Where is Heart There is Life (Episode 12)


the episode starts with arjun crying holding that picture. he gets a call from hospital. he says im coming.

anu comes to the hospital.everyone asks about the medical camp.she tells them about the camp. everyone says its nice job that u have done. sam says by the way do u know what our neil has done today.neil says pls dont tell them.what u happen to my image? kirti says shut up.sam will tell us.sam tells them what happened in the child ward. everyone laugh.neil says forget what happened. everyone starts to laugh more than before.

arjun comes to the hospital.he attends his patients who r large in number. anu passes outside arjuns cabin.arjun doesnt see her.he says to himself i know radhika u r no more. but why i feel ur alive and near to me?he gets teary eyed.he says radhika today i have fulfilled ur wish and have become a doctor.

dr gupta is in his cabin and checking some papers. after seeing the paper he says its september so thats mean its time to cheer up for all. he calls all doctors in his cabin.everyone comes there. parth says(in low voice) why dr gupta has called us? rahul says dude even i dont know that.dr gupta says today i have called u all here for a special purpose. in swarage hospital we arrange every year a special trip.for both doctors and patients. its benifitable as through it patients can enjoy nature and can also change their environment which help them to recover quickly. for doctors its a source of enjoyment.so r u ready to go? everyone happily says yes sir. gupta says good but dont forget to take care of ur patients. neil says dont worry about that. gupta says so tommorow we will go to shimla for the tour.

every internee goes to their working wards and tells the patients about the trip. all patients become happy.

all internees r dicussing about the trip in the looker room.sam says i think we should go to home now. i have to make preparations for tommorow. everyone leaves the hospital.

sam is walking in the street alone.its a dark night and nobody is on the street. she hears sound of someones walking.she looks behind but doesnt see anyone.she says i think im too tired. she starts to walk again.some robbers attack her from the behind. they try to snach her bag. she doesnt let them to take her bag and runs. one robber stands in front of her and another robber points a gun at her head.sam scares.

precap:someone(face isnt shown) comes at the spot riding a bike and starts to beat the robbers.

credit to: Natasha

guys i hope u r not facing any problem to read my story and pls do tell me if ur liking my story or not.

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  1. Heart touching episode dr…waiting fr anu’s truth to be revealed and our ardhika union …
    love u loads

  2. nice episode dear….waiting for love to blossom between arjun and anu….n i hope sam’s saviour is neil….update d next part soon…

    1. Yes ur gessing right.its neil

  3. Oh I am loving this story.The guy must be Neil.

  4. Natasha..
    Dear your story is very good..But I wanna say something if you don’t mind…
    Others who also write story like you (Kfar,Thena,Tanaya) they tries to give the description of the situation,mood,emotion,nature and etc…But You use this not so much.I like your stright cut story but I think you should…
    I hope you don’t take me wrong…Please reply…

    1. No dear i didnt get u wrong. Ur always welcome to give ur feedbacks.
      Actually i hardly get time to write my story.so it becomes difficult to write all moods,environment. But as u have tell me to do so then i will try.
      Keep giving me ur feedbacks.

  5. Hmmm…lykd it soo mch…
    U knw wt nw a dys i dnt read much serial updates i’ll b jst waiting fr u peoples fanfic….nt nathasha ua story z bit related to my fvrt serial dil mil gaye so while readng ua fictn i feel lyk m watchng dil mil gaye 2…

    1. Thank u. Dill mill gaye had already 2seasons. And ur finding my story bit related to it as i have shown love,friendship among the internees which is present in dill mlii gaye

  6. its neil……………………………nice………………..bt one thing…………rad parents identified their daughter…………….bt why arjun didnt identife her……………..

    1. Happy dear pls wait for next episode u will know the reason

  7. Natasha today’s epi was soo interesting n thanx for mentioning my name…….I like ur writing style…..

  8. @natasa…i like ur stry over all vry much its limited size n simple discription attract me most keep it up sweety pie……

  9. Hi Natasha! I am surprised that you still remember me even after a long time… Busy with studies, so only come here to take a peak at the stories. Anyways, today’s episode was great. So you are trying to relate Arjun and Radhika in the past, must be interesting. If you don’t mind, I think it was the 12th episode. And nice update, keep going…;)

  10. Forgot to mention, it is so generious of you to include so many names and I don’t think you missed any… You are such a sweetheart…

  11. yes finallly tour and more ardkika scene…
    arjun and radhika pair made in heaven and so they can’t be seperated by accident tooo.

    I like the twist and i want that arjun will get to know abt anu’s mystery and silently
    romance with anu….

    Nice episode natasha……

  12. you r a great writer Natasha…i love ur story. .. keep it up and continue soon..

  13. Hello natty,fabulous deary….so nice,warm hug for u ma,want many ardhika scene in coming epi…and arjun should find out abt radhika identity and fall in love in anu….keep rocking buddy

    1. Of course

  14. love ur story so much.continue dear…

  15. hiii Natasha. . how r u dear ??
    heart touching episode specially arjun’s teary eyes scene. I like it.
    eagerly waiting for shimla’s tour epi… make it spicy dear with full of enjoyment.
    awesome dear!!!! keep continue.. 🙂
    tight hug to you ♡♡♡

    1. Im fine.how r u? I will surely write the trip with full enjoyment

  16. hey..nats…..dont feel awekwwarrd …i love ur story…pls contineu i m excited to read shimla trip…hilly area…will anu become radhu….her memory?????!!!!!! i m wwaiting for it..

    1. When i have friends like u then why should i feel awekward. Pls keep supprpoting me and thats what i want

  17. Waiting for trip episode. And i luv arjun teary eyes- scene.

  18. Hey natasha superb story line dear……
    Please update large episode and arjun rads scenes also

  19. hey nats, emotional epi dear….luvd it. waiting 4 truth 2 b revealed

  20. nice episode dear, keep it up

  21. Awesome Nats keep going. Gooooood work 😀
    sry i couldnt cm n comment was held up by something n awww I missed u too. Lots 😀

  22. wowwww so nice ur story pls keep going. and where is 13 episode

  23. heyyy natasha how r u .

  24. pls don’t reveal now itself dat anu is radhika to arjun
    I want to see anu and arjuns romance pls
    I really lyk ur style of writting

  25. Hey natasha dear, its getting hard to find your story. Fast updated it dear.

    Just loooooooooooooooooooovd your stories.

    Loved it when arjun remember radhika when radhika passed away from his cabin.

    Loved to read that scene and excited to read about nesam also in the upcoming episode dear. Keep writing.

    Lvoed you all deariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiies

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