Where is Heart There is Life (Episode 17)


the episode starts with after taking the ride all r getting down from the rollar coaster. anu says to arjun thanks for helping me to fight with my fear. arjun says mention not. neil and sam says we enjoyed a lot in rollar coaster. niki says guys bumper car.lets go. all sits in individual bumper car. they enjoy a lot. anu bumps with sams car. then all together bumps in each others car.arjun sees anu smiles and remember radhikas smile.they take several rides. hai junoon plays in bg………………they eat snacks and ice-cream. niki makes parths shirt dirty with her ice cream.parth becomes angry and niki runs. but parth catches her and makes her dress dirty with his ice cream.

its now evening.dr gupta says its quite late now. we should go back to hotel. they goes.

everyone comes to hotel and goes to their room for sleeping.tommorow they have to go back to mumbai as they cant neglect their patients coming to the hospital.

its about 2:00am. its dark outside and heres no sound. cold wind is coming to the rooms. anu, arjun,neil,sam r still awake. anu and sam r lying in the same bed but doesnt know that both r awake. anu comes out of her room but sam is still lying on the bed. anu comes to hotels garden. she finds neil sitting there. she goes near neil. neil sees her and asks r u still awake? anu says im not feeling sleepy. neil says its sign of falling love.anu says i dont love anyone. after a while she asks why u r still awake? according to u then u r in love neil. neil smiles. anu gets excited and asks whos the girl? neil doesnt answer. anu says is it sam? neil looks at her and says u r clever. anu asks when happens if u r in love?neil says u will see ur love everywhere, when u will think about him u will smile unknowingly. u will see his every goodness. anu thinks about arjun. anu says in lower voice thats mean i love him. neil says did u say anything? anu says no, nothing.

arjun is sitting on his bed. hes looking his and radhikas pic. he says i always love u. but u know now a days im finding u in ananya. when i see her i remind of u. im having the same feeling of love for ananya that i have for u. i think i have started to love anu unknowingly. pls forgive me for that radhika.he cries.

precap: they r going back to mumbai by bus. arjun sees anu and says to himself i dont know whether i should tell her about my feelings.on the other hand anu thinks i dont know if dr arjun will accept my feelings or not. what should i do?

credit to: Natasha

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guys i really want to continue our friendship and its my little try to give my friends some happiness through this story written by me.and forgive if my writting is not up to the mark and if theres any type of typos as i havent read it after writting and i have written it in small parts in 5days.

guys i think i will not able to continue my story. i will write 2-3 episodes more then i will not continue. seems my story will be an unfinished one.

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  1. hey pls dont stoppppppppp
    i beg u plssssssss

    1. Hi Natasha,
      as usual superb episode, Aradhika love rockzz…. 🙂

  2. try to write dear plz

  3. Hey wow both have d same feelings.. Nats super ya.. I am very excited to read ur nxt part. .. update soon. .

  4. Toaday epi was super adorable
    Loved it

  5. Are but y r u going yaar plsssss don’t go I love ur story n I love ur company !! So plsss !!!

    Hey u dinn mntion my name yaar !! Hehe jus joking !!!?????

    1. in my storys previous page u wanted to know about my bf,right?

      i have no bf. u know its very common to experience at least one crush for any girl whose r of same age like me. but surprisingly i havent experience any crush till now. ha…ha…ha…

  6. Hey super natty,finally they going to share their feelings

  7. Natasha plse I’m begging to u pls plse don’t stop writing stories. …plse don’t do that ….today’s epi was fabulous I’m glad that arjun feels for anu…plse don’t stop ur story yaar

  8. hello..
    am new to this…
    awesome episode..
    please do continue..

    1. Hey Lavanya !!!
      Hw r u ???
      Whr r u 4m???

      1. am from hyderabad.

  9. pls dear don’t leave your story

  10. Heyyy Natasha!!! Don’t do so… Please…Please…. Please… Your story is damm good… I think you are still stuck with That Arjun’s comment…Please it’s a humble request…

  11. Hey superb yaar y u r feeling lile that pls continue .

  12. nice. hey natty pls continue karo na

  13. Hi Natasha, today’s episode was really awesome. They both have feelings for each other. It’s going great. Please continue writing and please don’t stop writing. I love you and your story. Getting addicted to your story and want to know the next episodes of it. Please don’t stop writing, I beg you…pleeeeeeeeeease

  14. Hi I’m a silent reader and I got to say please don’t quiet your doing a fantastic job.

  15. Hey nats kya hua why ur going to stop this…. dont do this na do ur work completely….

  16. oh no don’t do dat dr pls………..alwaya waiting to read ur stories. pls…for us continue the story dr

  17. PLEASE don’t stop like that. Your story is lovely and sweet. Don’t leave your story unfinished. I enjoyed reading it. It’s through such beautiful stories that you keep mmz alive. So I request u don’t end it. Please continue.

  18. Hey Nats , tasnim mandy, zara, and my lovely deariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiies.

    I am back dearies.

    Reading all the stories.

    Finally find a way to come here somehow. For some lesser time. But so what.

    At least I will be with you deariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiies.

    Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooow. Nats Both love each other aradhika.

    Woooooooooooooooooow, Suddenly I felt I am in love with your story dear.

    Love this track going on .

    One song for that sequence when arjun remember radhika in his roomwith his teary eyes

    And next day when he sees again anu and remember radhika with compares of anu/radhika


    Listen to it dearies you may fall love with dis song.

    Baaton ko teri hum bhula na sake hoke judaa hum naa judaa ho sake


  19. One more song dearies

    Same suit to the situation of aradhika listen to both and tell me which suits more.


    Baatein ye kabhi naa tu bhulanaa koi teri khaatir tha jee raha from khaamoshiyaan .

    And yes , Well i don’t like much old songs but love the few.

    Share share share.

    YOur choice old songs lets see our choice match and your choice similar to how much fans.

    loveed you all.

    1. Hi Nisha !!! Hru ??

      Hey mere hissab se toh I like batein yeh kabhi na bhulana !!!!

  20. @NATASHA-Love d short n sweet epi…n dear hw Cn U TALK LIKE DIS WE Dn’t want more u jst update a lil part evry day r aftr a day sweety pie n keep in touch with us lov u a lot…or U cn’t palay With OUR EMOTION …or abhi abhi tmne telegu cls join kiya ase keise jao gi…o like mandy u dn,t mention my name he he he…

    @NISHA – O U Make my noon so sweet i missed u a looot…or nvr evr think of leave us…LIKE U A LOOOOT…..hw r u dear….?

    @MANDY-nenu begunnavu too..I DN’T HAVE ANY…actualy am n’t interested ha ha its to me like a burden…or tmhara story so funny by d way nuvu en order..? Strt learning cooking Ha ha ha

    @ZARA-am fyn dear by d grace of almighty

  21. @NISHA -I like d sng pehla nasa pehla guma….n many mre gna share later..

    @am gonna dicating d song 2 all my frnds
    @MANDY-(Base 1 ur feling specialy)
    @NATASHA-(Swety pie api)
    @kFAR(Rockstar api)
    @NISHA(inspiration chingu n thanking u)
    @[email protected] @[email protected]@[email protected] [email protected] riya abi hayanh

    Baan ke titli dil udha udha udha hain kahin dooor…

    Chal k khusbo se juda juda juda hain kahin dooor….

    Haadse ya keise unsune jaise choome undero ko koyin noor..
    .baan k tilti….

    Sirf kehdu ya asmaaan pein likhdu tere taarif o mein chasme baadooor…..*****HOPE U AL LIKE

    1. Awe tasnim thanx yaar for base 1 !!
      Hey I guess ur rite I shud learn cookin !!!
      Hey d song jus fit awesome yaar !! Mera dil b titli ki tarah udaraha hai !!

  22. @mandy ela unadu nuvu?
    nuvu em chesunavu?
    hope i have write correctly. sorry if heres any mistake. forgive ur student mam.

    1. Hey Natty ur correct yaar but it unnavu not unadu !!! But all round ur improving !!
      N s nenu bagunnanu!!!!
      Nuvu Ela unnavu ???

      1. Nenu bangunnanu

  23. hey nats plZzz don’t stop our where is heart there is love in between …..
    we are addict.. eagerly waiting for revealation of anu’s truth, ardhika(anu arjun) romance, nesam love, parth niki nokh jhonk wala fun… please don’t move off it is a humble request

    love you dear keep continuing.
    “The real moment has disappeared but you will always have the memories to remind you” and thnx for entertaining us through your awesome story!!!!!
    good luck dear ———————:-) 🙂 🙂

  24. Hey Natasha…please don’t finish the story so soon…ur story is going good dear…anu n arjun has just realized their love..let the love story start….plzz continue wid it for some long time….atleast for us….for ur fans…

  25. @ NISHA – how r u buddy???
    I think this song battein ye kabhi na tu….. is perfectly suit with ardhika’s scene!!!!
    both are fall in love with each other ♡♥♡
    how romantic!!!
    I think you more like sad songs 😉
    love you dear!

    1. Hey Zara !! Hru ???
      Missed u yaar !!!

  26. Nats very coooool epi. Keep going deary and thank u for giving a suggtn apple juice and feel better now 😀

    Hey tasnim haha thank u for the cute Nickname deary luvu 😀

  27. Hey my sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet deariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiies.

    Loved you all.

    Hey Mandy , I am fine ,

    Hey Zara ,thanks for telling me your liking dear

    Hey tasnim ooooooooooooooooh so many songs huhhhhhhhhhhhhh loved you.

    Hey my lovelieeeeeeeeeeeeees even I think that

    Baatein yeh kabhi naa tu bhulnaa koi tere khaatir thaa jee raha.

    Suits better with arjun situation and more and more its is too melodious video also. Romantic. passionate just like aradhika.

    Want to know what Nats Points of view in these 2 songs ?????????????????

    Tell us nats if you will read answer to us buddy.

    And tasnim
    I too love that song pehlaa nasha pehlaa khuma.

    But yaar need our first crush to see again to imagine that song than it became more romantic .
    What say. Every body has their first crush. That song match it and anytime when you are outside. Listening to your phone . Cool wind blows to your face .

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOh this song make your day fully enjoyable then .

    Hey zara , I am ok dear . How r u?even i love 2 nd one more the song is melodious .

    Dear zara My choice of song is pure fast track songs,some old songs depend on my mood, sad songs i didn’t listen but love song which makes you cry and gives you smile I like it.

    check out this song party time

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5Eb4dZOp-c Do you notice aradhika dance song in serial also take from this film.

    Old song ye samma , samma hai ye pyaar kaa whenever i am outside i listen to this don’t know why I feel relax and close to nature as if releived.

    Hey tasnim I like the song ban ke titli dil udaa udaa kahin door.

    Loved it dear. Loved you all always.

    1. Nisha i have never listened this songs but liked every word of these songs.
      U have told not to feel bad as i have no bf. U know i dont want bf. Because i have friends like u.

  28. Hey nats I don’t have such wonderful words dear.

    But we loved your stories and loved you .

    Girl , Go look at d comments today.

    YOur and farha comments are higher than any you received so many comments so many likings.

    this proves that how much fans loved your stories and your comments too.

    Dear And I also read that you don’t have bf so what dear. You have so many friends in Tu

    Write for them dear. Be a friend of all of us. Loved you dear Keep writing.

  29. Hey baby what happend?why u r gng to stop writing? God gave u such talent and u r going to burn it…are loos dnt do that..okey..we all lv ur stories..sreegram nxt epi upld pann…illana suttiduven :p

    U knw i always tried to write stories bt my bad luck after writing 2 or 3 pages i couldn’t cntinue..bt u r nt like that na…so dont stop…purinjida?

  30. hey Natasha , this episode was so nice . iwe all enjoying ur writings ..keep writing
    dear….. .

  31. Nats don’t do this yaar…pls don’t stop writing dear…pls I request u…I love ur writings…pls continue..
    At last they both have fall in love…so sweet..Waiting for upcoming epis..i will wait for your story…pls continue..

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