Where is Heart There is Life (Episode 3)


The episode starts with shreya and tiya r talking. Tiya says do u still remember that radhika ? shreya says yes. i also remember how we moved her from our way. (fb shows that shreya saying to tiya over phone i think u know what u have to do. tiya says yes mam. on the top of a hill a girl whose face is similar to ananya comes and asks tiya why u have called me here? tiya says welcome radhika todays ur last day of life. tiya pushes her from the hill. tiya calls shreya and says mam ur work is done. shreya says good job.)
At present shreya says to tiya i know radhika was profitable for me as the model of my magazine. but only because of her my daughter was not able to become top model so i killed her. and now look after death of radhika my daughter has became top model.

in radhikas house mala says to dilip do u remember how we got radhikas deadbody? dilip says yes. (fb shows that inspecter saying to mala to identify radhikas deadbody. mala says its impossible to identify as the face is fully damaged. inspecter says but according to all birthmarks its radhika. mala cries. dilip consoles her). now at present dilip says to mala i am going to mumbai tommorow . will u accompany me? mala says yes.

its late night. madhvi and mohit r talking sitting in the garden. madhvi says do u remember how we got anu? mohit says of course.(fb shows that madhvi and mohit r going somewhere by car. when passing near a hill they saw a girl lying in the road. they go near her and it shows that its anu. they take her to hospital. after regaining consiousness doctor tells them she has lost her memory. madhvi says to mohit look we have no child we can adopt her as our child. mohit says is this will be correct? madhvi says pls adopt her. mohit says okay. mohit and madhvi gives money to the doctor. mohit says no one should know that shes not our biological child. doctor says of course mr sharma. no one will get know about it.) now at present madhvi says sometimes i fear if anu knows about it then? mohit says we will make sure that she doesnt know about the truth.

nikita is standing on the road. she says to herself what to do? she calls every internee and asks them meet her right now. everyone comes. neil says to niki what happened? have u gone mad that u called us in late night? niki says do u remember dr arjun told us today to submit patients report? rahul says yes,so what? sam says did u report that dr arjun is a mental patient?anu says what did u do with the report?niki says by mistake i have submitted the love letter which was given by my ex boyfriend. everyone says what? tam says now suppose ur job is gone. kirti says we have to do something. niki says i have a plan for which i need help of u all. i know we just met today. but we r friends . right? niki extends her hand and asks will u all help me? everyone gives her a hand. niki becomes happy.

precap: everyone is wearing monkey cap. niki says we have to be very careful.

Credit to: Natasha

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  1. Nice epi natty…..keep going

  2. If rads was a model then how did she qualify to become a doctor..l mean mbbs and all is done by the age of 23 sumthng?

    1. Tia radz was a model but by 23 years one can become a doctor. Because one need at least 2 years studying experience to become a internee. And one thing radz / anu is a internee not a full doctor.
      Thanking u for asking this ques. Because by this i get a chance to explain the matter. Because i know many people has the same ques in their mind.

  3. hey Nats….deary amazing….u r carrying mystery well….keep it up buddy

  4. oh ok so umean to say that radz was a model when she was 18 or sumthing then she studiednfor good five years to get mbbs degree and even to become an intern one has to to specialisation course for 2 years extra…

  5. nice updateee

    koi mujhe ba sakta h kya arjun aur radhika college life update kaha mil sakta h

  6. Very nice Nats dear. Awesome n hey i donno begali i was only greetin back wat tasneem wrote haha 😀

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