Where is Heart There is Life Episode 30


the episode starts with mala saying to madhvi what u will say now? radhika herself have told u the truth. madhvi and mohit r feeling guilty. dilip asks what u were saying? we r cheap minded small town people, right?

sam says guys look they r fighting again. tam says we have to stop them. neil says pls dont fight here. these noise will make anu tensed and tension isnot good for anus health. mala looks at madhvi angrily. anu looks at them. anu says pls dont fight. anu says to mala ma dont say this. mom gave me love as like im her own child. i never felt doubt of not being their child. they didnt let me to feel that im not their child. if after that accident they wouldnt help me then….. so ma dont blame mom. i agree that she did wrong. but every mother become selfish when it comes to her child. dadaji says radhika is right. mala, u should ask for forgive. if they didnt adopt radhika then………on the top of that radhika was a memory lost victim and u know the people of the world r of different types and motives. mala goes near madhvi and says pls forgive me. madhvi says u shouldnt ask for forgiveness. rather im sorry. i tried to separate u all from anu. anu smiles seeing them. aashiyan plays…..…

the scenc shifts to shreyas office. shreya, tiya , ishana r dicussing on a project. shreya gets a call. she talks to that man. shreya says i hired u to just push an injection. but u couldnt do that. i willnot give u money. that man says pls give another chance. shreya cuts the call. ishana says u told that we will kill her surely this time but…..
tiya gets a sms. tiya says maam ritesh messaged just now messaged me that after operation radhika regained her memory. shreya gets shocked. she says what! did she tell all about us? tiya says no. ishana says i wonder whats going on her mind. shreya says before she tells everyone about us we have to plan something.

its now morning. internee gang come to anus room. they give her flowers. anu says thank u. arjun comes with breakfast. anu eats it. arjun says take care. arjun is about to go but anu calls him saying coward! the internee gang blust into laugh. anu also laughes. the internee stop laughing seeing arjun angry. seeing internees condition arjun smiles. the internees starts to laugh again.

mishras and madhvi, mohit comes and says what r u doing? anu says i want to go home. mala says okay. mohit says im not understanding one thing. how did u fall from so high hill? anu recalls how tiya pushed her. anu says dad that ti….……anu thinks its not wise to tell them about what happened and how tiya pushed me from the hill. i will have to do something to teach that evils a good lesson and only i will have to do this. I have to take revange. anu says to mohit i was slipped from the hill. niki says u should have been careful.

dadaji says what happened was good. now shes dr. radhika mishra. dilip says but radhikas dream was to become a model and in her past life she was successful as a model. everyone says together a model! anu says yes. kirti says so now i can take suggesstion from anu about make up. everyone laughs hearing kirti.

precap: sam is going towards the looker room. saral comes in her way. sam says let me go sameer. saral says who sameer? im saral and it will be good if u can forget that u know me from before. sam looks on.

credit to: Natasha

i was full day at home today. but from tommorow again busy days.

i hope today everyone will comment . if u dont want to comment on my story its okay but pls come at least to visit me. suppose today is party at my page. okay? i know i wont be able to offer u foods but still come.

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  1. nice epi nats..hw r u??

  2. Hey Natasha I WIL smash u if once again u say so …. Actually I am reading ur updates daily dear but not able to comment coz of network … Plz don’t ever think so tht V r not interested in commenting …..
    Marvelous story u r just reminding me of mmz …. Thank u
    One small just of who is shreya tiya and co ( sorry Wen u started ff I dint knw abt ff’s being posted and I don’t know ur story b4 ….) Plzz just a short jist of thm ….

    1. I mean tel me who r shreya and co ..PLZ and hw r they related to radhu ?

  3. Ha ha ha coward nice nick name

  4. Nice one nats
    Liked very much
    Please call anu as radhika
    Here after I want more ardhika intense love and less revenge with little twists

  5. Wow natasha yaar ab mein aur kya cmnt karun !! I hv used almost all words for u n ur story yaar !!

    Hey sorry yaar I cudnt thanq wen u came to my page !! Nywas thanq ao muuuuuuuuch !! Love u dear !!

    Hey yaar so party huh ?? Wow party so cn we dance ???

    Hey yaar I mean srsly AMI TOMAKE VALOBASHI !!!

    Hey yaar natasha wat is I♡U in bengali lang ???

    1. @Mansi u can dance as much as u want on any song. I wont stop u.
      I luv u – ami tomake bhalobashi.

      @Devga shreya is the owner of fashion magazine diva. Radhu worked there as model and she was successful. But to make her daughter ishana more successful than radhu with the help of her assistant tiya she tried to kill radhu by pushing from the hill.

      1. Thank u Natasha …. Wer is ur next update …
        I think u r busy with exmz … Ok no probs … Do well in ur studies … …

  6. nats tooo good. wow all the people gather and all happy environment. this is gud to see. now radhika has two careers yaar. she is multi talented. all the friends look soo happy and radz teasing arjun. this is very intersting. what to say he is in her hands now. be happy my girl. plz don’t be worried. ur story is really good.

  7. Thaxxx for inviting I willl surely attend ur party
    As always ur story rocked

  8. awesome work natasha. keep going .i ‘m not missing any of ur updates .

  9. Natasha I loved this part. …nice going dear

  10. Nice yaar

  11. Awesome episode and thanks for party, I enjoyed it. 😀

  12. beautiful story natashan

  13. Hello natty,,, loved today’s part Dr… It’s so cool episode….

  14. It writing skills r superb great going 🙂

  15. Good.sry I cant write mch due 2 poor netwrk.dnt know whether tis “‘ll b cmbg r nt

  16. thanks for the party dear

  17. Thanks Natasha for the nice update……….. Waiting for ur next…….. May ur network problem end soon…………

  18. Hi Natasha, awesome episode, ,,loved it very much, specially when rads told her parents to not fight and she remembers madhvi and mohit also..great yaar. Arjun/coward nice nik name and internee gang convo was hilarious….keep it up buddyyy,..thx for inviting me to the party… want to dance on baby doll song…love you loads and very very tight warm hug

    1. Hey roma very nice n sensual song 4 us n our girls yaar !! Superb choice !!

  19. hey natasha…plzz dear don’t keep thinking again n again that we don’t like ur stories…if we don’t comment that doesn’t mean we don’t like ur story….might be all don’t get time..but still we love it…
    coming to update…it was awesome…how nicely anu cleared misunderstandings between two families…..n who was the one who came to kill anu…plzz reveal it soon…love u dear….update next part soon…

  20. Nats yaar very nice update finally read out the part wer da truth reveals about rads identity and i luv ur imagination yaar keep going and haha party toh sab karenge yahan abhi …hmmm about food me giving u garam garam jalebi virtually sending haha Happppy partying yay!!! well ignore me im kinda on sugar rush.

  21. Hey naty , heloooooooooooooooooooo my lovieeeeeeeeeeeee

    Loved to read today’s episode Rads did nice not to tell her parents about who did the accident She herself try to teach them a lesson

    Nice Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed it dear. Loved the gangs convo Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh so cute make up tips from rads.

    Naty keep going story getting interesting. Free ho party mood mein ok my dear get this

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    Bas aaj ki raat hai
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    Na ghar waale na maape hain
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    Yeh toh bas shuruaat hai
    (Yeh toh bas shuruaat hai)
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    Arey abhi toh party shuru hui hai..
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    Aur jisko dance nahi karna
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    Love u naty my princess , Love u sweety mansi, lovely tasnim. roma, manha, daizy swara, ritu,kfar, naaa farha seems familiar, aastha , anwesha , navya , deepa, lavanya, tanya, devi,sweetoo lulu, paru, zayn, nandhini, pragna, devga hayathi ,

    Happy night dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees. lUv u all.

    1. Hey nisha I jus love dis song yaar u no I sincerely missed u so much whr did u go to huh ??

      Hey infact I hav danced on dis song !!
      Pls send d song link dear !!

  22. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8LZgzAZ2lpQ

    Hey my lovely manisi take this video on dance on this song my dear.

    Love u enjoy .

    1. Thanq so much nisha I m already dancing on dis song !!! Jus boogie !!!


  23. Nats plzzz update the next episode sOOn dear….eagerly waiting..love u from all my heart..??
    One lovee?

  24. It seems everyone forgot me.
    But im missing u. I will update soon.

  25. natasha pls update……………………..pls pls…………………..jaldi update………….

    CONGRATULATIONS for ur result………….god bless u……..have a blast…………love u ……

  26. Hey naty my princess , Luv u loads dear.. Really happy to know about ur result read it on dt page.

    Congratulations naty .

    Luv u my princess . Abhi to party shuru hui hai. Need a party now. come on invite us too.

    Lots of choclates , pasteries for u dear. Muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

    And yes , a very blastful happy diwali to u naty

    And to all my lovieeeeeeeeeeeeeeees roma , manha, mandy, ameena, kirti, daizy anwesha , devi , lulu, zayn,, tasnim, zara, deepa, navya, aastha, swara,tanya, devga, devi, nandhini

    all my lovieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees have a very happy diwali.

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    Usne kaha ke jab main kahu aayega woh mere liye
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    Duniya meri kaise chamke jaise roshani ne roshani ho bhar di har kahi
    Duniya saari aaise mehake jaise iss khushi mein har kali ho mehaki har kahi
    (Aaj jahaa bhi tum raho chalo saath hamare ab kaho say (happy diwali) – 2
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    Mere tumhare sabke liye happy diwali

    Luv u my loveieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees. Smiling now.

    And yaa naty waiting for next update

  27. Hey naty , my princesss , what happened ,

    Can’t received any message from u busy these days.

    Leave 2 songs earlier for u but wat happened .

    anything happened which I didn’t know or I need to know.

    Tell me my love . always loving to talk to u .

  28. @hello natasha Hw R U ? Missing u loot n luv u lots vry busy so cn.t cme……2 all my lovly dearies

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