and sits in the car and goes.

Credit to: Natasha

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  1. Natty…..good episode dr

    1. Thank u.

  2. Keep it up natasha.

    I am new here. A silent reader.

    But early I read you Hospital story and liked it too much.

    So much supense thriller. And action expecting.

    Love you dear. Keep writing . Waiting for the upcoming episodes.

    And yes , we are very much more happy if you add some more ardhika scenes and some romantic songs that bring an icing on the cake in this story.

    1. Thank u for ur suggesstion. I will try to do so.

  3. cool update 😀 keep going Nats.

    1. Kfat why r u saying my update cool rather ur story update is cool

  4. You write so awsome.

    1. Thanks. It means a lot for me.

  5. hi…..NATASHA…….how r u dear…….i was busy in my work(presentation…..ok leave it…..today only i got free time…..i read all ur post from the comment page…..DO U KNOW…. HOW DIFFICULT THAT TO SEARCH UR COMMENT ALONE IN THAT 2K COMMENTS……..:-

    ANYWAY…..UR STORY s really good….i imagine the characters…..but I HAVE A DOUBT….HOW Dr.arjun won anu’s heart…i didnt understand that…..can u pls explain me….sweet heart…. pls

    i’m waiting for ur reply……..so pls……//..

    1. U know abi one dont need reason to fall in love. Sometimes people feel special for them who reptedly saves him/her. Sometimes who always scolds one can also fall in love with him too. In anus case the same has happened.

      Its feeling good that u r back.i was missing u. Feeling happy that only for me u did so much effort to find my comments. Thanks.

      If u dont mind will u tell me that abi is ur real name or not. And from which country u r.

  6. hai*@NAtasa its me tasnim am here deariees…wow so happy 2 hear tat ur searching me dear…am fine dear

    tumi kemn aso api…,(hw r u? In bangla) i’ve n’t enough data so cn’t cmnt nw there is much page 2 cntct n it become dificlt 2 cnct with al bt i read ur stry…..mis u too dear natasha api

    @today epi vry nice epi specilay mission smiling in mind imging it ha ha ha…n vry nice adition of main tanu samjhawaki na tre bina lagta ji….

    1. Thank u tasnim that u contacted me.

  7. hey nats….sorry for being late…been a busy day….

    hey good going…but waiting for anu n mala’s emotional meetin bud

    1. No prb dear. U r daily reading my story and thats enough for me.

  8. Hey natasha after a long time !!! I m cumin so how r u ???

    Hey I love ur story yaar n atlast u got dname of story its really very matching to ur story yaar !! Keep it up !!!! ★★★

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