Where is Heart There is Life Episode 34 (kya karegi baba arjun aur kaun le gaya hamari chashni ko)

pardhi- e -meherban -katerdan………meri yeh story. hamari toh yahi kamna hai ki meri story aur main de saku apko bohot sari khushi. agar bho na kar saku toh chahti hu sabse mafi. toh pesh hai hamari where is heart there is life jo sayad apke heart mein laye life ki sari khusi-

the episode starts with arjun goes with the nurse for cheaking the patient. sam says to neil what to do now? neil says dont worry. we will expose saral no matter what happens. sam nods yes.

arjun goes to the icu. he gives the patient electric shock. he sees the heart beat in electrocardiograph. he gives the patient injection and the patient becomes stable. arjun gets relieved. he comes out of the icu. he sees sam and neil there. he thinks God knows what they want to tell me. neil comes near arjun and says sir……… arjun says its lunch time so lets go to somewhere else and then……sam says okay,sir. arjun drives his car. neil and sam r also with him. neil and sam r looking disturbed. arjun sees them through the mirror of car. he sees neil pacifying sam. arjun gets tensed. he thinks dont know why they r so worried about radhika. is it related to sar……but how can they know this? i must learn today what actually happened.

they comes near a sea beach. they sit on the stone by the shore of the sea.arjun says what did u want to say? sam says sir radhika is in trouble. u dont know that saral is fiance of radhika from before radhikas memory lost problem and……arjun says i know that saral is her fiance. sam and neil get shocked. arjun continues saying she told me about it. neil says but…but do u know about saral? and his motives?

arjun looks at neil and says motives? sam says saral is a cheater. sam tells to arjun i know saral from before 5years ago. we met in a coffee shop.(fb shows that sam is a coffee shop. she orders a black coffee. she bumps with a guy. coffee falls on sams hand. the boy is saral. he says im so sorry.) thatvwas the first day i met him. on that day we drink coffee together and took phone numbers. later on, after somedays we became very good friends and then lovers. he traped me. he used to take money from me without my consent. he used to even beat me for this. when i found that he doesnt love me really he dumped me. he told me he never loved me. he consider me as his earning source. neil now tells to arjun saral not only do this to sam but to many other girls. sam says after knowing his reality i threatened him of filling police case against him. but he then told me that i cant do that as i dont know his real name, identity. rather he said that he never use his real identity while cheating with girls. he also got married to many girls and after taking money forcely from them and then he elopes. he threatened me that if i do anything against him then he will defame my family. he knew that my family didnt know about him and so he used it to threat me.

arjun says how do u tolarated him? neil says saral had came to sam in the hospital. after seeing sam with radhika he treatened sam not to tell anybody about their past. sam says he also shared his plan with me that he will leave radhika once get money from her. arjun says he will take money from radhika? but radhika told they were getting married as per her dadis last wish. neil says because saral pretend to be good in front of all. thats why her dadi wished so.

now scenc shifts to radhikas room. she is sitting on her bed. her window of the room is open and a cold air is coming. she thinks today arjun went from here being angry with me and now hes not taking my calls. i know him. he can do anything while hes angry. im getting worried about him. and all this problem occured because of that idiot and fool saral. i will see him. but now what should i do? untill i meet arjun myself i wont be in peace. i have to meet him right now. i wonder in which state he would be in. radhika stands up and gets ready.

radhika comes out of her room. mala and madhvi see her and says where u r going? radhika says im going to hospital for some urgent work. mala says ur sick, dear. u shouldnt go now. madhvi says by the way others r managing ur patients. saral sees them together. saral thinks i have to stop her. he goes to near radhika and starts his acting . he says why r u going? that too on this state? she says i have work in hospital. saral says u shouldnt work now. and if it is much urgent then i will accompany u. radhika thinks if this problem will accompany me then arjun will get more furious and the matter will get worse. says no…no… its my work. what will u do there? mala says saral is right. radhika says no, what will saral do there? saral says then dont go pls. he holds radhikas feet and says pls dont go. mala says hes saying u so much then pls dont go. radhika gets confused and says okay. saral smiles and thinks im successful.

sam to arjun says now we want to save radhika and expose saral. arjun looks at the beautiful sunset and says why to expose? u can tell radhika. she will believe u even if u have no proof. neil says we know that she will easily believe us. but what about her family? they believe saral. if we will say anything against saral, then wont believe us. they will ask for proof. so we want to expose saral.

radhika says to herself always this saral makes problem for me. when will this duffer saral leave me? uff! radhika goes back to her room sadly. radhika lockes her room and says what will i do now? untill i meet arjun i wont be in peace. she says i have to go. but if i will go infront of everyone they wont let me go. what should i do? suddenly her eyes fall on the window of her room. she says i have an idea. but will i able to do it?

precap: radhika is her house garden. she says its good that nobody saw me coming out of the house. sam says to arjun we told u everything. she asks arjun will u help us? sam and neil extends their hand towards arjun. arjun looks on. radhika is walking by the side of a empty road. suddenly someone wearing a black mask holds radhikas mouth from behind. radhika scares. the man covers radhikas face with a black cloth and points a gun on radhikas head.

credit to : Natasha

how r u guys? it has been long time that i updated my story. actually im bit busy these days. guys i think my story is going very boring these days, isnt it? sorry for that. u know im not a writer so cant taking my story in a good track. if u want then i can finish my story. i will write next part after getting ur reviews.

guys, my chennai friends r u all okay? ela unnavu nuvu? i know many of u r here r from chennai. i have saw on tv about the flood of chennai. the flood was so dangerous. even many buildings broke and became invisible in the water of flood. i hope u all r sound and safe. share ur experience about the flood. we want to know.

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    • Natasha

      Thanks, devi. I hope u will always remember me. Not for this story but pls remember me considering me as ur friend.

  1. manha

    Nats, if u dare to say that ur story is boring or u r stopping it. I will literally kill u. That’s for sure. So plz don’t say it again. It is very good n i’m loving it.

    Arjun baba finally became calm n heard their words. Radz is more worried for arjun than him. Kidnap oh god, now what is happening. Ok so her past enemies r here.
    This is more exciting n u stupid girl r saying that this is boring.

    Pehle toh itna time leti ho update karne liye aur phir aise baate likho gi toh kaise chalega. Jaldi update karo. Fast fast n fast. Just can’t wait yaar. Plz.

    • Natasha

      Manha ur always a very good friend. Khabhi mujhe advice deto ho, toh kabhi hosla deti ho. Im blessed having a friend like u dear. Promise karo ki iss natasha ko kabhi nahi bhulo gi. Hamesha yaad karogi. Agar mein yaha par na bhi assaku toh phir bhi tum iss page pe ya kisi aur ki page per bhi mare liye message chod sakte ho. Mein jarur parhungi. Take care.

    • Natasha

      Hayathi ur guess was good but its not saral. Hayathi ur always a good person as well as a friend. I hope u will always remember me. Im feeling like crying but pls dont forget me.

    • Natasha

      Kirti a friend who is multi talented. Shes a good friend and a good writer too. Kirti i know we became friends some days ago but i really like u a lot. U have a special place in my heart. I hope i have also a special place in ur heart, isnt it?

    • Natasha

      Anwesha do u know ur name meaning? Anwesha means a girl who is interested in researching, who want to know the whole world.

      I really missed u too. I hope u will remember me always.

  2. Abi

    Hey….naty….long time…..

    I m fine sweetie….how r u?…yup here chennai s in a worst condition…i can’t explain it in words…bocoz that much loss ….our beautiful chennai gone….i don’t know that is it possible for chennai to recover or not……so many r in trouble still……god only save us…nd his grace only…still…protect our chennai…i hope that chennai ll raise again……

    By the way i missed u nd ur story so badly…..y so long u took!?!?!?!?!?!?.?!!!!!!anyway don’t do this again..if means…then i ll search u…to scold face to face:-P…he…..he……and u know that i always supported u….and i ll also. So don’t worry continue to update….ok,

    give us some romance,spicy moments also….and pls tell deepa(CRAZY LOVE WRITER )to update her story….i m dying for her crazy love….

    Okay bye sweet heart….tc…..i ll meet u @ ur nxt update 🙂

    • Natasha

      Abi ur busy, right?

      I know ur condition is miserable in chennai. I glad that ur safe and i pray that u always stay good and happy.

      I was very busy so couldnt update. And yes i want to meet u face to face even at the cost of ur scolding to me. Im okay with it. Promise me u will never forget me. And when i will come to visit chennai i will meet u. Wont u meet me?

      abi, i also know that u always support me and if u will support me in future too then it will be a very big gift for me from u.

      Take care. I hope everything to get recover in chennai and the people of chennai to get out of this problem.

    • Natasha

      Tanya thanks a lot. U gave a big relief by saying that my story isnt boring. Tanya im really crying. Pls dont forget me.

  3. Pihu

    Hi nats
    I m pihu a silent reader
    Hey so happy to see u again
    Update regularly
    And we really luv ur stories so dont stop writing
    Till then tc
    Luv u

  4. Natasha how dare u say ur story is boring and if u r acting the plan to stop it then u WIL B scolded badly by me ..

    I was just wondering Wen u WIL update …

    Though after one year u update I am there to wait and read ….

    Please don’t think u r not good writer as I already said u r my writer and if u again say u r not a good writer then I will take it as tht U DONT MIND me as ur frnd …..

    Take care …. Be healthy ….

    • Natasha

      Devga if u want u can scold me because i find ur love for me in ur scold too.

      Devga i think u have to now wait for ur lifetime. I never wanted to be a writer and im not a writer too. Im just ur friend.

    • Natasha

      And yes devga i never mind u as ur my friend but i want this story to be only mine. I will not write this story now but i dont want anyone to continue my story. I hope u didnt feel mind. I just said what i feel. Take care.

      • Hey I never said tht this story is gonna be mine ….
        And I did not take any credit for this story but y r u talking so …. Who said someone is going to continue ur story ….

        It actually is hurting me ….

        So I was mad thinking u all are my FRNDS …. Ok I was wrong from here on I WIL not comment dear sorry for thinking that u Wer my frnd …. Anyways thank u for this story ….

        Bye bye

  5. manha

    Nats, kaha pe jaa rahi ho. Are yaar chodne ka socho bhi mat. We will solve the issue of ur stories posting in other pages yaar. Plz aise mat bolo ke don’t forget me. Abhi toh hamaari dosti ki shuruvaat hui hai princess itni jaldi hamse naata tod nahi sakti. Update ur stories fast so that can chat always. Don’t worry.

  6. ?Ameena?

    Heyyyyyy guyzzzzz….natasha what an episode…never ever stop ur story want to know what happens next…loved it from my heart…ur writing stills r making me crazy….nd I love being crazyyyyy….


    Soooo guyzz natasha told us nisha’s page that other websites r using r stories….adding their words….and many of us afraid that in future that they can do anything for example our email id….nd many of the writers want to stop their ff without completing their stories….nd if they don’t complete their stories then all the readers who r completely addicted to their stories will die…I’m ??% sure that we all will die….nd it’s not only about stories…it’s now about our friendship….r hearts r now connected to each other….in many ways….we created here a bond….CAN WE LEAVE THIS ALL AND LET IT GO AND MOVE ON??….think…think….think…and REPLY….I’m no one wants this….this place gave our life something…here our happiness lies….our heart r here…well I can’t do anthing about it….but plzzz a request to everyone that make a fake email id nd use it here soo than no harm of hacking our mails…..when I was a silent reader here I asked my brother about commenting here…he said don’t trust these websites…they all r fake and said to me that if u really want to comment and make friends here than I will make a fake email id…u can totally use it here….soo it’s request to all ppl do not use ur real email id….nd from now on don’t say any of ur personal information….I will definitely complain about this to TU….we won’t accept such a betrayal….hope u understood what I said yaar….

    I heard about chennai…really feel sorry for ppl their….nd hope that everything be fine sOOn…I love winter a lot….but these days r freezing ???…..sooo hope that everyone is safe and sound…love u alllllll….??????????
    One lovee?????

    • Natasha

      Ammena i know we can use fake ids but what about the story changing? They r not stopping to copy and changing our stories. Even tu isnt interested in solving this problem. Ammena u always supported me and thank u so much for that. Promise me that u wont forget me at any cost.

    • Richa

      heyy ameena i chkd that site post r story AS soon as tu post it dr nd aal edited 😛 newswhoop is betr atleast they mention it was first published on tu nd dont edit

  7. Natasha

    guys how r u?
    it may be my last comment. a sudden threat came to my when i fodishearted but heres no other way now.

    guys i will always remember u all. i want everyone to come here today. i will left last message for u all by using reply option. so pls come. if u want then u can also left message for me in this page or others page because i wont comment but i will silently read all ur comments regularly.

    if possible then inform everyone in others page to come to my page at least for today. take care.nd out that some other websites r taking our stories without our consent and that too with different pictures. they using our names. they r even using other words which wasnt originally used by us. they replaced their choiceable word with original ones.

    im feeling very scared. what if anything goes wrong.. its very dangerous. what if they use vulger words using our name. in future they can also do anything with our email ids.

    its very dangerous.
    i think it will be good if i dont comment here too. sorry guys i know that ur

  8. Ameena

    See I even complained to TU about this…

    Heyyy TU,my friends told me that there are other websites which is posting our stories which we write here.


    This is my story which submitted on telly updates then what it is doing on this embedserver. Is this websites a part of telly updates??…tell me asap about this…manyy writers r not writing their stories anymore…and many people are not commenting because they are now scared that other websites are using their stories and adding more words to it…maybe in future they also hack our email id…and use our stories and show it in a bad way to the world…we don’t want this to happen…plzzz stop this or in few days everyone will kick this website out of their life….do something fast about it….we won’t accept such a betrayal….
    Let’s wait for their reply now…love u alll..??
    One lovee??

    • Hari

      U r right ameena, i agree with you. Let’s see what will be TU’s reply for ur complaint and u guys don’t think to stop ur stories but final decision is yours.

  9. lucky

    Guys plzzz do t stop ur stories ……aesa schnaa bi maat hm …….m a silent reader pizzazz plzzz plzz don’t stop ur stories I hope u consider me as ur frnddd n accept my request … love u guyzz plzz don’t stop ,,,,ameena iz write u can use fake idzz plzzzz don’t say this ….yeh hayal bi ap k readrz ko mar de ga

    • Ameena

      Heyyy lucky…thanquu soooo for reading my long comment….I mean like they can hack our original email….soo better to use other one….then no harm of being hacked….and u know ppl these days nd their dirty thoughts….can use info from our original one….sorry if didn’t like what I said….love uuuuu…???
      One lovee?

    • Natasha

      Lucky thanks for supporting me silently and i hope u will continue supporting me even after i leave the page. Stay bleesed.

      And yes, ur saying if i consider u as friend or not. Of course i consider u as my friend. But i cant take risk. Pls forgive me.

  10. Hey Natasha!! I’m so happy you’re back here with your update .. Plz don’t stop writing, I just love your writing .. I just love today’s update where Radhika was yearning to meet Arjun .. I can understand your pain where others are taking credit of your efforts .. But plz don’t stop .. We can try asking help in the website and try making it secure where others can’t copy … I request you plz DON’T STOP .. Love you loads … Waiting eagerly for the next one

    And to all my Chennai friends plz do take care .. I know how it feels as I too have most of my relatives in Chennai .. Hope everything gets back to normal soon … Fingers crossed

    • Natasha

      Shree its not about taking credit. Its about doing anything with our stories without our permission. They r writing at the last of each episode “credit to -Natasha”. What does it mean? Other people will think i wrote it and then if they use any bad words then people will think i have wrote them. Can u imagine how disgusting it is?

      shree i hope u didnt mind. I just wanted to tell u my feelings.

      Take care. And dont forget me.

      • I actually put a word to tu team and they did reply … They told they have given the required security … This happens .. But they can’t use our mail ids .. They have to give their own .. And btw these websites are all interlinked .. So chill .. Don’t stop posting plz .. Plz keep writing .. Waiting eagerly for your next post

  11. sneha

    Natasha.. I am a silent reader of your story. Ager episode e tumi Brity namer mane jante cheye chile na… Brity mane fuler baire r aboron, I mean the outer covering of a flower.

    By the way story ta kintu interesting. Keep going……

    • Natasha

      Sneha thank u for ur silent support but i wont write this story. But pls always support me and dont forget me.

  12. Hey Natasha hw r u ??
    Sorry fr d late cmnt yaar n missed u a lot !!
    Hey really u touched my heart yaar I mean u care fr evry1 even d chennai ppl n really saying I also feel very bad !!

    Hey really jus love ur story like d way I love my nats !!
    Ami tomake valobhasi !! N ya I really missed u !!
    Nats akir telugu kaam aahi gaya !!

    Acha nats aur sunao !! Kys halchal hai !!
    Do u also celebrate durga festival ??

    Will cm back soon !! Pls update d episode soon dr !! LOL

    Love u dr n keep smiling coz it suits u !!

    • Natasha

      Me too missed u. Like u love me i also love u my mandy maam.
      Aur ha akhir telegu kaam aa hi gaya.

      Halchal? I wont write this story. Read my above comments u will know the reason.

      Pls Dont forget me. Aur maan bhaiya ko bhi meri taraf se bye kahena. Shayad aj hi meri tumse ye akhri baat ho. I wish a successful life of urs. And u too pray for me.

  13. richa

    Natty dr calm down dr v hav copywright nd orig stry gawah is tu site kk so keep writin nd kya yaar bring nahi h boring kk asa mat soch yaar aur likhti reh k agar writr ni h na to doston k liye bn aur tum abi ini achi ho aur doston k liye kr rhi ho #1 bnogi k nd sikhne ki koi umar ni h yar kk par abi se u awsm h re swty 😉
    pls dnt mind ma frank acent k i use t wth frndz
    ok abt the abv link site cpyrite i read ma stry hah band bja rkhi h unhone m simpl likhti unhone itna gand dala h aur mr representativ ka to mr cunclr na jane kya naam bna dia h
    dnt wry tu team wil c to it nd pls c tu team
    bt i realy laughd readin mine as yar family ko asmbly likha ma jane kya bkwas edit kiya h 😛
    k 1 such site is newswhoop also bt they writ fist publshd on tu nd dnt edit it thankfuly
    that sites hrbl edit was 😛
    oye natty updat sun k

  14. richa

    Kk mean ok dr nd dr i chkd the site they post asap tu post it may find and replace or sm software btstry edited

  15. Ameena

    Heyy guyzz…this is the reply from TU for my complain…
    Hello Ameena,

    We publish only on http://www.tellyupdates.com. All other sites copy from our website.

    We have basic protection to prevent copying our site content, but that doesn’t stop people with advance knowledge as they know the tools to bypass any kind of protection. Not just us, but any other website, can just limit copying of content, and cannot completely stop it.

    Email addresses are not displayed publicly on our website, so they can’t see it or copy it. You don’t need to worry about that.

    Best Regards
    Now what should we do?
    I guess we will just stop worrying about it….but I know for some ppl it’s a problem…love u allll anyways….tc….temperature is gradually decreasing everyday…??
    One lovee?

    • Ameena .. I too got the same reply … I think we should stop worrying about it … But no one can stop us from writing can they ? It will be their win if we stop .. So, lets just keep writing

      • manha

        Thank u so much. U r a winner already. See i hav seen all the websites n stories, they r just posting ff on their pages n no comments or names r there. Just one website is doing so by editing n changing words. So just ignore them r u cam ask them to just post ur original story without any changes.
        Nats, plz think over ur decision yaar. They r not going to do anything with ur story or they cant hack our emails. So plz dont worry n plz update ur story.

  16. Roma

    Awesome episode Natasha, love you loads and this story very much. You’re boring me at all instead it is getting excited with each episode. ….I’m very hurt right now as I’m getting the punishment for some other stupid people’s doings…I love all of you writer’s stories and it became my life n now you all are leaving me alone just like that?????…it’s not fair at all…tears are rolling from my eyes seeing you guys going from here…I connected my heart to you with this precious friendship bond but didn’t know or imagined this bond was really very weak……nisha, Natasha, ameena, brity, kfar, thena, tanya, pooja, kirti, anaya, anaika, ruby, bhgi and many more my deariiiiiiieeess…I’m very depressed right now…and missing you all very much…I understand your situation but I think ameena is correct n TU reply shows your email ids are safe…so nobody can reach you guys from those sites….n only us TU readers know that this is your original story at TU site only…other websites have fake or editted stories….plzzzz consider my request and plzzzzzzzzzzzz continue your stories for my sake…but who am I to you just a stranger?????? 🙁 🙁 🙁

    But for me you alllllllllll deariiiiiiieeess are my bestiesssss…I’ll never forget any of you and keep coming here to read these FF’s again n again n again……

    Tum dosti na nibhao par main hamesha ye dosti nibhaaungi…till my last breath….I’ll be always here waiting for you all writers n friends…love you loads alllllllllll my deariiiiiiieeess very very tight warm looooooong hug to all of youuuuuuuuu deariiiiiiieeess, muaaaaahhhhhh

  17. manha

    Plz nats, plz don’t do this. I think only that embedserver.com is changing the words others r not changing n they hav actually attached like this is written as ff in TU. See we just need to talk to that website people. As per tu reply our emails r safe. They assured us. So we hav to deal with story now. Ask them to remove credits or to publish the original story without any changes. Plz seek another option for it. Plz bcoz of u people i became active now u r leaving. Plz ask them once some solution may get. Plz. Plz.

  18. aastha

    Hey natty,I CN UNDRSTND UR situation……dnt b tensed bcoz there s always a sunrise after every night………. DD u cmolain 2 TU abt tis???????”wat ws their reply?????????
    By te way plzzzzzz dnt stop ur story…..its NT borng …..ve sme self confidence yar……..
    I wnt b able 2 CME here till nxt Fri bcoz I’m vng model xam…..plz pray 4 me..i ve NT studied anytng…………….xam begins in Thursday…..whoevr sees tis comment plz pray……

  19. richa

    Aarey shant is embedservr k eelava baki sb sites tu ko mentn krti h aur edit nhi krti nd muje ni lagta us site p koi padhta b h bcz search me phle tu site aati h nd dat site 2nd or 3rd page 😛
    ok i tried posting cmntz n that site but they dnt post 😛 m soch rhi thi ki cmnt karun ki woh orignal stories nhi h but post hi ni kia us site ne nd dnt wry ok 😎
    nyways think dat ki humari stry orig h nd on orig site so v hav copyrite k jahan b padhen koi stry humari h .
    also i postd links of ma prev stry partz they chngd it nd they just hav few parts so may b recently they.started it…
    I thinking of trying to leave a msg btw ma story abt orig stry nd tu site hope they dnt edit it





    • Natasha

      Devga why ur saying so? Is our friendship so weak that i did a joke with u and now ur saying like this? As u joked with me that u will continue my story if i again say that my story is boring, ialso joked with u. But really i didnt wish to hurt u. Devga, im going from here. Maybe i will comment last today. Im very hurt as u took me wrong. My intention wasnt to gain comment or attention by this story. My main intantion was to make a happy friendship life with u all.

      Devga im really very sorry. I know i have no right to hurt u. I really love u.
      Do u remember the first day of our manmarziyan. From very earlier we r friends. U, me, sonamohan, happy, mitty and others. U remember that commentetor(at now i dont remember her name). She used to disturb us with her idiotic comments!

      pls forgive me. Pls……consider as it is my last wish from u.

      Ur natasha

      • Plz do clearly chk my comment i never said i wil continue ur story and evn i dnt have tht right to say so. ….

        No dear no need to ask sorry …. I was wrong on thinking u my frnd … As now u revealed tht U never took me as ur frnd …. Thank u

        I WIL never forget u and my dear FRNDS …..Mitty happy Sonamohan nish ireena …. Tht was the beautiful days of my life ….

  21. Hareem

    Heyyyyyy Natasha my sweeeeeeeeeet friend plZzzzzzz don’t stop writing dear …
    My friend is a silent reader she told me that u r feeling insecure as some other site is copying all ff.. My exams r going on and I have spare some time just for u dear plzzz plzz don’t stop dear …
    See our sweeeeeet friend Ameena has solved the problem…now plz dear don’t stop writing …its my humble request..

    Love u loooadss n love ur storyyyy too






    Thank u bye

    • Natasha

      Pls devga dont say so like this. I really take u as my friend. Really im crying. I thought about u for the whole day. It was my mistake. I didnt take ur joke seriously . I also joked with u like jokedwith me. Really devga ur not wrong that u thought me as ur friend. Rather ur very right that im ur friend.

      Pls at least pls forgive me now. Okay, can we start our afresh friendship life again? Mujhse ek bar phir dosti karogi?

      nayi nayi bahar se miloge
      ek ajnabee ke saath tum chaloge
      batao bataoo batao , kya mere humsafar banoge
      kya mujhse dosti karoge (4)

      basant ritu ka taaza jhoonka ho
      jawaan dhadkano ka nagma ho
      basant ritu ka taaza jhoonka ho
      jawaan dhadkano ka nagma ho

      najaane kabse tanha tanha hu
      kaho na(3) mere saath khush rahoge
      kya mujhse dosti karoge(4)

      Pls forgive me. I never expected such a turn of our friendship. U know between which friends fights happen? The friends who love each other a lot. Mujhe pata hi ki tumhare anger pe bhi meri liye pyar hai.

      • Ok so sorry dear but still even I was just thinking hw I reacted so rude to u … I am sorry

        Anyways tomo is my exam bye I will not forgive u as u r my frnd …. Love u

        I overreacted sorry I am always lil more sensitive web it comes to frndship in my life …. As many of my so called true FRNDS betrayed me I thought even I was cheated here also but no I was wrong…. Ok bye

  23. manha

    Devga nice suggestion. Hope these writers will consider.
    I am just saying plz ask them to update original story without any changes. See all ff r updated. This is gud so many people can read. Only embedserver.com in this website they r changing everyone else is just posting ff directly with notification that original story is written in tu. So plz dont worry yaar. There is nothing much to worry. See we r like begging now plz see through it once. U will know what im saying. Our emails n comments cannot be taken. They r safe. Plz. Plz. Plz.

  24. Richa

    natty dr plss update soon nd dr plss read the end of my yesterday fic upsdate i req readers to read frm orig site but if may b writers req whose fics are famous sooo may b ppl read from orighost site sooo plss dont stop nd i chkd that site again ma req posted nd sm1 told me 6that may b v use british eng here nd that site consider american eng but the meanings are more or less the same dr the site post as soon as tu postt k so may b … that american eng and british eng case i dunno much buttt dr plssss keep writin plsss………. seee many sites publish unaltred nd yaar iiissse kyaaa boloon bs i wanna c urupdatesoooooooon

  25. Natasha

    Guys, im leaving this site. I wont comment or write stories fhere. But i will everyday come here as a silent reader. I will read ur comments. So if u anything want to give me a message then u can do it in this page(till its comment page is open) & on others page. I will read it.
    But how can i expect it? U know these days i couldnt update stories regularly as i was busy. But i expected to receive messages from u. But u all totally forgot me and u all just remember me when i publish my story. It hurts a lot when u found out that ur friends dont remember u. I hope this time u wont forget me. Look im not complaining im telling u all this because i consider u as my very good friend.

    Devi, manha, hari,hayathi,kirti, anwesha,abi,tanya,brity,deepthi, pihu, devga,ameena, lucky, shree, sneha, mansi, pls see my last message for u below ur comments.

    @devga im now feeling good as we again become friends. as u told me that many friends in ur life betrayed u. even i was also betrayed by my friends. i really consider u as my friend so im telling u about me. some of my friends betrayed me much before some years. i loved them a lot but they…… anyways after coming here i found friends like u who made me realise of true friendship. devga, i can totally understand ur situation. i know people loses their control if they realise that her friend is betraying her. so dont be sorry. and one more thing how could u think that u will betray u? im ur true friend and i cant betray u even if i want to.

    dont forget me. i will be always with u. u wont forget me, okay?

    @roma im going dear. i didnt know that ur much older than us. but mention not. truly, i never realise that ur older than us by reading ur comments. for me age isnt problem. u was my friend, u r my friend and u will be my friend. by the way give ur children love from me. i wish a long and a blessed life of urs with ur family and kids.

    @aastha tum per mera aastha hamesha tha aur future mein bhi rahega. pls dont forget ur this friend.

    @hareem thanks. u spare ur time for me. thats so sweet. i will always remember u. pray for me.

    @richa thanks that u thought so much for me. but sorry i cant take any risk. even im writing this message for u all but im little scared. richa ur story is also good. i will read it regularly.

    @tasnim i didnt find u anywhere. i think ur busy. tasnim my bengali friend, i will remember u always. pls dont forget me.

    good bye guys. pls pray for me so that i can achieve every success in my life. my exam will also start very soon. so pls pray for me.

    take care. wishing that may u get all happiness in ur life. good bye.

    • Richa

      mmm natty dr plss dont take wrong ok bjust going to a bit logic…..
      c they just copy the story ok not our mail ids comments etc…
      in case they copy and hack r mail id’s ok they cant use our IP address or sent the mail from our current location ok,…..
      and by the way google is a suprr secure mail place ok if sm1open r id we immediately get to knww naaaaaa
      trough googl alert…
      next is if they copy and publish stryy name is our andd if they edit it and ppl like it and wanna publish itthat side have noway bof contacting us soooo may b they reffer to here ok and i dont tink so that site hav much audience as TU is first site in search and that site is justt after longg pages sooo ppl mainly reffer to tu
      aurrrrrrrrrrrrr we r here d orignalss oh name toh wahan b humara hai 😀
      okk byy c u soon i willl comment moreeee less tym oookkk by
      plss continue ok

  26. Richa

    heyy i think thats notan indian site i poisted comment IST 10:00 pm and it showed 8:45 am anyways they take soo long to moderate comment 😛 but here is wat i posted
    No comments
    site wacher December 10, 2015 at 8:41 AM
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    i know my comment is being moderated and read so i request the site not to edit the stories please as it’s just making the writers feel that they should not write and pls reply to my comment
    and plss do mention the original site from where you are taking the fics also there is no need to edit just plss let the stories be as they are

  27. Hope u read this …. Now how i will knw whether u reading this or not 🙁

    Natasha u shld not leave me alone like this ….

    I truly want u to B here ….

    Don’t feel tht I don’t remember u Wen u don’t publish ur work … Do u knw urs was the 1st story in my LIFE wich I read in half way and wanted to knw actually wat hapend before …

    Before I never used to take strain to view wat hapend b4 … If I watch or read any story from beginning I WIL wait for its next epi … Buturs was unique and made me wait for it ….

    PLZ update it knw PLZ …. PLZ PLZ PLZ humble request …. Atleast post in comments session …… Don’t make me unlucky …..

    U r making it like SP did abrupt end …..

    Wat about ur title dear …. U made very catchy title for specially this epi and made me eager … But u r leaving ths in half way … Its not fair ….

    U dnt publish it in ff site Atleast somewer in comments session PLZ ….

    I WIL cry out loud now inspite of having lots to study for tomorro’s exam …. 🙁

    C dear comments are not being copied so PLZ update it for my sake ….


  28. Do u knw Thr is a designed user named Natasha in hike … It’s fully designed before handed … But do u knw I feel like staying connected with u … But u 🙁 u r leaving me 🙁 ok if u wish then bye but I WIL never forget u …. Though u may forget me

  29. Richa

    heyyy natyy cheer up dr and that betrayal thing all suffer mee 2 suffre if u find susi or hg commenting ask thm hw was i broken a few months agoo after that all i shared all with them they knw , dnt wrry this world is mean selfish and double sided sooo just leave it nd move on , u hav a lot frndss here nd DEVGA uss v goo sweet minnal i knw her 4m quite long nw she is good frnd nd all tu buddies r gud dr cheeer up u dont need those betrayals and dr ma stry the 26 th chapter and that selofishh friend chap contain sm real incidents just changed a lil soo ma frndss dont recognise 😛 kk cheer up keep writin nd coomentin iwanna c ur update soon kk LOL

    • Richu ur attitude of helping someone with same issue is just awesome dear …. Though u came to this page in only this epi but u supported Natasha a lot and thank u for it ….. I am proud to have u my frnd…. U r really damn strong in emotions ….. It’s good to have u dear as I am too week and sensitive …..

      Love u richa and Natasha come back … PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ

      C even richa want u back …..

      • Richa

        dr i hav 2 b strongggg i hav suffered a lot and suffering bczzz of this wrld this wold only belongs to fully sound selfish clever badd ppl they just dont care about someone just someones emotions they dont get it y a person behaves strangely witth you makes all efforts to b with u to talk 2 u they make ur fun ignore back bite etc etc……………….
        srry just got carried away but i feel that chahe jaise b chahe kuch b kark kisi ki madad ho sAke karnei chahiye bhaaaaaad m jaye sab…if they r mean i too can b but dont wanna b like them 😛 kkyaaaa farak reh jayega varna nd i follow the buddha path the positiv path bczzz chznge start from me nd agar m chahti hu ki s mere se acche ho muje b sb k saath accha hona hoga …
        srry m Gettin carried away againn nd dr m nt sooo strnggg SUSI,HG nd riya dr ask thm hw muchhh i was brokenn hw muchhh… they gave mre strength …..TO HELL GO all bad…………… ahhhh rubbbish………………….
        nyways keep going on with life srry 4 lecture 😀 nddd

  30. Nisha

    Hey naty its me nisha back again . You told me to visit ur page dear.
    I just read the story its awesome dear.
    I am actually goes away from tu for some days. Doesn’t read the story .
    Really missing ur story a lot. Loved it to the core of my heart.
    Radz is kidnapped . I loved it totally.

    Seriously interesting scenes are coming in ur storie loved it a lot.

    Miss u my jaan a lot. Waiting for ur next update egerly .

    Always loving u by heart.

    Once a friend always a friend.

    Well just read it that above convo why are you leaving the page , don’t leave good story you have and we are happy in tu .

    Kyu jaana hume chodke chaahti ho.

    Came here write story or else

    I will never talk to u. U are my friend and I really love u . I don’t want you to go like this .

    You tell me that I am your sis If you want to leave your sis alone and sad like this than go . I never stop you.. I don’t have any right naa that’s why u are leaving like this .

    May be I doesn’t matter for u at all. Came here and start writing again . Missing ur where is heart and arziyaan a lot

    And more than love u a lot.
    Once a friend always a friend.

  31. Richa


  32. Hey so Natasha it’s all over right??? U r not coming back . .. If u wish so even after so many of us pleading then go even I will not come here thought the comment session will go after some time… …..

    • Natasha

      Devga, ur here even now! I thought u all forgot me but i was wrong. I really love u my friend. And whos saying its all over for me? I came here after some days. And after coming here i saw all ur comment and i have decided to make a come back. For the sake of our friendship. I was here, im here and i will be here.
      Will u support me?

      By the way whos this girl? Is it u?

  33. Nisha

    hey naty my princess

    I don’t know the reason why you are not coming these days as so many friends us tried to contact you. If i had your contact no. I will definitely call you again and again till then you will not pick the call.

    Naty , the problem is resolved now . You know that then why are you not coming. don’t you love your friends or you don’t realize that are we friends or not.

    You told me that we are sis and I want to dedicate a song for you come fast or else i leave this page or leave tu Coz the reason to visit here is just to make my friends smile and these days are so heavy on me as welll . First that website than these days without Tu and now you are going Seriously life will play its game .

    You know my bengali bala I want to dedicate a song for you hope you read and meet me sometime I want to give you a tight wala hug and pull your cheeks and make u smile anyhow my lovieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    this song for you my princess

    Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai Lyrics from the album , sung by . The song is composed by and the lyrics are penned by . Discover more songs lyrics…


    Phoolon ka taaron ka, sabka kehna hai
    Ek hazaaron mein, meri behna hai
    Saari umar humein sang rehna hai

    Phoolon ka taaron ka, sabka kehna hai
    Ek hazaaron mein, meri behna hai
    Saari umar humein sang rehna hai
    Phoolon ka taaron ka, sabka kehna hai

    (Instrumental Break)

    Ye na jaana duniya ne,
    Tu hai kyun udaas
    Teri pyaari aankhon mein,
    Pyaar ki hai pyaas

    Ye na jaana duniya ne,
    Tu hai kyun udaas
    Teri pyaari aankhon mein,
    Pyaar ki hai pyaas

    A mere paas aa, keh jo kehna hai
    Ek hazaaron mein, meri behna hai
    Saari umar humein sang rehna hai
    Phoolon ka taaron ka, sabka kehna hai

    A… a… o… o…

    (Instrumental Break)

    Jab se meri aankhon se tu ho gayi door
    Tab se saare jeevan ke sapne hai choor

    Jab se meri aankhon se tu ho gayi door
    Tab se saare jeevan ke sapne hai choor
    Aankhon mein neend na dil mein chaina hai
    Ek hazaaron mein, meri behna hai
    Saari umar humein sang rehna hai

    Phoolon ka taaron ka, sabka kehna hai
    Ek hazaaron mein, meri behna hai
    Saari umar humein sang rehna hai
    Phoolon ka taaron ka, sabka kehna hai

    If now also you not reply me then I broke dear. My heart broke then , I don’t visit your page then , Coz the relation I made with you is so much love and care and It feels me betrayed you are not replying at alll.

    You remember the day we met on your page , we laugh a lot . You going to hit your head on the wall. Oooooooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Language classes. Tasnim, mansi and the old days.

    We will make new memories together with all sweet memories Love u come back . Waiting for you Only u can understand what I want to say in this song. Luv u princess.
    Teri nisha

    • Natasha

      NIsha, after my declaration of leaving this site, i didnt come here for some days. Actually my exam is very near. So i was studying. And u know i came here and i couldnt stop me to talk to u all. So im back.

      Mere pass bhi agar tumhari contact number hoti toh phir main tumhe har minute par phone deti. Aur akhir mein tum pagal ho jati aur kahti yeh natasha mujhe pagal dana degi (he…he…he…)

      Tumne soch bhi kase liya ki mein apni friends ko pyar nahi karta ya i dont relize their love? i really love my friends. Aur yes i wont go anywhere leaving my sis. I love my sis.

      Agar tum socho gi ki meine tumhe betray ki kya toh phir i wont able to tolarate it. Kya humra relationship itna hi weak hai ki do din ke bech me hi usme betray ki baat aye? I never can think of betraying my friends. Ulta maine bohot bar apni real life mein betrayed hui hu.

      Yes im coming to make more memories , good , funny memories

      Aur ha we r sis and u made ur sis happy by ur comments and songs.

    • Natasha

      I agree that u r fool but ur not that wala fool ur flower. Just a pure flower. Sorry that u commented so many but i couldnt reply u. Seriously i didnt expect that after leaving u will come. So i didnt visit this page. Pls forgive me. But see im back. I couldnt refuse ur request. So sweet request. Now come fast im waiting. Since so many days i didnt talk to u. Really i want to talk to u.

    • DËVGÃ

      Richu u kidding dear …. fool’s frnd is a fool … Then me too a fool ….
      U r becoming like me and kashu …. U r becoming emotional …. I knw u r not like tht … Just chill dear Natasha really is busy I think …. She will surely reply u …. And don’t talk such it does not suit u my sweetie …. Creature love u

      Creature it’s not ur nature …. 😉

  34. Nisha

    hey naty my princess , you made my day, yesterday , I cried you never think that I cried even I ddin’t see your face I didn’t meet you but you made me cry , I am a tough girl . I doesn’t cry mostly but the bond which you make with me made me cry sis.

    Now you decide to came back , I give you definitely a heart warming surprise how when and what leave it to me . You became happy but it love you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom much.

    That’s it o’s are finished now. Bechare tired ho gaye the issliye stop kar diyaa.

    Love u by heart.

    Be Happy Stay happy Once a friend always a friend.

    And yeah keep studying also all the very best for exams. Do well Study hard and reach the heights of success.

    And yeah ,

    Thank u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much Dearies

    Devga Love u dear, you also tried to make her come Love u by heart. It will be a pleasure to be your friend dear Always loving u both by heart/

    Richa , Its a pleasure to be your friend dear. You really do your best to make her come and she came Love u by heart. and It will be a pleasure to be your friend.

    Once a friend always a friend.

    And yaa naty waiting eagerly for your spoiler eagerly came fast with a beautiful smile.

  35. Nisha

    Hey devga I love the Kristen Stewart Pic I love her a lot but since that day when I get to know the reality of her it became less or else I love in the film a lot I watch all her films (Saga, Full moon Eclipse, all the four parts even her next films also in which she play near by a snow white role) i love her , but I read some news about her and it make me feel little awkward coz she is in relation with the guy lead in the film for some years and she get married to some another director and after even some just days she get divorced and then they again together and then they again broke up and this make me feel very dizzy what kind of relationship they are making in the reality.
    but nevertheless I love her acting and also her films. Love u devga. Love u a lot and I also love PKYEK.

  36. Natasha

    How r u all?
    Nisha thanks. Okay, im leaving the surprise matter on u but i want my surprise. Wont u give it?

    devga i had sent the update yesterday but dont know why it didnt update till now.

    Ameena ur comments for me made happy and emotional. Dont know why but while reading it i felt like im hearing these words from u. Really im very happy.

    Richa where u r? R u still angry with me? Wont u talk to me? Shall i tell a secret to u? I know u much before of ur commenting in manmarziyan page. At least a year more than all of here know u. Do u want to know how?

    • ?????

      ???? bcoz i uesd to comment stupid on ❣️nauc❣️ and other updates there are many ppl who know me bcoz of that and also happy after tu new system so they wont hav 2 c ma stupid cmmnts sm evem still ask me hw do i used to post those stupid comments☯️ nd ma stupid xperiments too…☯️☯️☯️☯️☯️☯️ nyways u devga maanu kaju riyu r d same EMOTIONAL ppl just emo over short small things nyways many times ma updates nt published so i send thm 3 times a day 😛 nd thm published 😛
      byy tc-

      • ∀HϽIᴚ

        ok i ntell u one joke that two of the sites who used to post r storied splyy that embeded server site havent posted my last update i posted yesterday 😀 😀

      • Ameena

        thats great richa….hope they never post any of our stories…nd maybe now they dont have enough words to change in ur story….cuz I’m sure it’s perfect…btw which story u writing nd from which serial??….tell me fast so will go check it out….

      • ∀HϽIᴚ

        heyy ameena well i ride a tricycle 😛 i post EHT<NAUC<a common love story 😀
        and abt the update yesterday i posted XXVIII part which is still not posted there nyways i hav written some side fics too like Swaragini nd beintihaa intro alsoo on DABH 😛 just try ma hand everywhere possible 😛 nyways you can type story name in the search box abov u will get the full list alsoo type richa fanfic u find dabh nd swaragini introoooo 😛


        nywayss i posted the linkss too to make ur werk easyy dr plss do read nd tell hw r dey

    • ❄ Ameena ❄

      Heyy richa…will go right now to check them all….but I didn’t watch swaragini nd beintihaa but will definitely go nd read them will all my heart….love u 4ever…??
      One lovee?


      • ∀HϽIᴚ

        ✨✨✨lol lov u too dr thnxx nd plss telll ok nd i just update ACLS regularly and otherzz v irregular bcozz i thinkk vv less readers there as v less commentzz nyways plss read and cmmnt nd tell :)✨✨✨???? ? ? ? ?

  37. Manha

    Are yaar main do din kya nahin aayi ahaan toh sab kuch change hogaya.
    Nats, thank u atlast u made ur mind to come back to us. Ya i was having fever n headache too so whenever i just felt some gud i used to see the page n if any new mmz ff is there i used to read that. So i was not able to see all the prvs msg. But now i am so happy that my buddies r bck again. Nisha also cme back. I saw her musical spoiler.
    Richa u r just too wonderful. Ur willpower n positivity i salute it. Iam regular reader of ur a c’mon love story. It is just simple, sweet n amazing. I hope u recognize me.
    And special appreciations for devga. U r just a super friend. How u keep on trying to convince nats was just amazing. I like u for that. N the pic was superb.
    Thank u all my frnds n writers.
    Nw i will end it i wish to write more but nt yet recovered cmpltely. Sorry.

    • ❄ Ameena ❄

      Ohhhh my sweet cute manha….get well sOOn…..I want to see that spirit in u again….get on the road back soon…this fever n headache donno the real power if manha…. show them manha what’s hidden inside u…nd haan I wish I was with u right now….nd tc of u just like I took care of my mom when she is sick….I won’t let her get out of the bed even she tries a lot in that condition….ok bye dear n tc….love u 4ever…??
      One lovee?


    • Natasha

      Manha get well soon.
      Aur yeh tum thik kaheraheho ki do din mein bohot kuch change ho gaya. But hamari dosti is still the same.
      Always love u all.

  38. Natasha

    Richa ur right. I know u bcoz of ur comments in nauc. Im happy getting u back.
    Mera dill ka tukra meri dost meri yaar
    Meri richa

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.