Where is Heart There is Life Episode 31

the episode starts with radhika is reading a book sitting on the hospital bed. arjun says ur wishings r fullfilled. ur now discharged from hospital. radhika gets happy and says really? the internee gang comes and says really. and now we will pack ur cloths. neil says anu r u sure to go home? ur weak till now. radhika says as now all of u know about my real name then i will be happy if u call me radhika not anu. sam says as u wish. all togetherly calls out radhika!

madhvi says to all today we will take anu to sharma house. she asks radhika wont u go with ur mom? radhika says yes, ur my mom. they hug. madhvi says ms mala u have to come to my house with ur family. ur like my sister. mala says okay.

mishras, sharmas and internee gang come to sharma house along with radhika. the internees enters to her room and cleans it. neil says now radhika should stay in a neat and clean room. while cleaning kirti puts a plastic cockroach inside parths shirt. parth scares and starts running. parth sceams and says pls save me.its a cockroach. all laugh together. hai junoon plays……………

they take radhika to her room. radhika gets happy seeing her room. radhika says its so beautifully decorated. im blessed to have friends like u. tam says now dont thank us. niki says dont u know? theres no sorry and thank u in friendship. radhika looks at a corner of her room. she asks whats this? theres so many photos of actresses in the wall and theres so many make up and all in dressing table. who have done this? kirti happily comes near radhika and says look ur a model but here was no sign of being this room belong to a model so i have done this. radhika confusingly asks is it the reason of this? kirti says yes. rahul says ur wrong, kirti.its also room of a doctor. neil says so what u have done? rahul points to other corner of the room through his finger. everyone looks at there. theres a fake human bone. kirti screams and calls out its a ghost. sam asks kirti why r u scaring? its fake. and as far i know while studying medical u had done many experiments with human bone and that too with real one. kirti says yes. neil says then why r u scaring? sam says to rahul and u fool! who keep such things in bedroom? parth says in one hand theres kirti and on the other hand theres rahul. but theres a similarity between them. both of them r none but fool. i think we should arrange marriage between them. they r perfect for each other. kirti and rahul gets angry. at first rahul slaps parth on his cheak. then kirti gives him a tight slap. everyone cant stop laughing.

sam says now anu. pls take care. we have to go hospital. they say bye to radhika and go. arjun says i will be here to take care of u. so dont worry. radhika smiles.

the internee come to the hospital. they all go to their respective work places. sam goes to the looker room. saral comes in her way. sam gets angry and says leave my way. let me go sameer. i dont want talk to u, sameer. saral asks sam who sameer? which sameer? im saral. and it will be better for u if u dont remember that u know me from before. forget our that old, fake relationship. sam says u had cheated me. ur charecterless. what should i say to them now? that ur a bussinessman who cheats girls and takes money from them? saral says mind ur language. im ur friends to be husband. sam gets shocked. sam says what! saral says u heard right. im ur friend radhikas fiance. psam says why r u doing this? i know ur not serious about marriage then why? saral says u caught right. im not serious. but u know by this marriage i will make radhika my servant and her family.after marriage i will force her for money. and u know that i act so well, right? sam says how dare u r to say these words! i will tell everyone about u. i will tell everyone that how u cheated me. saral says go and tell everyone but remember if u reveal the truth to all then it will be u who will suffer. u and ur family will be defamed. so before doing anything think at least for once. sam gets shocked hearing his words. saral is about to go but turns and says if u reveal the truth then it will be very bad for u. sam says what do u think radhika will marry u? saral says of course. what do u think she agreed for marriage so easily? no. she was not ready to agree for this. even she dont like me. but she was compelled as it was her dadis last wish before death so she agreed and im sure she wont change her decision inspite of regaining memory after those years. sam says im sure her dadi didnt know about ur reality. saral says yes, ur right. now im going but remember dont tell anyone about my reality. saral gives a wicked smile. sam cries.

arjun and radhika r chatting. radhika says arjun im so sorry but i have to tell u truth. arjun says truth? she says i had met saral. saral is my fiance. arjun gets shocked. she says we got engaged as per my dadis last wish. even i was not ready to engaged. but my family forced me. arjun says why force? she says bcoz i dont like him. i dont find him good. moreover i have always loved u though i never told it to family or u. trust me like anu radhika loves u since she grew up. i really love u. arjun and she huges. arjun asks then if now they tell u to marry? radhika says i dont know. i dont want to marry him. but cant tell this directly to family as they will think that im not interested in fulfilling dadis(grandmother) wish.

its night. sam is in her bedroom. its dark in her room. shes repetedly thinking about sarals words. she cries. she cant sleep. she gets up from the bed and goes out. shes walking on the road alone. shes crying. she recalls her days which she spent with sammer/saral. she also recalls the day when he dumped her. she comes near a bridge. she sits on ralling of the bridge. she is now crying loudly and saying radhikas life will be ruined for sameer/saral. radhikas life will be ruined because of me. her voice of crying can be hear from very far too as its night and everywhere is quiet.

neil is sleeping but his sleep breaks. he gets up from the bed and goes to kitchen. he drinks water. he switches off the light. he says dont know why but im feeling restless. im feeling weird. he goes out of the house. hes walking on the road alone. hes wearing a t-shirt and short pant but didnt change it while coming out as hes not in a state to think about cloths and hes feeling restless. he hears sound of someones crying. theres not very much light on the road. only orange road lights r on. he follows the crying sound and comes near the bridge. from behind he sees there a girl crying hiding her face.

precap: sam stands up and is about to jump to the lake from the bridges ralling. neil is confused what to do.

credit to: Natasha

how r u guys? i have a good news which already many of u know. but many of u also dont know the news. i have stood first in my class in term exam. pls pray for me so that i can do very good in my coming exams and pls pray for me so that i can acheive success in my life.

today i enjoyed a lot in my friends house. she invited me to her home for playing with fire crackers. behind this invitation theres a interesting story. read this story on my last comment of naadan dill ki manmarziyan episode 3.

i couldnt update these days as i was very busy.


  1. Shubsu

    Natasha, congratulations!!! Very happy that you scored well. Story is turning very interesting!!! I am sure Radhika and arjun will convince family!!

  2. Biya

    Hiiii Natasha ..nice episode
    Hoping that Saral secret should reveal soon ….nd waiting for nxt part.the story is going to b superrrbbb..!!!!!!

  3. Manha

    I hav asked a party girl. But u didnt reply. Where’s the party?? Anyways congrats once again. Aise hi naam roshan karna. Wish all the success.
    Luv the frnz gang n the song too. Hi junoon junoon sa jeene me. Tight hug. Waiting for next. Update fast. U hav fans here n u r nt thinking abt them. This is nt done. Luv u.

  4. First of all congratulations my dear … I knw u WIL do wel ….ok

    I missed ur epi a lot but got a powerpacked epi aftr so long …. Really wonderful I just imagine our ardhika while tht hug…. And u r a great writer and also good at academics …. Good dear ….I just love u and “‘ where there is heart there is life ‘” …. And u r good at giving ur readers an ability like as if they r really watching ..

  5. NISHA

    hEY NATY MY PRINCESS HOW R U …hOW ‘S UR DAY DEAR. reADING UR STORY OF GETTING CRACKER BY FRIEND . DEAR. Woooooooooooooooooooow. This diwali also do lots of shopping eat sooooooooooooooo many sweets loveeeeeeeeeeeeeed. u tooooooooooooo much.

    Dear I just loved the episode literally Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed the ardhika moment a loooooooooot. and really excited to read about nesam . YOu really giving me the reason to eagerly waiting for the next update by the precap Luv it dear. Luv u.

    Hey naty my princess , in my story too , there is a part of saral coz his acting is just amazing , dear doesn’t want to copy it at all from ur story.

    Don’t worry , yes, I have saral name soooooooooo much before than I read in ur story but

    There is not any similarity in ur story saral and in my story saral, I will try harder to make it different .

    There is no need to say this but I respect ur story plot a lot with ur sentiments as a exceptional writter u put a lot effort to make a nice plot in ur story.

    So dear this is my love towards ur sentiments that’s why I came here to tell u personally that I have a special role for the character saral but it different from ur story.

    But if u have any problem with that then u can directly reply me dear. by saying yes or no.. NO need to mention if u r not comfortable.

    I can’t use that character than .

    Coz this is just a story and u my friend are so precious more than a story . Luv u dear genuinely.

  6. NISHA

    For our derest couple aradhika ke naam.

    Naty this is for u dear.

    Teenage arjun to teenage radhika . For their pure love .

    Luv u naty

    Luv u my lovieeeeeeeeeeeeees. mandy, zara, tasnim ,roma, manha, hayathi, nemi, biya, shubsu, anwesha, manisha zayn ,tanya, luv u all

    luv u all happy diwali to all of u.

    Jab Ham JavaaN HoNge Jaane KahaaN HoNge
    Lekin JahaaN HoNge VahaaN Par Yaad KareNge
    Tujhe Yaad KareNge

    Ye Bachapan Kaa Pyaar Agar Kho Jaayegaa
    Dil Kitanaa Khaali\-Khaali Ho Jaayegaa
    Tere KayaaloN Se Ise Aabaad KareNge
    Tujhe Yaad KareNge

    Aise HaNsati Thi Vo Aise Chalati Thi
    ChaaNd Ke Jaise Chhupati Aur Nikalati Thi
    Sab Se Teri BaateN Tere Baad KareNge
    Tujhe Yaad KareNge

    Tere Shabanami KvaaboN Ki TasaviroN Se
    Teri Reshami ZulfoN Ki ZaNjiroN Se
    Kaise Ham Apane Aap Ko Aazaad KareNge
    Tujhe Yaad KareNge

    Zahar Judaa_i Kaa Pinaa PaD Jaaye To
    BichhaD Ke Bhi Ham Ko Jinaa PaD Jaaye To
    Saari Javaani Bas YuuN Hi Barbaad KareNge
    Tujhe Yaad KareNge

    Luv u all my loiveeeeeeeeeeeees.

    Luv u naty .

  7. tasnim

    @natasha- CONGRATULATION KEEP IT UP LOVELLY DEAR (ami nishar page a oita dkci n cmnt o koreci i also cmnt 1 ur previous epi of ur stry)

  8. Manha

    Nisha kya yaar maar daala. Sach me kya songs deti ho tum. I wish one song for nesam when neil is restless n sam is at bridge. Plz

  9. Natasha

    Guys hows this song? My little bro taught me the funny dance of this song which ranbir and deepika do together. I had a lot of fun while learning it. Becoz i do it much more funny. Will u want to learn the dance from me?

    Matargashti khuli sadak mein
    Takdi tadak bhadak mein
    Aule girre sulagte se
    Sulagte se sadak mein
    Chatri na thi bagal mein
    Aaya hi na akal mein
    Ke bhage hum ya bheege hum
    Akkad mein toh socha phir

    Geela hua hain wo sukhana ho ho ho..
    Chahe janana ya mardana ho ho ho..
    Phainka naya paasa
    Phir de gayi jhaansa
    Ainveyi mujhe phaansa
    Chirkut zindagi you know

    Tu hi hai woh
    Jisne khenchi meri dhoti dhoti khenchi
    O tu dhoonde kahan bande
    Na main kaaba, kaashi
    Main twitter pe hoon
    DP meri dekho ho..

    Sun re sun beliya
    Dil ne dhoka diya
    Aankhen mili tumse naazni
    Mere hosh o hawaas kho gaye

    Ho dil ka bhanwar bole sun sathiya
    Chhup na dupatte mein tu o chhaliya
    Prem pujari ke dil ka bayaan
    Hota raha rota raha priye
    Toh phir ting ding ding ting ding

    • Roma

      Lovely song Natasha, and yes love to learn dance from you, it’ll be lots of fun. Congrats for your success. Love you loads ♡♡♡

  10. daizy

    Hii natasha…..nice episode dear…….and radhika should not marry saral…plzz reveal saral’s secret soon…..
    And congratulations dear……wish u achieve success at every stage in ur life….

  11. daizy

    natasha,farha,thena,tanya,nisha,kirti,deepa,hayathi,roma,manha,ritu,anaya,devga,tasnim and all my other friends…(sorry guys i forgot some names)…….A very Happy and Prosperous Diwali to u all n ur family….wish this coming year brings peace,happiness,prosperity and also success in ur life…Happy new year to all my dear friends……

  12. Roma

    Hi Natasha, awesome episode, keep it up buddyyy and please update next episode soon, love you loads and very very tight hug,.

  13. aastha

    hw r u natty?shalli call u natty batty?????????????

    i felt like givng a ti8 smack across sarals face.i dnt want tem 2 marry.hpe arjun ‘ll mke evry1 realize tat marriage shud nt b frcd……….i want ardhika 2 b married………hpetat epi ‘ll cme soooooooooooooooooon

  14. Ameena

    Thanqu soooo much nat…..u r the best…awesome episode….want to kill that stupid saral….love u soooo muchh…..a very very happy diwali guyzz????…love u all from all my heart..???
    One lovee?

  15. Ameena

    I wish this day never end…i decorated my house with soo many beautiful rangolies….one is not enough for me….crackers r just making me crazy….my mouth can’t just stop tasting sooo many different types of sweets…enjoying diwali soo much…???….a veryyyyy happy diwali guyzz…enjoy ur diwali….may god fulfils all ur wishes….plzzz guyzz tell me how did u spent ur diwali with ur friends nd family….bye….take care nd be safe from crackers…love u all from all my heart…???
    One lovee?

  16. kirti

    Natasha i missed u so much……………love u …………thanks for coming back nd posting this beautiful update…………enjoyed it…………love u ………….tc………now update the next part soon ……..

  17. nisha

    Hey natty how r u dear>

    Feeling like dancing . Join me in . Love u dear.

    Waiting for ur reply dear. Read the above message. Love u dear.

  18. Natasha

    A very busy day. Uff!
    thanks all for congratulating me.

    @Manha i had throw a party in previous page without any reason. This time why dont u guys throw party for me? I will really happy.
    @Nisha itna sweetly agar kaho gi toh koyi manee ga. But try to make it different as many of here read both stories. If there will be no difference then they will lose interest in reading. Okay? And yes nach ne ki man mujhe bhi hai par kaise nachu? We cant meet in reality.

    @Roma okay. I will teach u.

    @Mansi i also missed u a lot. How r u? Hows maan bhaiya? Hope u didnt mind as i called him as bhaiya.
    @Others how r u? Keep me always in ur touch.
    @Silent readers keep reading. If possible then comment too.

  19. nisha

    Hey my naty my princess how r u dear. Loved u natty at least I got a reply. Don’t worry dear. It didn’t mix at all. I will try a ton harder to make it different anyhow. After all yeh meri naty kaa sawaal hai my princess.

    Always smiling dear . Suits u a lot.

    Tumhari nazar kyon khafa ho gayi
    Khata bakhsh do gar khata ho gayee
    Hamara irada toh kuchh bhee naa tha
    Tumharee khata khud saja ho gayee

    (Saja hee sahee aaj kuchh toh mila hai
    Saja me bhee ik pyar kaa silsila hai) – (2)
    Mohabbat kaa kuchh bhee anjam ho, mulakat hee iltaja ho gayee
    (Mulakat peh itane magarur kyon ho
    Hamaree khushamad peh majabur kyon ho) – (2)
    Manane kee adat kahan pa gayee
    Khatao kee talim kya ho gayee

    (Satate naa ham toh manate hee kaise
    Tumhe apne najdik late hee kaise) – (2)
    Isee din kaa chahat ko arman tha
    Bukul aaj dil kee dua ho gayee

    This one is for u naty my princess . Only u can understand what I say by this song my lovieeeeeeeeeeeee.Always loving u.

    • Natasha

      nisha always like u for ur thoughts and songs.
      i have a question. u didnt see me till now and theres no possibility also. then how can u say that smiling suits me a lot?
      chalo tumare liye hi shahi smile kar rahi hoo.

  20. Natasha

    Guys i want to ask u something. But promise me u wont laugh. Okay?

    whats the difference between crush and love? How can people identify it?
    Actually i want to know this for my story. While writing i got confused so i asked u. Pls reply me soon. Because as early as u will tell me then i will update my story.

  21. nisha

    Hey my lovieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee naty. Coz u have a beautiful heart that why I wrote Smile suits u. Ask anybody U can get the same answer my lovieeeeeeeeeeeeee princess.

    Seriously , I am gone in my thinking deep about what u asked such a difficult question.

    Crush is what we like , we actually doesn’t get hurt more when somebody has a crush on somebody.

    Coz woh hume mile naa mile uskaa effect nahi hota.

    But when somebody falling in love . It touches the chords of ur heart. And if effect harder on each and every scale emotionally.

    For example : EArlier , I like to visit this page ,

    I like to talk with u all my manmarziyaan friends. EArlier If I leave this place It doesn’t affect me at all.

    But now I love this place I love u all. Its an important part of life. I have a smile when I see u all on this page.

    Connection between the people when get stronger it change the definition between the people Like to love.


    • Ameena

      Ohhh my nishuu…just read ur comment right now…I think it makes more sense than what I wrote…natsy I think nisha is right…
      One lovee?

  22. Ameena

    Hi natsy….how r u???…having a crush on someone means loving someone secretly i guess…anyways eagerly waiting for ur update…love u from all my heart…
    One lovee?

  23. kirti

    NATASHA i think crush means attraction, infatuation……..love is deeper………

    crush can convert into love……..bt love is something deep from heart in which u dont need to explain or tell anything. The person understands it by seeing in ur eyes, or by the way u behave…something something…….hehehe…….jyada ho gya lgta h bt hope u might understand the difference………. love u……..

  24. Hey nats yaar !! I m fyn dr !!
    Hw r u?? Really yaar wen I saw ur cmnt I came as soon as possible by guess I m late !!

    Hey Lord really missed u a lot !!!

    Hey mann is gud he is out since a week !! He went to LA !! His Granpa is der na !!
    Oh ho he will never feel bad as far as ur calling him bhaiya !! But if I call him bhaiya ?? U shud luk at his reaction ….

    Hey so when r u updating ???

    • Natasha

      Soon. When i will get time.
      Im laughing taking about maan bhaiyas reaction if u call him bhaiya. Im sure he will get a heart attack at that moment. Ha…ha…ha…
      Pls tell him to buy choclates for us.

      Come in my page in someday along with him. Its an invitation.

  25. Tanya

    Hey Natasha!Crush…..for me it is one sided attraction you feel for someone.The other person might not have.You might sometime feel that attraction or crush is not to your reach and you seem to take choice of just stupidly smile when he smile(not really stupid).Crush are important part for a particular period or some part of life,you might forget him,but Love,ah no words for it.It affects you deeply rather than the crush.It happens with a promise, a promise when you have to deal with both promise of happiness sharing and Sad sharing,to give support.Love is nicely expressed in poem,”If thou must love me,” by Elizabeth browning Barrot.Plz read it to really get a clear picture.
    Posting the poem:
    If thou must love me, let it be for nought
    Except for love’s sake only. Do not say,
    “I love her for her smile—her look—her way
    Of speaking gently,—for a trick of thought
    That falls in well with mine, and certes brought
    A sense of pleasant ease on such a day”—
    For these things in themselves, Belovèd, may
    Be changed, or change for thee—and love, so wrought,
    May be unwrought so. Neither love me for
    Thine own dear pity’s wiping my cheeks dry:
    A creature might forget to weep, who bore
    Thy comfort long, and lose thy love thereby!
    But love me for love’s sake, that evermore
    Thou mayst love on, through love’s eternity.
    That’s a true feeling of love when happens.Hope I wrote it and you understood.I am still in the crush phase?,he’s a topper and I am an averager.We don’t have a conversation so I guess there might be some blunt words from me for crush.

  26. aastha

    Hey natty I’m no gud in all these stuffs.actually in my opinion LOVE ❤ is good 2 read n buks n 2 in movies. I feel like its practically IMPOSSIBLE. …..
    Sry if I hurt anybody’s feelings’.(anybody who reads tis comment)n tell me ur opinion f it.

  27. Natasha

    Wow! So many answers. I now get about crush and love.
    But i agree with aastha if theres really love in real life except family and friends. Loving someone suits more in tv and cinema. Soory if i hurt anyone.

    By the way feeling very boring. Nothing to do.

    Im recalling my past times. Some incident r sad and some incidents gives me much happy. U should also try it.

    Im now feeling to sing this song. Sawar loon from lootera. It gives me happiness and peace of mind while singing it.

    • Hey nats yaar !! Of corse will tell ur bhaiya to cum once yaar for his little nats !!

      Hey I also agree with aastha prctically saying I dont bluve in love but wat can I say I love sm1 so dat means its possible in aome cases !!!

  28. Ameena

    Hi NATS!! How r u??…I agree with aastha coz I actually never heard love stories in real life…nd especially hate-love story is kinda immpossible in real life I guess…sorry if I’m hurting anyone…sawar loon is a good song…I sang it in front if whole class in break (teacher was not there…thank god)….yeah it’s good to remember past times…some make u soooo happy…if u remember some funny moments u just cant stop laughing…some memories makes u cry sometime…well what u said is true….before manmarziyan one part of my life was incomplete…I ❤❤❤ MANMARZIYAN…plzz update soon now as u know the difference between crush nd love now…love u nd all #DYM fans from all my heart..??
    One lovee?

  29. aastha

    Hello,gud mrng!!!!!!?
    Tanku natty,mansi(gud name),Ameena 4 agreeing wth me.i said that lve s practically impossible bcoz it ws lke tat 4 my 2 besties.
    Can u tell me te name f Monica sengals n ahem Sharma’s nw serials n in wich channel tey r gonna b broadcasted??????plz?????myself n my bestie r fans f tem.

  30. aastha

    Natty please update ur story as soon as u r free.do u listen? 2 music? in ur free time????? if so plz hear “wildest dreams” f Taylor swift.u ‘ll lke it in te first go itself.

  31. Roma

    Hi Natasha dear, where r u buddyyy. …waiting for the next episode eagerly. ..and I also agree with aastha…in reality there is no real love or soulmates…the life is very practical and we have to deal with it with smile. ..even your heart is crying inside…well I don’t want to make you guys sad and worried for me…I still enjoy my life as it is a gift from Allah and somewhere I believe that everything happens for a reason and Allah never give more prolems which you can’t handle. So enjoy your time my deariiiiiiieeess and always think positive….love you loads and very very tight hug to all of youuuuuuuuu

  32. Roma

    Hi Natasha dear…how are you. …long time, didn’t see update on this story. Plzzzz continue and post the next part soooooooon. By the way, I liked your new story very much ‘Arzian yeh dill ki’, plzzzz update both of these when you find time….love you loads and very very tight warm hug

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