Where is Heart There is Life (Episode 11)


the episode starts with anu enters to arjuns cabin with a nervous face.arjun says where u had gone?anu says sir actually……arjun says how many times i have to explain u that its a hospital and here u have to maintain rules. anu says i wont reapet it sir.arjun says thats better. i like whom admit their mistake.now lets go otherwise we will be late. anu says sure sir.they goes.

sam and neil r working together. a child patient comes and his mother says dortor pls my child.sam says what happened to him? she says he doesnt eat anything. sam asks how old he is? she says only two months. sam says im cheaking him. when sam touches him, he starts crying. he is doing the same repeatedly. sam becomes annoyed and says he is so mischef. neil says children behaves in this way when a witch touches them.sam says what? so can u handle him? neil says yes,its not a big deal.by the way children loves me very much. neil holds the baby. the baby starts crying loudly.neil tries to console him. the baby hits neil with his leg. neil gets hurt. sam laughes.the baby wets neils shirt.sam says what happened? now say is this the way children love u?
neil looks at sam helplessly.

madhvis looking worried.she says today i hide the truth from anu somehow but really dont know till when i will able to do so.i have to do something.

anu and arjun reaches at the camp venue.the event manager greets them.arjun and anu greets the children. anu says kids pls stand in a line than dr arjun and me dr ananya will cheakup u all.they cheakup the kids.anu sees arjun and smiles. arjun sees anu treating the kids and smiles. he says shes doing handwork and im happy for her.after finishing the camp arjun tells anu to go to the hospital alone. he will come later.anu goes.

arjun comes to near a sea all alone.he holds a very old picture in a little boy and a girl r standing together.he says why u had gone leaving us all? u know i never see u after i left rishikesh when i was 10 years. but i love u since i came to mumbai.i went back to rishikesh to meet u after so many years but till then u left us all. arjun cries holding the picture.

precap: sam coming to her home at night. some robbers attacks her and tries to snach her bag.sam tries to escape from the robbers.

credit to:Natasha

yesterday i was very busy in celebrating eid so i couldnt update my story. and im so sorry for that. @farah,anu,thena,deepa,saji,seher,tasnim,mandy,abi,happy,mitty, devga,riya,nandhini,dipika,samiha,valli,mira,lulu,sona,kanishka,niku,nisha,devi,kruti, daizy,jayaru,anuradha,tanya(sorry if i forgot to write anyones name)pls keep giving me ur feedbacks.i want everyone not only to read the story but also to comment because after reading ur feedbacks it becomes easy for me to write my story.and i get more suggestions how to write my storys future episodes.

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  1. who is anu ??
    pls make it rads n arjun
    wht r dey doing in hospital
    pls explain story to me sum 1

    1. Its a fan fiction written by me. I have write aradhika and nesam in medical background. And anu is the medical version of radhika. Her real name is radhika but due to an accident she had lost her memory and shes anu. To know more read future episodes. I hope u will like it. And pls reply me if u like it.

      1. Natasha thanks
        pls bring out the truth abt rads fast
        really awaiting ardhika scenes

  2. Nice nats pls update next part

  3. Oh my dr naaty….wonderful epi yaar….enjoyed neil and sam baby checking scene aswellas arjun and anus scene,i think arjun s falling for anu…..so,future epi love in air….;),,,i think 2mrw neil vll save sam from robbers….keep going dude

  4. Exciting episode…..loved ur story very much….update fast waiting for the next part. ..

  5. nce twists in d story….keep it up naaty….

  6. @natasa this is n’t fair i read ur stry n cmnt 1 it almost evryday bt u 4get me hw cn it be possible am angry with u dear it hurt me by d way stry is going vry well……

    1. Sorry tasnim if i have hurt u ever.i know u love me and my story very much and i also know that u at least everyday comment one for my story. Dont get me wrong pls. I just give u a reminder to read my story and to keep touch with me.

    2. I didnt get u tasnim. Why r u saying i have forgotten u? Pls tell me. By the way when u r going back to ur home in sirajgong?

  7. Natasha ur story is fantastic especially Sam and neil part.Loving ur story.hope Anu realises the truth soon.keep doing ur fantastic writing.

  8. amazing story…u seem to be a professional writer..luv ur thnkng…plz reveal fast that anu is none othr than radhika

  9. I like the twist & eagrly waiting for nxt update

  10. *@natasa…actualy aftr finishing ur stry ur write some name bt my name tasni i think it was me ha ha ha i mis undrstand it…sweet heart api

  11. hi dear…….nice…..smiling……thanks……..wants more and more ardhika scene……..pls update big one………………..waiting……………

  12. Hey natasha nice going dear…n i guess arjun’s childhood love is radhika(anu) and he will start felling for her soon…

  13. hey…nats……

    very happy to read this epi….becoz i felt i m watching the epi of manmarziyan…..i love the last epi …..i want arjun’s love for radhu….which i couldn’t get from mmz (they finished the episodes….so quickly..) so pls consider my reqest dear…pls….i want more arjun scenes only…….bye dear with lots of friendship…:-))

  14. *@natasa …ya dear i realy like both u n ur stry vry vry to d power infiniti much dear…..u tel me so sweet way d way mera angry bird becme twity bird hua dear….i’l bk 2 Sirajgonj on tuesday as priv8 wil strt clg wil strt 1st oct again busy rountin life dear both api n chingu swety pie..

  15. Excited for the next update. Please update soon. 🙂

  16. Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooow, Just wow natashaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa luv you so much girl.

    Finally got arjun side of love for radhika.

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww childhood love. So much deeper than we think.

    Loved the essence dear.

    And more than that I luv so much the nesam scene with the littly cry child.

    So cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute.

    Keep going girl. Very interesting story goes a head in your mind.

    We really loved it. Keep giving us little precaps so that we alll can guess more think more and giving you more interesting feedbacks and guesses about your story.

    And little more ardhika romantic scence waiting for that eagerly . Hope this wait will give us enough romance of both the pairs.

    Love yooooooooooooooooooou so much nats keep going.

    I hope we can call you nats . Don’t mind its just a sweet gesture and shows how much we connect with u/

    Song of the day.

    A romantic one from girl side . Just saw this song can’t see the picture till now. But the song is good.

    Aisa laga mujhe pahlee dafa tanha mai ho gayi yaara ,
    hu pareshan si main ab ye kehne ke liye
    Tu zaroori sa hai mujhko
    zinda rehne ke liye.


  17. hi buddy

    you always rockz
    But i am eagerly waiting for FB for arjun..
    PLAN ANY OUTING in where is heart and there is love.There we can enjoy more love scenes for ardhika ma.
    Put more and more romantic conversation and scenes to make the couple everlasting cherishment in our hearts…

    Always love your loads..
    R u belong to medical field (occupation or studies?)

    1. No im not from medical field but i really like this profession. The doctors always works hard and they have a great contribution in our day to day life.
      I hope u will at least comment 1 for my storry and keep me in touch with u.

  18. Hii Natasha, I’m fine dear, how r u ???
    I’m also busy in celebration of eid. too much work is on my head ahhh…
    anyways your story is always awesome.
    nesam funny nokh jhokh scene with baby too comedy I like it! !!
    I’m very curious to know about the dr.arjuns past, who’s that girl in pic fb seems interesting! !!
    keep continue … 🙂 🙂
    tight hug to you dear. ♥

  19. Amazing Natasha!!!! But plz tell me will madhvi’s truth be out and radhika will get back her memory or not… Plz plz plz…

    1. Well for know further read further and wait. Kiu ki saber ka fal meetha hota hai. Pls comment at least 1 for my every episode and give ur feedbacks so i can write as per as all ur wishings.

  20. i like your story Natasha

  21. Hey natasha dis story is really very exciting pls continue!!!

  22. Awsm epi dr..i too like medical profession..thts y i told don’t pull off this story…

    Thnq so much for this story dr..lv u

  23. Nice episode Natasha, loved both ardhika and nesam scenes. Keep it up. I love this story. Eid Mubarak to you and all fans from me.

  24. I really love ur story Natasha

  25. Hai Natasha…nice story. .Please update the nxt part…

  26. I really love ur story……..
    Frm we’re u get such ideas man……
    Its really beautiful

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