Where is Heart There is Life (Episode 16)


the episode starts with all r in the jakhua hill. sam and neil starts to run. neil catches sam and they fall on each other.anu sees this and smiles. sam and neil have a eyelock. sun saathiya plays…………rahul comes there and says oh so u r romanceing here. neil says of course. in fact i have given lessons to shahrukh khan about this.they all laugh.

suddenly anu notices that a patients condition is getting worse.the patient is facing problem to take oxyzen. she rushes to the patient.she massages to the patient jaggus hand.all also go there.dr gupta says we have to go back to the hotel.arjun calls an ambulance. they go.

they come to the hotel.they r in hotels room. they r anxious about jaggu.they r standing there and prays for jaggu.they treat him and he feels better. dr gupta says r u fine? he says yes.u all have saved me. he holds dr guptas hand.dr gupta says to the doctors we wont go to the other places today as he is sick.the patient says no,u all go pls.i dont want anyother to deprive from visiting places because of me. i will take rest here. dr arjun says but……he says pls for my sake.dr gupta says okay but one doctor will stay here with u. and dr jasmin will stay here.dr jasmin becomes tensed and says but why me?dr gupta says bcoz u r his direct doctor.dr gupta says doctors we will go after five minutes. they go.dr jasmin stands beside jaggus bad and says why i always fall in trouble?she becomes sad.

all internees r in the hotel lobby. parth says its good that dr jasmin wont go. she always taunts us and make us fall in trouble.neil says forget that churel(witch).sam says yes neils right.anu whos now wearing a beautiful salwar says stop saying this.dr gupta is coming. dr gupta comes there and says my dear doctors and patients now we will go to the place in which u will be able to enjoy a lot specially the child patients.we will go to hip hip hurray amusement park.the child patients becomes happy.internees smile seeing them happy.

all come to the amusement park. all becomes happy seeing many rides. they cut tickets and enter into the park. dr gupta asks in which ride we should ride first? neil says rollar coaster. anu becomes worried hearing roller coaster. dr gupta says okay but which patients have problem of bp will not take this ride as its not suitable for them.all goes to take ride on rollar coaster except anu.arjun also goes but he notices anus not going to take this ride. arjun says why u r not coming?lets go.anu says no.im fear of height. arjun says lets go and take this ride ur fear will go away. trust me. im with u. he holds anus hand goes to take ride. they sit together. neil and sam also sit together. neil says to sam will u fear sarminder singh? sam says im not fear of anyone or anything. they all wear seat bealts.rollar coaster starts move at first slowly. sam and neil r happy as they r going to experience an adventure.anu closes her eyes.arjun smiles seeing this.arjun remembers radhika(fb shows that radhika is saying to arjun i fear of height. arjun says dont worry i will be with u.radhika nods yes. radhika jumps from the wall and holds arjun.anu and arjun laugh).rollar coaster increases its speed.anu starts to call mom loudly and holds arjun tightly. after sometime anu becomes normal.arjun says i told u before ur fear will go away.anu smiles and says yes.sam and neil r shouting loudly and taking full fun of rollar coaster.

precap: anu comes towards arjun but slips and falls on arjun.

credit to: Natasha

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guys i really want to continue our friendship and its my little try to give my friends some happiness through this story written by me.and forgive if my writting is not up to the mark and if theres any type of typos as i havent read it after writting and i have written it in small parts in 6days.

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  1. Hello natty hru Dr…sorry for not giving feedback for earlier epi ma…ur always best yaar,fabulous writer u are…enjoyed today’s episode very much ma….really it’s awesome… Precap so interesting… Waiting for their love to blossom…love u buddy

  2. Todays epi was awsomeeee

    I totally loved it wen held radhikas hand

    and took her with him to roller coaster

    I thk arjun started realising anu is

    radhika ………………..

    Even radhika has developed feelings 4


    and thanxxxxxxxx 4 todays epi. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Awesome ep….aradhika rockzzz….

  3. Wow super episode. .. continue soon. .. waiting for ardhika moment. ..

  4. Did anu also laugh at the fb?????
    Natty do my doubts bother you?????

  5. @Natasha: vry nice dscription bt 1 thing almst 2 or 3 epi thr is no talk about anu’s real mom dad u should ad it dear then it wil more interesting…woo roler coaster part was nice with d mixing of fb vry gd job dear i like it n as usual jst lovd d song Sun saathiya….

    AM Dedicating al my frnds d song JO TU MERA HUM DARD HAI SUHANA HAR DARD HAI…frm d film ek villain

    @SEHER @ THENA @DEEPA @DIPIKA hw r u deariesss *?

  6. hi nice one..
    but i want more intense ardhika convos and scenes.
    Here this is like regular serial types yaar and i want this is too special for ardhika fans.
    i really don’t understand how the patients are taking along in tour.
    This is unbeleivable.
    This is what i really felt and sorry if it hurts you.

  7. Natasha your story is pretty awesome.Continue writing.

  8. Its superb yaar pls update it fast waiting for ur story eagerly

  9. Natasha… I didn’t understand … Is Anu really laughed in fb which Arjun was thinking??
    Well I will give you 10 out of 10 for this episode DEAR…
    LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  10. awesome episode. eagerly waiting for next. update soon dr

  11. Natasha nice epi yaar……I hope arjun fall in love with anu (radhika)…n thanks for the update. …

  12. Hai buddy Superb epi…Lovely Roller coaster ride yaar it reminds me my tour in which i too got scared on Roller coaster ride yaar my best friend Sameena helped me..thank u so much for reminding me my Tour Memories with my Best friends..Thank u so much…good going..
    Oh oh Precap looks good…Waiting buddy for upcoming epis and I want ArDhika to fall in love…
    Keep writing..Take care..

  13. @Aastha,brity anu i mean radhika really laughed in the fb.arjun and radhika laughed together.and aastha ur doubts dont bother me.
    @Tasnim after this trip anus real identity part will start.
    @nandhini ur words isnt hurting me. I dont about in reality if theres any medical trip for patients but i personally think every hospital should arrange this type of programe for permanent i mean the patients who r admitted in hospital. Because if the patient will experience different weather and if they will be happy through this type of trip then it can be really proved as a effective positive programe. Hope u understand what i wanted to say.and i will try to add more aradhika scenes and convo. Thanks for ur feedback.

    Hey guys my collage has already started so very busy these days.pls pray for me.

    1. A lot of good wishes for you Natasha…. And don’t mind.. Are you Muslim or Hindu???

      1. Im muslim. And if u dont mind from which religion u r?

      2. I’m also Muslim… Same pinch…

  14. Nat u have amazing writing skills…episode was so adorable…

  15. Natasha thanks for the update. …I hope arjun fall in love with anu (radhika)…..today’s epi was fabulous. ..

  16. Hey natasha….nice episode dear..waiting for anu-arjun’s love story to start…i know arjun loves radhika…who is dead for everyone….but want arjun to love anu before her truth identity is revealed…..update d next part soon….

  17. hey…nats….superb story ya…i love u budddy……becoz u rgiving me a treat by this story…but pls try to updatedaily ya…..sweety….otherwise i enjoyed ur story as MMZ…….pls continue to update….asusual,bye with lots oflovve and friendship…..:-)))

  18. Well done Natasha, it was really interesting episode. Eagerly waiting for the next episode…Love you loads

  19. wow nice story dear

  20. Natasha It was nice n cute yaaaaaar…….

  21. Jasvin J.Kaur

    You have a good flair of story writing do keep it up. Love the story .

  22. nice episode natasha…its very interesting..pls continue

  23. Hey nats , today episode is amazing , Ireally enjoy it dear.

    Dear this might be my last episode reading and commenting.

    Love you dear.

    Lvoe you always .




    1. where r u going nisha? i wont feel good if u go. u always dedicate song and i will miss that. pls dont leave us.

    2. Hey nisha wr r u goin yaar I will really miss u n d way alwas give song to us !!!

      Pls don go !!!!

  24. hai Natasha, today update is awesome. and eagerly waiting for nxt update. pls quick.

  25. Hey tasnim yaar I m fyn sorry I came after a day I guess !!! Hey I love d song !! N ya wat to do ek irritating anti ne muje kaam deke chaligai !! Nywa I missed u !!

    1. irritating aunty! how funny aunty. yeh aunty tumhe kya kam dekar chale gaye?

      and whats about dr maan? have u decided to confees to him? humhe bhi to kuch batao.anyways bohat irritate kar liya maine tumhe.sorry for that.

      oh u had told me about telegu learning. so lets start with greetings,thank u,he and she. pls do reply me
      @tasnim now im with u as a learner and mandy is our teacher.

      1. Are yaar mat pucho mujhe kana bana ne kelie bola aur woh anti aur koi nahi mann ki mami thi !! Hey I alredy cnfesed n its ok ur not irritatin yaar !!!

        Thank u ko thank u hi bolte hai hum !!!
        He — abbai
        She— ammai

      2. for thank u-danyavadalu

  26. hey nats, u r going too gud day by day. nice camp. creative plot dear.keep it going buddy….

  27. guys
    wht all do u update the fan fiction

  28. nyc 1 natasha dr waiting for nxt1 just finished reading it

  29. @sry 4 late coming yestrday i had my 1st xm in my clg it was a wekly test about physics n bangla….

    [email protected] HW CN U DO THIS U CAN/T Leave us such way…AM VRY BADly gona Mis u yaaar…PLZ CME BK or tm v kese rehpaogi humlogo ko chor kar…

    @NATASHA- yes dear we r on d same clas of learning telegu ha ha ha we r gona enjy it…

    @MANDY : hello mis, nuvu ela unavu…begunnavu…?
    miss nenu ela…?
    .abbai(dr mann) n his mami en nuvu relative…?

    nenu miss nuvu a looot…oh finish dis is my telegu hw funy…mam if i.ve mistaken(grammaticl telegu) 4give me…

    1. Hey tasnim yaar !!!!
      Nenu bagunnanu !!! Nuvu Ela unnavu !!
      Hey Mann is really awesome yaar acha tell me tumara koi BF nahi hai kya ???? Hey Natasha tum b u don’t have BF ???

      Hey tasnim n Natasha wanna share a very funny incident so wat happened was ki muje kana bana na nahi atha n woh Mann ki mami ne kana bana ne kelie Bol dia n do u no wat I did meine bahar de order kiya n mami is so dum dat she dinn even no dat I ordered 4m outsyd bcoz woh Kani bahar kana hi nahi kathi !!!???

      Hey Sree r u also Telugu ????

      Hey let me give som u some minings!!
      Like if u want to say HOW IS MANN OR NY1 u say !! Mann Ela unadu ??

      N if u want to say What R U DOIng — nuvu em chesunavu !!!!

      Hey dats it yaar ask if u want to no more !!!! I m tired bcoz of d work !!!

  30. hiii Nats…. tight hug to you dear! !!!!!
    mindblowing story… no doubt in that you have brilliant imagination skill! !!!
    your updates are heart melting and prettyish…. arjuns painful past, radz adoption story woooowww…. now waiting for new track.
    keep continue.!!!! may god bless you.
    @tasnim- I’m fine dear! !! how r u ??
    love you allll buddies ♡♡♥

  31. nice job natasha. I like this story. Pls continue

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