Where is Heart There is Life (The Face of the Truth) Episode 26


the episode starts with everyone looks at that young boy. the boy comes near anu and huges her. he says i throught u died but ur alive. im very happy.anu says leave me. sam sees the boy and gets teary eyed.what r u doing? anu pushes the boy. the boys face is now shown. the boy gets teary eyed. anu says who r u? and what r u doing here? mala says why r not u recognising anyone? the boy says u forgot me so easily. he says radhika, im saral. dont u remember me? anu says i dont know any saral.

anu goes to madhvi and says why u r not giving answer. r they saying true? madhvi says when u told me eariler about ur meeting with these people what did i say? they r doing this for money. they know that ur the inhearit of all ur dads huge property they want to take that. they r taking the advantage of ur face is similar to their dead daughter. and these papers are fake. they have come here with full preparetion.

anu looks at mala and dilip. dilip says we can be from a small town but we r not so narrow minded. mala says to anu believe me. we dont want property . we want our child back. we want u back. mala asks dont u remember us? mala goes near to saral and says this is saral. then mala goes to dadaji and says this is ur dadaji. the favourite member in family. he always support u. mala this time goes to near arjun and says this is arjun. u know him from before even ur meeting in hospital. u know him since childhood.anu looks at arjun. anu asks arjun do u really know any radhika who is alike me? do u know this family? arjun nodes yes.priya says to anu yes we knew. but due to moms treatment we left rishikesh and from then we were not in touch.

the internee gang is standing in a side. they r listening every word. the mishra family, sharma family, arjun and priya r in the middle of the hall. neil says to internee gang anu knows arjun from childhood! they r friends. but arjun didnot recognise her as radhika because he didnt see her after she grown up. and now they met in such a situation.what a co-incidence!

kirti says whats happening? im not understanding anything. niki says me too. whats this accident and all? is it true that anu is radhika? parth says u know guys i had read on newspaper some year ago about an accident of a model of rishikesh named radhika and as far as i remember her face was similar to anu. so when i saw anu for the first time i was surprised but then i ignored it. but now………

sam sees saral and says to herself sameer! then how can he can be saral. sam recalls her past.( fb shows that sam saying to a young boy whos face is not shown that why u have done this? i will complain in police against u. the boy turns and his face is same to same saral. he says go where u want to go. but against whom will u complain? u dont even know my real name.i have played with many girls emotion just for money. i never disclose my real name and diodata to them. sam breaks down). sam is now feeling dizzy. neil asks sam r u okay? sam doesnt answer and she becomes unconcious. everyone become shocked.

everyone take sam to a room. neil is cheaking up sams condition. mohit asks is she fine? neil says yes but i think she is under any type of tension. she is depressed.

saral notices sam for the first time. he says to himself sam! what is she doing here? what if she tells everyone about me? saral becomes worried. sam regains conciousness. anu asks r u all right? sam says yes. sam looks at saral.
neil says i think we should now let sam take rest. everybody comes out of the room. dadaji says radhika believe us. we r ur family. madhvi says no anu. we r ur family. anu becomes confused and cries. she recalls everyones words. anu runs out of the house. everybody gets stunned. madhvi says stop anu. but anu doesnt listen.

precap: anu is running on the highway. arjun ,neil and internee gang(without sam) runs after anu. they sees a truck coming towards anu. anu doesnt notice. arjun shouts anu, truck!

credit to: Natasha

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guys i really want to continue our friendship and its my little try to give my friends some happiness through this story written by me.and forgive if my writting is not up to the mark and if theres any type of typos as i havent read it after writting and i have written it in small parts in 6days.

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  1. Too very interesting!!!! Please update the next part fast!!!!! Waiting eagerly!!!!

  2. Oh nats dear… its good but i hate madhavi yaar…..

  3. Very nice yaar Natasha !! Its ok yaar if ur not well u can still give us small parts !! Hope u dinn get hurt bcos of my words !!!

  4. Heyyy.. Natasha… Kamon acho?? Tomar golpo onek akorshonio… Tumi ababe likhe jao….
    Guys…. I need to say something to all of you… It’s my last comment till the third week of November… Cause of my exams… Please do pray for me…. BECAUSE FRIEND’S BLESSINGS ARE ALSO IMPORTANT….
    I will miss you all.. Including::: Natasha, Mandy, Kfar, Tanaya, Deepa, Thena, Nisha, Tasnim, Richa, Devga, Lulu,Irrena, Sandy, Ananya, Riya, Happy, Unknown, Dipika,Sona, Swara And all of you…. SO MUCH….

    1. Hi brity….. all the best dear….

    2. All the best Brity!And do plz try to come here.Do well in exams.

    3. Brity miss u dear…n ALL THE BEST …

    4. Hey brity will miss u dear !! Pls yaar study well 4 ur exams !! All d best yaar !! I will surely pray to god dat u will pass ur exams with flying butter colours !! Ha ha ha !!

      Hey will b waiting yaar !!

    5. All the best brity
      Do well and prepare well
      Best wishes to all who are appearing for exam

    6. I miss you too dr……

    7. Best of luck

  5. Good one
    I think anu got her memory back
    Please continue
    Nats at least you are doing update yaar,others all completely forgot us

  6. Awesome epi …. Plz no accident …. Or let radhu regain memory from this accident

  7. Today’s episode was interesting.

  8. Plz dnt bring saral bak, i just hate him. . Plz. . .

  9. nice episode dr,waiting for nxt eagerly Buddy.

  10. omg what happen anu?

  11. Nice epi Natasha waiting for next part. ..hope radhika regain her memory

  12. Hai natasha, today episode was superb. We want next update. Pls quick. Poor girls- anu(radu) & sam.

  13. Hmmm nice episode…n yeah? mera v xam hei nxt tuseday se…oh god semester xam …..i jst hate it?

  14. Hi nats. Nice one. Kya surprises de rahi ho tum.
    Brity all the best for ur exams dear. Study hard and be calm and cook. Write ur exams well.

  15. I always love ur stories simply awsme.. BT Plz don’t bring tht saral b/w ardhika.. I just his character..

  16. Very nice episode, eagerly waiting for the next update, love you loads. ..take care deariiiiiiieeess

  17. Nice epi nats..Precap looks worrying..Good going..Poor Rads and Sam..Hate Madhavi,Saral..Take care ? buddy..Waiting for next Part..post soon..

  18. Aesome episode natty….how can u guyzz write so beautifully cuz sometimes i think I’m watching the episode not reading it….I mean seriously guyzz wot a talent yaar…..loved it…??
    One lovee?

  19. Nice episode….but i really hate the name SARAL…and this madhvi is disgusting too

  20. Interesting episode. . Continue soon. ..

  21. Natasha again a v.v.v interesting epi. Bt is saral radhika’s bro or he luvs(fake) rads. Plz make him her bro. I don’t want him 2 come b/w ardhika n also he cheated sam hate him. I hope after truck accident anu will regain her memory. Nice that Ardhika will get their childhood luv. Bt I don’t think childhood luv lasts long. It is only seen in serials, films n also life of stars. Bt not in ordinary cmn man’s life. I hv not seen any such cases. Had any of u heard abt it?

  22. I think natasha u shud bring saral back cuz i want to a lot of twists in story nd arjun will fight for radhika (ik in the end arjun nd radhika will together forever) so before that if this happens , the story will become very interesting nd yeah plzzz natasha put a lot of aradhika scenes…??
    One lovee?

  23. Hey nats whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. what an episode.

    Seriously what do u want to become princess. Sachin tendulkar of tu.

    Seriously shock pe shock . shock pe shock . In nana patekar estyle huh.

    Ek chota sa shock sala ek chota sa shock insaan ko unconsious kar sakta hai
    ghar se bhaga sakta hai .
    Friends and family ko uske peche bhaga sakta hai .
    Yahan tak ki insaan ko truck ke niche laa sakta hai.

    So much enjoying dear mind blowing writing seriously only your story have such humour in that serious situation coz of gangs convo we can even laugh in that intense scene. luv the gangs convo always.

    Luv u dear soooooooooooo much for adding saral in between u know rads bro character doesn’t have much potential ankush bhaiya bt that saral character what if ur mind says that he is rads fiance . A mind blowing sequence when ardhika luv each other than once again saral get in between to make them seperate an another twiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiist.

    Luv u dear so much expecting u in saral character . Already seen so much evilness in his character need much more in ur words make his character strong potential in evilness

    Woooooooooooooooooooow another truck accident luv it . And waiting eagerly for the next episode .

    Hey naty hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry up dear u will give us this full trp episode now u will have to update the next part tomorrow as readers can’t waiti for another twist. Luv u dear .

    What a situation created here . A song remember in my mind want to check out first d lyrics and then d video.
    Lyrics r awesome. Ek sawal chod jaate hai. Want to answer that what she is asking in d lyrics.

    Common dearieeeeees and dear nats answer her. simple .

    Here r the lyrics.

    Iss Zamane Mein…Iss Mohabbat Ne…
    Kitne Dil Tode…Kitne Ghar Phunke….
    Jaane Kyun Log Mohabbat Kiya Karte Hai
    Jaane Kyun Log Mohabbat Kiya Karte Hai
    Dil Ke Badle Dard-E-Dil Liya Karte Hai
    Jaane Kyun Log Mohabbat Kiya Karte Hai…

    Tanhayi Milti Hai Mehfil Nahi Milti
    Rahe Mohabbat Mein Kabhi Manzil Nahi Milti
    Dil Toot Jata Hai, Nakaam Hota Hai
    Ulfat Ye Logo Ka Yahi Anjam Hota Hai
    Koi Kya Jaane, Kyun Ye Parawane,
    Kyun Machalate Hai, Gum Me Jalte Hai
    Aahe Bhar Bhar Ke Deewane Jiya Karte Hai
    Aahe Bhar Bhar Ke Deewane Jiya Karte Hai
    Jaane Kyun Log Mohabbat Kiya Karte Hai

    Saawan Me Aankho Ko Kitna Rulati Hai
    Fursat Me Jab Dil Ko Kisi Ki Yaad Aati Hai
    Ye Zindagi Yun Hi Barbaad Hoti Hai
    Har Waqt Hotho Pe Koi Fariyad Hoti Hai
    Na Dawao Ka Naam Chalta Hai
    Na Duaon Se Kaam Chalta Hai
    Zehar Ye Phir Bhi Sabhi Kyun Piya Karte Hai
    Zehar Ye Phir Bhi Sabhi Kyun Piya Karte Hai
    Jaane Kyun Log Mohabbat Kiya Karte Hai

    Mehboob Se Har Gum Mansub Hota Hai
    Din Rat Ulfat Me Tamashaa Khoob Hota Hai
    Raton Se Bhi Lambe Ye Pyar Ke Kisse
    Aashiq Sunate Hai Zafa Ye Yaar Ke Kisse
    Bemurawat Hai, Bewafa Hai Wo,
    Us Sitamgar Ka Apne Dilwar Ka
    Naam Le Leke Duhai Diya Karte Hai
    Naam Le Leke Duhai Diya Karte Hai
    Jaane Kyun Log Mohabbat Kiya Karte Hai

    Such a sweet and wonderful video with a sweet voice and a beautiful face check out the video dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.


    jaane kyun log mohabbat kiya karte hai ??????video enjoy it dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeees answer her what she is asking in that video Share ur beatiful thoughts on this topic.

    Luv u all dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees luv u naty,

    1. Nisha maine video dekh nahi paya. And the answer to that girl i dont know. As till now i havent experience love without my family and friends

  24. Hey Beautiful Britty. Dear All d very bst for ur exams.
    Study well . Not going to say coz already if ur exams dates are near than we have full faith on u that you leave no stone unturned.

    Dear u r our friend put yourself full in studies we have full faith that u have d stamena to get the result what u expected in ur mind.

    Just think about d goal where u want to reach and then start doing studies it really helps and motivate u to strech urself to study more .

    Luv u dear We know u can do it. And anyhow u will have to pass these exams with highest points. Luv u dear Keep studing For the first time I am writing yes Keep studying and keep studying .

    Meet u after ur exams.Luv u dear.

  25. Hey my loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeely dearieeeeeeeeeeeees how r u all

    chillout tasnim mansi, manha roma, richa chinni, sree lulu, liya, devga nandhini,

    how r u all dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

    Whats up in ur lives.

    Share share share.

    Luv u all dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.Missing u all.

    1. Hey nisha !! Hw r u yaar ??

      I m fyn yaar !! But missing u n all guys yaar !!

      Hey I m very free but I guess baki log bohat busy hai !!!

    2. Hi nisha!
      I’m a huge fan of u…I love u soooo much….u alwayz have songs for every situation….keep it up buddy…love u…bye nd tc
      One lovee

    3. Hi nisha dear, thx for mentioning my name too… love to see reply from friends very far away, it always give me warm feeling that you and all my TU friends are with me all the time to cherish and encourage me in the life’s any tough situation. Love you loads. ..
      This song is one of my favorites, I knew the lyrics by heart… and used to Humm it also, you reminded me again, sooo sweeeeeet of you. Keep it up buddyyy. …
      This fanfic page brings big smile on my face, a soothing feeling and peace in my busy life…
      Love you all deariiiiiiieeess. .. take care

  26. Amazing……..

  27. Hey Natasha tumi bangalee!!!! Thako kothai?
    By the way story ta kintu interesting..
    Chalie jao. All the best.

  28. Hey my loveieeeeeeeeeeeeely mansi.

    Dear Not to worry . All the butterflies comes here after all we all gather here to live our manmarziyaan. Where else we all go when our heart is here.

    What say????????

    Dear Missing u tooooooooo so much . Always luved u . Keep writing keep commenting.

    1. Pls nisha b here yaar never go bcoz I will always b here !!!
      Xactly !!!no one can leave dis place if u cum once here !!!

  29. Hi all. How r u? Kal raat shayad thoda jada ki raat mein soyi thi toh aj im having headache. Uff!

    1. Hey natasha !! So dats y ur late hah !!
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      Hey pls take care yaar !!

      So hw r u n hws ur day going ???

  30. Hi nisha dr.Iam fine yaar.
    and all my dearies how r u all.

    hey dearies from tmrw onwards iam not coming to tellyupdates yaar,becoz today is the last date for my net balance nd I also can’t come to net becoz my exams r gng to start yaar,so no net upto my exams r gng to finish.Tmrw onwards no cell in my hands only book will be there.iam gng to misssssssss all of u vry much yaar.I think it wii be a long time.After dat when I come to tu der will ne soooooook many updates for me.It will be a big treat for me.

    @natasha I think der will be so many updates after my exams r finished.Don’t think dat chinni had stopped to read ur story dr nd don’t remove my name dr,just kidding.luv u loads.

    @kfar hi msd u so much plssss update DT series yaar.when I come after my xams I want looooooing updates.marchipoku DT chaaaaaaaaaaaaaala ekuva updates undali.

    @thena hey yaar ,how did u write ur exams buddy.ns plssss don’t forget to update all ur stories PLC,PLC story ndCLS.I want all updates yaar.

    @tanya iam waiting for ur lucky every day manmarziyan nd update it daily dr ,when I will come I want sooo many updates yaar.

    @sree hi dr update ur MMZ2 also buddy .eagerly waiting to read it yaar.looot of episodes dr.luv u dr.

    @anu when u come here plsss update ur stories also dr.

    @mansi last but not least ,my sweet buddy.hey mansi bangaram nenu ni updates kosam kuda waiting. naku exams aypoyaka two stories updates chala episodes undali maa.

    @nisha,@tasnim,@pragya,@roma,@kfar,@thena,@tanya,@natasha,@anu,@mansi,@sree nd all deariiiiiiies missss u sooooo much.bye.

    1. Hey chinni !! Adenti eltunava !! Ok aithe baga chaduvu !!

      Hey my stories will b waiting yaar n I will also b waiting !!

      Pls tondaraga ochesayi !!!

      Will miss u !!! Hey wen will u b back ??

    2. Hi chinni, I love you and your name a lot. Always read your comments. ..I’ll miss you very much. ..please work hard for your exams and get back to us as soon you done with it. ..ill be waiting right here sweetie. ..take Care dearrrrr. ..love you loads and very very tight warm hug. ..muaaaaahhhhhh

  31. Nice said nisha. That we come here for our manmarziyan. And it stays reallyclose to ourheart. Its almost 2 months but iam not able to forget. Oh god what is happening to me. I want to stop here otherwise i am going cry.

    Nats please daily update yaar. U r becoming really busy these days. U made us addict to ur story. And u not updating it now. Totally unfair. Miss u.

  32. Good morning. How r u?

  33. I’m good natasha….eagerly waiting for ur next update…plzz update fast..??
    One lovee?

  34. Hey my sweetheart dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees. How r u nats . Keep healthy dear. YOu have to take care of ur health. We want u to come here soon my princess.

    Hey my naty dear in that video also she sang that song with such an innocent smile and she ask and share this thing with d audience that why people fell in love??????

    As she also doesn’t experience till that song what is love but she see people fell in love and their experience. And she sang that song .

    Even What is love this is a question.

    I just post this song as I read such situation in that story and as a reader I recommend tat song for that episode. As Even I felt when someone fall in love than he or she will also have to be ready to bear the consequences for falling in love. It is not easy at all. Even in my real life too I see whenever one fall in love he or she will have to make courage to take strong decisions. To take strong steps so that their love will win and they can live and I see so many couples leave each other due to many circumstances.

    Moral of the story is Be strong , Be confident, Be responsible to take decisions and Trust your love if u want to spend seriously the rest of ur life with ur partner.
    Because there are very few people who win their love without hurdles and there are so many who can’t get their love , and failed to pass the hurdles which fall in their love.

    As that’s why she ask from them why people fell in love . love has break so many heart so many homes. with an innocent smile as she herself doesn’t know the meaning of love.

    Luv u naty try to explain u what she say in my thoughts . Dear u have such a beautiful heart, such a beautiful talent. Share ur beautiful thoughts. U may not experienced love but u see love nearby your life. Share that experience with us.

    As we really lovee u a lot. and respect ur thoughts equally. luv u nats luv u always

  35. Hey my dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees how r u all.

    Hey my sweetooo mishthi chinni . Loving caring and sweettoo as always showers ur love here .

    Dear all d best for ur exams. Ur sweetheart is waiting for u . Get urself prepare fully . Doesn’t neeed to say because we know u leave no stone unturned.

    Dear we have full faith that u give such a spectacular exams. and reach there where u want to . The height of ur dream destination.

    REmember the goal always and cross the ladder and reach to ur goal.

    And then come to us sweetypie we always here to wait for u lluv u always dear. so many huggs to u . Keep smilling . Keep loving keep wriiting always .

    And comes to us deary whenver you steal the time to live ur manmarziyaan.

    Hey ameena , dear luv u by heart dear lots of hugs dear. Share ur beautiful and pure thoughts dear . Always loving u and love ur name too sweety. lots of hugs and kisses for u deary.

    Hey my dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeees chinni, lovely roma, sweetoo manha, sweetheart tasnim , loveedovee mansi, brightest britty, sneha riya, devga Hey my sweeties how r u all.

    Keep writing dearieeeeeeeeeeees.

  36. Hey naty and all my dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees
    We all heard a story .

    Let me remind u all again.

    Once upon a time

    Ek tha raja ek thi rani dono margaye khatam kahaani

    heard in my childhood days. Such a short one. But really love this story when I heard this song.

    U too listen . How king and queen fell in love , where and when ??????????????

    Love u all dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees we may from the different states different countries even but one thing always remember just like language has no boundarieeeeeeeeeeees that ‘s the same for love, friendship, feelings thoughts has also no boundarieeeeeeees we can expand all in this deep ocean . Love u all by heart.

    When I heard this song I loved it because If u heard or read fully the lyrics u may get to know raja and rani perspective about love.

    Raja Ko Rani Se Pyaar Ho Gaya
    Pehli Nazar Mein Pehla Pyaar Ho Gaya
    Dil Jigar Dono Ghaayal Hue
    Teere Nazar Dil Ke Paar Ho Gaya

    Raja Ko Rani Se Pyaar Ho Gaya
    Pehli Nazar Mein Pehla Pyaar Ho Gaya
    Dil Jigar Dono Ghaayal Hue
    Teere Nazar Dil Ke Paar Ho Gaya

    Raja Ko Rani Se Pyaar Ho Gaya

    Raja Ko Rani Se Pyaar Ho Gaya

    O, Raahon Se Raahein, Baahon Se Baahein
    Milke Bhi Milti Nahin

    Ho, Hota Hai Aksar Armaan Ki Kaliyaan
    Khilke Bhi Khilti Nahin

    O, Phir Bhi Na Jaane Kyoon Nahin Maane
    Phir Bhi Na Jaane Kyoon Nahin Maane
    Deewana Dil Beqaraar Ho Gaya
    Raja Ko Rani Se Pyaar Ho Gaya

    Raja Ko Rani Se Pyaar Ho Gaya

    Rani Ko Dekho, Nazrein Mili To
    Aankhein Churaane Lagi

    Ho, Karti Bhi Kya Voh Sar Ko Jhukaake
    Kangana Ghumaane Lagi

    O, Raja Ne Aisa Jaadu Chalaaya

    Raja Ne Aisa Jaadu Chalaaya
    Na Karte Karte Ikraar Ho Gaya

    Raja Ko Rani Se Pyaar Ho Gaya
    Pehli Nazar Mein Pehla Pyaar Ho Gaya

    Dil Jigar Dono Ghaayal Hue
    Teere Nazar Dil Ke Paar Ho Gaya

    Luv u nats all my dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees keep writing and keep sharing ur beautiful thoughts.

  37. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4BhFQiX3xE
    Raja ko rani se pyaar ho gaya. video for my lovieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

    1. Nisha(9x) kya gane lik thi ho !!

      Wow yaar u jus made my day dear !!

      Hey hw r u yaar ???

  38. Nisha i will soon update my story. And yes i have see many people falling in love.
    Thanks for reminding me of my childhood with raja rani kahani. We used to joke on this story. Ha…ha…ha…

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