Where is Heart There is Life Episode 32

the episode starts with neil comes near the bridge and sees sam whos crying hiding her face. sam stands up and is about to jump. neil gets worried and is clueless what to do. sam is about to jump but neil runs near her and stops her from jumping. sam says no, let me jump. i dont want to jump. neil now notices that its sam. he says sam, its u! sam looks at neil and cries. she huges him and starts to cry. this song plays

Mai toh jiya na mara
Hai ve das main ki kara

Dil jude bina hi tut gaye hath mile bina hi chhut gaye
Ki likhe ne lekh kismet ne
Baar baar rod akhiyan tainu jo na vekh sakiyan
Khole aaye aaj kudrat ne
Kataan main ki ve din teri soth tere bin
Main toh jiya na mara

Chan Se jo tute koi sapna
JAg suna suna lage
Jag suna suna lage

Koi rahe na jab apna
JAg suna suna lage
Jag suna suna lage
Jag suna suna

neil now asks her to clam down. the road is full empty. and it looks like only neil and sam r living in the world. it seems without for neil and sam everyones life has stopped in the queitness of night. neil asks sam what happened? sam says i dont have right to live. neil says no, sam. tell me what happened.

he makes sam sit on the bench near the bridge area. he gets water for her. sam drinks it. neil asks what would happened if i wouldnt come? sam says im sorry, neil. i lied to u. neil asks lie? sam says u remember sameer? neil says yes. sameer was ur bf and u loved him a lot. but i didnt saw him only i heard a bit from u. he was in ur life before we met. sam says he had betreyed me. and now hes again back. neil says what! sam says do u remember saral who has come with radhikas family? neil says yes. sam says hes not saral, hes sameer. he have come there with another name. neil says hows that possible? sam says he told me that its his bussiness to make girls his gf or wife and get money from blackmailing them. and this time hes fooling radhikas family. hes radhikas fiance. neil asks dont radhikas famoly know his true colours? sam says no. today he threatened me. he told me that after marrying radhika he will blackmail them for money. neil says we should complain in police. sam says no use. he told me that if i do so then he will defame my family and my parents will not able to show their face. neil says but we have to do something. sam cries and i also want to do something. otherwise i will not able to forgive myself. sam says we have to do something otherwise radhikas life will be ruined……… then how will i…… neil says just calm down. we will do something. neil asks do arjun really love radhika? sam says yes,of course. neil says then he will help us. if he really love her, then he wont let her harm. arjun will help us. we will together then expose saral/ sameer without his acknowledge. neil says now sarminder singh pls smile. sam smiles. sam says u always made problem easily solved. neil raise his hand and says saint neil will always help u. sam laughes.neil also laughes. sam says so from tommorow we will start operation exposing saral(operation saral ka saral diri ka parda phash). they give a high five.

its now morning. arjun comes in radhikas house. madhvi sees him and go and meet her. arjun sees madhvi is taking breakfast for radhika. arjun says aunty i will give her breakfast. madhvi handovers the tray.arjun goes.

arjun comes in radhikas room. he says good morning. radhika says so here u r my coward! arjun says ur impossible. u told me coward in front of all too. radhika says so u felt bad. arjun says of course. radhika says then shall i call u chotu chor in front all? arjun says no, u cant. u always taunt me. radhika says do u remember in childhood u liked sweets a lot. and often u used to stole sweets. so everybody called u chotu chor. arjun says dont forget that u used to accompany me. they remember their childhood and laugh. arjun makes radhika eat the breakfast. they share some sweet moments. this song plays-

itni si hassi itni si khushi
itna sa tukra chand ka
khawabo me chal dono
chal banaye ashiyaan………

saral comes to their room and sees them together. he says to himself this arjun have started to woo her. if continue doing this then it will be difficult to become successful in my plan. now let me spoil their happiness. saral enters to the room. arjun is about to make radhika eat and he extends his hand towards radhikas mouth but saral holds his hand. saral says sorry to disturb but will u two only play this feeding game? he snaches food from arjuns hand and makes radhika eat. saral says to arjun its bad habit to take so much care of others fiance. radhika is my fiance so its my right to take care of her. thanks that u r taking care of her these days but dont worry now. im here for her, right? arjun becomes angry and is about to tell saral something but radhika indicates arjun not to say anything. arjun says i have some work. im going. arjun goes. radhika becomes sad. saral gives a devilish smile.

arjun is driving his car and going to hospital. he recalls sarals words and increases his driving speed at a risky limit. arjun says how radhika could stop me from saying anything? she is weak in front of saral. it indicates that she gives more importance to saral.

precap: sam and neil r talking. neil says dont worry, sam. everything will be fine. as per as i told u we will go to arjun for help. sam says okay. neil and sam comes to arjuns cabin. neil says we want to tell u a truth. arjun looks on.

credit to: Natasha

hello guys! i updated it after quite long time. but i was very busy with college and exams. anyways feel the songs of todays episode. hope u will like it. pls guys do comment bcause ur comments give me a chance to keep u all connected as well as unlimited happiness. i know many one who comment in other pages. i request them to read this story as well. hope it will give u joy if im succesful.

guys, im not a professional writer. i just write here for u all. im not so good in writting like kfar, nisha, tanya, yuktha, sree or deepa. i also dont want to be. i only want u all as my dearest friend.

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  1. Gud one natasha….bt pls try to give early updates.

  2. So now arjun sam neil is in one side uss saral ko band bahao yaar….. hi nats how r u

  3. Hey nats my princesss,

    Loved the episode dear. Aakhir saral ne apni devil harkate start kar hi di.

    Idiot saral. Loved this episode dear.

    always smile naty You know it suits u dear.

    Loved u always.

  4. hi ,welcome back dear and nice story pls continue

  5. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh naty ye kya kiya, MY name in good writing.

    Joke of the day. dear.

    I am so bad in writing. Sooooooooooooooooooo many vocabulary and soooooooooooooooo many uncountable mistakes.

    Please please please don’t add my name in such good writers dear Even I don’t want to be in the list of writers.

    I visit here for just smiles Just make u all smile . That’s it.

    Please yaar don’t add my name . Heart attack aa jayegaa

    Luv u dear. Erase my name from the good list of writers. Luv u.

    1. Hey nisha…..why are u telling like this….u r a very good writer dear…..vocabulary mistakes doesn’t matter….here important is the story….which is ur own imagination…..dat counts important….everyone is not able to think so deeply n write……i m liking ur story….so for me u r a very good writer….

  6. I missed ur story so much.. Really awsme… 🙂

  7. Hiiii natasha…..missed u so much dear…..good to see u here after a long time……thanks for updating……n we can understand dear….exams r also important….
    And today’s episode was very good…those nesam happy wala moments…..happy to see them team up together against that idiot saral….now plzz make arjun also join them soon…..n unite arjun-rads…….keep writing…n ur also a fabulous writer…… take care…..love u dear….

  8. Heyy….Natasha…. You can be writer or not… That doesn’t important…. Just be our friend…That’s all we need… FRIENDSHIP IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN ANYTHING…. You like to write that’s why we are supporting you…. We don’t wanna force you to write…. ALWAYS AS YOUR WISH…But hope you will write more… Cause writing is also a talent…. We will here for apprecite you….ALWAYS…

  9. Today’s episode was good.You really write well.Hate Saral as always.
    And what are you saying?I,a good writer?I feel burst laughing.Common girl,you really write well.I always end up being little clumsy.Still trying to not only improve but also help my imagination being shaped right.But still laughing 😛 at me.

  10. after long time i came to this page. feeling like im getting unlimited package.

    nisha why r u saying like this? im serious. u write really very good. aur ha agar tumne phir se yeh sab kaha toh phir mere taraf se 100 puch free hai.

    ameena i know yesterday was ur bday but it got published today. im so sorry.

    others how r u?

    briry i know even i dont write u all will support me.

  11. Hai natasha, all the best for ur exam….. U r good writer pls continue writing whenever u have time thanx 4 Good episode….

  12. Nats after long time. Seems nesam and arjun on a mission now. Yes u r a baba for us. Give solutions to the problems. Songs were excellent. Especially nesam. I lije it very much. Are yaar itna soch ke likhne ke liye talent chahiye. Ur own imagination, ur own story and u r telling u r not a good writer. Everyone r not able to write dear. U r talented. Jaldi jaldi update karo. And new story too. What abt that?

  13. Hii natasha..how r u dear?commenting after a long time on ur page..jst read all the story of from where did i stopped reading bcse of my exams…every epi was excellent dear and todays too…dont tell tht iam a good writer y r far better than me… @nisha how r u dear..i dont know that u r writing a story….wt is the title buddy…u r so good in commenting and dedication of songs…so obviously ur story will also be good…

    1. Hi sree dear, waiting for your story…when r u updating it? Missed you a lotttttttttt, how were your exams. ..love you loads

  14. *@NATASHA- vule geco naki..? Kemön aco…er age koekta cmnts korecilam bt no respönse… Xm kemn hoilo…insalh u.l stood 1st again… Missed u vry much


    1. How are you tasnim? Where you have been? Missed you a lotttttttttt. …love you loads

  15. *@NATASHA- vule geco naki..? Kemön aco…er age koekta cmnts korecilam bt no respönse… Xm kemn hoilo…insalh u.l stood 1st again… Missed u vry much


    1. Hey tasnim how r u?

  16. Hey sree missssssing ur story dear badly . Missing u too much badly. Yes I start writing a story.

    Its Naadan Dil Ki Manmarziyaan. Yes it is on Aradhika and Nesam story with a little Nisha touch in it with songs in each episode Try to spread smiles and release tensions of my dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeees .

    Mansi (Mandy) inspire me to write . I write my first epi byhiding my name because its an incident . But she is the one who make me inspire and make me convince to write.

    Love u sree I remember ur story fully each and every epi and ualso start urs one dear. Waiting for urs epi on manmarziyaan also. remember the roof wala scene in rads pink saree and the song mere haath mein tera haath ho I remember fully dear. Luv u dear.

    Once a friend always a friend.

    1. Thank u so much dear really i missed u and ur songs alott…i wll definitely read ur stories

  17. Tanya pls dont say like this. I really like ur writting.

    @Saran thank u very much. I will update soon.

    @Manha new story bhi jaldi update karungi. Dont joke. I know that my writing is not so good as ur saying.

    @Sree i will tell thousand times that ur a good writer than me even u threat me. Im not scared of ur threats. Ha…ha…ha…

    @Tasnim tomake kemon kore bhulte pari bolo? Shobsomoy tumake mone kori. I too missed u. Sorry ami onek busy chilam tai reply korte pari nai. Asha kori tumi mind kori nai je tomake tumi kore bolechi.

    @ all i have started another story. Its arziyan yeh dill ki. U can read this. And thank u if u have already read it. Heres the link .

  18. Nice yaar but u should update regurlarly

  19. My natsy princess…how r u???…how is everthing in college???….ohh thanqu so much….no need to say sorry at all…u already r doing sooo much for us by using ur precious time to make our time precious….nd this is all mustake if TU…I LOVED THE e
    EPISODE….soooo interesting dear….hope that arjun will safe our radhika….nd they become together for once nd forever….love aradhika….nd love u my heart..??
    One lovee?

  20. @SREE—heyyy sree…where were u dear???….was missing u nd ur story badly…u said u will update after 16 november….plzzz update ur story….WAITING. WAITING. AND WAITING…..plzzzzzz dear…love my heart…??
    One lovee?

    1. Hi ameena…even i missed u all alot..we got shifted to our new house recently..so jst wait for 3 or 4 days buddy…after that i will update regularly

  21. Hi Natasha dear, finally you updated this story. I was waiting from loooong time…loved today’s episode, nesam ready for action, I hope arjun joins them too and give a BIG punch on saral’s dirty face…trust me Natasha you are very talented along with all ff writers…this is only your talent that keep us glued to you and your story from beginning…with each episode we got new twist and now with bg songs it’s perfect…love you loads dear…always keep smiling and take care of yourself and best of luck for your exams…a very tight hug

  22. I like u as u r … And ur story just makes me live in same dym world as before and u r awesome writer ….
    I WIL tel u one thing, it’s really possible to write such big big epi’s with good continuation , only by a in born writer … So U ARE TO ME A WRITER ALREADY …



    1. Dear devga…..
      i guess u forgot me so u dont take any strain to reply to my msgs…. anyways atleast reply to me here if u still consider me as ua friend…-yours pathanga

      1. R u mad ?? Me tht to forgot u ?? Wer I dint reply u dear ?? And don’t ever think I WIL forget u my berry berry strawberry . . PLZ DONT hurt me saying this once again …. Plzzzzzz 🙁

      2. Really i really felt like crying wen i saw my inbox empty.. Though i sent many msgs to u i ws nt recieving a single reply frm ua side.. this made me to write so.. my dear gem i am sorry if i hurt u..
        anyways hw r u?? hope ua fyn..

      3. sorry dat ws me..

      4. Sry as I was bsy wid exmz ahead … I dint open mail for so long …. I WIL surly msg u …

  23. thanks devga. but what is wthl?

    how r u guys? todays weather is so good. a little cold and cool breez and the sun is giving little warm. for the first time sun is also good for me in this weather. sun isnt making me to feel very hot but its making me happy.
    feeling like to sing this song

    halke halke roshni mein muskura
    accha lag ta hai
    roshni jo deta ho toh

    aaliya, paru, riya where u r?
    teer chalana accha lagta hai

    1. Where is heart there is life … Actually typing error whtl…

  24. u r a good writer natasha.. continue diz hobby…

  25. Nat’s I missed you dear……thanks for the update buddy…I like this part…u r a awesome writer…

  26. hey naty how r u dear, can’t see ur name dear, . my princess . no update today. I think u r busy in ur next chappy.

    Waiting for dill ki arziyaan next epi also dear. update it dear. And if possible gave us the link .

    Update dear. waiting for next eagerly.

  27. hey lulu hello dear , how r u dear. Very happy to read ur name dear. Hello devga , hello pathanga dear, How r u all. Hey mansi , zara, tasnim, dear. Missing u dear. Luv u

    I think all are busy at this time. No worrieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

    Always smiling dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees. Keep smiling it gives u more strength to live the life with full of happiness and face all the difficultieeeeeeees with a smile it will help to cross that difficultieeeeeeeeeeeeeees of life.

    Luv u all always

    Once a friend always a friend.

    Luv u dear.

    1. Thank u for ur smile therapy …. It’s very much useful to all dear ….

  28. Hellloooo nisha ….. Hw r u ?? …. Hw are alll my dym dearies ….. ??? 😉

  29. Hey devga dear I am fine.

    You know what I didn’t even know you bt I love ur name devga

    Its unique . Just like ur beautiful thoughts which reflect in ur comments.

    Luv u dear.

    Once a friend always a friend.

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