Where is Heart There is Life (Episode 19)


the episode starts with arjun coming to his room. he talks to that pic of him and radhika. he says i know u r happy today seeing me happy and moving forward in my life which u always wanted. (fb shows that arjun and radhika r in railway station. radhika says promise me that u will move forward in ur life even i cant present. arjun gives her promise) arjun smiles. he gets a magazine how to propose. he practices to confess sitting on his knees. he says i love u in hurry. he says no , if i will confess like this then she will not understand anything. he again says i love u ths time in angry voice. he says if i will say like this then she will run away. he stands up. he says its difficult. let me skip it. he says i think she will like horse. i will hire a horse. he calls someone and arranges a horse for ride. he says i will have to wear something good. he starts to find his best shirt.

anu is in her room. she opens her laptop and searches how to propose. she reads that she should be look beautiful and wear something good. she says what should i wear and starts to cut her nails with teeth.she says idea! i will wear my white salwar. she gets her white salwar. she says to propose i have to take some red roses along with me. she orders flower.

arjun again read that magazine and says i have to take her favourite flower. he says radhikas favourite flower was red rose and i think anus favourite flower will be also red rose.he calls at a flower shop and orders 101 red roses. priya comes in his room and sees arjun is sitting on the floor in the middle of his all shirts and cloths. priya says arjun what u have done to ur room.its looking like a zoo. arjun says im confused what to wear tommorow.priya says oh so thats the matter. arjun says u tell me wear to wear tommorow.priya gives him a blazeer.she says i have bought it for u from london.arjun likes it and says thank u so much.priya says okay but go and freshen up. because of thinking about how to propose ur very tensed. and the disadvantage of this is showing ur face. ur looking very tired. if anu will see u like this then she will run away before u propose her.arjun goes in front of mirror and says yes. ur right di. i will go and take a bath. arjun goes. priya says i know arjun loves anu but as im his elder sister so i should at least enquire about anu. she says i should call my childhood friend trisha i yhink she can tell me about anu as shes living in mumbai since many years. she calls trisha and asks about anu. trisha says ananya sharma is daughter of mohit and madhvi sharma who r one of the richest person of mumbai. ananya is an internee of swarage hospital and she works with ur brother arjun. ananyas family is well known. ananya is also very good. i u should argee arjun to marry ananya if they want. priya says thank u.priya disconnects the call. priya says my brother have chosen a good and well cultured girl. i just hope anu will remove the pain of arjun.

precap: arjun comes to hospital and says im feeling nervous. anu also comes to hospital with flowers and cards. she says i will tell him about my feelings today.

credit to: Natasha

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guys i really want to continue our friendship and its my little try to give my friends some happiness through this story written by me.and forgive if my writting is not up to the mark and if theres any type of typos as i havent read it after writting and i have written it in small parts in 6days.

sorry for not updating these days due to my low mb.

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  1. Wow natasha very well done yaar pls keep if up !! Hey missed u !!!

    Hey again u forgot my name yaar !! Dis tym I m not joking !! Hey nats hw r u !!!

    Hey tasnim sorry yaar I dinn reply 4 d last msg !! Nywas aaj b woh bohat nahi achiwali mami ne really dimag karaab karke rakdiya hai !!! Hey tasnim so hws evrthn goin ??

    Pls Guys ny1 koi toh koi idea do uss mami ko sabak sikana muje !!!

  2. Hey nats nice dear…. but one thing yaar plz we want arjun and rads scenes update next one plz

  3. WOWWW.. Natasha.. What a episode.. Cute little one… MB Finished… Okay.. We will share with you… HAHAHA…

  4. Wow super super super. … Both r practicing to propose. .. i am so excited to read d nxt episode. ..

  5. tnx dr for updating ur story.we all like ur story vry much,so never think to stop writing buddy.todays episode is gud and waiting for ardhika proposal.

  6. Natasha,nice one. Thanks for updating. interesting episode. looking forward to the next episode!!!

  7. Nice episode natasha dear:)

  8. Natasha I was waiting for your story. ….both are going to propose. ….eagerly waiting for next update. …today’s epi was nice

  9. Nice episode dr…pls update love confession soon

  10. Nice one Natasha.Waiting for proposal of anu and arjun eagerly.

  11. @Mandy look carefully i have written ur name. And no need to take revenge on mami because it can make situation worse

    1. Hey hey hey chill yaar !!! Muje sirf dek n tha ki wat will b ur rection yaar n I dont need name muje sirf tume parakna tha !!!

      Hey I m really sorry yaar mein ne tume gusaa diladiya !!!

      Pls apni frend ko maaf kardo yaar !!!

      1. Hey yaar mein toh bass toda apni takath dika na hai are yaar me bi jan thi hu ki prob worse hojaye gih !! But she is alwas underestimating me yaar !!! Now wat shud I do !!!

      2. I never mind. And one more thing i cant never be angry on anyone. So no need to say sorry. Im not angry on u. Dont dare to tell me sorry again. Okay? otherwise i will get angry.

  12. nice epi natasha

  13. Superb. Felt good to see normal arjun. Who is rehearsing to propose and thinking of which shirt to wear. Just loved it. Waiting for next episode

  14. hey natasha…nice episode dear….liked both arjun-anu practicing for love confession…now waiting to see actual love confession between them…

  15. Very very cute episode Natasha, please continue…both trying to confess each other, eagerly waiting for the next episode.. Please update soooon

  16. super episode

  17. hey cuteee nats how r u ??
    thank god, finally you came .. big hug to u
    well episode was awesome usually. .. anu arjun both are practicing to propose each other. it is fill with lots of fun! !!!! priya di is also agree about his bros choice. 🙂
    keep going on. waiting for next part.

    @ nisha, tasnim, mandy, tanya, thena, chinni, lulu, brity,harani, roma, sree, swara, subh, daizy, hayati – how r you all.

    @sree- hey dear where’s your story (mmz 2 ) dear… who’s that guy sending a gift with letter to radz in party.
    plzz update soon! !!

    @nisha- hiii!! misssss u a lot. thnx for yesterday’s link (specially arijit song). I love his songs very much.

    1. I’ll update it soon yaar.jst not getting time.My schedule is busy with classes.Sorry dear

  18. For their exceptional love confession

    Teri galiyaan galiyaan teri galiyaan


    And another video for their love confession .


    Dil ne tumko chun liyaa hai tum bhi usko chuno naa

    Actually I will try to remember some song related to their confession.

    Tell us nats mandy zara , tasnim and all mmz fans which song suits more.

    An old another one new.
    Tell me which one you like and suits more to them

    Or if you have another song which suits more them please let us know also.

    Woooooooooooooooooooow nats love today episode waiting for the next update eagerly for the love confession.

    Loved you dear Loved you all.

  19. nyc 1 naty waiting 4 nxt part

  20. Hi zara.Iam absolutely fine dr.Tnx for asking buddy.

  21. Heyyy… ZARA… Thanks dude… I’m fine… Whats about you?? All Okay???

  22. *@hai all How r u al deariees…?

    @NATASA- Waiting 4 d upcoming xiting epi deary….i like d drs of anu with red rose it match so sweet…mis u a lot…NUVU NAKU NACHEVU(undstnd na)

    @ZARA-Am fyn dear hw about u..?

    Tmrw my clg holiday n nxt day wekly holiday ha ha happy…

    @NISHA- O nisha mere nisha a a a mera nisha (frm bttamiz dil) ha ha i like galiya it match nice 4 Arjun d male vrsn n 4 anu female nice nice n 2nd sng maine suna nahi actualy am cnect with hindi sng 1ly 8 years…

    @MANDY’- HELLO MAM….Nuvu ela unanavu…?… Of mami to tmko perisan kar diya…payar mein kya kuch sehna nahi parta am dadicating d sng Mein paresaan paresaan..,.atsee bo kaha ha a a a…

    .kFAR.-ROCKSTAR API ELA UNNANU…?.. @[email protected]@[email protected] @[email protected]@brity what about u guys….

    1. heyy tasnim abt me m fyn and srry dr i don’t knw telegu………….

  23. Really nice story is 🙂 u people are only keeping manmarziyan alive in us really I eagerly wait for ur updates.. Gr8.. 🙂 luv it

  24. @natasha
    awesome epi yaar

    hii tasnim.do u know Telugu???

  25. Hey my yaars !!!

    Hey nisha yaar thanq 4 d song !! Hey nisha tell me how do u get link n hw do u post it on ur cmnt ??? Pls do ans !!

    Hey tasnim yaar !!! Nenu bagunnanu !!
    Nuvu ela vunavu !!!
    Hey yaar I tell u !! I love mann isi liye chup hu varna mein to kisi ko chod nahi chaod thi !!! Nywas seriously dats a crrect song !!! Mein such me pareshan hogayi !!!

    Hey zara I m fyn yaar tnx 4 dconcern yaar !! So hw r u ???

    Hey sree whr is urr story ??? Pls update !!!

    Hey tanya thena lulu brity n alll !! Hw r u all ???

  26. @Richa- @Pragna- hai two dear frnds i dn’t knw telegu am frm BAGLADESH am learning telegu frm my tely frnd Mandy hope u guys undrstand by d way r 2 of u knw telegu..? Then u guys cn hlp me n i,l be happy

    @ MANDY- Hai mam can u see ur stdnt learn so good u teach me so good tat evry1 thought nenu knw telegu am sooo happy tnx a looot….r u happy…

    1. ya tasnim.i know telugu.iam from andhra..and dont worry dr.i will help u

      1. i am from andhra too pragna

    2. hey tasnim…even i am from an

    3. tasnim i also dunno but can recognise d words bcozz susi taught me some

  27. natasha great yaar
    ……superrrr….great…. but update it somewhat long…..and ur a good writer dont worry ….we all like ur story….love u yaarrrr….

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