Where is Heart There is Life Episode 35 (ajab sa dill hai tera mera)


its me! nahi pah chana? are mein toh tumhari natasha hu!

tum sayad such rahe hogi ki kya yeh tumhari dream hai ya phir sach hai. pinch! are pinch karo na apne app ko ! dard hua? agar dard hua toh socho yeh hakikat hai.

shall i write story today? no, today i will say my all feelings. wont u listen?

i had declared to leave this site regarding security issues. but i couldnt stop myself. i remembered u all time.

u know i have a special and exceptional friend who always supports me. my that friend can understand me. when i told my friend about u all and im feeling very bad. i was suggested to make a comeback as i cant leave without u all. i feel peace talking to u. i think my friend’s idea is working.

forgive me. i couldnt visit even my page for some days. but when i came there today. i found all ur comments. tears rolled from my eyes when i read ur comments. this incident proved that u really love me a lot and our relation is made by love and care. this relation cant be brake. not even by that embedserver. isnt it?

i know i made u all disapointed by not replying in the last page. but pls forgive me. actually i didnt visit there for some days. u know the network problem! many of u thought that im betraying u as i didnt reply u. is our friendship is weak that u thought im betraying u as i didnt reply? i didnt visit my page becoz i knew that i wont be able to control myself seeing ur comments. trust me i cant imagine of betraying anybody. i promise yeh dosti humnahi toregge. wont u forgive ur natasha?

chalo ek sayari hi suns deti hoo-

dill ko na sham hal saka
nazre na chupa saka
tujh ko mein chod gaya
phir bhi na bhula saka
phir aa gaya tu ki gali mein
tumse milne.

door bhagna chahu bhi toh
door na tujse ja saka
kaisa yeh ajab rista hai teri mere beach me
log isse kya bole mujhe nahi pata
mein isse kahti ho

sayari accha tha? actually first time try kiya!

i will come back soon. pls everyone have to come today to this special page of today. i didnt talk to u since so many days! come soon i want to talk with my friends.

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  1. @All my guys

    See this video i found it very funny dance.

    Isnt it funny? Specially last part. When two brothers were about to kiss each other. But they realised and then they didnt.

    1. Dont watch from above link. I found better one. Watch this link-

      Its video quality is better than above one.

  2. hi nats, so enjoying haaa. kaise chal raha hi. when will we able to read the story? but i am right now enjoying THE FRIENDSHIP party which is organized here. i just hope that if TU can update our comments fast then we can really enjoy chatting with buddies. i hope someday they think abt it n make it happen as it was before.

    1. I hope so.

  3. Sad sad sad …. Very disappointed dear Natasha …. U r commenting and replying but not making us happy with the nxt part …. Really sad ….

    1. Devga dear so soory. Actuslly im very busy these days. Im commenting while going on vehicle somewhere. Im not updating till now because it needs a lot of time to write and have to think too but im not getting that time. I hope u can understand. Pls have patience.

  4. Hey naty how r u dear. I saw the links coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooollllllllllllllll Love it dear.
    Hope my prncess you are fine.

    Hey devga hello dear, how r u dear. I give all the answers of the questions dear. You get it .
    And yes me too waiting naty for the next update Missing where is heart there is life and Arziyaan a lot .

    You are right manha these days are more like a friendship party but seriously its difficult to chat as they are taking more time to update on the right side so we can find our friends easily But still I love to talk with friends these days Always loving u all by heart.

    1. Yes dear I too saw all ur comments … Look at ur page

  5. Where r u all?

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