Where is Heart There is Life Episode 22

the episode starts with anu and arjun laughing. arjun says i have made some special arrangement for u. anu says really? arjun says tell me if u like horse.anu says very much.arjun indicates anu to see in right side. anu looks at that direction and becomes happy. its a very big fake dummy horse. arjun says as its raining heavily so couldnt arrange a real horse.anu says dont worry.its also nice idea. arjun shows anu a artificial waterfall.arjun says love doesnt feels complete without song. so shall we?arjun asks anus hand for dancing.anu gives her hand. arjun swich on the music system. mein agar kahun plays……… they dance together on this song. while dancing they ride on that horse. at the last of the song a vail(dupatta) falls on their face while anu falls on arjuns arm.

after the dance anu says i cant believe that all this happening is true. i have found my love and my love also accepted me.arjun says its true. and i want our this dream to never break. arjun looks at his watch and says i dont know about dream but time doesnt waiting for us. its time to go back to hospital. anu says lets go then. arjun gives his hand to anu for holding. anu smiles and holds his hand. they go.

the internee gang reach to the hospital.they go to the looker room. in looker room they r talking about anu and arjun. anu and arjun reach to the hospital. arjun says in evening pls wait for me. we will go to house together. anu says okay. arjun says bye. he goes. anu also goes.

the internees r laughing about anu and arjuns propose incident. tam says hey shut up guys.anus coming. anu comes to looker room. anu is lost in her world and smiling. she comes near to her looker. she opens and looks at the red roses that she kept. the internees r acting like as they dont know anything. sam asks anu what happened? where u have gone? we were finding u. anu says actually…neil asks is everything all right? anu says ye…ye…yes. niki says i think u r not well today. anu says no im fine. parth says u havent tell us yet that where have u gone? anu thinks i shouldnt tell them about me and arjun so early.anu says mom had called me at home so i went to home. kirti says really?anu gets confused and says yes. anu says i have some work now. so bye.anu goes. rahul says shes such a liar! kirti says she told us lie. and we were worried about her and followed her if shes okay. niki says we shouldnt worry about her. neil says why dont u understand? she dont know that we know about her and arjun. and no girl wants to disclose about her love so early.sam says neils right.

its now evening.anus waiting for arjun.arjun comes and says come sit on the car. anu says thank u. arjun drives his car to opposite direction of anus home. anu says why u r driving in this road?arjun says i want to take u to somewhere. arjun stops the car in front of his home.anu says is this ur home?arjun says yes. they enter to the house. priya opens the door. priya di becomes happy seeing them. she makes anu sit. she takes arjun to the kitchen.she asks arjun is shes the one he loves?arjun says yes.priya says shes really beautiful and i like her. arjun huges priya.

the scenc shifts to rishikesh. an oldman is sitting on the terrace. mala comes and says father in law wont u go with dilip to hospital tommorow for cheakup? the oldman is radhikas dadaji. he was best friend of radhika. dadaji says i wont go without radhika. mala says how many times i have to say to u that she can never come back. shes dead. dadaji says what r u saying? im not hearing anything. can u clean my ears? mala goes. dadaji cries and says i know shes dead but my heart isnt believing it. he comes downstaires and says to dilip i will go with u tommorow otherwise radhika will be angry.

priya comes near anu and says im arjuns elder sister priya and ur priya di. anu says nice to meet u. priya sits and says arjun told me everything about u and he also told me that he loves u. and now u also confessed ur love. anu says do u have any problem with our relation?priya says of course………anu becomes worried. priya says of course not. all laugh together. priya says how can i have problem with u? ur really good. anu smiles. priya arranges some refreshment for anu. they gossip a lot. arjun says its quite late. anu should go home now. priya says yes but anu keep visiting. i love ur company. she kisses anu on her forehead.they go.

arjun drops anu at home. arjun holds anus hand and says be on time at hospital tommorow. anu says yes.arjun says take care. anu says u too. they hug each other. saans me teri saans mili toh mujhe saans aiye plays……………anu goes. arjun sees her going.

sam is standing on road and trying to hire a auto. neil comes there and says come on sit on my bike. sam says no its okay. u dont need to take problems. neil says when my problem stays with me whole day in hospital then its not a big deal to drop her at home. sam says okay then. ur problem will go with u.neil starts her bike. sam recalls her riding on sameers(her ex bf who dumped her) bike. she becomes restless and suddenly tells neil to stop his bike. neil asks what happened? sam says u first stop the bike. neil stops the bike. sam says i will go by myself. neil says what happened? did i do anything? sam doesnt answer. she hires auto and goes. neil says shes so strange! sam is in the auto and cries recalling her past.

precap: priya says to arjun do u want to marry anu? arjun says yes. priya says then i will go to anus home with ur marrige proposal. arjun huges priya and says i love u di.

credit to: Natasha

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thank u all for ur support. i have got my problem solved by my best friend who always supports me and help me in getting my wishes to become true.

and pls pls pls comment. at least not for my story but for talking with me. and sorry for the long update.


  1. chinni

    Hey natasha dr iam dat ur back.tnx for update buddy.the episode is really cool dr,waiting for nxt yaar.a tight hug dr.

  2. Liya

    Hey nat, ur story is too nice. . . Bt i think u r going litl faster and pls mak the updts litl mor longr if posbl. 🙂

  3. anwesha

    Hey nice..really I enjoy ur stories a lot.. Actually I really wait for urs,thena and deepa’s stories.. I m loving it.. Really u ppl r keeping manmarziyan alive in us.. U ppl r keeping ardhika alive in us.. Keep writing.. Really I love it..:)

  4. Oh nice epi buddy…keep going…waiting for next part…Arjun’s Marriage ? proposal for Anu..oh oh…So sad for Neil yaar..Sam fall in love ❤ with Neil soon yaar…keep going..Take care ? and pls post next epi soon buddy..

  5. aradhana

    Wow nats… lovely episode. .. ardhika moment superb cute… nxt mrg proposal eagerly waiting for nxt episode… so sad for dadaji. .. i like priya… Good sister. ..

  6. aastha

    Hey natty hw r u???were u busy wth ur studies????
    Any way I liked the epi.i tot priya r Arjun ‘ll tel hr abt reads n show a pic f hrs……..
    I lvd the part where they dance n rck n te horse………..lvd the way he cares 4 HR….all perfect…………
    actually I tink Arjun can b set as a role model for all lover boys………
    N Natty wen ‘ll u disclose the fact that anu s actually rads itself???????plz plz plz tell me…..i cn ‘ve no rest until I read it……bt no hurry…..i tink dadaji “‘ll call hr rads wen he sees hr te hospital……..maybe our Arjun mi8 also hear it…….
    I ‘ve a doubt : Does Arjun know mala,filip n dadaji????I mean ‘ll he recognize tem wen he see them??????

  7. Hayathi

    Hey nats….. i want anu get to know about radhika and her real identity plzzzzz…. make it soon…. dear……

  8. sree

    soo nice natasha….Arjun and radhika’s proposal reminded me of nupur and mayank first date of MJHT.(may be u know or not) my first favourite youth serialIf u guys have watch it on youtube guys..u’ll sure love it….anyways thanks for that and nice episode dear

  9. Devga

    This epi is another wonderful rendition of ur imagination ….. No words to describe just awesome reading it

  10. Ireena

    how r u,Natasha???long time since didn’t connect with u guys.anyway,will u tell me how can u remember all friends name???so nice of u!!!!
    anyway,guys HAPPY NAVRATRI TO ALL OF MY FRIENDS!!!!how’s ur day going on?,friendsssssss??? celebration….going on..isn’t it??

  11. Hey all !! ???

    Hey tasnim kaha ho yaar ?? I m missing !!!??

    Hey Natasha ur story is literally minds blowing yaar !!! At last network mil Gaya !!!

    Hey pragna seriously nuvu chuseva ??
    So Ela undi bcoz my relatives were saying dat it’s not dat much !!! Hey avunu bale bale mogadivoy cinema chuseva coz my same friends n relatives ver saying dat it’s quite funny !!??

    Hey Zara !! Hw r u yaar ?? Not missing me ???

    Hey Nisha war hapnd not chatting n not remembering me ??? Wat yaar ??

    Hey hayathi so hws life going ???

    • sandy

      ha chusanu mandy.movie average ga vundi kani alluarjun character chala bavundi and bale bale magadivoi movie kuda chusanu aa movie chala funny ga vundi..chala enjoy chesanu dr.nuvvu em movies chusav???

      • sandy

        meeru matladukuntunte madya lo ki vachana mandy..actually nenu oka telugu ammaini..nenu kuda aa movie chusanu…ninna meeru matladukuntunte aa comments chadivanu.anduke e comment pettanu..natho friendship chestava mandy

  12. abi

    i really love u nats..but still i need MMZ feeling from ur story….wat i mean s..the story may vary from MMZ BUT I IMAGINE leads as same…i want some romance in our arjun mehra style….and our playfull neil…. (dialogues),i think that s missing ….

    ITS S FROM MY POINT OF VIEW….DON’T MISTAKE ME NATS……..BUT i love the track…..and i always find time to read ur story…..so pls..pls.post it daily …..per day per episode….s enough(if u find any difficulty to post or write…)……………but pls update daily….dont make cry my dear friend…pls…bye gud n8;-))))))))

  13. richa

    nys natty dr waiting 4 nextttt part,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    minnal u also here my busyy fellow u … 😛 lol minnal waiting 4 u to start a fic…..

  14. pragna

    ya i watched that movie dr..but i like that movie dr..and i didn’t saw bale bale magadioye.but my fnds said its very funny

    @tasnim @natasha
    this is for u guys
    wr r u – ekkada vunnav???
    hw r u – ela vunnav???
    wt r u dng – em chestunnav???
    had u r food – tinnava????
    hw was u r day – ni roju ela gadichindi
    hw do u know – neeku ela telusu

  15. Shub

    Natasha, awesome update. Did Anu give the red roses to arjun? If real horse had been there it would hv been awesome!! Eagerly waiting for the next update!!

  16. pragna

    tu lo chala mandi telugu vallu vunnaru kada you,me,sandy,sree,srj,rams akka,gree akka,satya,sindhu,etc….

  17. Roma

    Hi Natasha, lovely episode, Ardhika romance and dance very beautiful. Felt bad for Dadaji and Mala. Please make soft corner in Neil’s heart for Sam and unite them in a magical way, I know u can do it. And also I wish Arjun and anu get to know soon about anu’s past and her accident…Eagerly waiting for the next episodes…it’s getting very interesting… Keep it up.Love u loads and very very tight hug…

  18. manha

    Hey I am a telugu girl yaar. Make me count too. And pragna telugu classes start chesava. Suprb. Coming to the epi awesome nats. You are a fine writer. I agree with aastha. Arjun is already a role model . Dup horse. Waterfall. Wow superb. And more of that I liked the friends convo. And two songs my fav one. Waiting for next epi.

  19. Paridhi

    Guyz any1 hr cn gv jst a shrt note on diz stry?
    Is anu nd radhu bth r sme?
    If so, dn Hw radhu chngd nto anu?
    Nd wat mala meant by radhu died?
    Do arj knw abt diz?
    Plzzzz guyzzz..plzzzz..

  20. nisha

    Hey love you zara .Lots of hugs for u dear.

    How r u dear.

    This song for all my lovieeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

    Check the lyrics You too loved it. Loved you all

    Udi lyrics dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees Feel like to fly in the ocean of writing .

    Mil gayi, aaj aasman si aa gayi aagey main jahan se yeh kya hua – 2
    (Udi, neendein aankhon se judi, raatein khwaabon se
    Mudi, yeh jaane main kahan) – 2
    Mil gayi, aaj aasman se aa gayi aagey main jahan se
    Yeh kya hua

    Paaon zameen pe hai ya badal pe uljhe sitaare aake aanchal se – 2
    Jee li umar saari iss pal mein kuch bhi nahi ab mere kal mein
    ( udi, neendein aankhon se judi, raatein khwaabon se
    Mudi, yeh jaane main kahan ) – 2
    Mil gayi, aaj aasman si aa gayi aagey main jahan se
    Yeh kya hua
    ( udi, neendein aankhon se judi, raatein khwaabon se
    Mudi, yeh jaane main kahan

  21. nisha

    Hey mandy , not at alll dear you live in my heart How can I forget you dear .

    I will try to read all your comments and try to reply. But because of opposite timings Can’t be able to reply at the same time when you all post your comments deariiiiiiiiiiiies.

    But always Loved you whole heartedly.Loved you Mandy.

    Dear This one is for you dear . For Your warm nature Sweet comments and pure heart.

    (Hum rahe ya na rahe kal
    Kal yaad aayenge yeh pal
    Pal, yeh hain pyaar ke pal
    Chal, aa mere sang chal
    Chal, soche kya
    Chhoti si hai zindagi
    Kal mil jaaye to hogi khushnaseebi
    Hum rahe ya na rahe, yaad aayenge yeh pal) – 2
    Shaam ka aanchal odhke aayi
    Dekho voh raat suhaani
    Aa likh de hum donon milke
    Apni yeh prem kahaani
    Hum rahe ya na rahe, yaad aayenge yeh pal
    Aane waali subha jaane
    Rang kya laaye deewaani
    Meri chaahat ko rakh lena
    Jaise koi nishaani
    Hum rahe ya na rahe, yaad aayenge yeh pal
    Hum rahe ya na rahe kal
    Kal yaad aayenge yeh pal
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    Chal, aa mere sang chal
    Chal, soche kya
    Chhoti si hai zindagi
    Kal mil jaaye to hogi khushnaseebi
    Hum rahe ya na rahe, yaad aayenge yeh pal – 2

    Loved you all . YOU all are my dearieeeeeeeeeees.

  22. nisha

    Comes to u nats.

    Wooooooooow, today episode.

    Luved it yaar,

    Loved the character of priya di. Luved ardhika convo and their moments.

    And the specially group friends convo about why rads hiding her relationship and then nesam cover up for her .

    Just loved the episode. dear.


    Dil to paagal hai dil deewana hai video

    Just loved this song Listen to it nats you may also love it.

    And all my deariiiiiiiiiiies you also may listen to it . Lovely song Lovely lyrics

  23. nisha

    Hey mandy, tasnim, devga , samiha, zara, lulu,sree,pragna, hayathi,, brity,

    how r u deariiiiiiiiiiies. Love you all
    Keep writing and keep commenting dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeees. Missed u all

    Loved you all

  24. Natasha

    @Deepa, aastha im fine.and u?
    @Irrena how r u?missed u a lot
    @Mandy mam today i want to learn to say missing u a lot, bro, what is ur name, my name is natasha, how was ur day etc.
    @Abi i never take ur advice as wrong. I really respect ur thoughts.
    @Pragna thank u for teching us.
    @shub yes real horse hota toh acctha hota par kya kare it was raining heavily.
    @paridhi i will give u short notes.
    @Nisha tight hug to u. U always made me happy by songs.
    @Tasnim where r u? nuvu ela unnavu?khuda nuvu naku nachevu. What about ur vacation for durga puja at college?

  25. tasnim

    FAST OF ALL MY LOVELY DEARIES….I ALSO MIS U ALL LOVELY DEARIES….@NATASHA- nenu begunnavu khuda nuvu nachevu a looot… Wow what a epi yar like it as usual…yes my vacation wil strt 4rm tmrw til nxt sunday n so happy jst beside my house dr is a tmple d whole town is DECORATING WITH COLOURFUL LIGHTS N MY TOWN ITS BEST IN D CNtry ha ha visit here 1nce if possible its my warm invitation 2 u….

  26. nisha

    Hey deepa hor r u dear.

    NO updates from some time. R U busy dear.

    Waiting for the update dear. Luv u. Loads of hugs dear.

  27. tasnim

    @MANDY-i had no time i was vry tried jst see al ur cmnts n I TOo MISSING U A LOOT…khuda tnx 4 d yesterday leson i wrote it in my note ha ha i wil also n,t 4get u in my life main na vulungi jab tak hain jan jab tak hain jan ha ha ha….. Ela unnavu..? How is ur puja..chudu movie nice…?

    @pragna dr…THANK U SO MUCH N A TIGHT HUG….ela unnavu..?

    @sree…HAI sweet heart tnx a looot hw is ur day..?

    @NISHA… Mere nisha a a a mere nisha…(4m btmizdl) like d song Udi….MISSING U A LOT…

    @Deepa… Aftr a lng time fyn yr hw r u?

    @SHREYAN(Ireena)…hw r u n whr did u go… Missed u…n happy 2 see u
    @ROMA @Manha
    @SWARA @devga@ SADNYA…N d othr frnds hw al r u?

  28. chinni

    @tasnim iam fine dr.How r u buddy?

    iam vry hpy dat I got a lot of frnds in tu,really iam blessed dat to get like u frnds
    Kfar,thena,deepa,lulu,tasnim,natasha,mandy,pragna,brity,tanya,roma,nisha,hayathi,manha,devga,sree,anu,zara,swara,richa,shreyan,sadnya,paridi,shub,vs,abi,sandy,unknown and all how r u dearies ,luv u all.

  29. chinni

    Hi nisha dr.tnx a lot yaar.iam fine dr.I always see dat ur song dedications for stories r really superb buddy.

  30. nisha

    Luv u dear. Keep writing and keep smiling and always keep living each moment of your life with living your own manmarziyan

  31. Ireena

    hello,tasnim,natasha and all….how is celebration going on in navratri????how was the shopping guys???actually I was so busy these days,didn’t get timetable come here.now tell me abt it planning guys….

  32. tasnim

    @pragna dr as u knw am new in telegu so could u plz tel me whts d meaning of 1st sentnce Nenu begunnavu dear

  33. Roma

    Hi tasnim,I’m doing good.First time talking to you dear. I love this ff page where I found treasure of the world- my sweet friends, whom I never saw or met but still you all are living in my heart. Take care dear and keep in touch…Love you loads and very very tight hug

  34. Pathanga

    Wow nyc update natasha..
    Hope u brng neil nd sam togethr at d earliest..
    @pragna hii pragu..hw a u? Hope u rembr me..
    Nd hii to al ma new frndz..

  35. Neha

    Thank u sooooo much natasha….. Love u :-*
    n ur story is too good…. n m sooo Happy 4 aradika but feeling bad 4 nesam ….. But really ur story is Awesome …. Keep rocking…. Thanku 1s again….. 🙂

  36. nisha

    Hey nats how r u dear

    Hey dearieeeeeeeeeeeeees, tasnim, mandy, zara , lulu, chinni, tanya, pathanga, devga, pragna, hey all dearieeeeeeeeeeeees how r u ????

    Dearieeeeeeeeeees always I sent cute videos now a scary one from a scary movie but a lovable song from a scary movie check this out nats and all my dearieeeeeeeeeees.


    Saathi mere saathi iss duniya se us dunia tak tujhko dhundhtee aayee sathi re tu kahaan hai kahaan hai…..

  37. nisha

    Hey tasnim dear ,

    Luv u dear, Lots of hugs dear.

    Awwwwwww, U r to mere dil ka tukda. dear. U know wat I like in u. Ur sweet mishti heart dear .
    আপনি একটি খুব সুন্দর হৃদয় আছে

    A sweet message in bengali dear just for u my dear tasnim.

  38. nisha

    Hey nats dear one listen to this dear for u and for all my friendslovely zara,lovely mandy,samiha, lulu, sree, thena, deepa, tanya, farha, chinni, pathanga,pragna, pathanga devga, Roma luv u all dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

    This ones for u all. Luv u all dearieeeeeeeeeeees.

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  39. nisha

    Hey dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

    Seriously Releived after checking the latest promo of Our beloved Radhika/MOnica/Chaashni/Panaauti

    Check out girleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees. Loved it dear. Share share share How much you liked it or loved it.

    I read some lines

    What is the difference between love and like.

    Read : when you like a flower You just pluck it. When you love a flower you are not plucking it instead of that you are watering it each and everyday.

    That is the difference between like and love.

    When we t love one we care for one soooooooooooooooooooooo much . We just don’t want it we don’t need to bind them with us at all its our care and love which always take them near to us. close to us.

    What you understand with these lines.

    Share share share. Dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

    What you understand

    • Hey Nisha !!! Hw r u yaar ?? Sorry wasn’t able to cum sterde !!! But ur really awesome yaar in gettin song links dat match or relation n feelings !!!
      Jus love u !!???????

  40. tasnim

    [email protected] nisha nisha….. Am feeling like in d world of frndship ha ha ha like d licrs har ek frnd zaroori hota hai…. TIGHT HUG YAR JST CNT BLIV IT U WRITE BANGALI 4 ME HA HA MUMAAH,…LOTS OF LOTS OF LUV N আপনার ও একটি সুনদর হৃদয় আছে (u also have a beautiful heart) tody am requesting u 1 thing plz mana mat karna 4 sake of our 4ndship UR FUL NAME, WHAT DO U DO N WHAT IS D NAME OF UR PRADES…?

    • Hey tasnim !!! Kaisi ho yaar I m really sorry dat I cudn’t cum to chat yaar !!!

      Hey so wats up ??

      N yah r u a Bengali girl ??? If u r I wud lyk to learn Bengali Lang !!!

      Aur ha I missed u a lot !!!
      Hey I was missing u a lot dat I called my bro tasnim !!! Omg can u blive it ?????

  41. Natasha

    @nisha and tasnim now what u have started? wont u give me a place between u? actually i also want to tell something. hope im not disturbing or making my wordd boring.but still read it. আপনারা আমার অজান্তে আমার অনেক ভালো বন্ধুতে পরিণত হয়েছেন।আপনাদের অনেক সুন্দর হৃদয় আছে।(unknowingly u have became my very good friend.u have a very beautiful heart)

  42. Hey my dearest bestest n closest friends of TU !!!

    Hey Natasha sorry yaar nahi apayi bcoz u no na pyaar kelie kya kya karna pad tha hai !!! So hw r u ???
    N ya d words r !!!
    I m missing u — nenu ninu miss avuthunanu
    Wat is ur name– ni per Enti ??
    My name is … — na Peru Natasha !!
    Hw was ur day — eroju ela gadichindi?

    So hope got it !!!??

    Hey pragna Ela vunavu ?? Hey seriously very happy yaar I mean I dinn xpct dat Telugu ppl also watch Hindi serials !!! So now I guess ou Telugu ppl must be u,me,Sandy,Sree,manha,chinni, n who else yaar pls do tell !!!???

    Hey Deepa ur back hw r u yaar ?? I missed u !!??

    Hey Zara hw r u doing ?? Missed u too !!??

    Hey my other frends pls yaar give me ur feedbacks so dat I can rite more things for u guys !!!??

    Hey guys I m changing my last 2 letters of d name which is MANSI !!!!

    So pls do recognise me !!! OK ??

  43. tasnim

    HAI @MANDY- Am also fine Am so HAPPY YAR SACH MEIN TUM APNE VIA KO MERE NAM SE BULAIHA OF A WARM N TIDE HUG LuV U lots dear n cn,t xpres my feelings dear

    n evry thing is going wel…i cn undstnd vry wel as we al r studnt so we have 2 cnsent 1 it n it dificlt 4 ALL OF US 2 COM N CHAT bt 4 D SAKE OF FRNDSHIP WE COME

    yaaap baby am a bengali girl….infact in our cntry bengali is our national laguage n Of COURSE I WOULD BE VRY MUCH HAPPY 2 TEACH U BENGaLi N also d OTHER FRNDS…

    @NATASHA-wow wow wow BT 1 Thing u alws xist between us n AM N,T FEELING BORING OF READING ANY OF UR CMENTS OKEY NEVR TEL IT stweety pie N SO HAPPY U GUys WRITE IT 1LY 4 ME OH AM JST CN.T TEL it Of mere dil mein thori si jaga thi of tune ake….

    @NISha- i watch the pic it was fabulous…luv u dr

    @ROMA- WE al r frnds dear hw r u am vry happy 2 talk 2 u…

    .@[email protected] @RICHA
    @[email protected] @[email protected]@sree@ BRITy
    whats up deary?

  44. tasnim

    @natasha – dis gonna ur 1st episode which cmnts is gona do century ha ha ha cngratulation

    [email protected] ho ya mandy ho to tum hi hamari dost

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.