Where is Heart There is Life (Episode 15)

the episode starts with all r getting into the bus and taking their sit. sam and neil sit together. all take their sit according to their choice. but anu doesnt find any sit as already everyone has take all the sit. sam notices this and calls anu.she says theres a sit. she shows anu the sit. the sit is beside arjuns sit. anu asks arjun should i sit there sir? arjun says yes sit there.i have no problem.anu smiles and sits there. the bus starts to leave. dr gupta stands up and says in shimla we will stay in hilltop hotel. we will go to several places for sightseeing. all happily say okay sir.

all r sitting quietly in the bus. parth says why u all r so quiet? come on we r going to trip not to a jail.neil says i know this parth is a fool but for the first time hes saying something wise. kirti says what can we do? sam says what about singing by turn? it will be fun for us as well as the patients. tam says its great.lets start then. sam starts to sing first. she sings pareshan…. its neils turn.he sings pani da rang de……with his guiter.everyone claps. its anus turn.anu says i will sing my favorite song.she sings ramaiya vastavaiya…..arjun looks on. she makes a mistake. arjun gets shocked. arjun recalls his past.(fb shows that that teenager boy arjun and the girl radhika r sitting in the garden. radhika sings ramaiya vastavaiya. she makes the same mistake that has done anu. arjun says u always makes this mistake. radhika says i know. u know arjun this is my favorite song. arjun laughes) arjun corrects anus mistake. sam asks arjun how do u know this song? arjun says i have many memories with this song. neil says so now its arjuns turn.arjun sings sunn raha hai na tu…………while singing arjun recalls his and radhikas moments.all look at arjun and feel hes in pain.

its after many time.all r sleeping in the bus. sam keeps her head on neils shoulder. neil smiles.anu is awake and seeing the natural beauty. arjun is looking sad. hes thinking about his past life. anu extends her outside the window. shes feeling the air.journey song plays…………

its now afternoon. dr gupta says i think we should eat some snacks now.they stop the bus near a resturant. they eat some snacks. kirti says this resturant is so dirty and theres so ac. i wont eat.sam says hello madam if u want to eat then come with us and if u dont want to eat then sit here. for ur kind information u wont get any food before 10:00pm. they go. kirti is still here. she hears sound of being hungry.she comes to the resturant. neil says so u have come.kirti says yes.i couldnt stop me from eating.rahul says ur talking like a monster.they argue.anu says we r getting late.shall we start to eat now? they eat very happily.

after eating they again get into the bus. the bus starts to leave. its now at 10:00pm they reached at shimla. heres a bit cold air and very less fog. but as its now good weather time so theres no snow. they all get down from the bus. dr gupta takes them to hilltop hotel. the hotel reciptionist gives them keys. dr gupta says sam and anu will stay in same room,kirti and tam will stay in same room,parth and rahul will stay together and arjun and neil will share one room.they all go to their room. as its quite night so after eating dinner they go to sleep.
its now morning. in sam and anus room they r sleeping. the morning sunlight falls on anus face. she wakes up and smiles seeing the sunlight coming to room. she goes near to window and becomes happy seeing the hill. sam wakes up and says good morning my dear anu. anu also says good morning. anu says pls sit here for sometime. i will and take a bath quickly. sam says okay and after that we have to go to the dining room.

the state of arjun and neils room is very horrible. arjun has wake up and after taking bath hes doing some exercise on the other hand idiot neil is still sleeping and also snorring. arjun says till when this neil will sleep? in spite of being a doctor he himself is not following proper rules of living life.

tam is chosing her dress for today. kirti has chosen a lavish dress and applying makeup since very early in the morning. parth and rahul r together in the bathroom and shaving.rahul cuts his cheak and parth laughes. rahul gives a slap to parth and goes.parth is standing like a fool.

they all meet in the dining room. dr gupta anounces where they will go today for sightseeing. after eating the breakfast they go to jakhua hill. anu says its a beautiful hill.dr gupta says lets climb in this hill. sam and neil r climbing together.kirti is facing difficulty in climbing. she says if i climb in this hill then my dress will be dirty. parth says who told to wear this expensive dress? kirti says i didnt know that today will climb in this hill.parth says so what did u think we will go to a fashion show for sightseeing? kirti says now stop it and lets go. all they starts climbing. after sometime they stops at one place as they r tired. sam says where is anu? all notices anu is missing. dr gupta says lets go and find anu. they starts to fond anu in severval places. neil and sam goes to find anu together.after walking sometime neil sits in one place and drinks water. sam joins him. she says where anu have gone?neil says my heart is saying shes safe.sam starts crying for anu. neil consoles her and we will find her. they hug.neil smiles.

arjun starts to find anu. at last after walking a long way arjun finds anu. anu has injured during climbing and now unable to walk. arjun says why r u sitting here? everyone is finding u. anu says sir when we came here i got hurt during climbing. i called u all several times but none of u heard me and here network is weak. arjun says okay. now dont worry but we should be careful while walking. anu says i will keep it in my mind. arjun makes anu keeping her hand on his shoulder.arjun helps anu in standing up and walking. but anu is getting hurt to walk by her foot. arjun says i think ur getting hurt. he takes anu in his arm and starts walking. ishq bulava plays…………

arjun and anu reach near all other.they all r happy seeing anu back. sam huges her and says anu u had almost killed me. anu says then i should be in jail for the case of ur murder. what say? all laugh.they gives anu first aid and asks her to take rest. kirti says to anu how lucky u r! dr arjun take u in his arms. if i would get injured and dr arjun would hold me then i would have been so happy. sam says u always dream.after sometime anu recovers and then they starts to walk again.

precap: all the doctors r in a amusement park. anu fears to take a ride on rollar coaster. arjun says to anu u should fight with ur fear. take a ride on rollar coaster trust me ur fear will go away.anu says if something wrong happens then? arjun says nothing will happen. i will be with u.

credit to: Natasha

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guys i really want to continue our friendship and its my little try to give my friends some happiness through this story written by me.and forgive if my writting is not up to the mark and if theres any type of typos as i havent read it after writting and i have written it in small parts in 6days.

in these days very few of u have comment on each episode.i think my storys track isnt very good and thats why ur not commenting. i know that by the number of comment one cant prove its quality. but ur comments help me to write future episodes. so pls comment and give ur comment. and sorry for long episode.

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