When you came into our lives, everything became perfect — part 2

shrenu woke up with pain in her stomach. she screamed and clutched it tight.

susheel came running quick hearing her scream.

susheel: di what happened?

shrenu: this baby is giving me pain.

susheel: which is why I am telling you not to do work. you are going to be a mother in less than a month. you need to take bed rest.

shrenu: but…

she clutched her stomach again letting out a scream.

susheel: did the baby kick?

shrenu: yes but this time really hard. it pains a lot.

susheel: di, take rest and I’ll get you breakfast.

shrenu nods. susheel goes and shrenu finds kunal’s picture caressing it.

shrenu: kunal, you know that your child loves troubling me a lot. when the child is born, I know that your child will play a lot of pranks on me when it is older. just like you did.

she cried hugging kunal’s picture tight.

shrenu: why did you leave me? why? I wanted to create memories with you and our child but you left me.

on the other hand:

dark place:

Bharati: what are you thinking about kunal baby?

kunal looked at her with his dangerous eyes and says: you don’t need to know anything.

Bharati: is it that b*t*h shrenu?

kunal: BHARATI!!!

Bharati: what kunal? I am just saying the truth. she stole you from me.

kunal: your problem? you know that I love her. so stay in your limits, call her a b*t*h, I will kill you next time.

Bharati smirks and goes. kunal cries thinking about shrenu.

kunal: shrenu, I am sorry if I can’t be with you in your time of need. sorry if I am not with our child. I wanted to pamper our child. I wanted to make our child rebel against you shrenu. I wanted our child to play pranks on you. I wanted to make our child study, laugh and smile. I want to see you smile shrenu. I want to have more children with you shrenu. I don’t know how I can make those dreams come true now.

shrenu’s house:

shrenu: I wanted to make our family bigger kunal, I wanted you to be overprotective of me, trying to stop me from eating too much sweets, this that. maybe that will never happen.

the scene ends with kunal and shrenu crying

precap: suprise

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