Where is Heart There is Life (Episode 14)


the episode starts with sam enters to her house. piyali sees her and says its too late sam.sam says stop worrying about me. im absolutely fine. why u always worry? piyali says i know that my child is strong and brave but every mother worry for her child. at the same time a man nearly aged 50 comes there.hes wearing glasses and theres a book in his hand. he says why r u making my bacchu weak piyali? its sams father samrat khanna. sam smiles seeing him and huges him. piyali says so thats mean theres no place for me between pa and his bacchu. he says no. sam says theres always place for u mom. they hug. sam says tommorow im going for a medical trip to shimla. samrat says wow simla! piyali says okay go but take care. sam says okay mom. piyali says its already late so go to sleep now. tommorow u have to go right? sam says good night and goes.sam comes to her room and seeing her photo with neil hanging on the wall she recalls robbery incident and entering neil as her saviour. she smiles and says hes such an idiot.

arjun is sleeping in his room on his round bed. he sees dream in his sleep. he sees that same teenager boy(arjun) and the girl(radhika) is in the railway station. the boy cries and asks will u forget me? the girl says no. they cry together. he enters into the train and the train starts to run. he says bye. the girl also says bye and runs after the train. arjun wakes up from the sleep and loudly calls out radhika! he says so its a dream.

anu is sleeping in her luxerious room. the window is open and the light of moon is reflecting on her face. she sees the same dream which was seen by arjun of railway station. she wakes up and quickly drinks water from glass. she says why i again and again see this dream? who r the boy and girl of this dream? shes looking confused.

kirti, niki,tam r sitting in the balcony of the house. they lives in mumbai without family and shares the rent of their house. niki says the full moon is so beautiful. kirti says the moon is like our life. sometimes it gives so much light and sometime it itself become invisible in bad weather. tam says ur right. niii says we shouldnt give up in our life intough times. we should fight like moon does.the moon never gives up though it again and again covers with fog or darkness.

neil comes to his house. he sees his house is dark. he thinks his mom is sleeping. he gets hungry and goes near to fridge but sees nothing to eat. a lady comes and says i knew it. go get fresh im giving u dinner. neil says oh mom how u can know everything. the lady is wearing salwar and shes looking sweet.its neils mom prerna. she says im ur mother so i know everything.

its morning. anu geeting ready for going to the trip. shesays bye to her parents. madhvi stops her and makes her eat dahi sakkar(sweet curd). mohit says madhvi u never forget to do this. madhvi says anu is going to shimla for her first medical trip and its important make her this because we should eat something sweet before doing anything. anu says now can i go dad? mohit says yes dear. anu takes their blessings and goes.

all internees meet in the hospitals garden. they r vey excited about their trip. kirti comes there with 3 suitcases. parth asks kirti r u going to settle in shimla?why u have brought so many bages? tam says u know guys kirti has brought all her dress and shoe. and now her cupboard is empty. all laugh.rahul says u know guys shimla is very beautiful and theres many hill. kirti says i just love hills. they r discussing what to do during the trip. they r waiting for the bus but bus havent come yet. dr gupta says wheres the bus? dr gupta goes to dr jasmin and asks wheres the bus? why the bus havent come yet? dr jasmin says oh no! dr gupta says what happened? she says i forgot to book the bus. everyone looks at her shockingly.dr gupta says what! how can u so careless? dr jasmin says sorry. dr gupta says what to do now? dr arjun says clam down sir. he says dont worry sir. i know a agency i will call them they will send bus right now. parth says dr jasmin never forget to apply makeup but forgets to do official works. kirti says because of her over makeup shes looking bhootni(ghost). they laugh in low voice.

arjun comes and says the bus is coming. everyone says yes. dr gupta says dr jasmin couldnt book a bus in 24 hours but on the other hand dr arjun booked a bus in 24 minutes. he looks at dr jasmin angrily. neil says look heres the bus coming. everyone becomes excited. they sit in the bus along with permarent patients.

precap: the doctors r singing song one by one. its anus turn. she sings ramaiya vastavaiya…… arjun looks on.

credit to: Natasha

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guys i really want to continue our friendship and its my little try to give my friends some happiness through this story written by me.and forgive if my writting is not up to the mark and if theres any type of typos as i havent read it after writting and i have written it in small parts in 5days.

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  1. Hey nats its ling time yaar….. but we want arj and rads patch up…..

  2. @natasha-xcited of upcoming epi the moonlit night scene attract most… Whr had u gone…y late update…R U FINE DEAR…? IS EVRYTHING OKEY MISSING U

  3. NATASHA… Dear your story is just rocking… Why didn’t you post your story yesterday?? I was waiting eagerly… Please post the next one soon….

  4. Oops… I typed wrong my name!!!! What a fool I am!!!

  5. hey natasha…nice episode dear…n don’t worry dear..u r going on right track…keep it up…

  6. Nice story.Waiting eagerly for your next part.Loved ur story.

  7. Todays epi is awsome
    I think this song is related to arjun and radz dats y he looks at her
    She is singing very beautifully which reminds arjun of his pat moments with radZ

  8. Hey nats yaar ur story is superb yaar tum ek dam seedi raaste jaragi ho !!! So do not wory n updat soon !!!!

  9. super dear carry on

  10. Nice story dear…u explained every one perfectly..Waiting for upcoming track…pls update soon yaar cant wait to know what is gonna happen next…I Was Waiting yesterday for ur update …..Anyways Thanks dear for updating…
    Eagerly waiting for their journey part in Shimla…Take care dear…

  11. Hai natasha, story is going ri8 path.
    Dream portion is interesting.
    Kriti & Parth portion is funny.
    Parents portion is protective.

  12. Super story dr..keep it up …update soon ..waiting eagerly for your updates

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  16. hiii Natasha, omg can’t wait for next episode…
    its gonna interesting dear. ramaiyan vastavaiya…. omg anu sings ¡¡¡

    parth: ms. jasmine never forget to apply make up but forget to do official work!!!
    kriti: because of her over makeup she is looking bhootni.
    hhaha I enjoyed it 🙂 🙂 🙂 superb dear!
    hmmm missing nesam convo in today’s episode. keep writing, truly amazing dear…
    love you buddy ♡♡♡

  17. @DEEPA- where are you dear??
    plzz update ardhika’s crazy love epi.18
    we are eagerly waiting …..

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    Keep going dear…

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    Hey guys, hw r u all….missed u soooooooo much deariesss…..now happy tat am here…yipieeeeee

    Have a happy Sunday, everyone loveliessssss…..

  23. @All i didnt update yesterday as i didnt get time.
    @ tasnim thanks for concerning about me. Im fine.
    Pls keep give ur comments so that i can able to connect with u all.

  24. hEY NATS wOW Such and interesting episode.

    Loooooooooooooved the relationship between aradhika.

    Soon waiting eagerly for the romance between aradhika. .

    Girl . You have to write it soon for us.

    Loved the track going > Loved you dear.

    Keep going. Keep writing . NO updates for sometime. But this one is interesting.

    Love you dear.

  25. wow nice episode

  26. *@NATASHA-ya kya bat hoyi CHINGU hum cncern nahi karengi to kn karegi bolo bolo….

    today am dedicating u n @NISHA the song akdin mohabat…. jindegi kuch to baata..,..4rm d film b vaijan *(am trying my best 2 cnect with)

    @MANDY- yar lesson to adhura e rehgaya i want 2 learn 3 words in telegu 2dy I YOU HE/SHE n asking u Nuvu enti unnanavu….? Plz give its ans in telegu…..

    1. Hey tasnim so mein tume yaad thi !!! Cool !! So lets start !!!

      Hey first of all its not …. nuvu enti unavu — its nuvu ela unavu !!
      So d reply gos dis way even dho ur a girl or a boy u have to anser —- NENU BAGUNNANU — dis means I M FYN !!

      Hey d words in telugu r —
      I- means NENU

      YOU –means NENU


      BUT 4 HE — I M GESIN AYNA bcoz I m not sure !!!!!

      So hws it !!!! Hope u undastud !!!
      Hey 1 more thing ask me nythin if u want I wont mind !!!!!!!!

      1. Hey sory 4 d mistake !!
        YOU– means NUVU

  27. @NATASHA…yesterday i also cmnt 1 ur stry if u dn’t mind cn u check it dear api….i want u to read it plz plz plz…..its a request dearries hope u like it keep it up.

  28. Hey tasnim , A big hug for you dear.

    Lots of love to you . Thanks for tellling about this song.

    But can u please tell me some lyrics of this song. I can’t remember. But my dear friends will u make me remember about your song.

    ak din mohabbat……….zindagi kuch to bata.

    Dear Love you looooooooooooots and waiting for ur reply.

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