Where is Heart There is Life (Episode 18)


the episode starts with sam is lying on the bed and thinking about her past life with sameer and his dump. and after that neils proposal and her rejecting. she feels everything wrong and isnt able to sleep.

its morning.everyone is preparing to back to mumbai. anu calls madhvi and says im coming to mumbai. madhvi says have a safe journey. she disconnects the call. rahul comes wearing a green shirt and yellow pant. he says look its my new fashion. do u like it? all laugh seeing him in this state. he says why u r laughing? many girls have fallen for me for this fashion. they laugh more than before. neil says u fool. they fooled u. rahul is about to say something but dr gupta interrupts. dr gupta asks rahul r u going to circus? all laugh in low. tam says patients will be unconcious if they see u in this state.

they get in the bus. arjun sees anu and says to himself i dont know should i tell her about my feelings. anu says to herself i dont know should i tell him about my feelings. if he dont accept my feelings? they r looking confused. sam looks at neil and remember about last night.

they have reached mumbai. they r going to their house. arjun smiles seeing anu and says good bye anu. anu also wishes him good bye. then anu goes to right path and arjun goes to left path. arjun sees anu going but anu doesnt see that. again anu sees arjun going but arjun doesnt see that. this time arjun again sees anu going but anu doesnt see that.arjun says if she love me then she will turn and see me. he says turn………turn…………turn. anu turns and sees arjun. arjun smiles seeing anu. anu goes.( :-):-):-):-) i stole it from ddlj).

anu comes to her house. she sees madhvi and huges her.madhvi says what happened?why r u so happy?anu says im in love mom and starts to dance with her mom.madhvi says with arjun?anu says yes. madhvi says im so happy for u. have u planned to propose? anu says im confused. should i propose him? madhvi says of course. anu says if he reject me? madhvi says oh anu ! if u will think positive then everything will be positive. anu starts to think.

arjun also comes to his home. he sees all the lights r off. he says why this caretaker havent on the lights. someone comes and holds his eyes. a lady says tell me who i am.
her voice is sweet. arjun says when u came from london? a lady is shown whos wearing a pink salwar with coti and chos pajama.she has a pony tale. she s colour is fair. shes arjuns elder sister priya whos today returned to india from london.she went to london to complete her course .she didnt complete it earlier as she was busy in upbringing arjun.arjun says priya di, i missed u a lot.he huges her. priya says what happened to u? i havent see u happy like today since u left rishikesh.arjun holds her hand and makes her sit on sofa. arjun says i have got reason to be happy. priya says then tell me. arjun tells priya that hes in love with anu. priya says im really happy for u. arjun says i find my love radhika in anu everytime.her smile,anger, laugh everything is similar to radhika. he asks am i doing right? priya sqys why r u saying like this? arjun says if my love radhikas soul get hurt by my love for anu then? priya says who loves u a lot becomes happy in ur happiness. im sure after a many time seeing u happy radhikas soul must be happy today. and shes soul will be happy if u remain happy with anu.so now start to prepare for proposing anu. i think anu must be like radhika and she is most beautiful in the world as my brother have chosen her. arjun says yes.arjun says but how will i propose her? i dont about her choice. priya says oh arjun! u just now told me that her smile,anger,laugh and everything is similar to radhika. then her choice will also like radhika. so do everything that radhika loved.arjun says thank u and huges her.priya says u r most welcome and smiles.

precap: anu and arjun both r preparing for their love confession but they dont know that both r preparing to propose one another.

credit to: Natasha

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guys i really want to continue our friendship and its my little try to give my friends some happiness through this story written by me.and forgive if my writting is not up to the mark and if theres any type of typos as i havent read it after writting and i have written it in small parts in 6days.

i think i will not continue my story after few episodes…………:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(

Do u like priyas entry in my story? Pls tell me:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D

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  1. Hi natty,,wow wow,what an episode yaar,loved it buddy…super dr….still am smiling thinking of arjun and anus scene especially turning scene…good dr

  2. Wow lovely nats. .. Both r going to propose. .Omg eagerly waiting for this part dear. .. am so happy for ardhika confession. .. love u lot. .. soon update d nxt episode dear. ..pls pls pls…

  3. too good episode…
    so cute..

  4. Cutest episode.

  5. Don’t do so… Natasha… Please be with us… Cutee episode..

  6. @natasa-Best epi in ur stry by far with ful item of comedy romance emotion etc etc cn’t tel in words… D entry of priya di nice thanks u dn,t use nandini chural ha ha ha ha ha

  7. Hey Nats! Please read my comment in kfar’s DT 2 pg…

  8. heyy naty i will read nd tell i havnt completed 17th part yet dr m just halfway justt a lil busyy this wekk but superrr dr continue for more chapters dr

  9. Plse don’t stop the story. ..priyas entry was nice she is a positive girl……nice epi…..eagerly waiting for next part. ..plse don’t go..plse

  10. hai Natasha, awesome episode.

  11. super dear

  12. hey Natasha smile comes on my face after reading where is Heart there is Love! !!!!!!!!

    woowww awesome episode… omg arjun says turn turn… then anu finally turn n look at him with lots of love ,amazing dear remembering me ddlj (sharukh kajol scene) 🙂 🙂 🙂

    hmmm priya mehra’s entry is also awesome! !! feel good to see her positivity towards her bro…
    now let see who is propose first… seems interesting dear keep going on .
    we are eagerly waiting for ardhika love confession episode.
    plzzz continue it nats, don’t move off now soon confession of love starting n you will decideded to pull it… its not fair I’m big fan of where is heart there is love (it is remembering me dil mil gaye thats why am read it )…. it is humble request plz don’t go.
    love you dear, missss you a lot ♥

  13. wow priya entry is very positive

  14. amazinggggggggggg
    pls dont stop ur story

  15. Hey nats superb yaar

  16. U jus killed it yaar nats !!!
    Omg I was jus watching humari adhuri kahani I must say yaar end mein bohat rona ayega !!!

  17. Wow natasha…wat an episode dear….both arjun-anu realized their love for each other….now waiting for their love confession…..come soon with next update…

  18. Superb story…
    Natasha, the best thing of ur story is,,,feelings…
    n we all feel ur story soooo plzzz keep writing…. 🙂

  19. hey natasha u can’t say any more that ur stopping to write story.I can’t hear that .pls pls…….continue dr.for ur fans atleast.pls………..,…….

  20. Natasha, it is turning out very interesting. Eagerly looking forward to their proposals. Good writing. Liked the ddlj scene

  21. Hey nats whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhat an episode dear.

    Loved it to the core of my heart,

    Witness to their love confession .

    Then your slogan goes complete Where is heart here is love

    Song of the day matching to the ardhika plot. Kuch khaas hai kuch baat hai kuch ajnabi ahsaas hai. The lyrics match to the sequence between aradhika


    1. Nisha, He…he…he u wrote ur name as natasha. I think u was thinking about me when u was writing the comment so u wrote my name in name box

  22. Hey tasnim hello , dear how r u.

    Hey zara dear how r u.

    Hey Mandy dear , Helllllllllllllllllllllllllo my lovely deariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiies.
    A message left for all 3 of you
    Lots of songs add in it . Read it deariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiies and share your thoughts

    Loooooooooooooooooooove you all deariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiies Keep writing

    And keep commenting.

  23. Hey deariiiiiiiiiiies

    Check the message in last update of where is heart there is love

  24. Hey nats, coooooooool epi yaar. like priya’s entry sooooo much. n @ chashni, yaar well said.

    wat happened dear. y r u gonna stop this. pls dont, its awesomeeeee going buddy…..

  25. Hi Natasha, very well done. It’s going really very interesting. Eagerly waiting for the next episode. Please don’t stop writing. Love you loads

  26. i think i will not update for few days as my mb is almost over

  27. Ohhh natz miss u dear..

  28. Natty I’m eagerly waiting for the unravel f Anu ‘s past…..plz mke t happen sooooooon.

  29. ooooooooooooooops yes nats . YOu caught that right.

    Nats by mistake I typed your name.

    OOoooooops my fingers also responding to u . See how much we love u and ur stories.

  30. @hai all specialy NISHA MANDY NATASA Kfar ZARA Missing u all guys a loooot
    @NISHA -I cn’t undrstnd which msg u indicte i read al ur msg…o ho natasha nisha ha ha ha i.also got u…..

    @NATASHA-UPdate ur stry as soon as possible waiting egarly….nuvu ela unnanvu..?

    @MANDY- HELLO mam hope begunnavu…i want to knw “I LIKE U”what it wil be in telegu whats meaning of ‘khuda’ kfar told me d word….n whats d diffrnt n similarity bten tmil n tlegu sory mam aj kuch jada yeh ques kiya

    @kfar”ROCKSTAR API” Miss u toooo…..

    1. Hey tasnim yaar mane b bohat miss kiya tume !! So u wer askin!
      I LIKE U — nuvu naku nachevu !!
      Khuda dis means ” AND ” !!!

      Hey yaar tasnim I love it wen my frends ask me ques bcoz ur my frend n its ur rite to ask n nywa I never mind if u ask ques bcoz u r my frend !!

      Hey tasnim r u on Twitter???

  31. @MANDY- soooo haaaappyy 2 hear it yap dear i.l ask u ques like ur othr frnds…

    No mandy i dn’t have any twitter acount
    infact i dn’t have cnect with othr social syte like facebook whats app etc..

    I tel u i used 2 read writen
    update 2 safe time it takes 5 min 2 read it n 2 watch 30 min n i,ve no time in d repeat time tats why i read it n make my 1st cmnt 1 dis page ha ha ha dis is it


  32. Hi Natasha dear, please continue this story. I like it very much. Eagerly waiting for the next episodes. Please continue writing… I understand that you might have other priorities that’s why you decided to leave after few more episodes. But, please it’s my HUMBLE request that please end the story if you decided to leave this page. I really want to see happy ending to this story, you made it so cute and adorable story that I don’t want to leave incomplete. Please don’t leave us like this if possible, but if you have to then please complete this story with happy node and bring Anu (Radhika) memory back and unite ArDhika And NeSam. Love you loads, and I’ll miss you a lotttttttttt. Please continue, don’t leave..very very tight hug…

  33. Hey girleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees,

    Helooooooooooooooooo how r u.

    Hey nats how r u?

    Hey tasnim, zara, mandy, lulu how r u girleeeeeeeeeees?

    Hey guys I left a message or a reply you can say to yours question in

    Where is heart there is love*(episode17) on the last 6th comment you may found andshare your beautiful feelings or views about it what you felt dear.

    Loved you girleeeeeeeeees .

    Wow, telugu huh. Seems like a language but it is very difficult for me to learn .
    But I like here also you guys talking about the language learning too.

    With the help of these words others may also learn this language.

    Good going girl. Fiction story mein language teaching and learning too

    That too Free . Freee. Freee.

    Looto Looto Looto.

    Hee hee hee .

    Bye girleeeeeeeeeeees. Have a nice day. Keep smiling and keep commenting.

  34. dont worry. im not leaving this page. i will continue my story. but my mb is over.even im commenting this one from my friend’s mobile. as i will get mb then i will update it

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