Where is Heart There is Life Episode 28


the episode starts with the truck hits anu. everyone gets shocked.arjun tries to save anu from the accident but in vain. anu falls down. arjun stumbles with a stone and falls down. the truck runs away. arjun sees anu. he calls out anu! everyone comes near anu. they see a sea of blood near anu.

the internee gang takes anu to hospital by ambulance. they arrange a stretcher all go with anu. neil says i will call to anus home. arjun is treating anu. he gives anu oxyzen mask. neil calls in anus home. madhvi picks up the phone. neil tells her about anus accident. madhvi hears about accident. she gets shocked the phone falls down. madhvi cries. mohit asks to madhvi what happened? madhvi says anu has met with an accident. everyone at anus home including mishra family, priya gets shocked. mohit says we have to go to hospital.

arjun comes out of icu and says to neil pls arrange bloods from blood bank immediately. anu is badly in need of blood. neil says dont worry. i will take care of everything. neil goes.

mohit,madhvi, mishra family, priya and sam comes to hospital. mala asks arjun hows radhika? arjun says aunty shes in critical state. we have to conduct an operation in head as she got hurt in head badly. mala cries. mala says pls make my daughter fine. im begging to u. arjun holds malas hand and says aunty pls have faith on me. i will try to give my best to make her well. madhvi says arjun pls make her fine. and dont worry about money. i will give as much as required for operation. arjun says aunty i dont need money for operation. my love for her will be the most precious price for the operation.

the internee is helping arjun in operation preparations. arjun says we have to make her fine. sam says yes. shes a member of this hospital. we have to give our best. neil says shes not only the member of this member but also member of our friends. niki says we wont let her die so easily. kirti says of course. she have to bear our stupidity more. tam says we wont leave our friend. rahul says we will prove friends r her heart, her life. parth says and we will tell to the whole world that where is heart there is life. arjun says so r we ready to save anu at any cost. neil says at any cost. all internees say together we will save our friend at any cost.

arjun is conducting the operation. all the internees r working as dr arjuns assistant. arjun asks neil to give him injection. neil handovers injection to arjun. arjun is conducting operations on anus head. arjun asks parth to give him the x-ray report of anus head. parth gives the x-ray to arjun. arjun sees it and says oh my God! theres a major hurt in anus memory unit of head. neil says yes, sir. and seeing that part it seems that she got this hurt before a quiet long time. but she didnt realise it. arjun says anu told that she had met with an accident few years ago. and when she got conciousness she couldnt remember anything. and madhvi aunty told her that she couldnt remember anything as got hurt in head. i think she got this hurt during that accident.

sam says i think so sir. and i think if mala aunty was saying truth then that accident was the same accident after that mala aunty and her family thought shes dead. arjun says yes. we should now conduct operation at that place of her head. but its a very sensitive part of head and we have to be very careful. outside the ot everyone is anxious. saral consoles mala and says dont worry ma. radhika will be all right.

madhvi says to mala today anu is in this state because of u. mala says me? rather ur responsible for radhikas condition. madhvi says why r u calling her radhika repeatedly? shes ananya. she was happy with us before ur arrival. but after u come………mala says what? a child can be never happy without her parents. ur just a shamelss woman! ur doing all this as u have no child. madhvi says who told u that i have no child? i have child. and my child is anu. ur just doing all this drama for…………a nurse comes and says pls dont fight here. its a hospital.

the operation gets over. arjun and all the internees come out of the ot. mala asks arjun hows the operation? madhvi asks arjun is anu all right now? arjun says yes. u have been sucessful in conducting operation. but if she dont get conciousness early then its difficult to save her life. mala cries. arjun says u must remember that today anu said that she had met with an accident few years ago. i think during that accident she got injured in the memory part of her head. we have conduct an operation on that part too. so if shes really radhika and she lost her memory than after getting concious anu may regain her memory and she better will tell u the truth. she will clearify all the confution and it will be proved if mala and dilip uncle is saying the truth or not.

the scenc shifts to fashion magazine office diva. tiya(shreyas assistant) comes and says to shreya maam did u hear the news? which news? tiya says maam i have received a news that radhika isnt dead and now shes living as ananya sharma, daughter of richest bussinessman mohit sharma. shes now a memory lost victim and cant remember anything about past. today she met with an accident. and radhikas real parents have gone there. shreya says what! that radhika whom we killed by pushing from the top of hill? tiya says yes. shreya says but how can it possible? r u sure? a young girl enters to the room. shes in a modern blue dress. she says yes. mom. its a confirmed news. its shreyas daughter ishana. she says u know about our assistant of magazine office ritesh, right? shreya says of course. hes working here from many years. ishana says he told us that. hes now in mumbai for some work. he has seen radhika. and hes confirmed about these all. shreya says but tiya herself pushed her. tiya says i dont know how this happened. i clearly remember that i pushed her from the hill and it cant possible to be alive after falling from so high. ishana says but somehow shes now alive. she knows that we tried to kill her. but she didnt tell it to anyone till now as she had lost her memory and cant remember about her past life. tiya says but maam what if radhika regain her memory? moreover doctors did a operation today on head. shreya says we cant let this happened. because if she regain her memory then she will tell everyone about us. and then we will not able to escape. ishana says mom pls do something.
shreaya calls someone and tells him something( their conversation is not heard). from other side someone says dont worry. ur work will be done. u just take care about the matter of money. shreya says dont worry about money. i will give u money as much as u want. shreya disconnects the phone. shreya says i hope everything to go well.

precap: in late night a man wearing mask comes to hospital. anu is sleeping now.he secretly comes to anus room.

credit to: Natasha

where r u tasnim,kfar?
im also missing my old friends such as happy,mitty,raashi, sonamohan, riya(with a girls photo), abi and all who were my eariler friends on tu. pls if u r in touch with them then pls tell them to come here.

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guys i really want to continue our friendship and its my little try to give my friends some happiness through this story written by me.and forgive if my writting is not up to the mark and if theres any type of typos as i havent read it after writting and i have written it in small parts in 6days.

guys i dont why but i feeling that my story is very boring. and i think thats the reason that who eariler used to comment r not commenting now.

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  1. Cool story natasha
    I am a silent reader

    1. Saalini thank u for reading my story. Hope u will continue to read my story

  2. Ur story is not boring. ..it is interesting ….I loved this epi. ..plse don’t stop. .continue ur story plse. …

  3. Hey come on natty,,ur such a wonderful writer yaar…what an heartworthing epi you gave yaar a tight hug for u buddy….pls post next epi soon yaar am dying to know what vll happen next….

    1. Deepa whr u deat. Looks like u r very busy these days. Plz update next epi asap. Plz.

    2. Plssssssss upload ur story
      I am waiting

  4. Their friendship bond,,, no chance yaar…super super super…

  5. Lot of twists amd turns are there…

  6. please…. continue ur story dear .it’s amazing

  7. Wowwww Natasha, awesome episode, more suspense now… glad for rads saved after the accident. But so curious to if she gets her memory back or not? And now these new danger for her, nice precap…keep it up buddyyy. …eagerly waiting for the next episode. ..take care deariiiiiiieeess, love you loads

  8. I’m really mad at u natty cuz u called ur story boring when it is the best story ever…..guyzz plzzz tell natty that wot she is doing is best thing ever….nd don’t stop…we love u sooo much…ur story is sooo interesting…arjun will save anu at any cost nd that man can’t do anything to her. ….AWESOME EPISODE….KEEP IT UP BUDDH…LOVE U SOOO MUCH
    One lovee?

  9. BUDDY*

  10. Nice story

  11. No its not at all lyk dat der………ur stories ar always awsome…….
    And never underestamate ur talent…….
    No matter wat people but one shld always do wat one lyks……..
    And todays epi was just aaaawwwssommmeeee………
    Atually I wasn’t able to read ur stories coz my data got over ……………
    I thk anu will get her memory back n rercognise her parents and start a fresh life wid arjun

  12. So sad for Anu..i am worried for that..i liked the Internees supporting Anu and I think after this accident Anu should regain her Memory then it will be interesting..and the victims who pushed her should go to jail..
    Then Anu and Arjun scenes will b awesome to read..Nice epi buddy..
    Keep going..
    Don’t think that ur story is boring how can u say that..its Awesome and I am reading it..and I am sure everyone is reading here..Don’t worry..pls post for us for ur fans..waiting for next part it seems interesting..update soon..Take care ? buddy..

  13. I wish radz regains her memry

  14. I’m really mad at u yaar cuz u said that ur story is boring when it is the best story ever…plzzz guyzz tell her that wot she is doing is best thing ever…nd don’t u dare to stop it natasha or else ur biggest fan will die (???)….this story is so awesome….AWESOME EPISODE…KEEP IT UP BUDDY ???…WE ALL LOVE U,,,right guyzz???…plzz update soon…how is everything in college??….hope u r good…nd never say that ur story is boring…plzzz
    One lovee?

  15. Oops i wrote the same comment twice cuz when i wrote the 1st it was not showing there so i thought …..anyways love u
    One lovee?

  16. suspense episode

  17. Hey natasha…awesome episode dear….n don’t feel dat ur story is boring….we r loving it…and it’s getting interesting with every episode…so plzz continue dear….n now new suspense…who is involved wid dis shreya….who came to kill radhika…plzz reveal soon….

  18. Nice epi pls continue !!! Natasha very nice but today was smhw boring yaar !! Sorry if ur hurt bcoz of me yaar !!!

    Hey tasnim yaar whr r u??? God I m really missing u yaar !!!

  19. Wow natasha great….. u r master in crearting suspences and making people eager to guess the next part ….

    Pls update nxt part soon want to know she gets her memory or not

  20. Nice episode yaar

  21. hey nats, amazing. reallyyyyyyyy superrrrrrrr story buddy. incredible. liked the friendship bond to the core. u rocked it. eagerly waiting fr the nxt.

    1. Hi thena. What abt ur exam? Is it completed? Waiting for u yaar. Really missing.

  22. Its not at all boring. I m loving it.. really awsme episode .. Great going girl 🙂

  23. Oh tdy u justified ur title. Superb that was. Arjun’s love, friends concern tdy was damn good. They r not going to loose her that easily. That convo was incredible. Finally u r superb. So many twists. Im excited to see what will happen next. Update it daily nats.

  24. Nats who told u ur story boring. I am not finding anything boring in it. Trust urself and trust us the story is suprb. And ur writing is awesome. Plz dont even think of stopping.

  25. Hi Natasha, your story is very interesting not boring at all… it has all the elements – love, comedy, drama, thrill, suspense, friends, family and twists, everything a good entertainment package. So please continue and don’t let you down. We love you and your story very very much. …keep it up buddyyy. ..love you loads and very very tight warm hug. ..muaaaaahhhhhh

  26. Hope anu ‘ll b all ri8 n she’ll get hr memory back.plz update soon.

  27. Nice dr……. I miss u too dr…..

    1. Where were u? U know i missed u so much. Why dont u come here regularly?

  28. Natasha don’t discourage yourself
    You are writing in different way than others which is liked by everyone.
    Your story is full of twists and turns and more involved in friendship ,love , sentiment, family members relationship etc
    Please continue your work don’t stop dear

  29. Hey nats loving this episode dear.

    YOu give us a track just like an serioul speed with the slogan also add in the story where is heart there is life. Just live in tv serials they also add once twice or thrice their slogan.

    KIlled it. And yaa , more keen to interesting that how come rads resume her career as a model and bring the true face of the evil mother daughter and her assistant bad face in front of all.

    It feel mesmerizing to see rads as a model. Loved it dear. Keep writing.

    As ussual love the gang convo.

    Keep writng keep commenting. Always loved u nats always loves u all my dearrieeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

    1. Nisha thank u so much for the comment. Where is song today? We also like u and ur thoughts

  30. hey Natasha
    it was a cool update yaar .
    I was little busy these days so I can’t comment on ur stories ..today I read all so nice
    n good job dear …….keep writing buddy…:)

    1. Welcome back. Hope u will keep us connected to u.

  31. Hello all. How r u? Im feeling very cold today. Heres so cold air.
    @ lavanya, ankitha,bhagi, pragna,abbz,harani, aparna where r u? Today im waiting for u.
    @All thanks for encouraging me so much.im now feeling to write the next part.
    @Mansi ela nuvu unnavu? What about ur telegu classes? Wont u teach me more?
    I will update soon.

  32. Hey my dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees
    I sent my writing to contact us page to them.
    But I see there submit your article tab also . I opened it and try to sent in it but it didn’t sent Don’t know it happens or not but try it once. for my dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

    Lets see The procedure done correctly or not.

    Luv u all

  33. Please tell me also how much time take to update the story. And howcome u add the poster to it also Howcome u choose it.

    1. Hi nisha!!!…how r u dear???…eagerly waiting for ur story yaar..love u sooo much…
      One lovee?

  34. HEllO EVRY1 ITs ME I.M BAck I MISS ALL OF U A LOT LOT LOT LOT LOT 2 D POWER INFINITI Ha Finaly got time 2 cmnt here bt i read all of ur cmnts like a silent reader BUT U GUYS ALL WAYS STAY IN MY HEART LOVELY SWEETHEARTS

    @NATASHA-stry is going as usual awasome dear u.ve d god gifted talent am a lil bit busy as xm is knocking at d door with wekly tst tution etc etc bt U r always in my mind ONEK ONEK MIS KORECI TOMAKE…….

    @NISHA-mere nisha a a a mere nisha 1 bhi o din nahi gaya k mein tumhe mis nahi keya oh like d girls power sng n also d othr n vula dena mujhe Aur Tum v To Bohot e assa likteho KEEP IT UP DEAR……

    @MANSI- o My god same pinch same case is also here Nenu Miss Nuvu too much yar by d way i also read ur stry nice stry…MAN VIA KEMON ACE…?…HW ABOUT UR DEWALI PLANING…?MISS MISS U U U…

    @BRITY-Best wishes 4 ur xm dr..
    @Deepa @dipika @sandhya @KFAR(ROCKSTar)
    @nandhing @aliya @daizy @anwesha
    @Ammena @devi @(plz 4giv if i 4got any of ur name) N ALL D oths frnd HW R U ALL?

    1. Hi tasnim…. how r u dr…ya i am fine….

  35. Hey tasnim…how r u dear???….ummm i want to ask u if there is anyone named ammena or it’s just u wrote my name’s spelling wrong….plzz tell me dear….i used u read ur all coments before….love u soo much…..
    One lovee?

    1. *@ameena… Yaap dear its u sory 4 d wrong spelling…deary

      1. Oh my god tasnim ur at last back yaar srsly I missed u alooooooooooooooooot n I m still missing u yaar !! Kaha chaligayi yaar I m really crying a bit yaar !! Hey gud news I started riting a story !! The name is YTPH !!

        Ami onek miss korechi tomake tasnim !!!!

        Hey natasha yaar thanx 4 d meaning !! Even tho u dinn rite 4 me !!!

        Hey natasha yaar really I wanna teach but yeh tym sath hi nahi deraha !!! Nywas I really missed u yaar !!!! N UR STORY IS☆☆☆☆★★☆★★★★★☆☆☆

      2. Ohh it’s okay dear…no need say to sorry….mistakes is what make us a human being nd typing mistakes makes us a perfect human being???….love u sooo much yaar…keep smiling alwayss..
        One lovee?

  36. amio onek miss korechi tomake.

  37. Good night guys. Sweet dreams.
    I have sent my story to tu much earlier but dont know why its not published yet. Anyways what about u all?

  38. Hope that they publish soon so i read ur beautiful story before i go in bed….GOOD NIGHT AND SWEET DREAMS TO ALL MY HEARTS….LOVE U ALL SOO MUCH….
    One lovee?

  39. Hey tasniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim my lovieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee how r u dear. Where have you been.

    Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed u so much . at least u came. I mentioned all the time ur names sweetoo tasnim and thinking where is she gone.

    At last u came . Luv u sweety.

    Nats now u r happy , tasnim is back in the game . Thanx for updating next part dear.

    Mansi, lavanya, dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees suprise is ready on ur plate . Check out dearieeeeeeeeeeeeees.

    Luv u all my dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

  40. its superb… don stop writting

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