Where is Heart There is Life (The Face of the Truth) Episode 25


the episode starts with mishra family come to mumbai. they hire an auto and starts for going to anus house.

in the party everyone is enjoying. madhvi, mohit and priya talks with each other. arjun is with anu. he takes anu behind a pillar of the hall. anu says what happened?why u have taken me here? arjun says actually i wanted to discuss about something. anu says tell me. arjun says today priya di asked me if i want to marry u. anu gets tensed and says what did u said? arjun says i said that i want to marry u but not now. i think im not ready to marry so soon. first i want to make our relation very strong. whats ur throught about marriage? anu says i…i…im not also ready to marry so soon. arjun says so we think similar. anu smiles and says u can understand me so good. thats the reason i like u. arjun acts to be angry and says u like me only for this one reason? anu also acts and says yes, of course. anu smiles and says i was joking. i like u for everything. arjun holds anus hand and says i also like u for ur everything. they laugh. niki sees them and calls other internees. kirti says they r doing their love behind a pillar! its looking like a movie. madhvi sees internee gang seeing something behind that pillar. madhvi says what r u doing there? neil says nothing. we were just seeing ur house. sam says yes. sam says to niki look over there. so beautiful things. niki says yes, of course. madhvi thinks anus friends r so strange. madhvi says anyways u should go over there. everyone is there. madhvi goes. parth says u saved today. if aunty got know about our seeing anu and dr arjuns movie then………

mohit says ladies and gentle man today im very happy seeing all youth internee. im reminding of my youth. kirti says i think we should do something today. after all we r in a party. the internee gang along with arjun and anu dance on salame e ishq…………

after the dance priya says to arjun go dance with anu. u wont get a better chance than today. arjun says di u r just impossible. arjun goes near anu and asks her hand for dancing. anu smiles. rahul says now they will start showing their love. neil says dont worry. its fun to love when u can tell it to the whole world. anu and arjun together come to the dancing floor. priya, madhvi, mohit claps for them. priya says i think anu and arjun r the best pair. mohit asks priya did arjun tell u…… priya says yes and anu ………madhvi says yes anu told us about their love. arjun and anu dance together. ishq wala love plays…………

dilip comes in front of anus house along with all family members. dilip enters to the gate. but a watchman says did u get invitation for the party? dadaji says we r not here to join party. watchman says then u cant go inside. dilip says what do mean by we cant go? watchman says its sirs order. dilip says to hack with ur sirs order. dilip gets involve in fight with wacthman. dilip goes inside. dilip enters to the hall and shouts stop this party! madhvi and mohit gets worried. mohit asks madhvi in low voice isnt he the same person who had come to house and said hes anus real father? madhvi says yes, im getting tensed. i dont know why hes here today. and hes looking angry today. i hope he didnt get clue that anu is his real daughter radhika. seeing dilips shouting everyone look on. arjun says dilip uncle! priya says dilip uncle!

kirti says whos that man? sam says its the same person who came to hospital and saying that anu is his daughter who died some years in an accident. right, anu? anu says yes, hes the same person.

dilip comes near to madhvi and asks madhvi why did u lie that day? why did u say that shes(pointing at anu) ur real daughter when shes my real daughter? all internees, arjun and priya gets shocked.madhvi says what r u saying? anu says to dilip i told u that day im not ur radhika. im ananya. mohit says i think ur doing a mistake. dilip gets angry and says im not doing any mistake. dilip throws the adaption papers. dilip says im not doing any mistake and this papers r the proof of my words. anu says why r u wanting to prove my parents wrong? dilip says im not lying. i had came here to meet mrs sharma. radhika, when i told her about u then she totally refused to accept that u r my real daughter. she told me that u r her biological daughter. but these adoption papers proves that u r not her biological daughter but u r my daughter. anu reads the papers. anu goes to madhvi and says is it true that this man had come to our house and u met him? madhvi says anu dear……anu says pls mom tell me he truth. madhvi says yes. anu says why didnt u tell me? madhvi says u told me that u met with him in hospital and what happened. i thought not to bother u about these things. so i didnt tell u and thats it. anu goes to mohit and says dad tell me the truth. arent me ur real daughter? these papers proves that im not ur biological daughter. is it true? mohit doesnt answer. anu says tell me dad. dilip says radhika u had met with an accident some year ago. we found a deadbody but its face was destroyed. so we thought that u r dead. but after coming to mumbai we met u and felt that u r my daughter. but then we couldnt prove it as we had no proof. anu says so now where did u get this papers? dilip says from rishikeshs hospital where ur mohit adopted u after the accident. at the same time mala comes with dadaji. mala says radhika and huges her.

arjun comes near anu, dilip, mala and dadaji. arjun says mala aunty! dilip and mala sees arjun and says arjun! arjun says im a doctor of the same hospital where anu works. mala gets happy. arjun says i know anu. shes not radhika. mala says no arjun. arjun, u had come to meet radhika after her death but look shes with u but u dont know that.mala says i know u didnt see radhika after grow up and dont know how she looked. anus face is same to radhika. mala gives him a family photo. arjun gets shocked seeing radhika as her face is same to anu. arjun recalls his past with radhika.(fb shows that in railway station arjun is on train and going away from rishikesh to mumbai. radhika holds his hand. the train starts to move. radhika and arjun still holding their hand. radhika runs after the train. arjun says i will come back. the train goes.)

arjun asks to anu do u remember any accident? anu says yes. i had met with an accident some year ago but in hospital my dad and mom were with me. arjun says can u remember anything before accident? anu says no. in fact i was not able to recognise mom and dad. then mom tell me that i got hurt in head so cant remember anything. mom told me that she herself is my biological mother. dilip says in reality mohit had found u after accident and took u to hospital. when they came to know that u had lost ur memory then they adopt u as they had no child. even they bribed the doctor not to disclose this matter. anu gets shocked. anu goes to madhvi and says is it true? u took the advantage of my being a memory lost victim? dadaji says choti u forgot me? u used to tell me that u will never forget me no matter happens. im ur dadaji. ur dadaji who used to save u from dilip.

a young boy comes there calling out radhika loudly. the boys face is not shown. from the backside its shown the boy is wearing a black shirt and a blue jeans pant. theres a black handband tied in his hand. anu looks on. all looks at him. sam gets shocked seeing him. sam gets teary eyed. neil says what happened sam? r u all right? sam doesnt answer.

mala says its good that u came. radhika isnt beliveing that we r her family. shes not beliveing that shes radhika. pls make her understand. the boy says u dont worry. im sure she will again able to remember us all.

precap: the boy(hes face still not shown) comes near anu and huges her.anu says what r u doing? leave me. seeing that boy sam recalls her past and recalls some words like im dumping u sam, im used to play with girls emotion and cheat them. sam feels dizzy and falls down. everyone get stunned.

credit to : Natasha

hope u all r enjoying my story. pls tell me if u r enjoying to read my story or not.

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guys i really want to continue our friendship and its my little try to give my friends some happiness through this story written by me.and forgive if my writting is not up to the mark and if theres any type of typos as i havent read it after writting and i have written it in small parts in 6days.

guess seeing whom sam gets shocked and guess how is he related to sam as well as radhika.

Guys if anyone of u dont like my story then its okay but at least comment 1 to continue our friendship. I really want u all to keep me in touch with u.

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  1. Hi nats dear oops finally truth is out…… oh no he is radhika bf? Or rads brother

  2. Awesome epi yaar …..

  3. Hai Nats..My guess was Right that he is Rads bro…Oh finally it is proven that Anu is Rads…
    So sad to c Sam ..She definitely needs to move on from the past..Neil help Sam to forget her past buddy….
    Nats superb epi waiting for next part eagerly to know what is gonna happen when Sam’s ex boyfriend comes in front of her and next track of Arj and anu’s love ❤ story..
    Take care ? buddy…

  4. Nice update ………..
    Y aren’t anus parents reacting lyk last tym her mother told dat dey came 4 money onlyy?????????? If dey keep mum lyk dis only anu will suurely understand dat she is not anu but radhika!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Nice one.continue your work

  6. Superb Natasha !! Tomi khub valobashi !!! Hope I said it crectly !!!

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    One lovee ?

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  13. Oh…… It’s so sad that Anu hasn’t recognize her own parents…. But why Arjun…. He should feel that….. And maybe that boy is none other than Saral…. Ugh…. Hate him…. Anyways.. Natasha… Loved it dear…. And How are you???

  14. Ah truth is revealed with so many twists and turns. Like everyone is infront of their past. eagerly waiting for next update. Nats kya epi tha. Love the songs. Plz update it daily dear. U seem to be very busy these days.

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  20. Hey,natasha…ofcourse we r luving ur story dear…u dont want to ask dat question ever….and yess even we want a talented friend like u,farah,thena,anu and all others who r eriting here..u r all doing amazing job…keep it up…yeah i liked the episode…but that BOY…..who is he…if he is radhu’s brother..how can he be a flurt…..i know u ll disclose it at right tym..luv u

  21. @Mansi…. It’s ”Tomake khub valobashi”… And Natasha… Are you Bengali???

  22. @Mansi u have written wrong. It will be ami tomake khub bhalobashi. But it was a very nice try.keep it up. If u will say these words to mann bhaiya im sure he will be on cloud nine. By the way nuvu ela unnavu?
    @Brity yes. Im bangali. But cant write it well.
    @Tasnim,nisha where r u?
    @others how r u? And hows ur day?

  23. Natasha i read ur story bt commenting 4 1st time. Luv ur story track. There r so many mmz fans thn why did sp stop this serial n replaced it with ssl. They shd know tht we r students n we hv our study n other activities also so we cn’t watch tv as our mothers. I wish sp bring mmz 2 n make its youth viewers happy.

    1. I think tht boy must be Saral bcoz only he cn do such things. It may be also ankush (rads bro). I m confused 90% guess 4 Saral n 10% 4 Ankush.

  24. Hey nats welllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll done dear.

    Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooow. Such a big mistaken dear huge truth came out now one by one unfolded .

    Really getting amused and interesting to read each and every line of today.
    nice song ishq wala love.

    lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvved the entry of d young boy. I think its rads bro and sam ex its clear that its sam ex but tell us dear is it rads bro.

    ooooooooooooh now neil became the jealous person again whoooooooooooooopy heee hee hee.

    really nats needed more twists dear . now the twist ka stock d end ho gaya just filled it with another twists dear. Just like swaragini so much fullfill of so many twist tat makes tat show no1 in trp.

    make add more twist and your story would be no 1 on d page. Luv u dear enjoy these all episodes dear.

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    Bat kya hai pata kuchh nahee hai
    Mujhase koi kata ho gai toh
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    Kubasurat hai tu rut javan hai

    Kalee kalee ghata dar rahee hai
    Thadi aahe hava bhar rahee hai
    Sabako kya kya guman ho rahe hai
    Har kalee ham pe shak kar rahee hai
    Phulo kaa dil bhee kuchh badaguman hai

    Ai mere yar ai husn vale, dil kiya maine tere havale
    Teree marjee pe abb bat thaharee, jine de chahe tu mar dale
    Tere hatho me abb meree jan hai

    luv u all dearieeeeeeeeeeeeees.

  25. An optional song video is nice want to seee just open the line and check it dearieeeeeeeees.


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    Jindaree behaal hai, sur hai na taal hai
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    hey princess nats i am fine dear how r u . Keep healthy mausam baimaan hai.

    hey sree dear how r u. nobody found u dear.

    hey zara , really found u so hard . visit dis page dear . missing u kabhi kabhi milti ho roj mila karo.

    hey darling tasnim where ru missing ur comments and ur lovely thoughts.

    hey lovely dearestchinni how r u dear.
    Hey mansi busy ho dear. Koi nahi writing any other story keep writing happy for u dear.

    hey my all dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeees how r u. luv u all by my heart.

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    u r really amazing dr how can u memorize all these songs yaar.

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    Missing u guys really.

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    Have a good day!!..??
    One lovee?

  30. Hey nats goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood morning to u dear princess how r u dear.

    Heloooooooooooooooooooo my lovies pritiest tasnim, mansi (coolest mandy), sree, sweetoo chinni roma , manha richa luv u all my lovieeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

    what ‘s up how r u. Today weather is nice . Feeling cold today. As winter start so have to bear this cold but if u r feeling d same then make it fast dear take something soup, medicine or home remedies get rid of that cold as it really can make ur voice worse and including ur throat so get rid of that as soon as possible.

    Luv u all my lovieeeeeeeeeeeeeees . Share share share share ur thoughts and keep smiling keep writing and keep commenting

    A song for women empowerment loved it for all those women who make pride being a girl make way for urself in these also make ur parents and ur dear ones proud by doing something exceptional in life keep following what ur heart says as mind can say wrong sometime but it is ur beautiful heart that can never guide u wrong . An excellent guide in ur life by which u can trust 100%

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    Luv u nats luv u all mylovieeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

  31. Hi Natasha, well written!!! Fantastic turn of events… So finally truth is known to all. Is that person her brother?? Eagerly waiting for the next epi….

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    @all friends, I miss you alllllllllll. …take care deariiiiiiieeess

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