Where is Heart There is Life Episode 29


the episode starts with ishana saying to shreya mom do u think our plan will work out? shreya says i hope so.

its night. a man stranger comes to hospital and hes wearing a cap. he enters to the hospital. he secretly enters to anus room. the lights r off and its dark now.anu is now sleeping and still unconcious. the man opens a box in which theres an injection. he comes near to anus bed. and hes about to give the injection to anu but at the moment dr arjun enters to anus room. he sees the man wearing cap and shouts whos there. the man gets worried and runs out of the room using window. arjun tries to catch him but the man gets successful in escaping.arjun stops running after him seeing him nowhere. arjun says who was that?

arjun comes back to anus room. he sits on a tool near anus bed. he gets teary eyeed seeing anu in this state. he holds her hand. he says i dont care whether u r anu or radhika i just love u. i cant see to in this state. and i know im responsible for ur this condition. i couldnt save u. pls forgive me if possible. pls pls pls get well soon. he sees anu moving her fingers. he gets happy. he says open ur eyes pls. anu after some moment opens her eyes. she looks at all arounds. arjun gets glad and goes out of the room and calls everyone. mishras and all the internees gets happy and comes to meet her.mala says how r u? madhvi asks r u feeling better now? mala asks can u remember me now? anu looks on. she doesnt answer. madhvi says to herself is anu regained her memory? what will happen if she really can remembereverything? i will then get expose in front of all. mohit goes near anu and says how r u feeling now dear? dont worry dear everything is fine now. he hugs anu. anu also gets her and says dad!

dadaji says dont worry we wont fight here. but now im facing problem in hearing. can u clear my ears? anu doesnt show any reaction. dadaji gets sad and says she didnt get her memory back even after the operation.

sam says to anu if u need anything u can tell us. neil says if u face any problem then tell us. kirti says if u need anything like make up and brushes then pls dont forget to tell me. anu looks on. everyone also becomes confused. parth says whats the use of make up now? kirti we r treating anu and u r concerned about make up! kirti says i thought after operartion we removed anus make up so if she need………and otherwise people becomes happy and cheerful when they apply make up. rahul says this theory can be true for people like u but not true for simple people like anu. niki says moreover think how funny it will be if patients who r admitted in hospital applies make up and sit on hospital bed.

arjun says to anu if u cant remember anything then its okay. no one will force u. and if u need anything then pls tell me. anu nods yes. till she have got conciousness our anu havent utter a single word. but now she is trying to say something.arjun says i will just go now and arrange for anus tests. anu looks at arjun and says to him coward, can i get a glass of water? arjun gets shocked hearing anu calling him duffer.(fb shows that radhika and arjun r in a shop of panipuri. arjun asks panipuri shopkeeper not to make his panipuri spicy. radhika says to arjun u r really a coward. why u always fear to eat spicy? radhika says to panipuri shopkeeper mister add more spice in his plate. radhika says to arjun u r a coward and from today i will call u coward. arjun says no pls. everyone will laugh at me if u will call me in this name. radhika says no i will call u coward. arjun says no. radhika calls out coward! coward! coward!…………)

arjun looks at anu and says radhika! anu says yes, im radhika. ur best friend. arjun gets teary eyed in happiness. they hug each other. arjun says dont dare to leave us like this again. anu says yes. i will never leave u. arjun gives her water. she drinks it. she looks at mishra family. she says to mala ma! mala huges her. she says pls forgive me. i couldnt recognise u all. dadaji says no problem dear. it happens. saral comes forward and asks anu can u recognise me now? im saral. sam looks angrily at saral and says to herself why this sameer behaving so sweet? anu doesnt look happy seeing saral and says how can i forget u? saral says i knew it that ur radhika. madhvi and mohit r standing in a side. they r feeling guilty.

the internee gang is happy seeing mishra family getting back their daughter. sam says so finally anu regain her memory. neil says look at her. shes so happy today. tam says u know we cant realise importance of our family we r always with them. but today seeing them together im feeling happy as our friend got her family again. kirti says but what about madhvi aunty and mohit uncle now?

the internee gang go near anu. they go give her a group hug. sam says didnt we tell u that we will save u? neil says and saved u. kirti says we conducted a operation and look now ur fine. parth says kirti stop talking now. i fear that u will again start talk about make up. all laugh together. anu says im really happy having friends like u who save their friend at any cost.

mala now stand up and pointing at madhvi and mohit says so what will u say now? today everyone came to know about ur lies. and what were u telling? we r here for money,right? mohit and madhvi looks at anu. they looking like they r guilty now. and they r very shamed as their lie is proved in front of anu whom they accepted as their daughter and whom they love very much and can do anything for her.

precap: dilip asks anu how did u fall from a so high hill? anu says that ti………… shreya talks to that man over phone. shreya yells at him and says now we have to plan something big.

credit to: Natasha

kfar, deepa, anu, thena, tanya, ireena, saji, seher, tasnim, mandy, samiha, abi, mitty, happy, raashi, devga, riya, nandhini, dipika, valli, lulu, sona, kanishka, niku, nisha, krithi, devi, daizy, jayru, anuradha, arjun, clara, zara, zoya, swara, mira, brity, susmi, muskan, harani, aparna, hayathi, zayn, naomi, akhi, sweety, unab, rose, jasvin j kaur, twinkle, deepika, shub, paru, moon, sriti, anwesha, aradhana, abbz, sneha, aastha, misty, shanpriya, kavya, chinni, unknown, ankitha, pragna, susmi, richa, vs, alex, d, priyanka, preity, mahima, deep, ray, sravya, shnaya, sweety, isha, kadu, puni, aprajita, polumee, rag, roma, rasha, haya, arrjay, lucky, cherry, manisha, google, aki, anaya, neha, anuhya, manha, sandy, paridhi, pathanga, chithu55, ameena, advaita, welwisher, sanjana, mahi, aaisha, nikki, sara, aru, sama, kruti, rg, rj, shikha, amna mohamed, rupshikha, priya, liya, jade jiya and all silent readers(sorry if i have forget to write anyones name and pls tell me if i forget to write anyones name) pls give me ur feedbacks .

guys i really want to continue our friendship and its my little try to give my friends some happiness through this story written by me.and forgive if my writting is not up to the mark and if theres any type of typos as i havent read it after writting and i have written it in small parts in 6days.

sometimes i feel that im only wasting ur time by requesting u to read my idiotic story and to comment. sometimes i feel like to stop this story. i feel that u r geeting annoyed by me and repeated talking.but in other i feel it may be ur source of getting happiness or sharing ur thoughts. i feel that u all r my friends. i dont have so good friends in my surrounding. but im really happy to become ur friend(i dont know if u have really become ur good and supporting friend or not) who can make others so good friend of them. and all credit goes to telly updates.com. sorry i think today i have already been succeesful in disturbing u with my these stupid talkings. so i will not disturb u more today. but i write these all as i find u all with whom i can share my feelings.

kfar, tasnim, sneha, anu where r u?

happy,mitty,abi,raashi,devga,sonamohan where u all?

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  1. Oh god i think saralbis the one who behind this all…. i guess he is helping shreya

  2. Nice…

  3. very nice

  4. Thanks natasha for making radhika regain her memory. Nice to see arjun n rads together.

  5. Hey natasha why r u saying all these. Actually we all r here for frnzship yaar. Coming to comments u cannot count ur frnz on basis of comments. See all r studying, working, doing other jobs. May be they r litte busy. So theycant comment. That doesnt mean they r not frnz. And coming to story it is very good yaar. We all love it so we r reading it. We r missing as u r not updating daily. Uhav every right to question ur frnz. Plz dont say sry. Believe urself. U r a good writer.

  6. Hey my princessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss loved today’s episode.

    And u know what is the wooooooooooooooooo scene when saral hugs anu and she says how can I forget u .

    Tum to suspense se mar hi dalogeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee my princess.

    Luved the episode. gangs convo a lot. Rads calling arjun coward sweet .

    loved it dear. Keep going Keep writing. Luved u always.

    Song for today track when arjun hold rads in hands and when she opened her eyes

    This song plays in bg for arjun feelings

    Kuch Kum Roshan hai roshani
    Kuch kum gili hai barishien

    Kuch Kum Lehrati hai hawa
    Kuch Kum hai dil mein khawishein

    Tham sa gaya hai yeh waqt aise
    Tere liye hi thehra ho jaiisee

    hmmmmm hmmmm hmmmm

    Kuch Kum Roshan hai roshani
    Kuch kum gili hai barishien

    Kuch Kum Lehrati hai hawa
    Kuch Kum hai dil mein khawishein

    Tham sa gaya hai yeh waqt aise
    Tere liye hi thehra ho jaiisee

    Kyun meri saaans bhi kuch feeki si hai
    Duriyon se hui nazdiki si hai

    Kyun meri saaans bhi kuch feeki si hai
    Duriyon se hui nazdiki si hai

    Jaane kya Yeh baat hai
    Har saba Abb raat hai

    Kuch Kum Roshan hai roshani
    Kuch kum gili hai barishien

    Kuch Kum Lehrati hai hawa
    Kuch Kum hai dil mein khawishein

    Tham sa gaya hai yeh waqt aise
    Tere liye hi thehra ho jaiisee

    Phool meheke nahi kuch gumsum say hai
    Jaise roothe hue kuch yeh tumse hai

    Phool meheke nahi kuch gumsum say hai
    Jaise roothe hue kuch yeh tumse hai
    Khusbooien Dhal gai saath tum Abb jo nahi

    Kuch Kum Roshan hai roshani
    Kuch kum gili hai barishien

    Kuch Kum Lehrati hai hawa
    Kuch Kum hai dil mein khawishein

    Tham sa gaya hai yeh waqt aise
    Tere liye hi thehra ho jaiisee
    hmmm hmmmmmmm hmmmmm hmmmm
    hmmmm hmmmmm hmmmm hmmmm

    Luv u all my lovieeeeeeeeeeees

    1. Ha nishu dr this my favourite song… yaar plz ek baar vicky donor movie se marjayaan tere bin marjayaan re song lik dho na plzzzzz

  7. Nice yaar eagarly waiting for next one

  8. Thanqu sooo much natty…..loved it sooo much….u r sooo awesome nd ur story is soooooooo interesting…..plzzz update regularly dear…..ik u r very busy in college but plzzz try to update everyday….love u from all my heart…
    One lovee?

  9. Ah ha finally radz is here. How did she recognize arjun. Sharp girl. Nice epi Natasha. A total happy mood for all. Nisha loved the song. Ur songs make my mood go good. Hi hayathi hw r u ? Now can any one tell me how to make emoticons,Smiley’s this page. I don’t get it.

  10. Hi nats
    Today’s is very emotional and liked very much that coward part more
    Please continue writing

  11. Awsme as always keep it up.. 🙂

  12. itz intrestin waitin fo nxt epi… lovd u thinkin……n lov u…

  13. Wow Natasha wonderful …. As I thought radhu regained her memory… Great work dear continue… And again dnt think that u r wasting our time ur making my time more precious dear … So continue ….

  14. very lovely episode of family reunion..
    dont think otherwise natasha ma’am..there are many who wish to read your stories..like me….
    So please do continue your wonderful saga of ardhika..

  15. AWESOME, MARVELLOUS episode Natasha. …story going very well. .keeping me glued. ..loved friends convo and rads memory came back wowwwww…so glad and she called arjun coward so funny. ..precap is interesting. ..more twists and turns … 🙂 Natasha you’re doing marvellous job…thx for sharing your feelings with us, you proved it that we’re true friends 🙂 and you can say everything what comes to your mind….I’m always here to support you. ..after all we all are mmz and then TU fans and there should be no barriers between us… don’t ever let you down, keep doing your mmz and spread smile to our faces 🙂 love you loads and very very tight warm hug. ..
    @nisha, again very awesome song dearrr..love you to the core…keep it up 🙂

  16. Hii natasha…wonderful episode….happy dat anu regained her memory…..arjun got his childhood lover back…too good….but plzz don’t let this saral come in between them…..
    And dear why are u thinking dat u r wasting time….we r not getting bored by ur stories…we all r loving it….so plzz don’t stop writing….luv u a lot…..keep updating….

  17. Hello Natasha, I’m Dyuti. I’m a silent reader of ur story and I’m so much amused and thrilled by your story. Your story reveals the wonderful bond between friends. I truly love your story. But there’s a thing, your story is not boring its great. And plz plz plz keep up your writing.

  18. Hey Natasha!Why are you thinking like this?You are truly one of the source of happiness.Your story is awsome and You urself is Fantabulous,So be happy coz you have one of the greatest relation with us,the relation of trust,faith and friendship.

    1. Dude deepa plssssssss post ur story
      don’t disappoint ur fans

  19. @Hayathi how r u? To know about saral pls keep reading. Good night.

    @Riya im missing ur designs. Pls show us ur design talent.

    @Swara whats the meaning of ur name?

    @Kirti yes. Im also happy seeing aradhika together. U r just aamazing friend with many talent like making ur friend happy with ur sweet words.

    @Manha thanks for encouraging me. I was just venting out all my emotions. And pls keep me supporting in every time.

    @Nisha wow! Today u dedicated a nice song. Pls in some other time dedicate a song only for me. Ur choice of song is very good and i just love it.

    @Devi hello! How r u?

    @ameena i will try to update soon.

    @Nandhini hello how r u? Whats up?

    @anwesha like ur name i really like u.

    @Manisha me too luv u thinking.

    @Devga u encouraged me to write by saying im making ur time precious.

    1. Ok dr…. so @nisha. Thena. Natasha. Kfar. Kriti plz update ur stories. Mansi dr plzzzz plzzzzz

  20. Woooow!!!! Hey nats, claps. Radz regained hr memory n it ws nice she called arj as coward. Soooo cute. Cool writing bud.

  21. @Lavanya dont worry. Ur natasha maam will update the story soon.

    @Roma thanks for always standing beside me. And said the right that we r mmz friends and there should no berries between us.

    @daizy thanks for encouraging me so much. And im also very happy that arjun got his love back.

    @Dyuti hello! Welcome. Im happy about knowing u. I think ur silent readers r the one who encourage us by their silent support. Dyuti, i wish that may u shine in life and show people right path with ur dyuti(shineness/brightness).

    @tanya ur also amazing. And i agree with u that im very lucky as i got friends like u with whom i share relation of trust, faith and friendship.

    @Saalini how r u? Can i ask u from which country u r?

    @tasnim, mansi where u r?

    @dipika, zara, abbz, seher, aru, shub, paru, advaita, liya, harani, haya, aaisha, zayn, aastha, thena, kfar and all where u r? Im waiting for u.

    Today i didnt go to college so im free all day long today. But now im hungry but cant find anything in house except chocolate. So im eating chocolate now. I just love to eat chocolate.

  22. Hey my naty want a song . ARe yaar Dear this is a song for u to the sake of friendship of you and me , me and you , you all all , all and me . Hum sab ke naam.

    Just for u naty

    Ooh yeah friendship – (2)
    Friendship is what we r luking for

    Mustafa mustafa don’ t worry mustafa, ham hain tumhare mustafa – (2)
    Day by day badhta hai dil dil sey mil jata hai
    Jadu hai aisa friendship kaa
    Mustafa mustafa don’ t worry mustafa, ham hain tumhare mustafa

    Ooh yeah friendship – (2)

    Aankho kee raho sey dil peh chha jate hai
    Apne ban jate hai jo dil hain anjane
    Schoolo me yaree hai, college me yaree hai
    Yeh jindagee hai yaree sunle divane
    Milna milana hai mastee lutana hai
    Yaree ke aage kya yeh jaldee sunna hai
    Khushiyo ke sagar me yaree kee kashtee hai
    Naa hai kinara aage badhte jana hai
    Ho ho…..

    Mustafa mustafa don’ t worry mustafa, (ham hain tumhare mustafa -2)
    Day by day badhta hai dil dil sey mil jata hai
    Jadu hai aisa friendship kaa – (2)
    Mustafa mustafa don’ t worry mustafa, ham hain tumhare mustafa

    Yeh aasman hai kya ek panchhee ke aage
    Sagar yeh kya hai yara machhlee ke aage
    Too bas hanste hee ja har pal muskate ja
    Phir ghum kee hastee kya yara tere aage
    Jivan toh gadee hai isko toh chalna hai
    Raho me station toh aate hain jate hain
    Gum tera station hai isko toh jana hai
    Chalta chal khushiyo kaa bhee station aana hai
    Ho ho…….

    (Mustafa mustafa don’ t worry mustafa, (ham hain tumhare mustafa -2)
    Day by day badhta hai dil dil sey mil jata hai
    Jadu hai aisa friendship kaa – (2)) – (2)

    Luv u my lovieeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  23. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my lovieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees Luv u all by heart.

    Tasnim my loveiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii welcome dear. Lots of love daizy roma lavanya manisha(what a lovely name dear You stole my mann today ) man+nisha=manisha

    devga (loved ur name its different but unique, nandhini, manha ,ameenadevi riya swara, kirti,

    Lovely mansi, zara miss u where r u dear.

    LOve u all my loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees

    Have a very nice day.

    Above the song for u all my dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

    Oh all my mustafas day by day pyaar badhtaa hi jaa raha hai yahi to hai friendship kaa jadoooooooooo.

  24. thank you nisha?

  25. Hey tasnim , mansi , Mansi I start writing dear.Its published also. Tell me what u felt.

    Naadan dil ki manmarziyaan. Mansi u inspire me to write . TEll me dear what ur heart says now.

    Love u my lovieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

  26. hii nats..i was commenting here after a long time..sorry dr..dont mind i was busy with my exams and your story was going very well dr..keep gng..

  27. Hello Natasha…. Ajker episode ta valo hoeche. Kintu matro dui din holo ami pora suru korechi. Ager episode gulo porte chai. kothai pabo bole debe please……….

  28. Ami jani na tumi kon state e thako. I mean bangalee ki na. Kintu tomar golper character gulor naam dekhe keno jani amar mone hocche je tumi bangalee. Ar jodi na hou tahole amar kotha bujte na parar jonno sorry….

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