Where is Heart There is Life (Episode 20)

the episode starts with its night. arjun goes to bed for sleep. anu also goes to bed for sleep. but for nervousness and excitment none is able to sleep. kya mujhe pyar hai plays…………

its morning.arjun gets ready for going to hospital.priya makes him eat dahi sakkar(sweet curd). arjun says i just everything goes well today.priya says dont worry.everything will be fine. arjun goes.

anu is ready for going to hospital.shes wearing a white salwar and looking very good. madhvi says good luck . anu smiles and goes. while going she buys flowers.

arjun comes to hospital and says im feeling very nervous. anu also comes with flowers and cards. she says i will tell him about my feelings today.

arjun comes to his cabin. arjuns wearing a nice black suit.he calls his assistant roy and asks am i looking good today? the assistant looks at him as arjun have asked him any weird question. he says yes sir.

anu comes to looker room. everyone looks at anu. kirti says anu is looking superb today. neil asks why she have bought red roses?sam says i think shes going to do something. anu keeps flowers and cards in her looker and says to herself i will give these to dr arjun in lunch time. rahul asks anu why u have bought red roses. anu looks at rahul she have get a shock. she says theres no reason.anu goes from the looker room. niki says shes hiding something we have to keep an eye on her.

its lunch time.arjun and anu bumps outside the cabin. other internees r follwing anu from little distance. arjun gets up and says anu i have to tell u something important. anu says i also have to tell u something important.arjun says but urs isnt so important. come with me. arjun holds and her hand and he almost starts to run. niki says where they r going? parth says we should follow them. anu thinks where hes taking me? how i will propose him now? i also havent the flowers and cards along with me.

anu and arjun sits in a car. sam,neil,parth,rahul,tam,niki r in other car and sits in that car with great difficulty. they follow anus car.

arjuns driving the car. he gets a call and someone says him sorry sir. i cant give u a horse today as its raining heavily. arjun stops the car and says what! but pls try to understand. the man says sorry sir. arjun says okay. arjun asks anu to sit in the car. he gets down from the car. neil says they have stopped their car. neil also stops his car. arjun calls somewhere. hes conversation is not shown. he says okay. he sits in the car and changes the direction. neil says why r they changing the direction? neil and others follow anu and arjun. arjun stops at a flower shop and asks for 101red rose delivary. the shopkeeper says sorry sir. due to heavy rain we couldnt arrange so many flowers. arjun says today my day is bad is very bad. i dont know what things i have to see more. arjun says then give me some white rose. arjun sits in the car. anu sees flowers and thinks is he going to propose any other girl and to take suggesstion how to impress that girl hes taking me along with him? anu starts to cry in low voice.she says to herself before my love story could started my love story is going to end just because of that girl.she looks at arjun.

precap: arjun takes anu to a large dark room. all internees follow them.

credit to: Natasha

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guys i really want to continue our friendship and its my little try to give my friends some happiness through this story written by me.and forgive if my writting is not up to the mark and if theres any type of typos as i havent read it after writting and i have written it in small parts in 6days.

dont forget to read next episode. ur most awaiting aradhika love confession is coming. :-D:-D:-D:-D

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  1. HOHO… Wow… Natasha…Lovely one… The scene was imaginable when neil,niki,parth And others sat on the car with difficulty… HAHAHA… It was happened with me also…

  2. Hey yaar natasha !!! Jus awsome !! ☆☆☆★★★

    Hey natasha its true yaar !! In friendship no thaq n sorry !!!

    Hey yaar fir b!!! Ppl dat I like main une sory aur thanq bolthi hi rehathi hun !!

  3. Waiting for next update…..today’s epi was nice…..

  4. @natasha-vry nicely u r increasing our xcitement briliant job….

  5. Hey super nats. ..interesting episode. . How will arjun propose rads With out horse and roses…all frnds following ardhika …so cute…eagerly waiting ya. .uupdate soon. ..

  6. Super Natty,, very much exited for their confession

  7. Woow!!nice episode natasha…

  8. wow nice episode dr.our rads thought dat arjun is proposing to another one nd cries,but the precap is nice dr their love confession wow waiting for dat,pls update fast buddy.

  9. Wow Nats buddy Awesome epi…Love ❤ the way all internees followed ArDhika..lol…how funny ? the way they got fitted in one car ?.
    Aww poor Arjun..don’t worry Arjun Rain ☔ haven’t spoiled ur day..just go to the hill station and get out of the car and Yell that I LOVE U ANU then it will be ur best proposal for Anu..
    Anu don’t judge and think soon yaar after all Arjun is going to Propose u..
    Wow nats can’t wait for next epi pls update soon yaar….Waiting for upcoming epis..keep Writing and Take care ? buddy..

  10. hey natasha.You proved today yaar.very eager to know what will happen.Nice one.
    Please keep going like this and please update faster.
    Very Impressive especially the car chasing sequence.

  11. Wowwww, very interesting situation. Both trying to propose but can’t and it’s hilarious that the whole internees team following them. Please continue… Eagerly waiting for the next episode.. really excited for the next episode

  12. Awsome episode,arjun’s bad day superb and funny.Love your writing.

  13. i lovd the epi……??

  14. iam very excited for next episode

  15. Loved todays episode. Friends convo superb. Waiting for next epi. Love proposal and friends view over it.

  16. Hey natasha….very nice episode dear…bechara arjun..he could not propose the way he wanted….and innocent anu is thinking he loves someone else….just liked it….eagerly waiting for the love confession…

  17. todays epi was a simply superb yaaar

  18. nyc naty waiting for nxt part

  19. Her friends kabab mei haddi. I wish they had their own beautiful moments without someone keeping an eye on them. How will anu react when arjun will propose her. I wish anu could express her love first.

  20. hey natasaha, it was a lovely updates . I am very excited for the ardhikas love confession dear. pls update it sooon……….n a big hug for u for this cute episode dear…………..

  21. Hi nats… hmmm nice one….plz arjun or anu ko patha chalna chahiya anu he radhika hein plzzzz make ot fast na…….

  22. Arjun and anu both are lying on their bed in their rooms.

    both are anxious nervous , moving here and there. .sometime sit and sometime goes in deep thoughts of each other.

    Remembering the moments theiy spent with each other. How they bump first time with each other.

    This gives a large smile on both of their faces.

    And suddenly anu after so much confussion tension listen to a song which is her mother’s favourite . She listen to it many times it is her favourite song .

    Anu has listen to this song many time but this time she felt each and every word of this song .

    Felt like want to go in front of arjun now.

    On the other hand arjun sits in his balcony and listen to this song some Random little girl is listening to this song with her mother on the radio . Yes the old radio and they live on street.

    Arjun listen to this song and lost in tthoughts in radhika

    Kyon Aaj Kal neend kam Khwab zaada hai
    Lagta Khuda ka koi neek iraada hai
    Kal tha Fakeer aaj dil shezada hai
    Lagta Khuda ka koi neek iraada hai
    Kya Mujhe Pyaar hai ya
    Kaisa Khumar hai ya
    Kya Mujhe Pyaar hai ya
    Kaisa Khumar hai ya
    Pathar ke in raston pe
    Phoolon ke ek chaadar hai
    Jabse mile ho humko
    Badla har ek manzar hai
    Dekho jahaan main neele neele asmaan thale
    Rang naye naye hai jaise ghulte huwe
    Sohye se khwab mere jaage tere waaste
    Tere khayalon se hai bheege mere raaste
    Kya Mujhe Pyaar hai ya
    Kaisa Khumar hai ya
    Kya Mujhe Pyaar hai ya
    Kaisa Khumar hai ya
    Tum kyon chale aate ho
    Har rozz in khwaabon main
    Chupke se aa bhi jaao
    ek din meri bahoon main
    Tere he saapnein andheron mein ujaalon mein
    Koi naasha hain tere aankhon ke pyalo mein
    Tu mere khwabon mein jawabon mein sawaalon mein
    Har din churaa tumhe mein laaton hoon kyaalon mein
    Kya Mujhe Pyaar hai ya
    Kaisa Khumar hai ya
    Kya Mujhe Pyaar hai ya
    Kaisa Khumar hai ya

  23. Well this is the song what nats recommend for arjun and radhika .

    Nats congrats dear . What you have done today.

    Not anybody has the courage to do it.

    YOu make your people laugh and it not easy to make people laugh on your story .

    Congrats dear. YOu give a smile on my face while reading and this is quite a big heavy task for a writter .

    Congrats .

    Soon I recommend a song from my side for the special night

  24. Well 2 songs come in mind for the long night when aradhika is thinking about each other.

    Choti choti ratein lambi ho jaati hain baithen bethain yuhi neende kho jaati hain

    Dil me bechani aankhon mein intazaar hota hai

    Jab kisi ko kisi se pyaar hota hai


    Nice video and nice song .

    And d another one is so old but the lyrics match to d situation.

    Kyaa Yehi Pyaar Hai
    Haan Yehi Pyaar Hai
    Ho Dil Tere Bin Kahin Lagataa nahin
    Vakt Guzarataa nahin
    Kyaa Yehi Pyaar Hai
    Haan Yehi Pyaar Hai
    Ho Dil Tere Bin Kahin Lagataa nahin
    Vakt Guzarataa nahin

    Pahale Main Samajhaa Kuchh Aur Vajah In Baaton Ki
    Lekin Ab Jaanaa Kahaan nind Ga_Ii Meri Raaton Ki
    Jaagati Rahati Huun Main Bhi Chaand nikalataa nahin
    Dil Tere Bin Kahin Lagataa nahin
    Vakt Guzarataa nahin
    Kyaa Yehi Pyaar Hai

    Kaise Bhuuluungi Tuu Yaad Hameshaa Aaegaa
    Tere Jaane Se Jinaa Mushkil Ho Jaaegaa
    Ho Ab Kuchh Bhi Ho Dil Pe Koi Zor To Chalataa nahin
    Dil Tere Bin Kahin Lagataa nahin
    Vakt Guzarataa nahin
    Kyaa Yehi Pyaar Hai

    Jaise Phuulon Ke Mausam Men Ye Dil Khilate Hain
    Premi Aise Hi Kyaa PatajhaD Men Bhi Milate Hain
    Rut Badale Duniyaa Badale Pyaar Badalataa nahin
    Dil Tere Bin Kahin Lagataa nahin
    Vakt Guzarataa nahin
    Kyaa Yehi Pyaar Hai

    Loved you deariiiiiiiiiiiiiies loved you natasha , mandy, zara, sree, tasnim, lulu,brity , hayathi..

    Loved you all deariiiiiiiiiiies.

    Hey mandy , I just opened the link and copy it and then paste it here. this is how I provide you the links. Loved you dear.

  25. hai Natasha, today episode is interesting, & l like internees scence. and all the best for future updates.

  26. @Natasha- ohhh god, today’s episod…. I don’t know what to say. speechless….. all the internes followed arjun and anu car
    omg I think in upcoming episode arjun express his feeling in front of all internes. .. wowwwww
    can’t wait for next epi. plzzz nats update soon dear.

    @nisha- hey tight hug to u dear. how r u ?? after reading your lovely comments my heart want to do singing n dancing on song kyu aaj kal nind kum khawab zyada hai …. 😉

  27. Hey zara dear So much luv to you dear and a very tight warm hum from my side to u luv u.

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